Best Hair Salons for Curly Hair

Published on Oct 11, 2017

Struggling with your head of curls? The struggle to keep curly hair looking sane is real, and oh boy it's a struggle indeed with the humidity wreaking havoc and turning your curls into a mane of frizz. There's only so many serums you can apply to keep the frizz at bay and your curls looking luscious and bouncy.

Some things are better left to the experts, but not all experts are equipped with handling curly hair, which is why we've got you covered with these hair salons that are your best bet for curly hair whether you are looking for the perfect cut that will accentuate your curls or a keratin treatment that will take you from frizz to fabulous!

Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

Ann's Studio Curly Haircut and Hair Colour

Colour and cut for natural curls by Annie at Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

Style Director, Annie from Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi is one one of the best hairstylists we've seen in Singapore for curls! Having curly tresses herself, she is cognizant about haircuts that work for curly haired customers (even short ones) and also the type of hair care routine that is required to maintain a neat look without rebonding.

Ann's Studio Keratin Treatment

She has also mastered the art of performing keratin treatments for all hair types and even created her signature C Curl Keratin Treatment. Annie is a curl connoisseur, no matter what type of curls you have, she'll be able to tame them and give you the right hair service, with or without chemical treatments at pocket-friendly prices.

PS: Annie attends to customers only by appointment.

Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

Hair Botox + Fillers

Chez Vous is one of those hair salons we at Beauty Undercover would unequivocally recommend to anyone looking for a refreshing hair makeover and a stylist they can trust for life. Their “Only Hair Directors Allowed” policy means only hair professionals with experience of at least 12 years in the hair industry can touch your hair! It goes without saying why many expats and insiders-in-the-know frequent Chez Vous.

Our very own Agent C has been a fan since her first visit for a haircut, and their retexturizing and keratin treatments are a god send for those battling with frizzy curls. Read her review on their award-winning Trilogy System, and Hair Botox + Fillers, an in-house keratin treatment that can last for more than 8 months.

Frizzy Hair Before Trilogy at Chez Vous
Smooth Hair After Trilogy at Chez Vous

Before (left) vs After (right) - Resculpting Supreme

Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd 

Haircut and Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair at Flamingo Hair Studio

Cut + Keratin Treatment

A quick glance at Flamingo Hair Studio's instagram feed and you'll notice several before and after transformations, particularly relating to keratin treatments and rebonding. The stylists here are well versed in caring for curly hair and are skilled in ironing hair to create a natural look while ensuring minimal damage to the hair.

You can put your curly hair trepidation every time you walk into a salon to ease as Flamingo Hair Studio places an emphasis on in-depth consultation. They have also created a special illustrated hairstyle guide so that customers can better understand what is the best hairstyle for their face shape, leading to more meaningful conversations during the consultation.

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Keong Saik Rd / COVO @ Katong

Keratin Treatment For Frizzy Hair Before and After at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Keratin Treatment

Dissatisfied with the quality of perm lotions, rebonding lotions, and treatments, Founder, Mizoguchi researched deeply into various hair chemicals and worked closely with hair care companies to produce COVO’s own original blend. This is a saving grace as most curly-haired ladies already have dry hair to begin with, and going for rebonding can further damage their hair. With their superior in-house treatments, we find COVO Hair Salon a top notch salon for perm and rebonding as their treatments moisturise and conditions hair, making it stronger! 

Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza / Focus Hairdressing @ Chinatown Point

MUCOTA Omega Rebonding at Focus Hairdressing

MUCOTA Omega Rebonding

Focus Hairdressing is best known for its ability to tame any curly hair with good-quality but affordable MUCOTA Rebonding, a strong rebonding cream that has a lot of treatments within. Customers who have done MUCOTA rebonding here keep coming back for more because they know that the stylists here know exactly what they are doing and that they use top quality hair products here!

Even if you're not looking to rebond your hair, we'd highly recommend you to look for the founder Marcus. His haircut is famed among ladies with curly hair for its ability to tame and enhance your curls; it is not a surprise why Marcus is often fully booked in Focus @ Cuppage!

Du Sol Korean Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

Du Sol Korean Hair Salon Frizzy Hair Perm

Who says that you can't perm curly hair?

Perm specialists at Du Sol Korean Salon is very experienced at eliminating frizz with their proprietary perm lotion produced in Korea. We love how the hair remains voluminous and easily manageable after the perm.

Although the stylists here come from Korea, most of them are able to converse well in English 

LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Cinderella Treatment and Magic Setting Perm at Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Cinderella Treatment + Magic Setting Perm

Anyone with unmanageable, frizzy curly hair or even bleached and damaged hair should give LeeKaJa's Cinderella Treatment a try! A sensational treatment that is already famous in Korea, it's the equivalent of botox for hair and uses organic ingredients like aloe vera, vitamins, and collagen, to moisturize and nourish your hair, achieving soft and smooth locks without resorting to chemical treatments such as rebonding. So if you love the Korean style and want your tresses cared by some of the best Korean stylists in the business, make your way down to this leading Korean salon that is sure to treat your curls right!

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Natural Rebonding at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Natural Rebonding

A major concern among curly-haired ladies who rebond their hair is they fear that it will turn out stick straight, looking unnatural. This is usually the expected result for classic rebonding at most salons. However, Art Noise Japanese Salon specializes in natural rebonding that tames the curls and produces a natural straightness that is desired by many women. We also love that their schedule is arranged in such a way that one stylist attends to only one customer from the start till the end, and there is always a translator present to avoid miscommunication.

You don't have to do rebonding here though. The stylists here are able to make use of your natural hair texture for that funky haircut. 

Stylish Haircut For Curly Hair at Art Noise

Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis North Bridge Rd / Tanjong Pagar Robinson Rd

Unequivocally one of Singapore's best salons for perms, Picasso is definitely one of the first few places we'd recommend if you have curly or challenging hair types. 

The stylists here are among the most knowledgeable and skillful in the industry. Hence, we would have no qualms that they can achieve the hairstyle you're looking for.  

Messy Curly Hair Before Perm at Picasso
Messy Curly Hair Before Perm at Picasso

Agent JK at Picasso Hair Studio

In fact, we sent a personal friend Agent JK down to Picasso. Before Picasso, many stylists told her that her natural hair cannot be saved.

Perm at Picasso Hair Studio

It was only under the confident hands of Jesly at Picasso did her hair finally get subdued.

Agent JK is just one of the many transformations we've seen at Picasso.

Before and After Volume Rebonding For Curly Hair at Picasso Hair Studio

The above is yet another battle won by Picasso for paying customer Agent WT, who was inspired to try Picasso after seeing Agent JK's makeover. 

Although Jesly is really superb with volume rebonding, she also has a number of customers who love how she can tame their curly hair with haircut alone! 

Hence, this is a place you know you can come to get the best hairstyle advice

Kenaris Salon @ Wheelock Place

Truth is, ladies are not the only ones facing curly hair problems. 

We've seen many men struggling with taming their natural curly hair but am not sure where to go. 

Keratin Treatment by Ken from Kenaris Hair Salon

Well, you don't have to get frustrated over your hair now. 

We are absolutely in awe of the haircutting skills for the founders of Kenaris, Ken and Aris, who are able to keep curly hair in place with their skillful cuts.

Other than being superb for men's haircut, Kenaris Salon is our top choice for Keratin Treatment as well. 

The stylists here have performed Keratin Treatment for locals and expats of diverse hair types for both men and ladies. 

Prices here are a little bit high but those who've tried can't help coming back because they are just so skillful at what they do!

Did we also mention that service is very good at Kenaris as well?

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