Best Hair Salons For Ladies' Haircut in Singapore 2016

Published on Nov 17, 2016

It’s that time again, where we unveil the top salon choices for the Beauty Undercover Hair Awards 2016! The winning hair salons are selected based on the tabulated votes casted from 1 July 2016 – 30 September and also taking into consideration the editor’s opinion of Chief Agent G (she’s pretty much a whiz when it comes to local salons).

If you are still on the search for the best hair salon that can give you a haircut best suited for you, look no further. These salons might be the one for you depending on how much you are willing to shell out for the perfect ladies' haircut.

*Drum roll please.....*

 Best Premium Hair Salons for Ladies' Haircut

1. Chez Vous Hair Salon

Chez Vous Hair Salon

What we love: 

  • Among the best reviewed for Beauty Undercover
  • Popular among Beauty Undercover agents
  • Very experienced hairstylists
  • Great service

Chez Vous Hair Salon prides itself on its "Only Hair Directors Allowed" policy - only hair professionals with experience of at least 12 years in the hair industry can touch your hair. And if that is not proof enough that your hair is left in the best of hands, the stylists at Chez Vous are extremely talented that they are confident they can fix a hair service can wrong. If you ever had your tresses damaged by other salons, Chez Vous will fix the damage for you for FREE (limited to one customer per day) under their Expertligent Fix You Programme!

There's no hard selling, no unnecessary hair services and no mistakes at Chez Vous. Just genuine hair advice that works, which makes Chez Vous one of those lush hair salons we would unequivocally recommend to anyone looking for a refreshing hair makeover and a stylist they can trust for life.

Price: $70 (Associate Director), $80 (Director) and $90 (Chief Director)

2. Izumi Salon

Izumi Salon

What we love: 

  • One of the best haircut specialists we've seen
  • Exclusive one-to-one attention
  • Very detailed haircut and explanation

The incredible skill and extensive hair knowledge Izumi possesses, and the quality of service she delivers makes it easy for Beauty Undercover to declare Izumi from Izumi Salon as one of the best haircut specialists in Singapore. Though it's just a one woman show here at Izumi Salon, that only goes to show you have nothing less than a professional caring for your hair from start to end. 

Thanks to Izumi's various experience in Tokyo and New York, and learning from top hair directors from Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy, Izumi is familar with many different types of haircutting techniques. Whether you have Chinese hair, Indian hair, Malay hair, Caucasian hair, Japanese hair or even African and Middle Eastern hair, Izumi can draw upon her 20 + years of haircutting skill and and experience to design the right haircut for you.

Price: $120

3. BRANCHE Hair Salon

BRANCHE Hair Salon

What we love:

  • Experienced Japanese hairstylists
  • Luxurious ambience with impeccable service and top class experience
  • Best Reviewed Hair Salon on Beauty Undercover

Whatever you imagine a top salon in Japan to offer, you'll probably find it at here. From spacious workstations with elegant leather seats to a stylishly decorated bar serving a wide selection of refreshments, which include hand-roasted artisan coffee to matcha latte served with mocha and shrimp crackers from Japan, to an electronically controlled wash area that mimics the comfort of a luxury bed, BRANCHE Hair Salon certainly gives its customers the first class experience

Besides its personalised and bespoke service, the stylists at BRANCHE are highly experienced and are authentic Japanese stylists. They have extensive experience in styling hair for models and some of the stylists are ranked BRANCHE'S top 10 hairstylists in Japan!

Price: $120

4. Follicle Salon @ Ngee Ann City

Follicle Hair Salon

What we love:

  • Experienced and Award-winning Hairstylists from Top Hair Salons in Singapore
  • Comprehensive hair and scalp treatment program directly from Korea
  • Attentive service with wide range of drinks and snacks available 

Follicle Salon may have just opened but it consists of a strong stylist team, all with more than 10 years of experience! Other than the ever popular Lilian who is strong in cuts, colours and perms, Mark has also notably won Harper's Bazaar Award for Best Pixie Cut two years in a row. Their expertise has led them to build a strong customer base among the Who's Who in Singapore so don't be surprised if you see celebrities or famous personalities frequenting Follicle!

