Best Hair Salons for Rebonding in 2017

Published on Dec 15, 2017

As new salons pop up every year, our top choices for hair services and hair salons change to bring you an updated list of the very best! Without further ado, here are our top picks for this years' best hair Salons for rebonding. Let's get started and comment below if your favourite salon made the list or not!

Reviews may be the most objective way of evaluating a salon as the number of positive reviews also depend on the number of stylists and prices in the salon. A salon with 1 stylist, for example, is unlikely to have more reviews as compared to a salon with 10 stylists, even if the stylist is very skilful. Hence, this year, we separated the list for best hair salons for rebonding based on reviews and Editor's choice.

Best Hair Salons by Reviews

1. Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Best Rebonding at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Pro Trim may not be the first hair salon you think of when looking for best Korean hair salons in Singapore, but with its big team of illustrious Korean stylists, Pro Trim @ JEM is definitely a salon you cannot afford to ignore! Many of the Korean stylists are experienced stylists who have previously worked in the prestigious salons in Seoul with some counting Korean singers and artistes as their customers!

Best Rebonding at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Stylist Lee Han and Elva are particularly good with MUCOTA C Curl Rebonding and Volume Rebonding, which are highly recommended for working ladies who want fashionable yet easy-to-manage hairstyles. Their meticulous attention to detail allows them to create a bouncy C curl at the ends while keeping the rest of the hair straight but not flat. In fact, MUCOTA C Curl Rebonding is one of the most popular here!

Price:  From $180

2. LeeKaJa Korean Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Frequented by top Korean celebrities, LeeKaJa is one of Korea's most well-known salon chains. Its flagship outlet in Singapore has impressed with  a relaxing cafe ambience, amazing service and even free flow wine for customers of the salon. 

As much as the services here are well loved, the hairstylists remain its biggest attraction. If you are heading down to LeeKaJa, do look out for Nik, Lois or Ted. These three stylists are good at volume rebonding, perfect for those who do not like the usual straight rebonded hair.

Best Rebonding at Leekaja Hair and Beauty Salon
Best Rebonding at Leekaja Hair and Beauty Salon
Best Rebonding at Leekaja Hair and Beauty Salon

We note that LeeKaJa is also a top salon for rebonding because they offer different lotions for different hair types. A lower-priced Shiseido rebonding for those with coarse hair and a more premium rebonding lotion Tokio de Sinka Rebonding that works for bleached hair.

Usually, bleached hair cannot be permed. Unlike typical rebonding chemicals which use high heat and alkaline straighteners that can cause a lot of damage, Tokio de Sinka includes several innovative ingredients to minimize the use of heat. More importantly, it uses a slightly acidic straightener instead of the usual alkaline straighteners, which causes minimal damage to the hair. 

Best Rebonding at Leekaja Hair and Beauty Salon

Yet another straightening alternative is the CInderella Treatment. The equivalent to botox for hair, Cinderella Treatment contains aloe vera, collagen, vitamins and other organic ingredients to help moisturize and nourish your hair. The end result is soft, smooth and straight locks without using chemical treatments such as rebonding.

Best Rebonding at Leekaja Hair and Beauty Salon

Price: From $180

3. Rubik Hair Salon

Before and After Rebonding at Rubik Salon
Before and After Rebonding at Rubik Salon

Conceptualized as a hair sanctuary for busy working professionals, Rubik is helmed by one of Singapore’s most well-loved Japanese stylists Teru, who also happens to be especially good with Tokio de Sinka Rebonding. 

Before and After Rebonding at Rubik Salon

Combined with his skill in haircuts, it is no wonder why he is among the top choices for natural, low-damage rebonding by Beauty Undercover agents!

Before and After Rebonding at Rubik Salon
Before and After Rebonding at Rubik Salon

Rubik Hair Salon is sure to impress you with their cosy, romantic Alice-in-Wonderland decor from the moment you step in, and with their amazing 1-to-1 Japanese service, as well as meticulous and skilled stylists.

