Best Hair Salons for Creative Hair Colours in 2018

Published on Nov 17, 2018

Hair empowers you and changes the way you look at people.

You can cut your hair, perm or straighten it but nothing attracts people’s attention more than an eye-grabbing vivid colour that will make you the talk of the town.

If you’re keen to get a dramatic colour makeover to give you energy and power through the holiday season, here are a list of salons that will most likely exceed your expectations.

Note that we’ve segregated the salons into two sections:

The first: Best Hair Salons for Vivid Colours by No. of Positive Reviews

The second: Best Hair Salons for Vivid Colours by Editor’s Choice, as chosen by us!

Read on to see if you agree with us.

Best Hair Salons by No. of Positive Reviews

Best Creative Hair Colour at Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

1. Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Price: Prepare to spend above $300 for a hair colour that requires 1-2 times of bleach. 

Color Bar by Full House Salon may be a neighbourhood salon in Tampines but the stylists are so good with their colours that customers from Jurong, Yishun and Malaysia travel all the way to Tampines just to get their hair done here. We've also heard of cases of celebrities and bloggers (sponsored by other salons) who pay to get their hair done at Full House!

Purple Hair Colour by Full House Salon
Two Toned Pink Purple Ombre by Full House Salon

Take a look at their colours and you'll understand why.

The star of the shop is Samantha, whose skill and knowledge in colouring earned her the title of JOICO Ambassador for Singapore. JOICO is among the best colouring brands in the world as their colours contains more moisturizing elements. It is however more challenging to use. That is why Samantha and her team has an edge as all of them are now experts in JOICO colours. 

Sky Blue Violet Hair Colour by Full House Salon
Purple Pink Hair Colour by Full House Salon

While they do lots of colours well, their love affair with pinks and purple make their pinks and purples especially stunning. 

Other than colours though, those of us who stay in the area will know that this place offers decent haircuts at low prices as well. While you can probably find haircuts that are even cheaper elsewhere, you probably can't find those cut by stylists who've gone for training in Vidal Sassoon London and still offer haircuts as low as $25. Their skill is so good that this salon is frequented by Agent G's sisters who come here every month for their haircut. 

2. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

Price: $129 to $439 (depending on number of colours and bleach)

Despite its several outlets, the one located at Bedok is Beauty Undercover's favourite. Though located in the East, you'll find people from all over Singapore coming to 99 Percent @ Bedok for their awesome colours. Our inhouse writer Agent C.W. loves this salon so much, she has come here several times to colour her hair  and will not go anywhere else for her balayage. and will not go anywhere else for her balayage. 

Lavender Hair Colour by 99 Percent

The reason for her dedication? Danson’s awesome bleaching techniques. If the hair is bleached evenly and sufficiently, there will be a vibrance and clarity in the subsequent colour that looks damn good to the eye.

Silver Lavender Hair Colour by 99 Percent
Red Highlights by 99 Percent

As long as a gradation bleach is done well, ombres will also look ah-mazing. In other words, the bleaching determines to a huge extent how well the colour turns out.

Coffee Hair Colour by 99 Percent
Peach Pink Hair Colour by 99 Percent

Danson has therefore spent a lot of time researching and improving his bleaching techniques. His hard work has paid off for customers who find that his hair colours fade beautifully.

The issue with other stylists elsewhere may be that you get an instagrammable hair colour on the day of the salon visit but give it a few more days of fading and you see ugly patches that reveal their lack of skill. This doesn’t happen here at 99 Percent @ Bedok due to Danson’s superior skill.

It isn’t just him who is good at colours of course. He has trained all his staff to use the same techniques and closely supervises everyone, which is why the colours done at 99 Percent @ Bedok look consistently beautiful!

3. Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

Price: $200 to $400

The first Japanese hair salon to introduce affordable Japanese hair services to Singapore, AVENTA initially made its name by offering single hair colours priced at $95 for all hair length.

As time went on, however, its more adventurous and skilful stylists Chiho, Manami and Koichi started experimenting with vivid colours that culminated to their expertise and popularity with creative colours today.

Purple Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

Their vivid colours however differ in style from the usual Singapore salons. Even within the colours that require multiple bleaches, there is a classy quality to it that says that this is the work of a Japanese.

For those looking for good Japanese service, Japanese-style creative colours at below-average prices, AVENTA is definitely a good place to start.

Red Hair End Colour by Bump Hair Design
Purple Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

4. LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Price: $300-$500

With its expertise in perm, It isn’t immediately obvious why LeeKaJa is on this list until we spotted two names: Caely and Jerry. Both Caely and Jerry were previously very popular local stylists at Shunji Matsuo 313 Somerset before the outlet closed.

Now that they are in LeeKaJa, they are continuing to build on what they are strongest at: hair colours.

Silver Blue Hair Colour by Leekaja
Red Hair Colour by Leekaja

Prices are more expensive here but for hair colours as gorgeous as this together with complimentary champagne and ambience as relaxing as LeeKaJa, it is most definitely worth it. 

5. No. 8 Hair Studio @ Chinese Garden

Price: $158 to $350

Stay in the West? You don't have to travel far to get that instagrammable hair colour because of the colour experts we found in No. 8 Hair Studio at Chinese Garden! 

Blue Purple Highlights by No. 8 Hair Studio
Creative Blonde Yellow Orange Hair Colour by No. 8 Hair Studio

The stylists here came from a very established hair salon chain in Singapore and has accumulated a lot of fans in the West for their beautiful colours, cuts and perms. 

