Best Hair Salons for Professional Hair Colours Wearable for Work in 2018

Published on Nov 21, 2018

Crazy colours may look good on IG but in reality is very hard to manage.

The bright vibrant colours last only for a few washes and depending on stylist skill, the faded hair colour and the hair condition afterwards are often less enviable.

It is, therefore, not surprising that a lot of us turn back to the good old-fashioned brown. It is cheaper as most of the time and it doesn’t require you to bleach. Even when it does, professional-looking brown tends to fade better on Asian hair.

Just because it is brown doesn’t mean it needs to be boring though, as stylists from these top salons will demonstrate to you.

With this list, we share with you the top 10 salons customers go to for Professional Hair Colouring based on reviews, as well as a separate list of 5 top salons according to our Editors’ Choice!

1. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Price: From $135

A favourite among Beauty Undercover readers, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find Chez Vous Hair Salon at the top of this list. After all, their team of director stylists aren’t just great with makeover haircuts, there are a number of colouring talents within Chez Vous Hair Salon that continually surprise with stunning hair colour designs that are still wearable for work.

Customer Review of Colour, Cut and Treatment at Chez Vous

The bambi brown, tiger eye, and faux balayage are just a few examples of how they try to push the boundaries of brown to bring style into your workplace.

Hair Colour for Professionals at Chez Vous
Hair Colour for Professionals at Chez Vous

But don’t worry if it's too loud for you, the stylists here don’t push you beyond what you are comfortable with because they understand that there are constraints within your workplace.

The folks over at Chez Vous came up with a brilliant hair colour diagnosis together with Goldwell Singapore called #RightColourMatters; by using colour cards and placing them against our faces in a participative exercise, the stylists can help you figure out what colours are most flattering for you

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Chez Vous

As much as you can consult at length, there will be times when you change your mind and the colour is too loud / too subtle for your taste. In that situation, we are comforted by the fact that they have a 7-day service guarantee when you can come back to redo your hair as long as the requirements are not too different from the initial consult (ie. From non-bleach to bleached colour).

This quality of the colour together with their premium level of service puts them far ahead especially for professional hair colours in Singapore!

Best Hair Colour for Professionals at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

2. AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Price: $95

If you just want a fresh coat of ash brown without bleach, AUBE Japanese Hair Salon is easily a frontrunner. The 1-to-1 service from Japanese stylists combined with its luxurious yume chairs at an everyday low price of $95 for all hair length (before first timer discounts) makes this an unbeatable proposition for most working professionals.

Office Friendly Hair Colour at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon
Office Friendly Hair Colour at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

They don’t just use any hair colour brand but established ones from Japan ie. Hoyu and Wella illumina so customers find that hair colours actually last pretty long here.

Customer Review of Hair Colour at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

If you want more complex colours, you may have to select the right stylists though and bring along a photo to reduce miscommunication.

Best Professional Hair Colour at Pro Trim

3. Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Price: From $180

Pro Trim may be best known for their perms but those in the know will tell you that there is a number of hidden colour talents within their midst. At Pro Trim Ngee Ann City, for example, Korean stylist Alex is very good at the chestnut browns that is so popular in Korean Dramas while Selyn and Qiu are always experimenting with new colouring techniques to bring you a new spin on the browns that gets your colleagues asking what you did for your hair over the weekend.

Brown Hair Colour at Pro Trim
Metallic Pink (Selyn)
Customer Review of Hair Colour at Pro Trim

4. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd

Price: $130

Flamingo Hair Studio may be best known for their straightening and makeover haircuts but the arrival of Colour Specialist Ryo also made this a popular place for professional hair colours. Previously from the now-defunct CLEO Japanese Hair Salon, Ryo has made a name among Japanese stylists for his neat sectioning that enables stunning colour blends.

Before and After Blonde Highlights at Pro Trim

He is very good with bleaching hair colours evenly and has applied this skill in Flamingo by creating frappucino hair colours or gorgeous brown gradations that one can’t help but envy.

Work Friendly Brown Hair Colour at Flamingo Hair Studio
Work Friendly Brown Hair Colour at Flamingo Hair Studio

Under Ryo’s influence, Ayumi and Aki have also upped their skill in hair colours, a reason why they’ve been increasingly popular for professional hair colours in the area.

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Flamingo Hair Studio
Customer Review of Hair Colour at Flamingo Hair Studio

Add their awesomely attentive service and the bright open environment within Flamingo and you’ve got a hair oasis you know you can turn to freshen you up at the end of the work day. 

Best Hair Colour for Professionals at Branche Hair Salon

5. Branche Japanese Hair Salon @ Capitol Piazza

Price: From $150

Branche may be the most expensive salon of the lot but the price is more than matched by its bespoke service, state-of-the-art autoreclining chairs and stylist skill. After all, this is not just the place working professionals come to have a taste of Japan.

