Best Hair Salons for Perms in 2017

Published on Nov 22, 2017

Yes, its the time of the year again to share about what we think are the Best Hair Salons of 2017 for perms!

Reviews may be the most objective way of evaluating a salon but it is not always the fairest way as the number of positive reviews also depend on the number of stylists and prices in the salon. A salon with 1 stylist, for example, is unlikely to be featured as compared to a salon with 10 stylists, even if she is very skilful. Hence, this year, we will be separating our awards into two: 

  1. Best 10 Hair Salons according to Reviews
  2. Best 5 Hair Salons according to Editor's Choice

Can you guess who they are?

Best Hair Salons by Number of Reviews

In the first section, we've collated the list of best 10 hair salons by number of reviews for perms.

For the list of best 5 hair salons according to Editor's Choice, read on below!

1. Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Price: From $238 (Digital Perms - most people should be opting for this)

Best Salon for Perm at Pro Trim

Jurong East may not be the first place you think about when someone mentions about Best Hair Salons for Perms but here is where many ladies come for their curly hair fix!

Like many customers here, we're absolutely in love with digital perms done by Korean stylists (especially Lee Han). Lee Han is known for being very conscientious and thorough with his perms, a key reason why his perms turn out so pretty.

You don't only have to go for Korean stylists though... the local stylists here have learned a lot from their Korean counterparts, which is probably a major reason why their perms are among the best we've seen. 

Affordable Perm at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon
Affordable Perm at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Prices here are also pretty reasonable. 

Definitely one of the best hair salons for perms we'd recommend in the West... if you don't mind waiting a little as the salon is often crowded!

2. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Price: From $240 (Digital Perm)

The ambience in LeeKaJa is possibly one of the best we've experienced in Singapore but that's not the reason why it is the second most positively reviewed hair salon for perms. 

Digital perm by Leekaja

The salon has one of the strongest teams of hairstylists thus far, having engaged some of the best hairstylists in Singapore for perms and colours.

Their perm specialists include the super handsome Korean Director Ted, highly experienced Korean Director Hyejin, popular Korean Director Lois  , very friendly Korean Stylist Jenny, skillful though slightly shy Korean Stylist Nik and talented Korean stylist Luna. With the exception of Hyejin and Luna, all the stylists above have more than 5 years of experience working in Singapore. Therefore, their command of English is pretty good and they really understand the demands of the Singapore ladies with regards to their perms.

Shoulder-Length C Curl Perm by Leekaja

Whether you're thinking about the celebrity-worthy wave perms, the song hye kyo C curl perm or a natural S curl perm, the stylists here can do it all to to give you that perfect perm. 

Natural S Curl Perm by Leekaja

There are however many stylists here with some specializing more in colours than in perms so do choose wisely to make sure that your perms turn out perfect!

3. Style NA Korean Salon @ Compass One / Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

Prices: From $238

Best Salon for Perm at Style NA

Style NA Korean Salon claims the #3 spot in our best hair salons for perms list. 

They are situated in Compass One and in Parkway Parade, both of which are pretty accessible in neighbourhoods.

While its not a luxury salon, we like it that the stylists here provide authentic service at affordable prices with NO packages... so you won't experience the hardselling that are prevalent in other neighbourhood salons in the same area. 

There is also a mix of local and Korean hairstylists here.

We must say that we are pretty impressed with the perms done by Korean Stylists Jenny and Roy in Compass One. You don't see Roy taking many photos but we've experienced his perm for ourselves and we love how he is able to explain every single process from start to finish and why it is suitable for us. If you get your hair done by him, you'll understand why we like him so much!

Rebonding Perm by Style NA

Style NA Korean Salon also welcomed a new stylist Paul, a highly experienced and skilful hairstylist, at the Parkway Parade outlet. 

Although his command of English can be improved, his hairstyles are undeniably beautiful!

