Best Hair Salons for Professional Hair Colour in 2017

Published on Nov 06, 2017

Yes, its the time of the year again to share about what we think are the Best Hair Salons of 2017 for Professional Colours ie. One-Tone Colours or Simple Highlights! 

Although similar, skills required for vibrant colours are actually a little different from professional hair colours. Vibrant colour is a lot about managing the bleaching process and blending different colours while professional colours are about highlighting the features while making sure that you look classy at all times. Professional colours are also a lot more subtle; some stylists like to recommend styles like that while others find it too boring. 

The stylists and salons we mention below are therefore stylists are better suited to do professional colours due to their background and their preferences.

HINT: You'll see a lot of Japanese salons on this list because Japanese salons tend to be cheaper than local salons in hair colours (and more expensive in terms of haircut) and the colours still turn out very natural and pretty afterwards!

Like the rest of the articles though, we separate the list based on Best Hair Salons by Number of Reviews 

Reviews may be the most objective way of evaluating a salon but it is not always the fairest way as the number of positive reviews also depend on the number of stylists and prices in the salon. A salon with 1 stylist, for example, is unlikely to be featured as compared to a salon with 10 stylists, even if she is very skilful. Hence, this year, we will be separating our awards into two: 

  1. Best 10 Hair Salons according to Reviews
  2. Best 5 Hair Salons according to Editor's Choice

Can you guess who they are?

Best Hair Salons by Number of Reviews

In the first section, we've collated the list of best 10 hair salons by number of reviews for colour.

For the list of best 5 hair salons according to Editor's Choice, read on below!

1. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

Price: from $135 (Depending on Hair Length and use of bleach)

With such a distinguished group of stylists gathered all in one place, it is not surprising to find their customers equally illustrious; from socialites, artistes, lawyers to doctors, bankers, managing directors and their families, many of the Who’s Who in Singapore go to Chez Vous regularly for a trendy change in style.

Brown Hair Colour for Professionals by Chez Vous

Given their illustrious customers, it is not surprising to find that they are really good with classy browns that look elegant and professional at the same time. 

Work Friendly Dark Brown Hair Colour by Chez Vous

The browns are in no way boring as enhance it with subtle highlights at the right places

Reddish Brown Highlights Hair Colour by Chez Vous

and even Balayage for the naturally sunkissed look. 

Natural Sunkissed Brown Hair Colour by Chez Vous

It's amazing how much they can innovate using various skills with just one colour. 

Hence, we're totally not surprised to find that Chez Vous is the top choice for Singapore Ladies for Professional Hair Colour in Singapore. 

Add their awesome service + zero-mistake policy to their great service and you've got a winning hair salon you can proudly tell your friends about. 

Caramel Brown Hair Colour for Work by Chez Vous

2. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Neil Rd (Near Tanjong Pagar) 

Price: $130 (All Hair Length)

Flamingo Hair Studio may be best known for their ability to tame your curls with cut or straightening but their recent addition of Ryo has gotten an increasing group of customers who go there for hair colours. 

Before and After Dark Brown Hair Colour for Work by Flamingo

You see, Ryo was previously from CLEO Hair Salon, a top but now-defunct Japanese Salon for hair colours in Singapore. There, he picked up a lot different skills on correcting hair colours and making hair blend superbly well. 

Healthy and Professional Hair Colour at Flamingo

That is why he is able to choose just the right colours to make your hair look healthy, natural and professional all at the same time. 

Work Friendly Frappucino Highlights by Flamingo

We're especially in love with the Frappucino hair colour he did for Agent HG earlier in 2017. Aren't you?

Peekaboo Purple Hair Colour by Flamingo

If you're looking for something that stands out a little more, Ryo can also customize a special peek-a-boo colour for you so that you can have different looks at work and outside of work. 

Hairdressing skills aside, the inviting ambience at Flamingo Hair Studio is a reason why so many customers love this place. The natural light, the greenery and the overall serenity of the place make the colour experience that much more comfortable. 

