Best Hair Salons for Haircuts in Singapore 2018 / 2019

Published on Nov 14, 2018

The end of the year marks an end of a chapter and a beginning of a new one.

If you've been having the same hairstyle for a while now, consider trying a new stylist or a new salon who can give you a fresh perspective for the year ahead.

Who to try though? 

We scour through the reviews to bring to you the Best Hair Salons for Haircut in 2018.

This article is separated into two sections:

  1. Best Hair Salons according to Number and Proportion of Reviews
  2. Best Hair Salons according to Editor's Choice

Reviews may be the most objective way of evaluating a salon but it is not always the fairest way as the number of positive reviews also depend on the number of stylists and prices in the salon. A salon with 1 stylist, for example, is unlikely to be featured as compared to a salon with 10 stylists, even if she is very skilful.

Hence, we also include a section based on Editor's Choice to feature great boutique salons that are also great in haircut!

Can you guess who they are?

Best Hair Salon according to Number of Review

1. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Price: From $60

Read through the reviews and you'd understand why Chez Vous is the top of our list for Best Hair Salon for Haircuts in Singapore. 

Customer Review of Haircut at Chez Vous

The solid team of hairdressing wizards, all of whom are Directors with many years of experience, meant that every single haircut here is a winner. Whether you're looking for a major transformation, a haircut for challenging hair textures or just a trim to give you that extra edge, the stylists have consistently delivered on their great cuts. 

Customer Review of Haircut at Chez Vous

They are sooo good in haircuts that they can actually fix the mistakes other stylists make. They do so via the Expertligent Fix You program where they offer free fixes for selected customers who got their hair botched elsewhere. The program is however suspended during the festive period so do take note of that.

Angled Bob at Chez Vous

Regardless, this is a place you can safely go to for a haircut because the stylists here know exactly what to do to achieve your ideal makeover transformation. Prices are also rather reasonable starting from $60 before GST.

The only problem? It is really popular so you've got to make your appointment ahead of time!

2. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Price: From $60

If you're ahead of hair salon trends in Singapore, you can't not have not heard of LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon (and their new offshoot Walking on Sunshine) Aside from their spacious interior that is painstakingly decorated with nature and their free-flow alcohol, the stylist team here is among the strongest we've seen. 

There's the very well loved Caely, Michelle, Ted and Hye Jin, all of whom are well known for their hairdressing skills in the industry.

Layered Haircut at Leekaja

It shouldn't come as a surprise that they are good in both perms and haircuts as haircuts tend to form the very basis of perms; a strong perm stylist should be equivalently strong in haircuts as well to bring out the curls. 

Customer Review of Haircut at Leekaja

With life-changing haircuts, beautiful interiors, free-flow alcohol at prices that aren't the steepest in the industry, what is there not to love about LeeKaJa? 

Best Haircut at Branche Hair Salon

3. Branche Japanese Hair Salon

Price: From $120

LeeKaJa isn't the only salon with all the frills. Branche Japanese Hair Salon is probably the first to bring in the dream auto-reclining yume chair along with its complimentary champagne and top quality Japanese stylists to Singapore. The interior is smaller but somehow, service feels a lot more personalised as the Japanese stylist attends to you one on one. 

Blue Peekaboo Highlights by Branche

They have their own proprietary technique for cutting, called Dryve cut. This is a dry cut that keeps the hair easily manageable even afterwards and is suitable to tame even the most challenging of hair textures.

Customer Review of Haircut at Branche Hair Salon

Prices are high here but in exchange, you get a taste of Japan with bespoke service, authentic Japanese stylists with great skill, hand-roasted artisan coffee and a cut you'll be 100% satisfied with. 

4. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Price: $80

Founded in Japan over a decade ago, Art Noise is one of the most popular Japanese hair salons in Ikebukuro and now in Singapore and Melbourne as well. This is possible only because of its very capable founder who very selectively assembled a team of Japanese stylists with very strong technical skill and service. 

Short Haircut for Curly Hair at Art Noise
Short Bob Haircut at Art Noise

As you can see, the stylists are very very good with their haircuts as they are able to bring out the best of your natural hair texture for that sleek yet soft feminine look. 

Customer Review of Art Noise

Many of the stylists here have been in Singapore for a number of years and are therefore pretty fluent in English. Add their humorous personality to the mix of relaxing ambience and great skill, and you've got a winning Japanese salon Beauty Undercover agents love to frequent!

5. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd

Price: From $90

This Japanese salon's bright and quirky decor reminds us of an oasis. Indeed, Flamingo Hair Studio feels like a hair oasis stashed in the middle of the CBD district. While the decor is among the most cheerful and welcoming we've seen, it is the team that gets us excited.

