Best Hair Salons for Perms in 2018

Published on Dec 19, 2018

Still not over the glamorous Hollywood curls and natural K-drama waves?

Perms used to be thought of as 'aunty-like' and high maintenance, but with growing technology and skills, many women, both young and old have been trying them out. Curls give your face a different shape and vibe, totally changing your look. It can look natural and feminine, big and beautiful, or smokey and sultry. What used to be impossible is also now possible as bleached and damaged hair get curls with the newest low-damage Paimore GRATS Perms

The perming options are endless! We've saved you the hassle of researching on a salon by compiling this list of the top 10 hair salons for perms in Singapore based on number of reviews. There's also a second list based on editor's choice too.

Top Hair Salons by Reviews

Note: Prices shown include only digital perms. Most salons listed will require you to add the price of a haircut to complete the perm.

Best Perm Salon at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

1. Pro Trim @ Takashimaya / Jurong East JEM 

Price: From $238

Pro Trim has always been known for their perms thanks to founder Tino whose fascination with perms influenced stylists in Pro Trim to constantly search for the best products and methods that reap the best results.

While the stylist team has always been strong with perms, their perm prowess went up another level when Korean stylists joined their team.

Korean Perm by Pro Trim
Korean Style Perm for Short Hair by Joel Park at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

This includes Joel Park, who has cut and permed the hair of well-known pastors and celebrities in Singapore. He is chief Agent G's FAVOURITE perm stylist since his days at his previous salon. Everyone she recommends Joel to always ends up with good results and works too for both men and ladies.

Customer Review of Perm at Pro Trim

They even have a perm lotion that allowed Agent G to perm her bleached hair!

Before and After Bleached Hair Perm at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Joel aside, we see a rising star in Lily Seo from Pro Trim @ Jurong East JEM whose Cha Hong-like C curl perm makes her wildly popular. It's not too curly, making it perfect for those who just want an easy to maintain hairstyle.

C Curl Perm at Pro Trim

It still makes a significant difference as the C curl makes your face framed well and neater.

Combining skills and knowledge with the Korean trends, Pro Trim is the place you'd be able to find the most natural and feminine perms here.

2. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Price: From $240

While LeeKaJa is famous for its Cinderella Treatment, the service that people actually come here for the most is perming. It's definitely not surprising since they have a huge number of top Korean stylists on board including Hye Jin, Ted, Lois Park, Jenny - all of whom are very strong with perms. Even local stylist Michelle has been super popular for perms as well. 

Staffed by many Korean stylists who are very experienced with perms, you'll be pleased to know that no matter who you go to, you'll walk away with a perm well done.

Digital Perm at Leekaja

Even if your hair is very damaged, they can combine Cinderella Treatment with a digital perm to achieve the hairstyle you are looking for! Of course, this means that the price will be more costly... but at least you can get the hairstyle you've always dreamed of.

Customer Review of Perm at Leekaja

With the stellar service and great ambience, do expect slightly higher prices.

We think it's worth it but if it's steep for you, you can reimburse yourself with the free-flow beverage bar which includes complimentary champagne :)

Best Perm at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

3. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk / Orchard Central

Price: From $240

If you've read any articles that the Editor-in-Chief Agent G has written or if you've come across a picture of her, you might recall that she usually has her hair permed. Though she's more cautious of permanent decisions like bleach, she is addicted to perms after she was first introduced to perms through this very Korean salon!

Short Hair Perm by Zinc Korean Hair Salon
Long Hair Voluminous S Curl Perm by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

The perms here are natural and lasting, just the way we Singaporean ladies like it. This may be because most of the stylists have been in Singapore for a long time so they understand local preferences and lifestyles; you don't have to explain too much and they will get what you are looking for. 

We're especially in love with perms from Nicky, Rany and Justin thanks to their many years of experience and skill. 

Customer Review of Perm at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

It doesn't mean that new stylists are not as good though. We have a soft spot for Chan, whose boyish looks, skills and detailed explanation capture our hearts. There is also the humorous Chris and other new female stylists who are able to translate the new Korean trends to suit Singaporean taste.

Customer Review of Perm at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Not all of them are fluent in English though so you have to pick and choose if you enjoy chatting with your stylist. 

Regardless of who you choose, the hairstyle is likely to turn out to be awesome, so relax, trust your stylist and enjoy the experience!

