Best Hair Salons for Rebonding in 2018 / 2019

Published on Dec 20, 2018

Sleek and straight will never go out of style. It's an effortless look that many flock to, especially if they are looking for a hairstyle that is easy to manage and keeps frizzy hair at bay. We compiled a list of the BEST hair salons that do a great job at straightening. Check them out below and let us know if you agree.

This article is split into two sections - top hair salons by reviews and by editor's choice.

Top Hair Salons by Reviews

1. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd

Price: $320

This salon has beautiful interiors, and they'll give you results just as beautiful! The stylists here are great across many hair services but specialize in helping ladies with curly hair manage their curls! That doesn't mean their go-to solution is rebonding - they do haircuts and keratin treatments too. But for ladies who want a more permanent solution, rebonding is a popular option here.

Before and After Hair Rebonding at Flamingo Hair Studio
Before and After Hair Rebonding at Flamingo Hair Studio

And its easy to see why. The stylists here are very detailed and they adjust the strength of rebonding cream on each section of your hair to minimize damage while making sure that the effect is long-lasting.

You're only getting strong chemicals on the stubborn parts, and gentler chemicals on the not-too-frizzy parts.

Customer Review of Hair Rebonding at Flamingo Hair Studio

They also make sure that multiple treatments are used throughout the entire process so your hair remains moisturized at the end of your appointment. The result? Straight hair that looks natural, voluminous and healthy. 

Best Rebonding Salon at Picasso Hair Studio

2. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis / Tanjong Pagar

Price: From $255

If your hair is more difficult to manage than usual, we highly recommend you to try Picasso Hair Studio. The stylists here are more like hair doctors than a hairstylist as they systematically help you find out what your hair type is and what options are available to help you manage any kinky hair issues.

Volume Rebonding at Picasso Hair Studio
Volume Rebonding at Picasso Hair Studio

Although not the cheapest, the stylists here have helped even the frizziest and challenging of hair types, 

Rebonding on Frizzy Hair at Picasso Hair Studio

and tamed it through rebonding and treatments. 

Rebonding on Frizzy Hair at Picasso Hair Studio

They even managed to help straighten and perm Agent J's near impossible thin and frizzy hair! Her hair now looks not so thin and yet is a lot more manageable afterwards. 

Customer Review of Hair Rebonding at Picasso Hair Studio

She's not the only one. Cassandra is a paying customer who experienced the same. 

Skill aside, the service afterwards is impeccable. They will personally text you to make sure that everything is okay and encourage you to come down if you need any advice on how to manage your hair - all that, free of charge. You will feel how much stylists care about their work, and about you! If you have a bigger budget and are looking for something extra special, go for Master Stylist, Jesly because she is the best hairstylist for perms and rebonding, period. She can create a style that gives you just enough curls at the bottom for that extra volume.

Still. the entire team is trained well so you won't have to worry about picking the wrong stylist - there aren't any!

Best Rebonding Salon at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

3. AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link /  AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place / AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ 321 Clementi Mall

Price: $150 for Straight Perm

AUBE may have just entered Singapore last year but has made waves with their quality hair services at an affordable price - high-quality Japanese service. Since their arrival, they've been very popular for professional hair colours and haircuts, and now even rebonding! 

Rebonding on Short Hair at AUBE

As you can see the results of the rebonding is very natural and even has an airy feel to it due to the Japanese styled cut. 

Another thing that customers like about Aube is the quality of their stylists. All stylists here have a number of years of experience and strong training back in Japan and are, therefore, strong with their hair knowledge. This allows them to provide a professional opinion to give customers the best result at the lowest price, something only top stylists in Singapore are able to do. 

Customer Review of Rebonding at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

That's what happened for this customer as she frequently does rebonding. It is not necessary to rebond the areas that have previously been rebonded. Hence, the stylist recommended her to touch up her roots and do a treatment to bring back the shine in her hair instead for a more value-for-money solution.

Best Rebonding Salon at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

4. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk / Orchard Central

Price: From $240

Zinc may be best known for their perms but a number of ladies love to come here for volume rebonding as well. The Korean stylists that anchor Zinc (Nicky, Rany and Justin) have been in Singapore for so long that you can speak Singlish to them and they'd totally understand. Language aside, the length of time allows them to understand what we like and our lifestyles better, enabling them to customize based on our needs.

Hair Rebonding at Zinc Korean Hair Salon
Hair Rebonding at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

And this means easily manageable hair with that bit of natural volume!

It isn't just these 3 stylists who are good. A number of new Korean stylists have joined the team and they bring their knowledge of the latest Korean trends together with them. We find Chan and Chris especially outstanding as they are able to consult in detail, explain what they are doing throughout the process and deliver exceptionally well to customers at the end. 