Although the stylists are all Japanese, 3 out of 4 of them speak fluent English (Ryu, Ayumi and Ryo) so you can be sure that the service here is nothing but enjoyable. 

No more dreading the 3 hours at the salon once you've been to Flamingo!

3. Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

Price: $95 (all hair length)

One of the first authentically Japanese hair salons in Singapore, AVENTA provides good hairdressing services at top-notch service at very affordable prices.  

Affordable Professional Hair Colour at Bump Hair Design

A full hair colour even at this length cost only $95!

Blonde Ombre by Bump Hair Design

You can make it a little more interesting with ombre or highlights

Olive Brown Highlights for Work at Bump Hair Design

And your total cost will still be less than $300. 

That is why Agent S went down for a hair colour at AVENTA. 

Violet Brown Hair Colour

And loved how her the violet brown colour suited her so well + stayed on for many months after without much fading! 

With their good service (1 to 1 attention from start to finish) and affordable prices, AVENTA is unsurprisingly a very popular salon for hair colours among Beauty Undercover readers!

They also have some special prices for combined services e.g. colour + cut / colour + treatment and so on so do look out for that!

4. Risel Japanese Hair Salon @ Tanjong Pagar

Price: $90 (All Hair Length)

Want something even cheaper?

We've got Risel Japanese Hair Salon, which is located in a shophouse just steps away from Tanjong Pagar MRT. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour by Risel

Here, full head hair colours are just $90 (not counting first timer discounts)! 

Reddish Brown Hair Colour by Risel

Although not the most eye-catching colours, the colours they choose are very shiny and make your hair look healthy afterwards. 

Work Friendly Brown Hair Colour by Risel

Although prices are low, the stylists are actually pretty skilled and are adept even in vibrant colours or ombre as well!

Blonde Ombre Hair Colour by Risel

5. Gene by Ginrich Hair Salon @ Wisma Atria 

Price: from $140 

There are many reasons why you can't miss this salon in Wisma Atria. 

  1. The stylists are very genuine and truly very nice. All the stylists here treat each other and their customers like family, which is why you'd feel more comfortable here than at other salons. 
  2. Selected stylists here are very very good at haircuts and that includes Derek and Dawn! 
  3. The AVEDA scalp and hair treatment here is very affordably priced, making it one of the most value-for-money treatments in Orchard
  4. Their new stylists especially Yang and Relcy are great with hair colours!
Brown Balayage by Gene

Due to their background from a famous hair colour salon in Singapore, they are very sensitive to colours and know just what colour to apply to achieve a specific result. 

As the customers going to Gene are often working professionals and moms looking for low-maintenance hair colours, they don't do vibrant colours as often. 

Muted Green Hair Colour by Gene

These stylists have instead innovated and used various techniques to bring out the browns we are looking for. 

Brown Highlights by Gene

A salon you must try if you love these beautifully natural hair colours!

6. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Price: $170 (All Hair Length)

First coined by Art Noise, Grayge is the grey-brown colour series that Art Noise has created with minimal bleach.

Grey Brown Hair Colour by Art Noise

The colour is subtle but looks different at different angles, creating a multi-dimensional effect that so many customers love.

Grey Brown Hair Colour by Art Noise

It is not very obvious, making it perfect for working professionals to don it for work. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour by Art Noise

For those who want a bit more obvious, bleach a little more and add a bit more highlights for the stronger ashy feel and you'll get a signature look of your own. 

Best Salon for Professional Hair Colour at art noise

Hair colour aside, the ambience at this Holland Village salon + its premium service makes Art Noise one of Beauty Undercover's top Japanese salons to go to. The stylists here use tissue paper to shield your face from stray water drops and give an uber-comfortable hair massage during hair wash. They also have a translator just in case you need help during consultation. You also don't have to wait too long because the schedule is arranged in such a way that one stylist attends to only one customer from the start till the end.