4. The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City

Price: From $219

One of the best Korean stylists for perm and rebonding, Rina Kil is the major reason why customers flock here to do their perms. As one of the early innovators of volume rebonding, Rina is one of those with magic hands; let her touch your hair and in just seconds, she can confidently let you know what type of perm best suits you.

Customer Review of Perm at The Urban Aesthetics

This comes from years of experience as well as her strong theoretical understanding of perm lotions and hair condition that lets her choose the right perm lotion for your hair. 

Paimore Grats Perm on Bleached Hair at The Urban Aesthetics

This includes damaged hair! Permed hair looks the best when it is healthy however she still manages to make bleached hair look good with this Paimore Grats perm.

Of course, Rina isn't the only one you can look for here. We recently discovered a new Taiwanese stylist Ben who is very strong with perms, a fantastic choice for those of you who are more budget conscious.

Looking for a great colour and haircut too? The very popular Hidero is someone you should not miss at The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics!

Best Perm at Picasso Hair Studio

5. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis / Tanjong Pagar

Price: From $215

Picasso may just be #5 on this list but this is the one salon we think should definitely rank higher. 

Led by Jesly who continuously tries new techniques to figure out how to make perms last longer and look better, Picasso Hair Studio is the place to try the newest perm/rebonding hybrid styles as they balance between style and maintenance for the busy Singaporean woman. 

Voluminous Digital Perm at Picasso Hair Studio
Easy Maintenance Perm at Picasso Hair Studio

Check out their Instagram photos to know what we mean! Here, it isn't just the photos that look good; the stylists here actually deliver exactly what you see in photos. 

Customer Review of Perm at Picasso Hair Studio

There isn't just ONE stylist who is good though. While Jesly is obviously the most prominent in Picasso, all the stylists here are very well trained so you don't have to worry about picking the wrong stylist - there aren't any. 

Another thing we appreciate about Picasso is that they use the best perm lotion for you depending on your hair condition. They don't charge extra for premium perm lotions such as Paimore GRATS, but they will still use it if they think your hair requires it.

Talk about customised service and stylists who truly cares for you! 

Best Perm at Chez Vous Hair Salon

6. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Price: From $255

Chez Vous may be best known for their makeover haircuts and hair colours but the strong team of director stylists here means that there are hidden gems of stylists who are awesome with perms as well. They include Joyce, Veyond and Oscar, whose perms have impressed even customers who have been to Japanese and Korean salons!

Customer Review of Perm at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Here, the perms last longer and are easier to manage as the local stylists know exactly what to do to keep the maintenance minimal and your hair instagrammable. 

Easy Maintenance Perm for Short Hair at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Beautiful hair aside, the service here is tip top and stylists take the extra effort to share about styling tips for best results!

7. Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza / Chinatown Point

Price: $180-$230

Located in a hidden corner near Somerset, this cosy salon isn't the most luxurious out there with its toned down interiors. However, the stylists here are among the most experienced for MUCOTA Perms. Ladies who've tried MUCOTA Perm here know that Focus Hairdressing is different as they don't skimp on giving you the full suite; other salons offering similar services tend to skip on the protectors which does mean that your hair will not be as smooth or soft. 

Hair End Perm at Focus Hairdressing
S Curl Perm at Focus Hairdressing

The sheer volume of perms they do every day also makes them very good at what they do. We usually recommend founder Marcus or Salon Manager Ken but really, their long time stylists Jane, Sito and Yahnie are just as good for perms!

Customer Review of Perm at Focus Hairdressing
Before and After Opera Advanced Perm at Focus Hairdressing

8. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

Price: From $249

99 Percent Hair Studio is best known for their hair colours but their recent training in Korean Perms have definitely upped their level in perms. 

Take a look at these photos to know what we mean!

Textured Perm at 99 Percent
Voluminous Perm at 99 Percent

The new techniques they picked up allow them to create these contemporary voluminous perms that were certainly successful in giving off the Korean vibe! 

Limp and Straight Hair Before Perm at 99 Percent
Limp and Straight Hair Before Perm at 99 Percent

That's what they did for regular customer Agent ML!

Voluminous Hair After Perm at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Voluminous and glamorous without being too curly! Even two months after the perm, her hair still looked great at home. All it takes is a little twirling while blow drying to style!

9. No. 8 Hair Studio @ Chinese Garden

Price: From $198

Tired of travelling to town for a good perm? You're in luck. No. 8 Studio is a hidden gem that is located opposite Chinese Garden MRT. Convenient for many Westies as it's just one stop from Jurong East.

