Best Hair Salons for Men's Haircut in Singapore 2016

Published on Nov 24, 2016

It’s that time again, where we unveil the top salon choices for the Beauty Undercover Hair Awards 2016! The winning hair salons are selected based on the tabulated votes casted from 1 July 2016 – 30 September and also taking into consideration the editor’s opinion of Chief Agent G (she’s pretty much a whiz when it comes to local salons).

If you are still on the search for the best hair salon that can give you a haircut best suited for you, look no further. These salons might be the one for you depending on how much you are willing to shell out for the perfect men's haircut.

*Drum roll please.....*

Best Premium Hair Salons for Men's Haircut:

1. Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Men's Haircut - Kenaris Salon

What we love:

  • Highly frequented by male customers
  • Stylists here are comfortable with both professional and trendy men's cuts
  • Good service (no waiting 95% of the time)
  • Stylists here can help you cope with receding hairline and other issues. 

Kenaris Hair Salon is apt in dealing with challenging hair conditions like thinning hair and churning out a hairstyle that does not require much styling, perfect for busy working men! In fact, Agent E who has receding hairline, has tried several salons for men's haircut and Ken from Kenaris Hair Salon remains the undisputed go-to hairstylist. But that's not all! Kenaris' service, especially the hair wash deserves a special mention as the blissful message feels like a slice of heaven!

Read Agent E's experience here.

Price: $59 (Artistic Cut), $79 (Director) and $89 (Ken & Aris) 

2. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City 

Pompadour (Thomas)
Men's Spiky Haircut at Chez Vous

What we love:

  • The younger Associate Directors are especially great with stylish haircuts!

Chez Vous Hair Salon prides itself on its "Only Hair Directors Allowed" policy - only hair professionals with experience of at least 10 years in the hair industry can touch your hair. Although many of their customers are female, we see a sizable number of male customers as well because of their well-sculpted haircut! Here, stylists are more concerned about concealing any hair issues and bringing out the best of your features rather than pushing you to get the latest trendy hair.

Men's Haircut at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Service here is also very good, with no waiting time, making this one of the best hair salons we recommend for men looking for a refreshing hair makeover and a stylist they can trust for life.

Price: $55 (Associate Director), $65 (Director), $75 (Chief Director)

3. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

Men's Haircut - Flamingo Hair Studio

What we love:

  • Stylists here are best with professional men's haircuts or spiky Japanese style haircuts
  • Relaxing ambience and great service

Flamingo Hair Studio reminds us of a cozy Japanese cafe with its collection of Japanese comics, hairstyle illustrations and quaint jewellery in different corners of the salon. As pretty as its interiors are, its two Japanese stylists stand stand out. With 10 years in the hair industry in both Japan and Singapore, Ryo and Ayumi offer customers the ideal Japanese hair experience comprising of factors such as in-depth consultation, easily maintainable hairstyle and customer comfort with a personal touch.

We love how they don't hardsell or push you for services and instead really listen to your preferences and recommend a suitable hair service to match your hairstyle!

Price: $70 or 30% off Ayumi's hair packages

4. Branche Hair Salon @ Capitol Piazza

BRANCHE Hair Salon

What we love:

  • Top notch service and luxurious ambience
  • We love their wonderful scalp spa that is highly recommended with the haircut

Located in Capitol Piazza, Branche Hair Salon is THE hair salon to try for both Men's and Ladies' haircuts. With champagne served at the counter and exclusive service by a Japanese hairstylist, the experience is tip top from the beginning till the end. As most of the hairstylists here have more than 10 years of experience, you are also assured of a professional haircut your boss would approve. 

If time and budget allows, we'd highly recommend the scalp spa here to cleanse your scalp once in a while and minimize any hair loss issues!

Price: $100

5. Art Noise @ Holland Village

What we love:

  • Stylish Professional Haircuts
  • Add on for Scalp Spa is recommended!
  • Great Japanese service with no waiting

Art Noise Japanese Salon has flourished and emerged as the most popular salon in Ikebukuro, not an easy feat given that most of Tokyo's top hair salons are located in the same area! Founder Shoichi Ishiyama attributes the high level of service and strong camaraderie among stylists to his professional talented stylist team who are empowered to do everything in their power to exceed customer expectation. The exceptional service, relaxing ambience and quality hair products exclusively innovated by the team ranks Art Noise Japanese Salon as one of our top choices for premium haircuts. 