Hence, we really feel the personalized service you may not be able to experience elsewhere!

A hair salon not to be missed if you stay in the west!

7. AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place / AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link

Price: $95 for all hair lengths

There may not be many reviews on Beauty Undercover but AUBE is very certainly one of BU's most popular hair salons for professional one-tone colour! 

The wonderful ambience, yume chair and great Japanese service are some of the reasons why it's so popular. 

Best Salon for Professional Hair Colour at AUBE
Automatic Yume Chair at AUBE

But its greatest draw is its Japanese stylists, all of whom are top stylists from AUBE Japan. We are most impressed with Kazuki Tamura who can not only speak fluent English but has also graduated from Vidal Sassoon in UK. His haircutting skills are so good, he has already accumulated a lot of loyal customers since he moved to Singapore earlier in 2017. 

Tamura leads a team of very talented Japanese hairstylists including Kouhei and Ayano who are very good in colour and Hiro-san who is very good in perms!

Brown Highlights by AUBE
Work Friendly Brown Hair Colour by AUBE

Customers comment that the colours used at AUBE are of very good quality. Unlike other salons where the colours may not be so visible, the colours are very pretty and can be seen easily. They also don't fade as fast.

Affordable Professional Brown Hair Colour by AUBE

Best of all, a no-bleach hair colour like this cost only $95 before any first-timer discount FOR ALL HAIR LENGTHS. 

Given their quality of service, hairdressing skill and ambience, the relatively low prices here easily makes AUBE the MUST-TRY hair salon for colours!

8. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Keong Saik Rd  / COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

Price: $120 for all hair lengths

A perennial favourite among Beauty Undercover readers for the hair colours, COVO has continuously innovated its colours in recent years.

Silky and Shiny Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

Besides adding COVO treatment within, they have recently also included argan oil in their hair colours to make it even shinier and smoother after the colour. Agent SC tried the argan oil colour for herself and loved how it made her hair look so healthy before her wedding. 

Natural Brown Hair Colour at COVO

They have also successfully introduced various new shades of brown, including this khaki brown hair colour that can be achieved without bleach!

Brown Highlights at COVO

Customers who tried COVO will like how their browns manage to tread the fine balance between professionalism and sophistication without requiring excessive maintenance - no bleach is required. 

Brown Hair Colour on Short Hair by COVO

Their colours also fade well well... does not turn brassy afterwards, making COVO one of the favourites among working professionals.

We also like that most Japanese stylists here are conversant in English and that they usually have a translator close by if you need help. Hence, the experience here is a little more comfortable than most!

Value For Money Professional Hair Colour at COVO

At $120 for all hair length, colour here is also very value-for-money given their experience, the semi-private space and great colour result!

9. Branche Japanese Hair Salon @ Capitol Piazza

Price: $150-$200

Branche is not just a regular hair salon but an experience in itself. 

From the first moment you enter, you'd feel like you're transported into the highest echelons of society in Japan as each and every staff treat you like royalty, offering you petite Japanese snacks and even wine. 

Brown Lowlights at Branche

The hairstyles here, therefore, reflect their customers' heightened status with highlights and lowlights the most common service requested here. 

Professional Balayage Colour at Branche

Although they can also do balayage ombre or gorgeous grey ash ombre highlights really well!

Grey Ash Hair Colour at Branche

The stylists here are after all the creme of the crop from Branche Japan. Many of them are top stylists back in Japan and have received many accolades for their hairdressing services and service level. 

Their first-class service and quality hairdressing skills make Branche the salon we would highly recommend if you want to impress your bosses, your business partners or simply want to pamper your loved ones!

Top 5 Hair Salons Based on Editor's Choice

Now that you've read about the top 10 hair salons based on reviews, here are the top 5 hair salons that our Chief Editor Agent G personally recommends for professional hair colours. Customers to these salons don't write as many reviews but these are the salons that leave a strong impression on Agent G due to the stylists' excellent skill and service.