Aside from their haircut, their exclusive hair and scalp treatment created in collaboration with a Korean Scalp Care Centre is among the best we've tried so don't miss it!  

Price: $88 to $128

5. Rubik Hair Salon @ Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd

What we love:

  • Perfect review Score from Beauty Undercover Agents 
  • Japanese hairstylists have superior haircutting skills and knowledge

With their extremely skilful haircuts, thoughtful service, patient consultation and they manner in which the stylists anticipate your needs by designing your next few hairstyles at your very first visit, it's no wonder why Rubik Hair Salon have accumulated many loyal customer over the years. The salon is helmed by two of Singapore's most well loved Japanese stylists, Yohei and Teru, together with a team guest stylists from Jeana Harbor - one of Japan's top hair salons favoured by celebrities and professionals.

Price: $90

8. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

What we love:

  • Experienced Japanese hairstylists
  • Relaxing ambience
  • We love the affordable scalp treatment that goes well with their haircuts
  • Among the most popular Japanese hair salon on Beauty Undercover

Art Noise Japanese Salon has flourished and emerged as the most popular salon in Ikebukuro, not an easy feat given that most of Tokyo's top hair salons are located in the same area! Founder Shoichi Ishiyama attributes the high level of service and strong camaraderie among stylists to his professional talented stylist team who are empowered to do everything in their power to exceed customer expectation. The exceptional service, relaxing ambiemce and quality hair products exclusively innovated by the team ranks Art Noise Japanese Salon as one of our top choices for premium haircuts. 

Price: $80

7. Flamingo Hair Studio

What we love:

  • Experienced Japanese hairstylists skilled with managing curly hair
  • Many positive reviews from Beauty Undercover Agents
  • Relaxing ambience

Flamingo Hair Studio reminds us of a cozy Japanese cafe with its collection of Japanese comics, hairstyle illustrations and quaint jewellery in different corners of the salon. As pretty as its interiors are, its two Japanese stylists stand stand out. With 10 years in the hair industry in both Japan and Singapore, Ryo and Ayumi offer customers the ideal Japanese hair experience comprising of factors such as in-depth consultation, easily maintainable hairstyle and customer comfort with a personal touch.

Price: $90

8. COVO Japanese Hair Salon

What we love:

  • Experienced Japanese hairstylists
  • Relaxing ambience

True to its name, which in Italian means "hidden place", COVO Japanese Hair Salon is an urban retreat conceived to give customers the finest Japanese hair experience. From its "hidden"location in Keong Saik Road to the semi-private spaces designed by a well-known Japanese architect, COVO is the perfect place to rest and relax while getting a haircut.

Most of the stylists have international experience in Canada and Australia, making them particularly suited for Caucasian customers looking for a Japanese stylist with experience in handling the Caucasian hair. Each stylist attends to one customer exclusively from start to finish, which ensures the entire experience is personalized.

Price: $100

Best Mid-Ranged Hair Salons for Ladies' Haircut

1. Aube Japanese Hair Salon

AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

What we love:

  • Trendy and Easily Manageable Haircuts from Salon Manager Kazuki
  • Japanese one-to-one service
  • Yume chair

Those who have been to Japan may recognize AUBE, one of Japan's biggest hair salon chains. Known for their value-for-money hair services, prices are kept intentionally low while service and products used are of very high quality. 

Here at AUBE Singapore's flagship salon, we're especially impressed with Vidal Sassoon trained salon manager Kazuki; his haircut will get you compliments from colleagues, friends and family! This is because his cut is very detailed and makes sure that the hair looks good from all angles... and yes, it is easily manageable as well. 