It is not uncommon to find celebrities and even wealthy socialites come by Branche to have their hair coloured as they sip on the complimentary champagne, hand-roasted artisan coffee or matcha latte, along with snacks from Japan.

Sombre Brown by Branche Hair Salon @ Capitol Piazza

While their haircuts may seem out of reach, their hair colours starting from $150 make the price comparable to most salons in Singapore and are hence highly recommended for their quality of service at that price.

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Branche Hair Salon
Customer Review of Hair Colour at Branche Hair Salon

Those looking for something more than just the basic colour should explore the balayage colours done by Kai and Ichi which we believe adds a hint of tasteful sophistication without being overly loud.

Best Hair Colour for Professionals at zinc

6. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk / Orchard Central

Price: From $150

What you need after a romantic setting perm to complete the k-drama look is a coat of ash brown colour to soften your facial features. Here’s where the younger stylists of Zinc Korean Hair Salon excels.

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Zinc Korean Hair Salon
Customer Review of Hair Colour at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

While all of them are really good with perms due to training back in Korea, the younger stylists at Zinc enjoy experimenting and re-creating the looks spotted on Korean stars, which is why they are very good with peach hair colours as well as the incredibly chic ash brown spotted on the hair of every Korean actress!

Best Hair Colour for Professionals at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

7. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd / Katong

Price: $120

At $120 for all hair length, prices for hair colour here is among the most competitive in Singapore. What we like about the colour here is that they don’t just use the typical hair brands ie. Hoyu or Wella. They add argan oil into the mix so that the hair is more shiny, glossy and moisturized at the end of the colour service. It’s almost like having a mini-treatment within the colour itself!

Brown Highlight at COVO

That, however, still can’t compete with the Eclesta hair treatment, which is frequently paired with their argan oil hair colour for uber smooth hair afterwards.

Office Friendly Brown Hair Colour by COVO

If you’re not sure what colour to choose, feel free to ask your Japanese stylist in charge. Most of them have been in Singapore for a number of years and speak a level of English that is quite understandable. They also have a receptionist-translator around most of the time so miscommunication is reduced.

Customer Review of Hair Colour at COVO

8. The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City

Price: $100 to $150

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics may be best known for their signature Paimore GRATS perm that can curl even hair bleached more than 3 times but we hear that their hair colours are not to be sneezed at. The salon is after all anchored by Japanese stylist Hidero, who is previously the educator for Joico and Shiseido.

Hidero’s strong technical knowledge means that he is one of the few stylists who can recreate the exact tone of colour you want to achieve just by showing him the photo of what you’re looking for. That doesn’t mean that he always does creative colour though; his slightly more conservative nature and a strong focus on hair condition means that he often recommends hair colours thatdon’tt require too much bleaching and is hence, very wearable at work.

His prowess at haircut and colours therefore make him very popular among jet setting working professionals who love how his cut and colour is super manageable, even in differing climates!

Customer Review of Hair Colour by The Urban Aesthetics
Customer Review of Hair Colour by The Urban Aesthetics
Best Hair Colour for Professionals at Focus Hairdressing at Chinatown Point

9. Focus Hairdressing @ Chinatown Point / Cuppage Plaza

Price: $120

Located at the fringes of the CBD and Orchard areas, Focus Hairdressing is a humble salon that offers hair services at value-for-money prices. While their colours may not seem out of the ordinary, the colour is often bundled with a haircut that gets you significant cost savings.

Brown Hair Colour by Focus Hairdressing
Brown Hair Colour by Focus Hairdressing

They also offer more natural ammonia-free hair colours such as that from O’Way, that are healthier and less damaging for the scalp especially if you frequently go for root retouch!

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Focus Hairdressing
Customer Review of Hair Colour at Focus Hairdressing

The issue comes with knowing who to go to as the newer junior stylists may not be as experienced. To get the best bang for your buck, go for the salon managers, Marcus and Ken or their more senior stylists, Yahnie and Jane for a more consistent result.

Best Hair Colour For Professionals at art noise

10. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Price: $170

Aside from their high level of service and relaxing ambience over at Holland Village, Art Noise most known for is their translucent grey-brown hair colour. This was a trend previously popular back in Japan; Shuji and team eventually innovated and created a suitable formulation for Singapore hair types so that it can appear translucent grey-brown with just one round bleach. It was indeed a success and is still highly demanded in Art Noise today!

Ash Brown Highlights by Art Noise
Purple Brown Hair Colour by Art Noise

The arrival of Yuji, previously from top salon Peek-a-boo spurred another colour revolution within Art Noise as he once again brought to Singapore naked beige hair colours that look good and are still as wearable at work.