Short Haircut at Flamingo Hair Studio
Short Bob Haircut at Flamingo Hair Studio

This all-Japanese team have worked in Singapore for a number of years and have come together to create a Flamingo Methodology to help customers understand how their face shape, preferences and lifestyle eventually culminate into a low-maintenance hairstyle. Their superior technical skill and strong technical knowledge from over 10 years of experience individually mean that they are able to deal with even the most challenging of hair textures and offer them various options to tame their hair.  

Customer Review of Haircut at Flamingo Hair Studio

The result? Multitudes of satisfied customers who enjoy the balance of service and quality cuts here!

6. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park / Katong

Price: From $100

Yet another early Japanese salon to open in Singapore, COVO has assembled a strong team of Japanese stylists who are not just strong with haircuts and colour, they speak English fluently as well. 

Long Bob Haircut at COVO

That is always important with non-local stylists as communication of your preferences is a critical factor in deciding how good the haircut is afterwards. Beyond that, the stylists have been in Singapore for a number of years and so understand our preferred styles. 

Layered Short Haircut at COVO

The stylists here are pretty well-rounded though so you can look forward to a whole suite of services here. 

Customer Review of Haircut at COVO

We would recommend you to add on a treatment here because the treatment quality is good and prices are actually lower than most. Add the semi-private spaces and cool vibes and you've got the perfect salon to relax and rewind in. 

Best Haircut at zinc

7. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk / Orchard Central

Price: $55

Zinc Korean Hair Salon is well known for their industry-leading perms that will make you look like you're born with those curls. That's how natural and beautiful their perms are. Ladies in the know, however, would also tell you that their haircut is among the best they've experienced. 

Short Haircut at Zinc Korean Hair Salon
Layered Medium Haircut at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Even with just a cut, they can give your hair that natural volume and movement that is super easy to manage afterwards. They don't have frequent promotions but the relatively low price of $55, it is easy for us to come back again and again to maintain the hairstyle. 

Did we mention that fringe cuts here cost only $10!

Customer Review of Haircut at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

As this BU Agent sums it up perfectly, it isn't just their cuts that are good. The stylists here are friendly, talented, and do not hard sell, so the experience here is generally very good.

Some stylists here chat more than others though so you may want to check out which stylists are more / less conversational depending on your preference before booking that appointment. 

8. Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

Price: $65

Fans of オーブ  and アーサス, rejoice. Can't read it? It's just two of Japan's biggest hair salon chains.

Collaborating to give more Singaporeans access to high-quality Japanese hair services at affordable prices, they created AVENTA which is located within walking distance from City Hall MRT, opposite Singapore Management University. 

Pixie Haircut at Bump Hair Design
Cute Japanese Medium Hair with Bangs at Bump Hair Design

Hair services here are a steal because you get awesome haircuts here at just a fraction of the usual price you pay at Japanese salons. And the results are just super pretty! It doesn't really matter who you choose, whether you're talking about the popular Chiho, Manami or Koichi, they will give you a cut you're absolutely happy with. 

Customer Review of Haircut at Bump Hair Design

The stylists here also attend to you from start to finish so you can be assured of a good experience.

The only problem is that they can get quite busy during peak periods so you may have to be prepared to wait even when you've made an appointment ahead of time!

9. Pro Trim @ Jurong East JEM / Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City 

Price: $43 / $68

Pro Trim may not be the sexiest salon, decor-wise but there're lots of hidden talents in its midst. 

Layered Haircut at Pro Trim

In Jurong East JEM, we love Lily Seo for her Cha Hong like perms and haircuts, Chris's versatile cuts as well as 1 June's easy-to-manage hairstyles.

Customer Review of Haircut at Pro Trim

In Ngee Ann City, you'll find yourself blown away by layered cuts by Tino, Alex and Joel or voluminous cuts by Justina, James and Maggie, to name just a few. 

Customer Review of Haircut at Pro Trim

Prices here are also reasonable and not too high, which are possibly why so many Beauty Undercover Agents love to come here.

There are however A LOT of stylists here so choose wisely for an optimal experience!

Best Haircut at AUBE

10. AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link /  AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Price: $60-70

AUBE may be a newcomer to Singapore but it is certainly making waves with their technically skilled stylists, state-of-the-art equipment and affordable prices. Who can resist the uber-relaxing Yume chair and low prices for haircut starting from $60 and hair colours at $95 for all hair length (before first-timer discounts)? 

Short Bob at AUBE

Thanks to their great cuts, colours, and of course the affordable prices, many people keep coming back. They even bring friends along to enjoy a bonding session with your girlfriends.

Customer Review of Haircut at AUBE

We do however note that some stylists have better reviews than others so do take a look at customer photos and read up on which stylist best suit your needs before making that appointment.

Editor's Choice

These salons are either new on Beauty Undercover or have relatively few reviews due to a more exclusive customer base. Chief Editor Agent G, however, feels that they are definitely worth a mention because she has seen so many customers being transformed after a haircut here! 