Price: $70

2. The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

The Bund AMK

What we love:

  • Ricky is particularly good with bob haircuts!
  • Very relaxing and uplifting ambience at the new salon at Bishan Park, beside Aramsa Spa

The tall mirrors, unique decor and 4 seats give The Bund @ Bishan Park its stylish yet cozy sophisticated and down-to-earth-personality. This unique feel combined with Ricky's expertise in haircut and styling, makes it easy to understand why The Bund is chosen as one of the few GHD approved salons in Singapore. We also love how Ricky only recommend services and products he genuinely thinks is useful, and go the extra mile to share styling tips. 

Price: $80

HP: 85228433

3. Gene by Ginrich

Gene by Ginrich

What we love:

  • Popular among Beauty Undercover Agents
  • Relaxing Ambience

The classy decor and lemongrass scent exudes a calming effect as soon as you enter Gene by Ginrich, as if in some way assuring you your tresses are in good hands. But more than that, it's the insistence of Co-Founder, Dawn, in selecting the right hairstylists and creating a customer-oriented environment that makes the difference.

Gene by Ginrich is one of the most inexpensive salons along Orchard Road and though there might not be a Korean or Japanese stylist at hand, all the local stylists here have at least 8 years of experience. Customers are exceptionally satisfied with their haircuts and blowouts!

Price: $48 (Stylist), $58 (Creative Stylist), $68 (Director) and $80 (Leading Director)

4. Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Zinc Korean Hair Salon

What we love:

  • Skilled Korean hairstylists
  • Good Ambience

Whether it's a Korean styled haircut or Korean perm, Zinc stylists, many of whom who have had extensive experience in the industry and even in handling celebrities’ hair, are guaranteed to deliver quality results. It's no wonder why Zinc is definitely one of Singapore’s most well loved and value-for-money Korean salon that Beauty Undercover trusts!

Price: $55

5. AVENTA Hair Salon

AVENTA Hair Salon

What we love:

  • Popular among Beauty Undercover Agents
  • Selected Japanese Hairstylists are outstanding in haircuts

Attentive the moment you step into this Japanese salon, AVENTA's stylists will attend to your every need from beginning to end without any hair assistants. With their strong commitment to service, high level of hair knowledge and philosophy to my minimise harm to your hair, rest assured you are in good hands! After all,  the  stylists have at least 8 years of experience, some of whom have even attempted Vidal Sassoon or worked in both Tokyo and London previously.

The prices are kept deliberately low at AVENTA Hair Salon to encourage more people to experience the great Japanese service and existing customers to return for frequent change of styles.

Price: $65

6. Bump Hair Design

Bump Hair Design

What we love:

  • Selected Japanese Hairstylists are great in haircuts
  • Relaxing ambience

Following the popularity of AVENTA Hair Salon in Singapore, the founders of AVENTA decided to expand with a new Japanese concept hair salon - Bump. Instead of the more romantic feel we see in AVENTA, Bump features a minimalistic yet spacious design in its home at Holland Village but is still built on the same philosophy as its sister salon. This means no double booking where possible, having the same Japanese stylist attend to your from beginning to end and engaging only highly skilled Japanese stylists, all at a price that is just a shade higher than a typical local hair salon.

Price: $65

7. LeeKaJa Korean Hair and Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Leekaja Korean Hair and Beauty Salon

What we love:

  • Skillful and good-looking hairstylists
  • Great service and relaxing ambience
  • Comprehensive beverage bar
  • Affordable pricing

One of Korea's MOST well known hair salon brands, LeeKaJa, is now in Singapore! Other than their amazingly beautiful salon, LeeKaJa has a strong stylist team consisting of 3 Korean hairstylists and 2 local hairstylists, all of whom are very skillful in haircuts! 

Skill aside, we're really impressed with their attentive service that begins right when you step into the salon till you leave. They even serve wine and homemade dried pineapples to customers without any extra charges. 

