Best Hair Salons for Hair Treatments in Singapore

Published on Dec 05, 2018

In the pursuit of instaworthy hair, most of us are guilty of damaging our hair with a chemical service too often than we choose to admit. This is where hair treatments are our saving grace to keep our tresses healthy and shiny. Whether you are looking for a treatment to combat the damage done or just have hair that is naturally dry and in dire need of a treatment, consider checking out these top 10 hair salons that Beauty Undercover Agents love to go for hair treatments!

FYI, we separated the list into two - the first by the number of reviews and the second by Editor's pick. Read on to find out more ...

1. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Price: Express treatment from $45, Olaplex from $90, Others from $240

Ambience, service and range of effective treatments are three of the most important things that we look for when going for hair treatments and LeeKaJa certainly has it all. We love the comfortable cosy ambience enhanced by the natural elements, the free-flow alcohol, and the wide range of treatments from different brands such as Shiseido, Milbon, the popular Tokio Inkarami, and even the proprietary Cinderella Treatment from Korea that leaves your hair looking shiny and glamorous.

Cinderella Hair Treatment at Leekaja

The stylists here are also very strong with consultation, so they are able to recommend the best treatment for your needs.

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at Leekaja

You can choose to do the treatment alone or combine it with one of their signature perms for best results.

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at Leekaja

Prices are higher here than other salons but the service, quality of treatments, and ambience make the price more than worth it. A hair treatment experience to be savoured

2. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Price: From $135

Whenever someone has their hair botched, the first salon that comes to mind to rescue their hair is Chez Vous Hair Salon. On top of having an extremely experienced all-Director team, Chez Vous Hair Salon is possibly the hair salon that brings in the WIDEST selection of hair treatments in Singapore that can salvage ALMOST any type of hair damage. This is all thanks to their very strong technical team that is always evaluating the newest hair treatments available in the world.

Best Hair Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

They even have a Fix it Expertligent programme where they fix hair botched by other salons for free; this pushes the stylists to always innovate and come up with better ways of treating damaged hair by mixing and matching different treatments to bring out its best effects. This enables Chez Vous to create unique hair treatments that are possibly the best in the market!

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Pricing is also not cheap here but at least you know that Chez Vous is the place that will definitely get you the results you're hoping for. We truly believe that if you can't get your hair fixed at Chez Vous, nowhere else can!

Best Hair Treatment at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

3. AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link /  AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Price: From $65

Sick of paying exorbitant amounts of money for treatments...especially when your hair isn't THAT damaged in the first place? You now have an affordable new option with service that is just as good. AUBE offers great quality Japanese hair treatments such as the very popular Tokio Inkarami, Shiseido, and MUCOTA hair treatments at prices that are among the lowest in the industry. 

Best Hair Treatment at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Although prices are cheap, they still use state-of-the-art equipment such a Nanomist (like the above) to ensure that the treatment penetrates better and even yume chair during the hair wash to make sure that you are absolutely comfortable. 

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

The combination of great service, great quality treatments at low prices makes AUBE an easy hair salon to go back to again and again!

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

The only drawback is that the stylists are Japanese and are, therefore, not as conversational as our local stylists, something you may want to keep in mind if you enjoy chatting with your hairstylists.

Best Hair Treatment at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

4. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk / Orchard Central

Price: From $150

Zinc is hands down one of our favourite perm salons of all time. The stylists are very skilful and always manages to give us the dream perm we're looking for. One of the major reasons that is so is because of the selection of treatments they carry. On top of the usual top-end treatments like Tokio Inkarami, Zinc also imports industry-leading treatments directly from Korea. They often add that to the perms to make sure that the hair is softer and smoother and therefore allow the perms to be bouncier for a longer period of time. 

You don't have to get a perm just to experience their treatments though. Many customers come here for just a treatment and cut or treatment and colour to keep their hair looking perfect. 

Korean Hair Treatment in Singapore at Zinc Korean Hair Salon
Korean Hair Treatment in Singapore at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

They don't have frequent promotions but the great skill, service and reasonable prices make it easy for us to come back regularly.

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at Zinc Korean Hair Salon
Best Hair Treatment at Bump Hair Design Rochester

5. Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

Price: From $60

AUBE isn't the only one offering hair treatments at affordable prices. AVENTA is one of the first Japanese hair salons to be established in Singapore and they too offer great quality hair treatments at low prices. 