1. Izumi Salon

Price: $120

Best Haircut at Izumi Salon
Izumi Salon @ The Central
Izumi Salon @ The Central

If you are someone who appreciates a high level of skill and artistry in hairdressing, we would highly recommend you to try Izumi, who is likely to take your hairdressing experience to the next level. Izumi is after all one of the few stylists who picked up haircutting techniques from international hair maestros that allow her to deal with customers of all hair textures with ease. Her arsenal of hairdressing skills which includes a unique combination of wet cuts (from Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy), dry cuts (John Sahag) and the Japanese R cut, together with her professionalism and conscientiousness makes her one of the best we've seen in the industry.

ALL whom we've recommended have had great reviews for her, with no exceptions, so yes, you can see why we love her so much!

She is however the only stylist at Izumi Salon so it is hard to make an appointment with her at times and prices are definitely higher than usual. But if you can overlook that, Izumi is possibly one of the very best hairdressers you can get in Singapore

2. The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

Price: From $80

Don't look down on The Bund simply because it is located in Ang Mo Kio. The Bund is possibly Singapore's only luxury garden hair salon whose clientele includes CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, Executives and Tai-Tais who love its accessible location outside of town. There are lots of parking spaces nearby so you don't have to jostle for parking or pay exorbitant prices to enter the CBD.

Here, you are surrounded by the tranquillity of nature as your stylist embarks on a hair journey together with you. A typical haircut begins with a shoulder massage, an in-depth consultation with your stylist before the cut itself. While its ambience and service are among the best we've experienced in Singapore, the stylists Ricky and Las truly stand out in terms of their skill.

Angled Bob Haircut at The Bund
Angled Bob at The Bund

One look at the haircut and everyone will know that your hair is cut by a Master. It is hence not surprising that Ricky is actually chosen as the Ambassador for AVEDA in the upcoming year!

Best Haircut at Shun Sakurai

While there are no champagne or auto-reclining chair; thanks to the more minimalistic feel and experience, more of us can get access to solid hairdressing skills at reasonable prices. Why shell out more than necessary when you can get high SES hairdressing skill at mid-SES price?

3. Shun Sakurai Japanese Salon @ Chijmes

Price: From $80

Shun Sakurai Japanese Salon may be new but its founder Shun is certainly not new to Singapore. After working for a number of years in Kizuki+LIM as one of its earliest employees, Shun has established a reputation for his strong knowledge of hair products as well as skilful haircuts for men and ladies with challenging hair types ie. curly or excessively pong. He has therefore built a strong following of customers who include designers and those in the fashion industry who love how he always manages to make them look sleek and ahead of the trends. Shun is so good that he has been invited for numerous hair seminars to share his knowledge and skill in Singapore and Malaysia!

Layered Short Haircut at Shun Sakurai

Having said that, Shun not the only star in Shun Sakurai. He has handpicked a number of trusted stylists who are very proficient in haircut and other services as well. Tomoka is a great example who has garnered a loyal fan base of her own as she shares also makeup tips during the haircut. 

Customer Review of Haircut at Shun Sakurai

One thing we really like about Shun Sakurai is that they actually do complimentary point makeup for you before you leave the salon so that you look fresh right after the cut and ready to party! 

Isn't that special? :)

Best Haircut at gene

4. Gene by Ginrich @ Wisma Atria

Price: From $48

When you see lots of pretty women getting their hair done in a salon, you know that the skills for the hairstylists are really good here. That's exactly what we see for Gene by Ginrich. You may not see many reviews of them but we often spot models, air stewardesses and in general, really good-looking ladies here. 

Short Bob Haircut at Gene by Ginrich
Short Bob Haircut at Gene by Ginrich

Well, it's not surprising as many of the stylists trained directly under hair maestro Eugene and hence, have a strong grounding in haircuts. 

Beyond skill though, we love the personal and sincere service here as the stylists are very welcoming and make the effort to build a friendship with you. That's why Gene by Ginrich always feels homely to us and is an easy place for us to return to, despite the fact that it is located so centrally in Wisma!

Did we mention that the price is also very pocket-friendly?

5. Kenaris Salon @ Wheelock Place

Price: From $59 (Men), $79 (Ladies)

There are not many reviews about Kenaris but insiders in the know will tell you that Kenaris is a great place for makeover cuts and even hair tattoos. The stylists here, particularly Jimmy, Alston and Ken are adventurous despite their years of experience and are always up for a challenge. That's why they can conceptualize a haircut really well, taking into consideration your face shape and preferences to innovate a hairstyle that exceeds even your own expectations. 

Haircut and Hair Tattoo at Kenaris Salon
Short Bob by Kenaris Hair Salon

That's why their word of mouth referral is so strong; most people who patronize them are chic sophisticated working professionals that include also managing directors and entrepreneurs who recognize the value of their cut!  

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