S Curl Perm by Style NA
Short Hair C Curl Perm by Style NA

Although we're partial to Korean stylists for perms, the local stylists in Style NA are pretty good as well! They have after all accumulated a huge following among customers in the area and is a great choice, particularly if you enjoy chatting with your stylist!

4. Focus Hairdressing @ Chinatown Point / Cuppage Plaza

Price: $170 (MUCOTA Opera Rebonding + Cut), $288 (MUCOTA Omega Perm / Rebonding + Cut), $250-$300 (MUCOTA DYNA Perm / Rebonding + Cut)

Focus is one of the first few hair salons where Agent G tried for perms / volume rebonding and totally loved the results. 

Prices are not the lowest here but the long-time stylists here (Marcus, Yahnie, Sito, Ken and Jane) are all very experienced with perms and rebonding, making them one of the most popular perms and rebonding hair salons in Singapore. 

before c curl perm at Focus Hairdressing

Before (Above) vs After (Below)

After c curls back view at Focus Hairdressing

We've sent a number of ladies with frizzy, curly hair to Focus and the results have been perfect each time. 

Even though some of them have gone to other salons to try other services once in a while, most return to Focus because the results of the perm / rebonding just can't be gotten elsewhere; the perms here look natural and last for a REALLY LONG TIME. 

The ambience here is however not the most luxurious so do take note about that!

5. Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Price: From $150 for Haircut + Perm + Treatment

Best Hair Salons for Perm at Act Point

Friends of Agent G will tell you that Act Point Salon is the de factor hair salon she'd recommend if you're a budget conscious lady looking for a perm.

They are running a year-long promotion of Haircut + Perm + Treatment at $150 for their senior stylists.

So yes, prices are really reasonable. 

Beyond that though, many of the perms here just look so good!

It is not surprising given that their stylists perm 5 to 10 customers a day. 

Hence, they've gotten so good at it that they can perm their customers' hair even with their eyes shut :D

We've sent several agents down to perm their hair and they've only had good things to say about the skill of the stylists here. 

S curl volume perm at Act Point

Do however note that the stylists here may have to perm more than 2 people at one time and is therefore not the place for you if you like a little more luxury and service!

6. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Price: From $210 (Haircut + Creep Perm)

Best Hair Salons for Perm at art noise

Established 12 years ago in Ikebukuro, Art-Noise is one of the most popular salons in Tokyo and now in Melbourne and Singapore as well.

Luckily for us, you don't have to travel to Tokyo to experience the authentic Japanese perm as founder Shoichi san has brought his salon to Holland Village, opposite Wala Wala. 

Although they are best known for their service (They use a tissue to shield your face, give you great massages and are very patient during the process. ), Art Noise has recently created a new perm that is suitable even for fine hair: the Chiffon Perm. 

Chiffon Perm (Toshie) at Art Noise

The Chiffon Perm has since become very popular among ladies with fine hair texture as it gives them the volume they are looking for.

The Chiffon Perm is however pretty soft and may not be suitable for ladies with coarser hair textures so you may want to try their alternative perms if you do have normal hair textures e.g. Creep Perm and Digital Perm.

Prices are reasonably lower given that they have special packages e.g. Haircut + Creep Perm at $210 and is a good place to try if you would like some extra volume on your hair for the next 2-3 months!

7. Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place / Marina Link

Price: From $100 (Cold Perm), $170 (Digital Perm)

Best Salon for Perm at AUBE

AUBE オーブ is the latest Japanese hair salons that have been making waves in the Singapore hairdressing industry. 

The decor looks amazing with its wide open spaces that are beautifully designed. They also have the luxurious auto-reclining Yume (Dream) Chair.

But that's not why they've been so popular... Hair colour here is merely $95 for all hair lengths (before any first timer discounts).

Their amazing service, great decor and low prices have therefore attracted hordes of customers. 

Easy Maintenance Perm by AUBE
Easy Maintenance Perm by AUBE

Although perm is not their signature style, they do have perm specialist Hiro on their team. A lover of perm himself, he is able to create flowy curls that are super easy to maintain. 