Price: From $300

4. Focus Hairdressing @ Chinatown Point / Cuppage Plaza

Before and After Rebonding at Focus Hairdressing

What Focus Hairdressing lacks in ambience, they make up with being a trusty, down-to-earth salon that many Beauty Undercover agents go back to again and again for Dyna Rebonding and MUCOTA Omega Rebonding. Many salons out there use inferior products but here, Focus Hairdressing use only genuine products on customers' hair. 

Before and After Rebonding at Focus Hairdressing
Before and After Rebonding at Focus Hairdressing

Focus Hairdressing is also the salon that Chief Agent G went to at the beginning for rebonding and a salon she personally recommends to many of her friends for value-for-money rebonding with good results. Do request for experienced stylist Marcus, Ken, Jane, Yahnie or Sito for best results!

Price: $170-$288

5. Flamingo Hair Studio

before and after rebonding for frizzy hair at flamingo

The stylists at Flamingo Hair Studio are thorough and painstakingly careful with rebonding. Ayumi especially, who previously worked at a top hair salon chain in Japan that specialized in rebonding challenging hair textures, is very good in making sure that every single strand is properly rebonded.

Before and After Rebonding at Flamingo
Before and After Volume Rebonding at Flamingo

Besides their attention to detail, the service here is also exclusive and feels very personalized. Schedules are properly planned such that enough time is given to every customer so there is no rush and overlapping of appointments.

before and after volume rebonding at flamingo

This is also one of the few places with the expertise to rebond hair for fine hair such as for Caucasian customers. We also note the fact that the Japanese stylists here can speak English really well (despite having a Translator / Receptionist on board). Hence, service here tends to be among the best with miscommunication minimized!

Price: $320

6. StyleNA @ Compass One / Parkway Parade

Before and After Volume Rebonding at Style NA

Style NA houses a big team of Korean stylists, many of whom have impressive credentials. Even the local stylists here have picked up a lot of skills here from Korean stylists after observing and learning the techniques from them. 

With a team of solid hairstylists familiar with both Korean and local styles, Style NA is a place we would recommend for those trying out Korean styles for the first time.

Before and After Volume Rebonding at Style NA
Before and After Volume Rebonding at Style NA

You'll be glad to know that the lotions used here for rebonding are mild and can make your hair go from wavy to sleek in no time, with low damage. The Korean stylists are especially well versed in the natural-looking volume rebonding, so if you are looking for a quality neighbourhood salon, Style NA is one you should consider.

Price: $238 - $250

7. Color Bar by Full House Salon

Before and After Rebonding at Full House Salon

Color Bar by Full House Salon may look like a normal neighbourhood hair salon from the outside, but once you enter, you'll find some of the most knowledgeable, talented and sincere hairstylists we've met!

Before and After Rebonding at Full House Salon

While they are best known for hair colours, there are a lot of customers who come to Color Bar to salvage their frizzy hair. They therefore stock a range of rebonding lotions including Tokio de Sinka Rebonding for bleached hair and Davines Rebonding which will help to leave hair very shiny afterwards!

Before and After Volume Rebonding at Full House Salon

The type of rebonding however depends  on your hair condition so do drop by to ask your stylist to get their most accurate quote!

Price: $300 - $450

8. COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Before and After Rebonding at COVO

Dissatisfied with the quality of perm lotion, rebonding lotion and treatment, Founder Mizoguchi researched deeply into various hair chemicals and worked closely with haircare companies to produce COVO’s own original blend. Although the cost of production is high, he insists on using the best ingredients he can find to ensure that his customers can get the best perm, rebonding and treatment results.

Before and After Rebonding at COVO
Before and After Rebonding at COVO

The rebonding service includes quite a lot of treatments within the service, allowing the end result to be somewhat voluminous. The stylists are also sure to be careful and ensure all the kinks are ironed out.

Before and After Rebonding at COVO

Other than their unique blend, they do stock premium brands such as Tokio de Sinka as well, which they can use in combination with your damaged hair to create the best results. 

Before and After Rebonding at COVO

Price: From $300

9. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

One of Singapore's most well-loved Japanese Hair Salons, Art Noise impressed with its great service and relaxing ambience when it first arrived in Holland Village a few years ago. 