Customer Review of Hair Rebonding at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

5. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Price: Volume Rebonding from $240

LeeKaJa may be well known for perms but those in the know also love coming here for their signature volume rebonding. Due to the special way the Korean stylists straighten hair during the rebonding process, the rebonding done here is more voluminous than most. 

Volume Rebonding before and After

Your stylist may also suggest for you to add a C curl at the end for that sleek Song Hye Kyo look that is still going on strong.

Hair Rebonding at Leekaja

If you need stylist recommendations, we hear that Korean stylists Ted, Zia and Jenny are excellent for their volume rebonding although we're just as in love with volume rebonding by local stylists Michelle, Caely and Jerry!

With the stellar service and great ambience, do expect slightly higher prices.

We think it's worth it but if it's steep for you, you can reimburse yourself with the free-flow beverage bar which includes complimentary champagne :)

Best Rebonding Salon at Pro Trim

6. Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya / Jurong East JEM 

Price: $250-$350

Pro Trim has a strong team of local stylists who are excellent in their perms and rebonding but their skills got elevated once more with the addition of top Korean stylists such as Joel in Pro Trim Ngee Ann City. Joel’s expert knowledge of hair condition and rebonding lotions means that he knows exactly what to do to naturally straighten your hair while giving you that natural wave that makes you look like you're born with it!

His volume rebonding doesn't just look good in photos, they actually last for 6 months or more... that is why he is so far the most popular Korean stylist we've met. Knowing that he can't serve EVERYONE, he has been sharing knowledge and training selected stylists within Pro Trim, so you may see an improvement in skill even among other stylists as well. 

Volume Rebonding (Joel)
Volume Rebonding at Pro Trim
Customer Review of Rebonding at Pro Trim

He's not the only power stylist in Pro Trim though. Other Korean stylists in Pro Trim Jurong including Joy and Yuna are all very good with perms and rebonding though we do have a soft spot for Lily Seo due to her Cha-Hong like C curl rebonding perm.

Before and After C Curl Rebonding at Pro Trim

7. The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City

Price: From $219

Rina Kil isn't just amazing with perms, she's the one who first brought volume rebonding to Singapore and use a special ironing technique to create a more natural volume within rebonding. Definitely no flat, lifeless locks here!

After being the first, Rina doesn't rest on her laurels and instead have been improving on her techniques and finding out about the latest rebonding lotions to bring her rebonding to the next level. 

Paimore GRATS has so far been her next frontier. It is the latest rebonding lotion that can perm and rebond even bleached hair that is very dry and damaged.

Before and After Rebonding on Frizzy Hair at The Urban Aesthetics
Before and After Rebonding on Frizzy Hair at The Urban Aesthetics

As it can rebond hair without opening hair cuticles, hair remains smooth throughout the process, and am even softer than before. Rina utilizes various techniques together with Paimore GRATS to tame stubborn curls with minimal damage and still give ladies that natural volume.

Customer Review of Rebonding at The Urban Aesthetics

Rina isn't the only expert on rebonding here though. They have a strong team of local and international stylists from Japan and Taiwan who are very good with perms and rebonding. Service here is also among the most attentive.

8. Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza / Chinatown Point

Price: From $200

If you don't need all the frills, Focus hairdressing is a value-for-money place for good quality rebonding. Stylists here rebond and perm hair day in and day out for ladies with challenging hair types. Hence, they are very good at what they do!

Before and After Rebonding at Focus Hairdressing
Before and After Rebonding at Focus Hairdressing

Stylist selection is, however, important and we would encourage you to choose stylists who have been in the salon for a long time e.g. salon managers Marcus, Ken or stylists Jane, Sito and Yahnie because their skills are tried and tested. 

Best Rebonding Salon at Act Point Salon

9. Act Point @ Midpoint Orchard

Price: $150

This is one of the best value-for-money salons, with rebonding at $150 before GST! That includes rebonding, a haircut, plus an express treatment using Shiseido lotion.

Looking for a more premium rebonding lotion? No problem. They also carry Paimore GRATS for those looking to perm bleached and damaged hair – at a higher price of course.

Customer Review of Rebonding at Act Point Salon

You don’t have to choose the type of rebonding you want ahead of time as the team of experienced stylists here will be able to advise you after examining your hair texture.

You can trust their advice here because the stylists here are a lot more honest and experienced than most! They are also super warm and nice. If you're a regular there, you probably agree that this feels more like a family gathering than a formal salon appointment. The stylists here really think more about you than themselves, and they're more than willing to stand for hours in order to give you the hair of your dreams.

Customer Review of Rebonding at Act Point Salon

Ambience is also pretty good after the renovation in the last year so you have a space to put your bag, a table for you to pull out your laptop and work. 