Customer Review of Hair Colour by No. 8 Hair Studio
Customer Review of Hair Colour by No. 8 Hair Studio

Chinese Garden? Yep! It may be located in a neighbourhood but you won't get the auntie vibes here. Affordably priced and within walking distance of Chinese Garden MRT for Westies, this salon does not scrimp on style, skill or service. It reminds us more of a Japanese salon due to its decor and and the fact that the stylists at No. 8 Hair Studio here also attend to you from start to finish as well with no help from assistants. 

In fact, we've heard MANY customers mention about how the stylists here REALLY listen to what you say. When you say you want a 1 inch trim, they give you a 1 inch trim instead of cutting more than what you are looking for. They don't just 100% listen blindly though. They share their professional opinions on what looks best on you and then let you decide on the final style. We would advise you to seriously consider their advice, especially Jimmy, as he's really good at face-contouring haircuts!

Best Creative Hair Colour at mane made

6. Mane Made @ Midtown Hougang

Price: $55 to $138

Mane Made may not be the cheapest hair salon in Hougang but founder Zen’s awesome colours and cut are definitely making waves in the neighbourhood.  

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Mane Made

His years of mentorship under top stylists, training in Vidal Sassoon and sense of aesthetics shows in the sectioning and choices of colour that makes its wearer look exceptionally chic.

Pink Grey Hair Highlights by Mane Made
Green Purple Highlights by Mane Made

Maybe because he does everything from start to finish, with minimal assistance from his wife, almost every colour turns out to be a masterpiece as he dedicates exclusive attention on his customers.

You won’t feel bored during the 3 hours you spend there though; Zen is pretty humorous with his lame jokes so you can expect yourself to be entertained for the time that you’re there.

Customer Review of Hair Colour by Mane Made

Just remember to make an appointment before you head down to avoid waiting longer than you need to.  


Best Creative Colour by Bump Hair Design

7. Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

Price: $170 to $400 depending on colour design

Aside from AVENTA, another Japanese salon that made it to the list of top 10 hair salons for creative colour is Bump. The colour revolution within Bump is led by Sone, one of the first few Japanese stylists in Singapore to experiment with colours that require bleaching. He has since built a strong following of customers who love his translucent colours, and that includes TheSmartLocal who recently featured him in their hired or fired episode!

Stylish Ocean Blue Ombre by Bump Hair Design
Lilac Purple Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

He doesn’t just do creative colours for the sake of creativity though. As he was previously trained in a philosophy called Size Balance Control, he suggests colours that will best complement your face shape and body size to enhance your overall look and has since schooled all stylists within the new outlet Bump @ Rochester in the philosophy.

While the good-looking Sone is most popular for creative colours, Japanese stylists like Mayu, Misaki, Emiko and Daisuke within the two Bump outlets have also accumulated quite a bit of experience bleaching and colouring customers hair. Check out their portfolio to find out which stylist's style best suits your taste!

Best Creative Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

8. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis / Tanjong Pagar

Price: Above $389 for 3C Hair Art Colour + Haircut + Post Treatment + 1 round of bleaching + 1 round of Smart Bonds treatment

Picasso Hair Studio may be best known for their styling perms and rebonding perms but the addition of Albee, Tiffany and Eugenie from top colour salons in Singapore makes them a worthy salon to think about for creative colours as well.

Silver Lavender Hair Colour by Picasso
Unicorn Rainbow Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

What we love about Picasso is that they are always pushing the envelope and trying out new techniques that they can share with customers. We've seen them experiment with hair painting, balayage, hand-pressed colour and more recently, colour imprints like the one below.

Colour Print Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

How cool is that?

Picasso is also among the first few salons in SIngapore to use the world-famous Guy Tang #mydentity colours. Their colour even got reposted on the @guytang_mydentity IG account!

Instagram @guytang_mydentity

Prices here are also reasonable, given the amount of service they provide. The maximum price is capped at $389 for colours with 1 bleach and $489 for colours with multiple bleaches and they even include a complimentary haircut and treatment within the package. 

Up and Coming Salons by Editor's Choice

1Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central 

Price: From $280

Founded by the same team who created LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon, Walking on Sunshine is not just a pretty face, but a salon where you can expect a fabulous hair experience. The founder of Walking on Sunshine has after all personally handpicked a star-studded team of stylists which include Catherine, Preston and Luna, who are all very popular stylists in Singapore.

The colour experts include Preston who stand out for the instagrammability of their hair works!

Green Ombre by Walking on Sunshine
Purple Peach Hair Colour by Walking on Sunshine

As the salon just opened, there are a number of promotions running, which makes this place especially value-for-money. 

Check them out if you haven't done so!

2. Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

With a team of star-studded stylists best known for hair colours, Be Salon is a salon that must be on your consideration list. 

From Sham, Chester, William to Darren, all the stylists here have made a name for stunning colours that aren't just eye-catching: most of them are suitable for work as well!

Heather Mauve (Sham)
Ash Purple Hair Colour by Be Salon

Most importantly, prices here are not too expensive as the stylists here do their best to keep their prices reasonable!

Best Creative Hair Colour at Be U Hair Design

3. Be U Hair Design @ Centrepoint

Wondering where Colour Goddess Sherlin Yap went? We found her at a new salon Be U Hair Design at Centrepoint!

Galaxy Hair Colour by Be U Hair Design
Blue Ombre by Be Salon

Together with her trusted technician Sukie, Sherlin has created tons of instagrammable hair colour that gets people around you going woos and ahhs with her awesome colour choices and designs. Definitely someone you can trust to create that memorable YOLO hair colour that gets you lots of double taps on IG. 

Keen to try them? Share your experience on!

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