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at Bump Hair Design Rochester

Stylists here give very good service and take the effort to introduce the treatments without pushing or hardselling, making the experience here very good. We would, however, encourage you to add on a hair colour because their hair colour is super affordable at $95 for all hair length (before any first-timer discounts). As the stylists in AVENTA has been in Singapore for a long time now, they understand our preferences and are able to create beautiful hair colours that we love.

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at Bump Hair Design Rochester

They also take the effort to style your hair afterwards, so you feel like a princess. The only problem is that they can get quite busy during peak periods so you may have to be prepared to wait even when you've made an appointment. So don't schedule many appointments after your hair appointment at AVENTA.

Best Hair Treatment at Branche Hair Salon

6. Branche Japanese Hair Salon @ Capitol Piazza

Price: Tokio Inkarami $400, Tokio Spa $450

You'll know that Branche is a high SES salon once you enter... even before you look at the price list. The premium decor. semi-private spaces and attentive stylist who greets you with high-quality Japanese tea when you first enter... this is a place with service so exclusive, it is well loved by tai-tais, celebrities and even regular folks like you and me looking to pamper ourselves on special occasions. 

Tokio 4M hair treatment at Branche Salon

A hair treatment here is like none other with top quality treatments, nanomist machine, auto-reclining yume chair and a head massage to die for. 

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at Branche Salon

Maybe because the stylist attends to you from start to finish with no help from assistants, the experience is particularly personal and exclusive, something we just can't get or feel anywhere else. Prices are high here but in exchange, you get a taste of Japan with bespoke service, authentic Japanese stylists with great skill, heavenly head massage, hand-roasted artisan coffee, and quality hair treatments that deliver.

7. Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela @ Clarke Quay Riverside Point

Price: Shiny hair treatment $70, Platinum head spa $140, Tokio Inkarami $180, Michaela original head spa + Tokio Inkarami $280

Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela is one of the few hair salons that is backed and founded by a major Japanese cosmetics brand. As the cosmetics brand, MT Cosmetics is very strong in anti-aging technologies, they have incorporated anti-aging ingredients into haircare products as well, making the in-house treatments at Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela one of the most unique. Such anti-aging ingredients include bird's nest and other keratins that repair your hair from within, leaving it smooth and healthy. 

Steam Nanomist Hair Wash During Treatment at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

They also feature amazing massage techniques, auto-reclining chair, carbonated water during the hair wash and nanomist in the process to make sure that the treatment is fully absorbed. Hence, the experience and the results are particularly good. 

Before and After Hair Treatment at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Other than their in-house treatments, they also do carry Tokio Inkarami and other reputable brands that you may be more familiar with. 

We also love that they have a small children's room where children can play toys and watch cartoons in. Perfect for occupying your child when you are getting your treatment fix!

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Add their amazing service to the mix and you've got a must-try Japanese hair salon for hair treatments!

8. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd

Price: From $80

If you're always battling with curly untamed hair, Flamingo is the salon for you. The stylists here specialize in a comprehensive solution to help ladies better manage their natural curls.

Before and After Hair Treatment at Flamingo Hair Studio

We love it that they don't always persuade ladies to straighten or rebond their hair (although these services are available). Instead, they are also very good at cutting and providing hair treatments so that the natural curls can regain their bounciness. 

Hair Treatment for Natural Curly Hair at Flamingo Hair Studio

Skill aside, this is one of the salons we really love for their attentive service as well as bright and spacious decor that makes it feel like an oasis in the middle of the CBD. 

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at Flamingo Hair Studio

All the stylists here are Japanese who have worked in Singapore for a number of years and therefore really understand our preferences, our climate and are fluent in English. Hence, we find the eventual advice and hair services really work well for us. Undoubtedly one of our favourite hair salons of all time!

Best Hair Treatment at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

9. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park / Katong

Price: From $55

COVO is one of the first few Japanese hair salons to establish themselves in Singapore, a reason why they have among the strongest team of Japanese hairstylists who are fluent in English. Prices for their haircut and colour are slightly higher than AVENTA or AUBE so we are positively surprised to find them offering hair treatments with prices as low as $55.

Hair Treatment at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

These are not typical hair treatments but ECLASTA hair treatment developed by well-known Japanese stylists that have proven to be effective in repairing hair damage. Other than ECLASTA though, they also offer Tokio Inkarami and other top quality hair treatments we are more familiar with. 

