Best Hair Salons for Professional Hair Colours in Singapore 2016

Published on Dec 10, 2016

It’s that time again, where we unveil the top salon choices for the Beauty Undercover Hair Awards 2016! The winning hair salons are selected based on the tabulated votes casted from 1 July 2016 – 30 September and also taking into consideration the editor’s opinion of Chief Agent G (she’s pretty much a whiz when it comes to local salons).

If you are still on the search for the best hair salon that can give you the best professional hair colour, look no further. These salons are worth checking out!

*Drum roll please.....*

Best Hair Salons for Professional Hair Colours + Brown Highlights

1. Chez Vous Hair Salon

Brown Hair Colours - Chez Vous Hair

Although most of their patrons are high-powered executives, we love how Chez Vous Hair Salon continuously push for innovation within their boundaries by creating trendy hair colours that are suitable for working professionals! Whether your workplace is conservative or daring, there is definitely a colour for you at Chez Vous as they utilize techiques like babylights, balayage and ombre even if you are opting for brown alone!

Did we also mention that service is also amazing at the Director-Only salon?

2. BRANCHE Hair Salon

Professional Hair Colour at Branche Hair Salon

BRANCHE may be one of Singapore's priciest Japanese salon but it is also the Best in Class in service and in skill. Other than offering champagne or matcha latte during the hair service, their designs are absolutely gorgeous and trendy, but at the same time work-friendly! We would highly recommend their sombre hair colour accompanied by their motemaki hairstyling - here at Branche, they take the time to use multiple foils to achieve a subtle hair colour not seen at other salons!

3. Izumi Hair Salon

Sunkissed Highlights at Izumi Salon

If you are looking for a subtle and professional 3D colour that uses bleach AND does NOT hurt your hair, Izumi is the person you are looking for. Her skill is so good that she can apply bleach on the hair for less than 15 minutes so damage is minimized (or even non-existent)! Her speed and accuracy of colour placement during this short period of time amazes even fellow hairstylists!

Although prices for haircut here is really high, prices for hair colours and highlights are reasonable. In fact, we think it's a steal given Izumi's experience, quality of work and exclusive service!

4. Kenaris Hair Salon

Professional Hair Colour at Kenaris Hair Salon

Many working professionals find that they can't look back once they've tried the Redken Chromatic hair colours offered here. Multidimensional, the Redken hair colours done here exudes the illusion that there are multiple hair colours in each single colour! This hair colour also has no ammonia and guarantees a strong coverage - perfect even for those with sensitive scalp! 

This salon is also a favourite among Caucasian customers as the colourists here are able to be very accurate with their colour selection. 

5. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Unlike most salons who may attend to more than one customer at a time, Founder Ishiyama-san ensures that the schedule is arranged in such a way that one stylist attends to only one customer from the start till end. Art-Noise stylists not only stand out with their conscientiousness, they are also great at customizing different shades of unique browns! A relief for those who think brown is boring and too common. Their sheer grey brown creations are especially worth checking out as well!

Maybe because of the SHA shampoo and tansan water used here, some people also note that the hoyu hair colour done here doesn't cause as much itch as hair colours done elsewhere!

6. AVENTA Hair Salon

Office-Friendly Hair Colour at AVENTA

As much as we love their service and skill, we are particularly awed by how well the stylists are able to pull off various professional hair colours. With their strong commitment to service, high level of hair knowledge and philosophy to minimize harm to your hair, you know you are in good hands at AVENTA. 

What's more is that the prices are really affordable as compared to most Japanese salons out there. AVENTA is probably one of the cheapest full-service Japanese salon in Singapore that is fully staffed by Japanese stylists.

While they do offer vibrant hair colours, do note that their specialty is the 3D hair colours where they insert the highlights and lowlights for a more 3D look!

Office-Friendly Hair Colour at AVENTA

7. HaLu Hair Design

Halu Hair Design

HaLu Hair Design is built on the same philosophy as AVENTA - quality hair services and great Japanese service at an affordable price.

To ensure the best experience for colours, we would recommend stylists Daisuke and Kanako as we find that their skill are among the best in the salon for colours! They are also more fluent in English, making the consultation experience a smoother one.

8. Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines

Professional Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Located right behind Tampines One, Color Bar by Full House Salon looks like a normal neighbourhood hair salon from the outside. However, once you step inside, you'll find some of the most knowledgeable and talented hairstylists for hair colouring! The hair colours here don't just look trendy and professional, we hear that they last very long and don't make your hair dry as well. In fact, they are so good that various bloggers (who have been sponsored at other hair salons) actually come to Full House to colour their hair and yes, we've personally verified their pictures! :)

Co-Founder Samantha credits their popularity to the use of high quality hair colour product Joico, which has been voted the World's Best Hair Colour for years. Especially with the latest low-damage hair repair, Vero K Pak Reconstructor, Samantha finds that the hair colours they do for customers can last beyond 6 months while repairing customers' existing damaged hair and achieving excellent grey coverage.

9. Pro Trim @ JEM

Many of their Korean stylists at Pro Trim are experienced stylists who have previously worked in the prestigious salons in Apgujeong, Korea with some counting Korean singers and artistes as their customers! Thus, as brown hair is highly popular among Korean celebrities, it's no surprise that Pro Trim @ JEM is on the list of best salons for professional hair colours (they have simply done so many, they are very good with this!)

Just show them a photo of Song Hye Kyo or Jun Ji Hyun and you'll be able to get the colour of your dreams.

10. Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

Professional Hair Colour at Style NA

With a team of solid hairstylists familiar with both Korean and local styles, Style NA is a place we would recommend for those trying out Korean styles for the first time! Unlike other salons, the local stylists at Style NA are not greenhorns or junior stylists. Many of them are highly skilled haircut specialists or creative colourists who are really adept at keeping up with local hair trends. 

Do bring along a photo if you are looking for a Korean stylist - alternatively, you can look for Selyn, a local stylist best known for her hair colours!

11.  Flamingo Hair Studio

Work Friendly Hair Colour at Flamingo Hair Studio

From the number of returning customers, Flamingo is fast becoming one of Singapore’s must-visit hidden gems! The two Japanese stylists, Ryu and Ayumi have approximately 10 years in the industry and the hair services they offer are more than satisfactory. For instance, Ryu's full head colouring skill has especially caught our eyes as the usual hard line isn't so obvious when your roots start growing out.

Best Hair Salons for Brown Balayage Hair Colours

Balayage may look easy to achieve but in reality, it's a really difficult technique to execute in order to make the balayage effect look natural. This is why prices for brown balayage are much higher and can actually cost as much as vibrant hair colours.

However, fret not, the following are salons are nailing the balayage technique! 

1. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

Brown Balayage - 99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio is at the top of its game when it comes to balayage hair colours. They are one of the few local salons able to execute the balayage technique flawlessly to achieve a natural look. While the stylists here are pretty amazing with vibrant hair designs, they certainly put in the same skill and effort when playing with shades of brown as well. Hence, rest assured, at 99 Percent Hair Studio, brown is anything but boring!

2. Picasso Hair Studio

Brown Balayage - Picasso Hair Studio

Featured on Sunday Times, Picasso Hair Studio is definitely a hair salon worth trying out! A mere peek at their immensely creative hair designs and it's easy to see why this artsy salon located at North Bridge Road has patrons lusting over their skills. The team here at Picasso doesn't just create beautiful hair colour designs, they try to make it as work-friendly as possible, making this one of our top choices for brown balayage hair colours.

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