Price: $80

6. Bump Hair Design @ Holland Village

Bump Hair Design

What we love:

  • Stylish Professional Haircuts
  • Good Japanese service 

If you are looking for a good cut (without needing to instruct the stylist on the exact style you are looking for), Bump is definitely the most value-for-money Japanese salon to go to! The stylists here are experienced and offer good Japanese service and are great at designing the right haircut for your face! They may not however be our top choice if you're hoping for them to explain about your hair / scalp condition because the command of English for some of the stylists here are limited. 

Price: $60 

Best Mid-Ranged Hair Salons for Men's Haircut:

1. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Orchard Central

99 Percent Hair Studio

What we love:

  • Great with both professional haircuts and stylish pompadour, hair tattoos and fade haircuts
  • Friendly local hairstylists

More accessible and spacious than the other two outlets, the flagship salon at The OC makes  it easier and more comfortable to drop by the salon on weekends or after work. Comfort aside, this new outlet is where the co-founders of 99 Percent Hair Studio are situated! You'll find creative and trustworthy hairstylists genuinely interested in helping you get a new look... whether you're thinking of a hair tattoo or a funky hair trim, their designs stand out for being unique and classy. 

Price: $49 - $59

2. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk

Zinc Korean Hair Salon

What we love:

  • Great with Korean styled haircuts

Best known for their Korean style Digital Perms, Zinc is the hidden gem for many male customers for a voluminous Korean style haircut! Other than looking stylish, the stylists here are able to make your crown look more volume with their special haircutting techniques or even a perm! 

Price: From $45

3. Gene by Ginrich @ Wisma Atria

Gene by Ginrich

What we love:

  • Derek is highly popular among Beauty Undercover Agents for his men's haircuts
  • The AVEDA Scalp Treatment here is highly recommended

Other than the classy decor and calming lemongrass scent, you're likely to notice a lot of Caucasian and local men walking out the salon with stylo-milo haircuts by two of its most popular hairstylists: Derek and Jamie. 

Not overly chatty, these two very experienced stylists know exactly what to do to make their customers look and feel more assertive at work with the right haircut! Aside from haircut though, we really like the AVEDA Scalp Treatment here which pampers even as it treats your scalp!

Price: $38 (Stylist), $48 (Creative Stylist), $58 (Director) and $68 (Leading Director)

4. The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

Avant Garde Plan B

What we love:

  • Detailed, easily manageable haircut
  • Spacious location

If you want a cut that lasts longer than other salons, don't miss a haircut by The Bund!

The stylists here at The Bund - both Ricky and Zen are very detailed in their haircut as they systematically cut the entire hair to achieve a perfect symmetric cut that you'll find easier to gel and easier to manage! 

Parking may be an issue but if you don't mind walking over from Far East Plaza to their new location in Goodwood Park, we're confident you'll enjoy the haircut here as well. 

Price: $35 - $50

5. Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Pro Trim Korean Salon

Pro Trim Korean Salon might not be the first salon that comes to mind when looking for Best Korean Hair Salons in Singapore, but with its rapidly growing team of illustrious Korean stylists, Pro Trim Korean Salon is definitely one of the top choices for quality salons that are affordable. Many of the Korean stylists here have previously worked at the prestigious Apgujeong salons, even having Korean singers and artistes as their customers!

Price: $38 (Standard), $45 (Korean Stylist) and $63 (Director's Cut)

Best Budget Hair Salon for Men's Haircut:

 Kojimaya @ The Central


At an affordable price of just $12, one would think the haircuts at Kojimaya would yeild unsatisfactory results. Quite the opposite actually. Kojimaya differs from the usual $10 hair salons like QB or EC House by allowing you to choose your desired stylists and not imposing the 10 minute time limit on the haircut. This allows for a more meticulous, less rushed cut for budget conscious customers who are not that particular about a fashionable cut.

Price: $12

*Kindly note that the prices above are subject to change.

Is your salon on the above list? 

If not, review your salon on Beauty Undercover so that it can be featured in next year's list of Best Hair Salons!

Before you go, why not tell us which hair salons you think are best at men's haircut?

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