Best Hair Salons for Haircuts in 2017

Published on Mar 29, 2018

Yes, its the time of the year again to share about what we think are the Best Hair Salons of 2017 for haircuts, colours, perms and so on!

Reviews may be the most objective way of evaluating a salon but it is not always the fairest way as the number of positive reviews also depend on the number of stylists and prices in the salon. A salon with 1 stylist, for example, is unlikely to be featured as compared to a salon with 10 stylists, even if she is very skilful. Hence, this year, we will be separating our awards into two: 

  1. Best Hair Salons according to Reviews
  2. Best Hair Salons according to Editor's Choice

Can you guess who they are?

Top 10 Hair Salons Based on Reviews

1. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Price: From $55 (Men), From $70 (Ladies)

Best Haircut Salon in Singapore Chez Vous Salon

With a whopping 114 reviews from January to September 2017 alone, Chez Vous Hair Salon is clearly the top choice for haircuts for Beauty Undercover readers. Given their distinguished stylists, many of whom are among the best in the industry, and exceptional customer service, we're not surprised! :) 

Before and After Professional Haircut at Chez Vous

We hear that the stylists here go through very rigorous training and are only allowed to cut customers' hair after lots of tests. That's why they are able to cut all sorts of hairstyles well, be it pixie haircuts, bobs or even the more fashion-forward ones like asymmetrical cuts!

Medium-Length Haircut at Chez Vous
Asymmetrical Bob at Chez Vous

Even if you get a bad haircut elsewhere, Chez Vous is possibly the best place to go to salvage your hair as the Directors here are able to make use of the hair techniques in their arsenal to save your hair. If you are not in a hurry, you can even apply for their Expertligent Fix You program where they might fix your damaged hair for FREE (not valid during peak periods e.g. December to February).

Service at Chez Vous is also among the best we've experienced with a receptionist attending to you the moment you enter. The staff here are also very attentive to your needs and make sure that you are comfortable at all times. This level of skill and service offered at a price of below $100 for haircuts is possibly why Chez Vous remains the preferred hair salon for haircuts by Beauty Undercover agents!

2. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Price: From $60

In just one year, LeeKaJa has already catapulted itself into the position of Beauty Undercover Agents' favourite Korean Salon. If you've been there, you'll understand why. The salon leaves an unforgettable first impression with warm lights, vintage chairs and a beverage bar that will make you feel like you're in a cafe. Within seconds of your arrival, there will be someone attending to you, offering you wine, smoothies or coffee while the salon manager comes over for a quick consultation. The salon manager is fluent in English so you will not have to worry about communication problems.

Short Haircut by Leekaja

Volume Cut by Ted

 Some of the hairstylists here (Ted and Preston!) are so good-looking, you may even mistake them Koreanrean celebrities! But looks aside, the team seems to get only stronger and stronger with each new stylist that joins the team. This includes Caely and Jerry, local hairstylists who used to anchor a top Japanese salon outlet in Singapore as well as Gunhee, international hairstylist who previously worked with Guy Tang on hair colours as well as Beck, who previously cut and coloured hair for top Korean celebrities including Jay Park, Loco and other Korean artists. 

Glamorous Long Haircut at Leekaja

Layered Cut by Hyun Jin

Starting at $60, prices are also reasonable for the quality of haircuts and service received here. Add the first timer Beauty Undercover exclusive promotion and you've got an irresistible Korean hair salon you must try!

3. Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Price: From $16

Best Salons for Haircut at Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Color Bar by Full House Salon may be best known for their beautiful and long-lasting hair colours but regulars to Full House Salon will know that this is also a great place to come for good and affordable haircuts. 

Short Bob Haircut at Full House Salon

With prices ranging from $16-$25 for haircuts without a wash, this is possibly one of the cheapest you can get for haircuts by stylists who have attended training at Vidal Sassoon London. 

Cheap Haircut at Full House Salon

Service and ambience may not be the best but you can be sure that the quality of haircuts here are well worth the value. They do a great job with male haircuts too!

Men's Haircut at Full House Salon
Kid's Haircut at Full House Salon

4. Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Price: From $43

Best Haircut Salons in Singapore at Pro Trim

One of JEM's most popular hair salons, Pro Trim Korean Salon has a strong team of Korean and local hairstylists. Here, you can find hairstylists who have founded their own salons before and even coloured the hair of Hillary Clinton! 

While the Korean hairstylists here are very popular, the local hairstylists are not lagging behind. Local stylists such as Elva, Lisa and Karen are very popular for their cuts and perms.

Affordable Haircut at Korean Salon in Singapore by Pro Trim

Prices are also not very high at $43 for a cut, wash and blow.

5. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Price: $80

Best Salon for Haircut in Singapore at Art Noise Japanese Salon

One of the most popular hair salons in Holland Village, Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon is known for their skilful hairstylists and great Japanese service. Here, you are welcomed very warmly the moment you enter. There is also a local translator who always helps with consultation. The place is always kept spick and span. They also use tissue paper to shield your face during a wash, give relaxing scalp massages, use carbonated water for hair wash and are extremely patient during hair consultations. 