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Rubik Hair Salon
Customer Review of Hair Colour by Rubik Hair Salon

Art Noise’s continuous reinvention together with the stylists’ commitment to service has won the hearts of many customers who love doing their colours here!

Editor's Choice for Best Salons for Professional Hair Colour

These salons are either new or have very few stylists, which make it difficult for them to appear in the best hair salons by the number of reviews. Numerous sponsored visits and personal experiences, however, make these salons our top pick for professional hair colour.

Best Hair Colour for Professionals at Rubik Salon

1. Izumi Salon

Price: From $145

The price for Izumi may be higher than typical Japanese salons but to us is a steal given her incredible skill level, good service and exclusive attention to you throughout the service. Customers who go to her for colour know that she does balayage and highlights best, a skill she picked up from the very best while working in Tokyo and New York.

Although she uses bleach, Izumi is so fast with the application of bleach that the hair suffers minimal damage during the process, leaving it looking shiny and healthy afterwards. No tangles, no split ends, just beautifully layered balayage or highlights that gets you looking like you’re born with it.

Sunkissed Highlights (Izumi) from Izumi Salon
Office Friendly Brown Hair Colour by Izumi Salon

Natural, yet multi-dimensional!

She does EVERYTHING herself from hair wash to blowdry, with the slight assistance from her husband who helps to blowdry and prepare the aluminium foils at times. That may be a reason why her work looks so consistently stunning. Getting your hair done by an artist such as her, against the backdrop of Marina Bay Sands is certainly a luxury we’d recommend for those of you who actually care about the details of your every colour.

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Izumi
Customer Review of Hair Colour by Izumi

The only problem is that it is not so easy to make an appointment with her. She accepts only phone bookings during working hours and phone calls MAY be missed at times if they are on vacation or busy with customers’ hair. You’ll know that all is worth it, though, if you manage to make that appointment with her!

Best Hair Colour for Professionals at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

2. Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Price: $90

Threes Japanese Hair Salon burst into the hairdressing scene in Singapore earlier in 2018, with an everyday low price of $90 for all hair length by an illustrious team of Japanese stylists who make the proposition irresistible.

Salon Manager Ken has had extensive experience at top Japanese salon and has worked on top celebrities such as Ayumi Hamasaki while the other stylists in Threes all have overseas experience working in Australia. Although each stylist is strong in different hair services, we think that their colours are especially notable. Ken, especially can mix colours and techniques to achieve unique blends that makes an ordinary lady look extraordinary.

Before and After Highlights and Ombre at Threes Japanese Hair Salon
Before and After Highlights and Ombre at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

We’ve had Student H try him out and we can only give him three thumbs up for how he seamlessly blends different tones together for stunning highlights + ombre combination.  

Babylights at Threes Japanese Hair Salon
Babylights at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

If you enjoy pushing the limit of different brown hair colours with bleaching techniques, Ken’s your man!

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Threes Japanese Hair Salon
Customer Review of Hair Colour at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

We must remind you though, that bleaching incurs additional cost. As with most Japanese salons, $90 is only valid for single hair colour – something all Japanese stylists within the salon can do well.

3. Walking on Sunshine

Price: Starting from $80 (before discount)

This spanking new salon at Orchard Central should definitely be on your mind if you’re thinking of hair colours. Other than its extremely instagrammable interior, the founder of Walking on Sunshine has accumulated a group of talented stylists such as Preston, Catherine and Keon Ko, all of whom can design and deliver anything from no-bleach professional colours to bright vivid colours.

If you are more adventurous, you can try a design somewhere in between so that you get the colour pop while still being able to go to work like this:

Blonde Highlights by Walking on Sunshine
Green Brown Hair Colour by Walking on Sunshine

The best part is that prices are not expensive here if you apply the promotions given exclusively to Beauty Undercover readers!

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Walking on Sunshine
Best Hair Colour for Professionals at gene

4. Gene by Ginrich Hair Salon @ Wisma Atria

Price: from $140 

Gene by Ginrich is best known for their haircuts as well as hair & scalp treatments from AVEDA but the arrival of several stylists from a well-known colour salon in Singapore has gotten us excited over their colour capabilities.

Yang, for example, has gotten us head over heels with his balayage. He managed to apply balayage technique to different shades of brown to achieve the Tiger Eye gradation like the following.

Brown Balayage by Gene
Brown Highlights by Gene

Chio right? That’s not the only one!

Other than Yang, Tea, Relcy and K Edison are all technically very strong with colours. Although they can do vivid colours well, most of their customers are working professionals who can’t go too loud with their colours, which is why they’ve been innovating to bring out the best of hair colours suitable for work.

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Gene

With their great skill, warm service and classy interior, Gene by Ginrich is easily among our top choices for professional hair colours in Singapore!