Hair Treatment at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Add the semi-private spaces, cool vibes and great service and you've got the perfect salon to relax and unwind in. 

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

If you're heading over to their Katong branch, we'd highly recommend you to try Rumi. Her shoulder and scalp massage is OUT OF THIS WORLD and definitely a welcome addition to the hair treatment.

10. The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City

Price: From $119

Founded by top Korean stylist Rina Kil and anchored by top Japanese stylist Hidero, The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics is best known for their signature Paimore GRATS Perm that can curl even hair bleached more than 3 times!

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at The Urban Aesthetics

But that's not all. The stylists here are not just good at perming bleached hair but use advanced hair treatments to bring damaged hair to life. This is all thanks to their management team that consistently makes the effort to bring the latest treatments from Japan, a reason why The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics is increasingly being sought after as the salon to fix your damaged hair!

Before and After Hair Treatment at The Urban Aesthetics

In fact, we hear that they've recently brought in a no-chemical hair treatment suitable for even pregnant women, that gives super results. We've seen photos but can't wait to try it for ourselves. With their superb stylists as well as beautiful, brightly lit and spacious salon decor, The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics should definitely be on your consideration list for salons to do your hair treatments at.

Editor's Picks

These hair salons may not have many reviews on hair treatments. However, our insider knowledge tells us that they have a good offering of hair treatments that make them worthy of your consideration.

1. Rubik Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd

Price: from $160

Rubik Japanese Hair Salon is more lowkey online because they aren't very active on social media. However, customers who've tried them before know that they are a hidden gem due to Teru's amazing haircutting skill... and their very advanced hair treatments. 

Another salon noted for bringing the latest advanced treatments from Japan is Rubik. As the stylists here have direct connections with haircare manufacturers in Japan, Rubik is always among the first to bring in the newest hair treatments trending in Japan... and most recently, they brought in the Fukugen Hair Treatment.

Before and After Fukugen Hair Treatment at Rubik Japanese Hair Salon

The effect is as what you see. Seemingly dead hair can be revived thanks to the no-chemical Fukugen treatment that is actually made up of mostly water. This makes it suitable for pregnant women and ladies who are more sensitive towards chemicals. The best part is that your hair actually gets smoother and smoother each time you do the treatment as the cortex fills up. 

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at Rubik Hair Salon

It isn't just Fukugen that is good. They also brought in BH4 that is excellent for repairing the cuticle of the hair to give it the smoothness and shine. While prices aren't the cheapest, the efficacy of the treatments clearly exceeds all others we've tried and is something we highly recommend for treatment connoisseurs!

Best Hair Treatment at Gene by Ginrich

2. Gene by Ginrich Hair Salon @ Wisma Atria

Price: $150 for AVEDA hair and scalp treatment

Gene may be best known for their haircuts but the first service that makes us fall in love with them is their AVEDA hair and scalp treatment.

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at Gene by Ginrich

At just $150, you get the full suite of service from scalp massage, shoulder massage and treatments for your head and scalp. Agent G tried it and can't resist coming back regularly to keep her scalp and hair looking healthy. 

Healthy Hair Scan After Treatment at Gene by Ginrich

They even upgraded it not too long ago to include a scalp and hair scan so you can see the results of the treatment on your hair immediately. 

Excellent value aside, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the people here because they are extremely warm and genuine. They don't sell you what you don't need and instead treat you like a decade-old friend you'll want to catch up with. With their great skill, warm service, classy interior and pocket-friendly prices, Gene by Ginrich is easily among our favourites!

Best Hair Treatment at Art Noise

3. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Price: Head spa $30-$50, 3-step Moisturizing Hair Treatment $80

Founded in Japan over a decade ago, Art Noise is one of the most popular Japanese hair salons in Ikebukuro and now in Singapore, and Melbourne as well. This is possible only because of its very capable founder who very selectively assembled a team of Japanese stylists with very strong technical skill and service. 

You can expect not only great haircuts and colour but also awesome treatments at reasonable prices. A 3-step moisturizing hair treatment, for example, starts at $80. 

Customer Review of Hair Treatment at Art Noise

Maybe because the stylists here have been in Singapore for a number of years, they have a good grasp of English and understand local needs very well. Add their humorous personality to the mix of relaxing ambience and great skill, and you've got a winning Japanese salon Beauty Undercover agents love to frequent!

Hair Treatment at Art Noise

Have you tried these salons before? Share your experience with us here!

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