Hair Detox Treatment at Art Noise

Art-Noise is also among the top Japanese hair salons who stand out for their service. They make sure they arrange the appointments so that each customer has sufficient 1-to-1 time, making the service here feel extremely personalized.

Volume Haircut at Art Noise

Still, we're here for their cuts and not just their service. We have heard many positive reviews about how they can give the much-needed volume to limp hair with just a haircut.

Short Bob at Art Noise

We're especially in love with their bobs, which gives the softer, natural feel, and their long layered cuts look just as good!

Long Haircut with Natural Curl and Bangs at Art Noise

Prices here are a little higher than usual at $80 for wash + cut + blow. However, their other services e.g. scalp spa at $50 is especially affordable and an essential add-on to their signature cut!

6. No. 8 Hair Studio @ Chinese Garden Jurong East Ave 1

Price: $48

Best Haircut Salons in Singapore at No. 8 Hair Studio

No. 8 Hair Studio may be a local hair salon but its ambience and service level closely resembles that of a Japanese salon. Although its a little hard to find, the location offers ultimate privacy. It is staffed by two talented local stylists Jimmy and Kent, both of whom are popular hairstylists in Jurong. With the cosy chairs, a variety of tea, and the latest equipment, the salon is designed by both Jimmy and Kent to look more like a cafe than a salon. 

Before and After Korean Style Haircut with See Through Bang at No. 8 Hair Studio

While they are really popular for hair colours, many customers come to them for a face-framing haircut that promises to make them look slimmer and bring out the best of their features!

Kid's Haircut at No. 8 Hair Studio

As you can see, they are not just popular among students, teachers and working professionals, you also have males and even children coming to them for daring cuts. With this level of service and skill, we find Jimmy and Kent a steal with haircuts + wash + blow at $48!

7. Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

Price: $65

Best Salon for Haircut in Singapore at Bump Hair Design

Next on our most well-reviewed hair salons for haircuts is AVENTA. Located close to City Hall MRT, AVENTA is one of Beauty Undercover's most loved Japanese hair salon. Prices here are reasonable (at $65 before any discounts) and the stylists are really good! 

Before and After Short Haircut at Bump Hair Design
Cute Short Bob at Bump Hair Design

Just take a look at these photos to know what we mean!

Professional Caucasian Bob at Bump Hair Design

Whether you want romantic, professional or edgy, the stylists are able to give haircuts that are on point.

Edgy Short Haircut at Bump Hair Design

Best of all, the price sets you back by only $65. They are, however, very popular so there are times you may have to wait even if you made an appointment, so do keep that in mind.

8. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd

Price: From $90

Best Salons for Haircut at Flamingo Hair Studio

Located at Tanjong Pagar, this salon is a calm hideaway from the bustling CBD crowd. Feel yourself relax as you walk in because it looks and feels just like a resort in the heart of town. 

Before and After Japanese Short Haircut at Flamingo

While they are very popular for their rebonding and keratin treatments, Flamingo is best known for the signature cuts by the highly competent Japanese team consisting of Ryu, Ayumi, Take and Ryo. Here, they focus on giving customers a cut that best fits their face shape and their lifestyle. As the Japanese stylists Ryu, Ayumi and Ryo are fluent in English, they are also adept at explaining why a specific hairstyle best suits you, something we appreciate.

Before and After Short Haircut at Flamingo Hair Studio

This may also be why many customers put their faith in the stylists to transform their hair from long to short. Prices here are a little higher but their service level is also more personalized. Hence, we're not surprised to find it a hit among working professionals in the CBD area.

9. Follicle Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Price: From $88

Best Haircut Salons at Follicle Salon

Follicle Salon may be best known for their scalp treatments but the experienced team of stylists here mean that their haircuts are also highly sought after. Winson, Edward and Amelia have a huge following of customers which include Marketing Directors (Agent AC is one of them), actresses and tai-tais who just can't find the same level of skill, consideration and service elsewhere. 

Scalp Treatment for Thinning Hair at Follicle Salon

Customers who face thinning hair will love coming here as the stylists are able to create hairstyles that make the thinning hair less obvious. The area is also very discreet (since it is located on Level 8 of Ngee Ann City) and is perfect for that super effective scalp treatment we love to rave about. 

bob haircut at follicle salon

Prices don't come cheap here but it's certainly worth it, as its regular customers would attest!

Top 10 Hair Salons Based on Editor's Choice

Now that you've read about the top 10 hair salons based on reviews, here are the top 10 hair salons that our Chief Editor Agent G personally recommends. Customers to these salons don't write as many reviews but these are the salons that leave a strong impression on Agent G due to the stylists' excellent skill and service. 

Read on if you trust in Agent G's astute professional judgment!

1. Izumi Salon 

Price: $120

Izumi Salon is not located in any shopping mall but in the SOHO section of The Central. While the outside looks like any office space, the door opens to an amazing view of the CBD area. 