5. Risel Japanese Hair Salon @ Tanjong Pagar Tras St

Price: $90

Need a perk-me-up for your hair? Risel is where you can get a simple, uncomplicated hair colour without breaking your bank since they too charge $90 for all hair length.

Highlights cost a little more especially if you need bleach but the price is still a steal given the stylist skill and proximity to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Matte Brown Hair Colour by Risel Japanese Hair Salon
Dark Ash Brown Metallic Hair Colour by Risel

While single colours can be done by almost any stylist, we hear that Harada is the man for more complex designs such as balayage and highlights for a smoother blend!

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Risel

They give you special haircut services with good quality hair colours and treatments at pocket-friendly prices. Stylists are from top salons in Japan, making this one of the most value-for-money Japanese salons in Singapore.

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Risel
Best Hair Colour for Professionals at Koinonia

6. Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

Price: from $100

This rustic new salon that recently opened up at Tiong Bahru isn’t just a pretty face. Top Korean stylist Shua gathered a group of like-minded and highly qualified stylists within Koinonia. While the team is definitely among the best in perm, there is a stylist who got us all hyped up over their professional colours and her name is Sarah.

Previously the No. 2 in Toni & Guy Korea, Sarah has cut and coloured the hair for the highest echelons of politicians and celebrities back in Korea. Sarah is the one politicians request to follow them on their official trips (she has even been to the White House) because she’s that good. Obviously, her speciality then is in professional hair colours as you are unlikely to find any Korean politician with bright vivid colours.

Office Friendly Brown Highlights by Koinonia Salon
Office Friendly Brown Highlights by Koinonia Salon

Still, dark doesn’t mean boring as she uses balayage and highlights to help contour their face and highlight facial features without being too obvious. Her techniques in this area are so strong, she has taught various workshops around the country in Ton&Guy academy for colour as well.

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Koinonia Salon

Other than Sarah, another reason we recommend Koinonia is because they are one of the few salons to bring in natural ammonia-free hair colours. Usually, such colours are not very lasting on white hair but as Agent G’s mom can attest to, this colour lasted really long on her hair and doesn’t even smell much in the process, making it a perfect choice to retouch your hair with.

7. Rubik Japanese Hair Salon

Price: from $160

You may not have heard of Rubik Japanese Hair Salon because they don’t shout out too much on social media. However, this is exactly the type of hidden gem we love to find. The Japanese stylists here are all very humble and unassuming but when they actually touch your hair, what can we say, there’s just magic!

Blonde Highlights by Rubik Hair Salon
Blonde Highlights by Rubik Hair Salon

They are best known for their Haircuts, Tokio Sinka Perm and awesome treatments but those who’ve tried their colour will know that their colours are worth coming back for. The stylists are very good at mixing colours in such a way that the brown appears especially ashy.

Don’t forget to add a treatment when you do a colour here because they often have heavily discounted bundle price… and also because the treatments here are really very solid. Whether it is BH4 or Fukugen (MUST TRY!), these are treatments you can actually see a visible difference over time!

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Rubik Hair Salon

8. Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela

Price: $130

With a major Japanese cosmetic brand backing the salon, Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela is best known for their inhouse hair treatments that use bird's nest to keep your hair looking smooth and healthy. Maybe because of that, the salon has attracted a number of working professionals as well as moms and ladies keen to maintain their hair health to the salon. Agent G especially LOVE their kids' room, which stocks quite a bit of toys and even Japanese cartoons to keep your child occupied during the hair service. The stylists here are also unfailingly attentive and would spare no pains to help you carry and take care of your child should the need arise.

Brown Hair Colour by Michaela Japanese Hair Salon
Brown Hair Colour by Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Honestly, the colours here don't particularly stand out as the customers who come here don't go for bright vibrant colours but subtle professional browns. Still, the stylists make sure that the tone of brown chosen will match your skin tone and make you look good. 

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

The quality of hair products used here are also higher, accounting for the higher price compared to other Japanese salons. Other salons tend to charge an additional supplement for Wella Illumina colours, so the price here is actually very competitive when you use that as a measure of comparison.

Regardless, the price of $130 is a steal for their level of service, hair colour and quality of products used. Just don't forget to add on their signature treatment and even head spa because the treatments here are really superior to the rest!

Best Hair Colour for Professionals at Shun Sakurai

9. Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty @ Chijmes

Price: $110 to $180

Top Japanese Stylist Shun from Kizuki+LIM has recently opened his new salon at CHIJMES! While better known for haircuts and perms, the Japanese stylists here are very popular for their contemporary hair colours as well. 

Dark Brown Hair Colour by Shun Sakurai
Dark Brown Hair Colour by Shun Sakurai

Shun is, after all, one of the few stylists chosen to showcase his colour prowess at an international art show in KL. Another thing we like about the salon is that they offer complimentary point makeup with your hair service, so you know what type of makeup will suit your new colour after the service.

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