Best Rebonding at art noise

It has not let the expectations of customers down, always bringing new techniques from Japan to help ladies in Singapore better manage their hair. 

Best Rebonding Treatment at Art Noise

This includes their Aqua Rebonding, which is a special procedure they use to straighten hair with minimal damage. 

Best Rebonding Treatment at Art Noise

The procedure leads to hair that is straight without being overly flat. 

Best Rebonding Treatment at Art Noise
Best Rebonding Treatment at Art Noise

We do however note that it may be a little pricier than usual but is well worth it given the happy results that many customers get here at Art Noise. 

Price: From $260

Top 5 Hair Salons Based on Editor's Choice

Now that you've read the top 10 hair salons based on reviews, here are the top 5 hair salons that our Chief Editor Agent G personally recommends for rebonding (although they did not get many reviews!). These are the salons that left a strong impression on Agent G due to the stylists' excellent skill and service. Read on if you trust in Agent G's professional opinion ...

1. Picasso Hair Studio

Best Volume Rebonding at Picasso

Picasso Hair Studio is undoubtedly one of the most innovative hair salons in Singapore. Not just limited to colouring, the stylists here have created many different rebonding and perming styles depending on what you need to achieve the best results. By varying the haircutting style and rebonding style, they are able to give your hair that additional volume depending on face shape and hair condition. 

Best Volume Rebonding at Picasso

Owner Jesly is a highly experienced stylist who ensures that all hairstyles done in Picasso are created to the highest of standards, making them a salon very, very strong in perming and rebonding difficult to manage hair.

Best Volume Rebonding at Picasso
Best Volume Rebonding at Picasso

With great service and unique hair designs that customers love, it is not surprising why Picasso has garnered so many customers. We event sent countless of our personal friends down to Picasso and all of them gave us only positive feedback about how Picasso transformed their hair!

Price: $239 - $329

2. Hair Illustrated

Setting Perm at The Urban Aesthetics

Anchored by top stylist Rina, Hair Illustrated is the latest Korean hair salon you should know about. Why? Amazingly talented, Rina is the FIRST Korean hairstylist to invent volume rebonding with her colleagues and to bring the skill to Singapore 10 years ago. Since then, she has always been innovating new techniques.

Hair Illustrated stocks some of the best rebonding lotions including Paimore GRATS, Tokio de Sinka, and Shiseido, and is able to mix and use them effectively to achieve best results for each section of the hair. Stylists here are also very experienced with all hair types, even with stubborn curls. 

Price: From $199

3. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk / Orchard Central 

One of our Agent G's favourite hair salons for perm, Zinc Korean Hair Salon is also a great choice for ladies looking for straightening solutions with a bit of volume.Thanks to their superior skill, use of top of the line machines and exclusive lotions, they are able to produce celebrity-worthy rebonding results like what you would expect in K-dramas.

Many of the stylists have extensive experience in the industry and even in handling celebrities’ hair. Hence, it's no wonder why Zinc is definitely one of Singapore’s most well-loved and value-for-money Korean hairstylists that Beauty Undercover trusts!

Price: From $350

4. Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Act Point Salon sets the industry standard for being one of the most transparent and trustworthy hair salons in Singapore. Don’t be surprised if a hairstylist at Act Point refuses to do a specific hair service you asked for. If the hair service is deemed to be too damaging for your hair condition or if the stylists are not confident of doing a great job, your request might be politely declined.

Rebonding at Act Point Salon

One of the cheapest salons we've seen with a strong team of stylists, Act Point Salon is a hot favourite among our readers for their demand for their C Curl Rebonding! 

Price: From $150 

5. Risel Japanese Hair Salon

Risel has been really popular these days due to their $90 hair colour for all hair length... 

Rebonding at Risel Japanese Hair Salon

But we hear that results from their rebonding has been pretty positive as well!

Here at Risel, they don't call it rebonding but Straight Perm. 

Rebonding at Risel Japanese

The hair looks effortless straight after the straight perm procedure and still looks very natural afterwards. 

Given their one-to-one service and great haircuts, we think that the price for straight perm is pretty reasonable here!

Price: From $250

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