Best of all, their digital perm price is $170 with cold perm at only $100 for all hair lengths!

8. BRANCHE Hair Salon @ Capitol Piazza City Hall

Prices: From $300 (Digital Perm), $180 (Cold Perm)

Best Salon for Perm at Branche Hair Salon

A luxurious salon, Branche is where you'd get the utmost personalized and luxurious service from top stylists from Japan. 

Here, you are served at your seat with leather seats, a snack bar and even alcohol and beverages / tea directly brought from Japan.

While service is at its best here, the stylists at Branche are pretty popular for their perms as well. 

Natural Wavy Perm by Branche Salon

The perms here are natural and easy to manage. 

Easy to Manage Perm by Branche

They have also mastered the use of Tokio de Sinka Perms and are therefore able to give soft curls even for ladies who have bleached their hair once.

You may expect prices to be very high here but we're positively surprised to find that it starts from $300 for digital perm. With the first-timer discounts, a perm here may actually be cheaper than what you find at some salons in the neighbourhood!

9. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd / Katong

Price: $280 (Haircut + Digital Perm)

Best Salon for Perm at COVO katong

COVO is one of the first few hair salons to come to Singapore, offering great Japanese service s at prices that are not too expensive.

We love coming here because the ambience is excellent and also because many of the stylists here can speak English rather fluently, with minimal help from the receptionist. 

Japanese Digital Perm at COVO

Perm by Jesly

COVO also brings in their own signature treatment, which when combined with their perm lotion and the stylists' skills, provide for the soft bouncy curls you see in Japanese magazines.

Bouncy Curl Perm at COVO

Whether long, medium or short, the stylists here can give you the volume and the level of curls you're asking for. 

Short Hair Perm by COVO

Prices are also pretty good here with haircut + digital perm at just $280!

Best Hair Salons according to Editor's Choice

Agent G has tried and accompanied many Beauty Undercover agents to their perm visits at the salons and these are the places she thinks are the Best!

1. Picasso Hair Studio @ North Bridge Rd / Robinson Rd

If budget isn't an issue, Picasso is possibly the best hair salon Agent G loves to recommend to friends and readers. 

It isn't just that the perms done here are beautiful... Picasso has consistently improved themselves year after year to introduce new perms that suit the lifestyle of the Singaporean lady. 

C Curl Perm for Long Hair by Picasso

Styling Perm

Picasso started with the Styling Perm years ago when just a few of us is interested in perms. We didn't want perms that were too curly so they came up with the styling perm that helps to reduce frizziness at the roots and give more volume at the ends.

Rebonding Perm by Picasso

Rebonding Perm

For customers who want a bit more curls, there is the rebonding perms which had volume rebonding at the roots and S curls at the ends. 

No matter which perm however, it is necessary to blowdry them to make it look good.

However, they even managed to come up with the new Freestyle Perm and Cushion Perm that require just minimal blowdrying and it will just look good when you airdry 40% of the hair. 

Freestyle Perm by Picasso

There are SO MANY Types of perms, there is definitely one that best suits you... even if your hair is bleached. 

Balayage Perm by Picasso

Balayage Perm

Even if your hair is frizzy and highly challenging, the stylists here are able to perm it in such a way that managing it is a breeze. 

Before and After Perm for Natural Curly Hair by Picasso

You won't get a case of your hair getting rejected for perms unless your hair is irrevocably damaged because they definitely have the right perm to bring out the best of your hair. 

It is this continual innovation that gets us excited about Picasso's perms and a reason why we believe that it is now the BEST Hair Salon in Singapore for Perms.

Another thing we like about the salon: consistent quality. Although Jesly is definitely our top choice for perms here, we are glad to say that ALL the hairstylists here have skills that are on par with each other due to the continuous investment into training. Hence, you won't face the problem of bad perms because you chose the wrong stylist. 