And at the end of it, you are left with sleek, straight hair.

Or if you wish, some curls at the end for a rebonding perm.

We sent Agent S down for a rebonding perm ahead of Hari Raya and she's still loving the curls today.

Before and After Rebonding at Act Point Salon
Before and After Rebonding at Act Point Salon
Best Rebonding at Ann's Studio

10. Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

Price: $258 onwards

While the bright colours and energetic atmosphere set Ann's Studio apart from other salons, the main attraction here is its stylist, Annie. Annie is a talented hairstylist who is really popular as having natural curls of her own has encouraged her to acquire a wide range of skills to help customers like herself tame their curly hair.

Rebonding for Natural Curly Hair by Ann's Studio

But even if you prefer to ditch your curls for straight and sleek hair, Annie is your girl!

She has perfected techniques for curly-haired customers looking for something slightly different from the stick straight look with either a rebonding or a Keratin treatment. Discuss with her in depth so that she can best advise you on what suits your best.

Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

11. Color Bar by Full House Salon

Price: From $168

Full House Salon may be best known for their colours but their location in the Tampines neighbourhood means that they have the opportunity to help customers deal with all types of hair problems; rebonding happens to be one of the more popular solutions chosen!

Before and After Rebonding at Full House Salon
Before and After Rebonding at Full House Salon

Having undergone training in as far as London, the stylists here have a stronger grounding than most and are therefore able to give very good professional opinion that incorporates haircut, rebonding and colour to give customers the best result.

Customer Review of Rebonding at Full House Salon
Customer Review of Rebonding at Full House Salon

The stylists here also tell you what's happening at every step so you know what you are getting. A salon you know you can trust!

By Editor's Choice

1. Rubik Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd

Price: From $350

Rubik may be most famous for their Japanese-style haircuts but the second thing they are most known for is their low-damage Tokio Sinka Rebonding. One of the first to bring it to Singapore, they’ve done so many Tokio Sinka Rebonding that they are able to achieve hair that keeps the hair soft, straight and hydrated!

Customer Review of Rebonding at Rubik Salon

There is a natural shine and soft moisturized look that few other salons are able to achieve due to their strong understanding on how to utilize the rebonding lotion.

Have short hair?

Not an issue at all; they know how to cut and rebond in such a way that looks absolutely soft and natural at the end.

Before and After Rebonding on Short Hair by Rubik Salon

Maybe because they have done Tokio Rebonding for many customers with different hair types, the stylists here know exactly what to do to make it look natural yet last long!

Overall a must try if you rebond your hair regularly!

Best Rebonding at Shun Sakurai

2. Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty @ Chijmes

Price: $300

Shun Sakurai is another Japanese salon where the stylists use Tokio Sinka and Paimore GRATS to rebond even hair that has been bleached multiple times.

The salon is newly opened so there aren't that many new reviews yet. However, we've already heard raves from people who love their soft rebonding and haircuts!

Service here is also very good and even includes complimentary point makeup before you leave the salon. The stylists here are also very attentive to tell you what's going on at every step of the way!

Customer Review of Rebonding at Shun Sakurai
Best Rebonding at Koinonia Salon

3. Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

Price: From $250

Anchored by top Korean stylist Shua, you will not just find good quality products and stunning interiors, but also great techniques for volume rebonding. Shua has taught her team the way of giving customers straight, shiny, and soft hair that makes you look like you’re born with it.

Before and After Volume Rebonding at Koinonia Salon
Before and After Volume Rebonding at Koinonia Salon

The salon also boasts various international stylists from Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, all of whom have been in Singapore a number of years and so understand our local preferences well. Even so, all the stylists are warm and friendly stylists you’ll find easy to connect with.

Customer Review of Rebonding at Koinonia Salon

Be prepared to receive personalized service with your seat prepared even before you arrive!

Best Rebonding at Art Noise

4. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Price: From $260. 

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon is one of our favourite Japanese hair salons of all time. Ambience is very relaxing with comfy chairs, ample personal space and a view of the laidback Holland Village below.

Most importantly the stylists here are of a higher standard than the usual Japanese salon. They come from top salons back in Tokyo with most of them working in Singapore for quite some time. This means that they are not only highly skilled, they understand our lifestyle, preferences and language as well, making miscommunication less of an issue. The presence of a translator further reduces that.

Hair Rebonding by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon
Hair Rebonding by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

One of their most requested service is Aqua Rebonding. Unlike usual rebonding services, Aqua rebonding is more moisturizing for the hair and gives a very sleek straight appearance without compromising on the softness and smoothness of your hair.

Customer Review of Hair Rebonding at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Overall, a salon that delivers great rebonding outcomes along with high level of service that makes you feel like a valued customer!

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