Read on if you trust in Agent G's professional opinion!

1.  Izumi Salon @ The Central

Price: from $145

Izumi may be best known for her haircuts but her strong knowledge in colours make her one of the little known gems for professional hair colours. 

Sunkissed Highlights (Izumi) from Izumi Salon

You see, Izumi is able to utilize bleach with the least damage possible by applying the bleach on the hair for only a maximum of 15 minutes before washing off. This allows her to create sunkissed highlights on Agent AT like the one above or babylights on Agent CH like the one below while making sure that your hair remains as healthy as before. 

Office Friendly Babylights by Izumi

Having learned from top master stylists in the US and in Japan, Izumi is also very strong in the authentic way balayage is supposed to be done, making her very popular among Caucasian and foreign customers used to the New York way of hair colouring. 

We also love the ambience of her hair studio, which has only one seat in the entire seat!

Izumi Salon

We do however have to warn you that she is not easy to reach. You may have to call a few times or email them if you cannot get them successfully!

2. Evolve Salon @ Liang Court

Price: from $150

The most understated celebrity hair salon in Singapore, Evolve Salon has a strong team of hairdressers who have won multiple awards in Singapore and internationally. The most illustrious is Ken Hong who frequently makes appearances on TV programs such as 女人我最大. He is Singapore's first international hair ambassador for a major hair care brand Goldwell and THE hairstylist that ladies in the top echelons in Singapore go to. 

He has trained a team of hairdressers, all of whom are very strong in colours and cuts, including Dylan Tung who has won the Goldwell Global Color Zoom 2017 Creative Colorist as well as Yuujin and Sandy who won Goldwell National New Talent Colorist awards in the past. 

Brown Hair Colour by Evolve

Although they are all very comfortable with vibrant colours, Evolve Salon does very well in matching the right colour to the right skin tone to bring out your features. 

Light Brown Hair Colour

They are also very skilled in various techniques to bring out even the simplest colours. 

Brown Hair Colour

The end result? Wearable hair colours that you'd be happy to show off at work!

3.  Bump Hair Studio @ Holland Village

Price: from $95

The sister salon of AVENTA, Bump Hair Design is built on the same philosophy that AVENTA holds: quality hair services and great Japanese service can be offered at an affordable price! This means proper appointment scheduling (no double booking where possible), having the same Japanese stylist attend to you from start to end of the hair experience and engaging only highly skilled Japanese stylists… all at a price that is just a shade higher than typical local hair salons!

Light Brown Highlights

It is therefore not surprising to find the stylists at Bump as skilful in professional hair colouring! Most of them have more than 3 years of experience working in Singapore (and many more back in Japan). Hence, they have adapted their styles to what Singaporeans are looking for.

Light Brown Highlights on Short Hair

They are however still most demanded for their one-tone hair colours which cost $95 for all hair lengths.

C Curl Perm and Brown Hair Colour

Definitely one of the most value-for-money hair salons you'll find around Holland Village!

4. Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade / Compass One

Price: $95-$160 for one tone colour 

Style NA may be a Korean salon but it has a strong team of both local and Korean hairstylists, some of whom are really good in colour!

Reddish Brown Hair Colour by Style NA

We are especially impressed with colours from Selyn, one of Style NA's most popular colour specialists. Whether you're talking about vibrant colours or balayage brown highlights, she knows just what to mix to get you the stylish professional colours that look so good and is easy to maintain!

Reddish Brown Highlights by Style NA

Selyn is not the only one who is good though. Qiu and Bella from Style NA @ Parkway Parade, as well as Roy from Style NA @ Compass One, have gotten quite a few good reviews for their colours as well. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour by Style NA

So if you stay near the East, Style NA is possibly one of your best bet for achieving the trendy Korean ash brown colours that colleagues will compliment you on!

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