Best Salons for Haircut at Izumi Salon

The view is matched by an equally awesome hairstylist, Izumi. Other than her hairdressing experience in both Japan and the US, she picked up haircutting techniques from international hair maestros that allow her to deal with customers of all hair textures with ease. Her arsenal of hairdressing skills which includes a unique combination of wet cuts (from Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy), dry cuts (John Sahag) and the Japanese R cut, together with her professionalism and conscientiousness makes her one of the best we've seen in the industry.

Quality Haircut at izumi Salon

If you are someone who appreciates a high level of skill and artistry in hairdressing, we would highly recommend you to try Izumi, who is likely to take your hairdressing experience to the next level. Definitely one of the best haircut specialists we've seen in Singapore!

2. Evolve Salon

Price: From $60

Have you ever seen Ken from 女人我最大? Well, he's the founder of Evolve Salon and also the FIRST hairstylist from Singapore to be the International Hair Ambassador for a major haircare brand, Goldwell! 

Haircut at Evolve Salon

Agent VN at Evolve Salon

In just a few snips, he can transform someone's looks from dull to refreshed! Yes, Ken is just so so talented we can't stop raving about him. Despite his status as a top hairstylist, we love how he remains down to earth and humble, making him one of our FAVOURITE hairstylists of all time. 

Pixie Haircut at Evolve Salon

His busy schedule, however, means that he is not always available for a haircut. Fortunately, Ken has built a strong team of hairstylists who seems to be following in his footsteps to greatness. Director Dylan Tung, for example, recently won the Goldwell Colour Zoom in Singapore and flew to Barcelona to represent Singapore in the Global Colour Zoom competition. Up and coming hair colour genius, Yuujin has also won a few awards of his own at the National Colour Zoom competition. 

Gradation Bob

Although colours appear to be their strong suit, we love their stylistic graduated bobs and pixie hairstyles that make an impression with their clean and precise haircuts. 

3. Kenaris Salon 

Price: From $129

Kenaris may be among the priciest hair salons in Orchard but its regular customers will tell you that their cuts are absolutely worth it. 

Professional Bob Haircut by Kenaris Salon

Bob by Aris

If you're hoping to go short, both Ken and Aris are perfect for the job as they can customize the hairstyle to your desired length and facial structure. 

Before Haircut at Kenaris

We sent Agent WT down for a cut after her wedding. Check out how much fresher and chic she looked after the cut!

After Straight Bob Haircut at Kenaris

While they are good with colours and perms as well, we think that the haircuts at Kenaris are its signature service as the stylists here are all very highly trained in cuts. Overall, one of our recommended top salons for haircuts!

4. Gene by Ginrich

Price: From $68

There are a number of salons in Orchard but Gene by Ginrich remain one of our favourites. 

Best Salons for Haircut at gene

It's not just the swanky design that got us hooked. The star stylists here, which include Derek, Dawn, Jamie and Catherine are known to be very strong in haircuts. Derek especially enjoys a very strong following among air stewardesses and working professionals who LOVE his bob haircuts. 

Professional Bob Haircut at Gene

Agent D at Gene by Ginrich

For us though, the attraction lies beyond the haircuts and into the service we receive at Gene. It is clear that the staff here treat each other and customers like family. Hence, we feel well taken care of from the moment we enter till we leave. We especially love adding on the AVEDA scalp treatment when we come here for a cut because of the fantastic massage given by their junior stylists. 

Edgy Short Haircut at Gene

5. The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio

Price: From $60

There's lots of things we like about The Bund, including its serene ambience and open concept.

However the largest attraction lies in its stylists, Ricky and Annie. 

Short Bob Haircut at The Bund

When talking about bob haircuts, there are few hairstylists as good as Ricky.

Just take a look at his haircuts to know what we mean. 

Short Bob Haircut at The Bund

Whether soft bob or assertive bob cuts, Ricky's haircuts stand out for its unique personality and easy maintenance.

We hear that his cuts are also very sustainable and can stay in shape for a long time, a major reason why customers keep coming back!

6. Rubik Japanese Hair Salon

Price: From $80

You won't see Rubik among top hair salons based on reviews because there are just two stylists here. However, customers who've tried Teru swear by his hairdressing skill because he's just so good at giving haircuts that are easy to manage.  

Neat and Tidy Short Bob Haircut at Rubik Salon

Teru may be a little quiet but his patience and incredible skill have earned him scores of customers who love how his haircut stays in shape for a long long time. 

Before and After Short Bob Haircut at Rubik Salon

Definitely one of our top choices for haircuts in Singapore!

7. COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Price: From $100

Best Hair Salon for Haircut at COVO

One of the first few Japanese hair salons in Singapore, COVO has built a strong team of Japanese hairstylists who are especially strong in haircuts. Whether you're thinking about shoulder length cuts or long layered cuts, the stylists can transform your hair significantly with a cut alone. 

Natural Long Wavy Hair at COVO

Don't forget their signature treatment though. The COVO treatment requires just an add-on of $50 and your hair will be a lot more manageable in the weeks after. 

Neat and Tidy Shoulder-Length Haircut at COVO

Have you tried any of these salons?

Share your experience on to be part of the decision making process for such articles!

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