Long Hair Perm at No. 8 Hair Studio
Short Hair Soft Perm at No. 8 Hair Studio

Although they are also better known for colours, stylists Andy and Wenny have a way with perms that got customers loving their curls!

Long Hair Perm at No. 8 Hair Studio

Air stewardess Agent ET got a soft loose wave perm a few months ago and it is still looking good today!

Soft Loose Wave Perm at No. 8 Hair Studio
Soft Loose Wave Perm at No. 8 Hair Studio

Prices are also very reasonable especially with promotions and is therefore a good place to start with your perms!

By Editor's Choice

Best Perm at The Space Korean Hair Salon

1. The Space Korean Hair Salon @ Dhoby Ghaut The Cathay

Price: From $230 for Digital Perm and Haircut

Star stylist previously from Pro Trim JEM has now founded his own salon The Space. He was very popular previously back in JEM but is even more sought after now with his central location, affordable pricing, beautiful ambience and great service!

Korean Style Voluminous Perm for Medium Hair at The Space

The secret to his beautiful perms is his detail orientation; Lee Han is one of the few stylists who use multiple perm lotions from different companies for different parts of your hair for best results. This allows his perm to turn out bouncy and less damaged... a reason why his perms look this good!

Short Hair Curl at The Space Korean Hair Salon

Best of all, prices for perm include haircut, making it one of the most affordable perms by skilful authentic Korean stylists. 

Customer Review of Perm at The Space Korean Hair Salon

LeeHan isn't the only awesome stylist here. Jenny has been in Singapore for a number of years and is really good with colour, volume rebonding and perms... even for guys!

Customer Review of Perm at The Space Korean Hair Salon
Best Perm at Act Point

2. Act Point @ Midpoint Orchard

Price: $150 before GST for haircut and perm

Looking for a perm that actually looks amazing for under $200? Look no further. Act Point Salon offers haircut and perm with Shiseido lotion for just $150 before GST.  Perfect if this is the first time perming your hair!

Even for Perm Connoisseurs, Act Point is a must-try because they always update themselves with the newest perm technology and technique that will give customers the best effect. 

Recently, Agent G did a Paimore GRATS Perm here at Act Point and totally loved the results

Before Paimore Grats Perm at Act Point

This perm has lasted her for more than 7 months now!

7 Months After Paimore Grats Perm at Act Point Salon

Photo taken Dec 2018, 7 months after the perm with zero heat styling

Thanks to his prowess with Paimore GRATS, Bro has been really sought after for perms on bleached hair as well.

Before Paimore Grats Perm on Bleached Hair at Act Point Salon
After Paimore Grats Perm on Bleached Hair at Act Point Salon

Overall, an excellent local salon for perms and maintenance of perms for all budget-conscious perm lovers!

Best Perm at Koinonia Salon

3. Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

Price: From $250

Instagrammable decor aside, Koinonia gathers a group of perm masters Shua, Elin and Celine all in one roof. 

Before and After S Curl Perm at Koinonia Salon

Yes they do the typical loose wave perms well

Voluminous Perm at Koinonia Salon

but that's not all. Maybe because they have a diverse background ie. from Korea and Taiwan, the stylists here are the first to bring in Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese trends to create innovative niche perms such as the Rose Perm

Voluminous Perm at Koinonia Salon

and Hippie Perm for Singaporean ladies. 

Trendy Hippie Perm at Koinonia Salon
Customer Review of Perm at Koinonia Salon

The stylists are also all very genuine people that you can actually talk to as most of them have been in Singapore long enough to understand your preferences and lifestyle well. 

Hence, a highly recommended place for those of you looking for skill, service and ambience. 

Best Perm at Shun Sakurai Salon

4. Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty @ Chijmes

Price: From $280

Shun Sakurai may be best known for his haircut but his perms are not to be sneezed at as well. He is strong with understanding the qualities of the perm chemical and is therefore a good choice for those of you looking for low-damage Japanese-style perms.

Glamorous Wave Perm at Shun Sakurai
Texturized Perm at Shun Sakurai

At Shun Sakurai, they use exclusively low-damage Tokio Sinka perm and Paimore GRATS perm. While prices here may seem a little higher here, that's because they are already using high quality perm lotions which cost more at other salons anyway. Still, they do run a number of promotions so catch them while you can. 

Customer Review of Perm at Shun Sakurai

Shun may be the star stylist here but other stylists such as Tomoka have also made an impression with their wonderful service and skill!

Customer Review of Perm at Shun Sakurai

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