We would usually expect a hair salon like this to charge exorbitant prices... so we're very happy to note that prices here are very reasonable with ladies' haircut prices starting from $60 (lower with BU first timer promotion!)

Pocket-friendly hair services with skillful hairstylists, awesome decor and great service, we think LeeKaJa Korean Hair and Beauty Salon is definitely THE Korean hair salon to experience in 2017!

Read more about our review on LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Price: $60 (Stylist), $70 (Senior Stylist) and $80 (Director)

Best Budget Hair Salon for Ladies' Haircut

1. Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Act Point

Act Point Salon sets the industry standard by being one of the most transparent and trustworthy hair salons in Singapore. Thus, don't be surprised if a hairstylist at Act Point refuses to do a specific hair service you request for if they deem the service is too damaging for your hair condition or if they are not confident in producing your desired results. Having been in the industry for more than 20 years, owners Sylvia and John understands that building long term relationship with clients is more important than profiting from an unsuspecting customer.

Price: $33 - $38

2. Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Pro Trim may not be the first hair salon you think of when looking for Best Korean Hair Salons in Singapore, but with its rapidly growing team of illustrious Korean stylists, Pro Trim @ JEM is definitely a salon you can't afford to ignore! Many of their Korean stylists are experienced stylists who have previously worked in the prestigious Apgujeong salons, with some counting Korean singers and artistes as their customers!

Language barrier is not a concern here as Pro Trim @ JEM has both local and Korean Stylists. As the local and Korean stylists learn from each other’s styles, the local stylists increasingly take on a Korean edge while the Korean stylists also learn about Singapore styles. This allows Pro Trim to introduce trendy Korean hairstyles while at the same time remaining grounded to the needs of its Singaporean customers.

Price: $43

Up-and-Coming Hair Salons

While these new salons didn't make the list, they are worth checking out as they are on Beauty Undercover's radar for up-and-coming salons to look out for!

1. Evolve Salon @ Liang Court

What we love:

  • Precision Haircuts by Ken / Dylan
  • Short Pixie Haircuts by Dylan
  • Award-winning hairstylists
  • Awesome hair colours

A familiar name seen in magazines and dramas, Evolve Salon is a gem of a salon with many hairdressing talents in its midst. From co-founder Ken who has won International Awards in hair design to Edward, Dylan and Yuujin, all of whom have won awards as top hairstylists in Singapore, Evolve stands out for its highly skilled team. 

The stylists here don't just cut or colour the way you tell them to... they work with you to suggest designs that best works with your lifestyle, face shape and your workplace for a snazzy makeover you'll be impressed with. Although there are hair assistants available to help, we like it that the stylists here are mostly very hands-on.

Although not the most luxurious, the spacious decor, private location in Liang Court and attentive service makes a hair experience at Evolve an enjoyable one!

Price: From $60

2. Style NA Korean Hair Salon @ Compass One

Style NA Korean Salon @ Compass One

The stylists here at Style NA pride themselves on providing customers with great hair services, genuine service and helpful hair advice at affordable prices. Many of the stylists are highly experienced and have in fact accumulated a huge customer base since their time at predecessor ProTrim @ Compass One before revamping the outlet as Style NA.

Those who've been to Raffles City may find stylist Roy familiar. He was the Korean Master Hairstylist who helmed the Korean Salon in Raffles City before moving to Style NA @ Compass One. An educator both in Korea and in Singapore, Roy is especially good for his Korean-Japanese style haircut and easily manageable perm that is specially tailored for your face shape. We love how he is able to recommend bangs styles, optimum length as well as the final hairstyle - not many Korean stylists are able to do so, which is why we are particularly impressed! 

Price: $45 - $50

Kindly note that the prices above are subject to change!

Is your salon on the above list?

If not, review your salon on Beauty Undercover so that it can be featured in next year's list of Best Hair Salons!

Before you go, why not tell us which hair salons you think are best at ladies' haircuts?

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