Overall, this is one hair salon we KNOW you will definitely be satisfied with after perming here!

2. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk / Orchard Central

Zinc will always be the first hair salon Agent G thinks about for perms... because this is where she first fell in love with perms!

before and after perm by Zinc

From the boring straight hair to her first digital perm, the transformation was so huge that she can't help but come back to Zinc again and again for her perms. 

Before after perm by Zinc

Never once was she disappointed despite trying different stylists: Nicky and Justin because their skill is just so good. 

Two weeks after korean perm at zinc

If your hair is as suitable as Agent G's, you'll find the perm lasting for 8 months or more with the curls unfolding nicely to look like it was absolutely natural. 

They may not be the cheapest salon out there but so far, all of Agent G's personal friends have had great experience here for perms (and fringe cuts!) because of the stylists' skill.

They have recently opened a new outlet at Orchard Central where Agent G's favourite stylist Nicky is stationed. But if you prefer the Millenia Walk outlet, we're more than impressed with the skills of Justin and Rany who have had many raving reviews from their customers!

3. Hair Illustrated @ Raffles City

Hair Illustrated may be the newest luxury Korean Hair Salon in Singapore for 2017 but it is definitely among the best you should take note of.

It is anchored by Korean Stylist Rina, whose perms are so beautiful that top stylists in Singapore are able to recognize her perming style. 

Agent G too cannot stop raving about Rina after she witnessed how Rina transformed Agent E's unmanageable curly hair to the easily manageable volume perm in just one day. 

Setting Perm by The Urban Aesthetics

When Rina once again did the impossible by perming hair that has been bleached 3 times with the latest Paimore GRATS perming lotion to achieve the bouncy curls you see below, Agent G knew that she had to try Rina for herself!

Red Hair Low Damage Perm by The Urban Aesthetics

You see, 90% of hairstylists out there will not perm hair that has been bleached... and definitely 99% of them will not even touch hair that has been bleached 3 times. The fact that Rina is able to achieve such a good result with the hair texture shows how skillful she is and how good the products she use is. 

So yes, Agent G is getting her hair permed in a week but before that happens, Hair Illustrated is on our Beauty Undercover #3 list for the best hair salon for perms.

P.S. There are other good stylists at Hair Illustrated... just that Rina is so awesome that it is hard to compare against her :D 

Also, service and decor here is amazing so we expect that you'll enjoy your time here A LOT!

4. Du Sol Korean Hair Salon

One of the very first Korean hair salons to come to Singapore, Du Sol is very special because it is also owned by the distributor of Korean hair products. That is why Du Sol is often the first to introduce new Korean perms to the market and that includes the very popular low-damage Multiplier Perms which is now used in many hair salons in Korea. 

Perm for Frizzy Hair by Du Sol

The perm is so good that it can eliminate frizz by straightening and giving it the hair some requisite volume by sculpting the curls!

Aside from the good quality perm lotions though, they have a good team of Korean stylists who are very popular among customers here. 

Edward Kim is a perm educator who has a Youtube channel where he explains about his perms while Sean is the handsome Korean stylist everyone loves to go to... because his cut and perms are amazing. You won't see Sean taking photos or giving interviews but he is THE TOP hairstylist in Du Sol because his word of mouth referral is just so strong... such that almost 10 out of 10 customers who go to him will go back!

Korean Perm at Du Sol

Aside from long time stylists Edward and Sean though, Mikhaila and Matae are very good at what they do as well. However, their command of English is not so fluent so it may be best to bring along some photos to avoid miscommunication.

They have also recently welcomed their first and only local hairstylist Lilian. You can't go to other people once you've given Lilian a try because she's just so good at what she does...

Previously a hair director at top hair salons in Singapore, her cut and perms are so good that people often mistake her perms as those done by Koreans. 

Yes... that's how good her perms and cuts are!

Korean Style Perm by Du Sol
Korean Style Perm by Du Sol

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