Best Hair Salons for Vibrant Hair Colours in 2017

Published on Nov 29, 2017

Yes, its the time of the year again to share about what we think are the Best Hair Salons of 2017 for Colour! 

Reviews may be the most objective way of evaluating a salon but it is not always the fairest way as the number of positive reviews also depend on the number of stylists and prices in the salon. A salon with 1 stylist, for example, is unlikely to be featured as compared to a salon with 10 stylists, even if she is very skilful. Hence, this year, we will be separating our awards into two: 

  1. Best 10 Hair Salons according to Reviews
  2. Best 5 Hair Salons according to Editor's Choice

We've also separated the list based on salons that do vibrant hair colours and professional hair colours ie. one-tone hair colours / highlights due to the slightly different skills required. This article first focuses on salons that do vibrant colours well.

Are you ready for a visual treat of stunning hair colours done by hairstylists in Singapore?

Best Hair Salons by Number of Reviews

In the first section, we've collated the list of best 10 hair salons by number of reviews for colour.

For the list of best 5 hair salons according to Editor's Choice, read on below!

1. Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central 

Price: from $260 (For 1 Bleach + 1 Colour for long hair)

Full House Salon may be located in the neighbourhood but its pretty hair colours can rival that of top salons in Orchard.

Take a look at their awesome colours to know what we mean!

Whether bright (above) or slightly less obvious (below), they know just what to do to make your hair sparkle!

Co-Founder Samantha credits their very popular hair colours to the use of high quality low-damage hair colour product JOICO, which has been voted the World's Best Hair Colour for years. Although a very established brand, JOICO hair colour requires hairstylists to have a strong understanding of primary colour elements and how to mix them, which isn't easy for many stylists.

That's where Full House Salon excels - all the stylists have gone through training and certification by JOICO to ensure that they are among the best in Singapore in this area. 

They are so good that various bloggers (who have been sponsored at other hair salons) actually come to Full House to colour their hair... (Yes, we've personally verified their pictures!) 

Not satisfied with just having beautiful colours, the owners of Full House Salon just sent most of the their stylists including Samantha, Natalie, Calvin and Jessie for Vidal Sassoon haircutting courses in London. So you can expect a perceptible upgrade in the quality of haircuts here as well. :)

2. 99 Percent

Price: from $249 (1 Bleaching + 1 Colour) to $439 (Unlimited Colours and Bleaching)

There are many salons out there that claim that they do hair colouring very well... but Danson from 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok was one of the few which has successfully mastered the art of blending the hair colours so well that there is no clear demarcation between one colour vs another when creating multi-colour balayage! 

galaxy colour

His colour designs are therefore stunningly beautiful... whether you're thinking of a simple gradation, a complicated galaxy hair colour or even the technically challenging pixelated hair colour.

He is therefore on the top of our list whenever someone asks for recommendations to do challenging hair colours.

We've sent many Beauty Undercover agents (and our friends) down and all have been more than impressed with the hair colours here! 

99 Percent Hair Studio Saved Agent M's Hair

Recently, we also sent Agent C.W.  went darker at 99 Percent when she wanted a darker hair colour. She is still loving it more than 2 months later! Look how lovely it looks even after all that time:

1 week in (left), 2+ months later (right): The grey has faded to brown and the purple is now a pinkish purple.

3. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Price: from $240 (for 1 bleach + 1 colour for short hair before discounts)

It may be a little unexpected to see LeeKaJa on the list of top hair salons for vibrant colours... aren't they strong in perms due to their big team of Korean stylists?

Colour by Preston

From what we know, the LeeKaJa team has recently expanded quite a bit in terms of space and their team! They now include a number of local hairstylists and selected Korean stylists who are very very strong in hair colours. This includes Preston, James, Caely and Jerry (previously top stylists from Shunji Matsuo), Junhee Hyung (Top educator in Korea who has worked directly with Guy Tang before), Beck (Celebrity hairstylist who has worked closely with Jay Park and other Korean artistes)!

Colour by Caely

Don't take our word for it... check out their creations to know what we mean! 

They are good at more typical vibrant colours like the Ocean Blue Colour by Caely above.

Colour by Preston

However, we are possibly most in love with the detail and dimension of Preston's loud yet understated colours. 

Colour by Ted

Ted's colour design also took our breath away with how beautiful this unique combination of colours look!

Combine their amazing hair results with the cafe ambience and top-notch service here which includes free-flow wine and you've got a top hair salon we would highly recommend you to experience for yourself!

4. Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

Price: from $200 (W Hair Colour which includes 1 bleach)

Due to the Japanese inclination towards natural hair colours, there aren't many Japanese stylists who are strong in Vibrant Colours.

Sone is one of the few exceptions. After arriving in Singapore a few years ago, he observed the hairdressing scene in Singapore and began training really hard for vibrant colours.

The result? 

Artistically inclined vibrant colours that look classy at the same time!

The best part is that Sone is still able to give personalized service while keeping the prices at Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista low. 

Overall, one of the most value-for-money salons that offer great colours and service at the same time!

5. No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East 

Price: from $208 (Creative Colour)

As pretty as the salon is, we're ultimately here for its two stylists: Kent and Jimmy. Kent is especially good with daring hair colour works where he mixes and matches unique colour combinations and blends even the most challenging of colours beautifully! Even if you are not keen to bleach your hair, he can still insert various colours to make your usual brown pop.

Jimmy, on the other hand, is fantastic with face-contouring haircuts that highlight your best and bring out the personality you are looking for. His haircuts feature clean, neat lines and are best suited for working professionals looking to impress. Teachers also love how he can make them look stylish and authoritative at the same time!

We expected prices to be relatively higher given their quality of hair service, awesome ambience and individual attention. However, we're glad to note that their prices are actually a shade lower than those you'd find at shopping malls in Jurong East. If you don't mind taking just one more stop on the MRT, you'd probably find No. 8 Hair Studio a steal for the service and the beautiful hair outcome. 

6. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis North Bridge Rd

Price: From $359 (including 1 bleach, colours, haircut, treatment) 

Here at Picasso, hairstylist and ex-trainer Jesly has works tirelessly with her team to continually innovate new styles that have caught the attention of fashion-forward customers and even the media! This includes 3C hair colour, perming of bleached hair and making volume rebonding / perming styles easy to understand for us ladies.

Beyond the awesome hair designs, there is much to love about the overall Picasso hair experience.

The spanking new salon at North Bridge Rd builds upon the charms of the previous salon at Haji Lane, incorporating numerous European-style seating at the salon on top of the unique easel seats and artistic decor to encourage customers to move around, taking away the boredom of being at the salon.

Editor's Choice

The following salon may not have made the top hair salons based on reviews but we feel that their hair colours are so good that no list of best hair salons with hair colour will miss them out!

Evolve Salon @ Liang Court

Price: from $340 (1 bleach + 1 colour for long hair before discount)

Evolve may not feel like the most luxurious but you can find some of the most illustrious hairstylists in Singapore here.

While Ken is the most illustrious in Evolve being the only International Hair Ambassador in Singapore and the one selected to go on 女人我最大, Dylan follows close behind in popularity due to his prowess in colouring and cut for both Asian and Caucasian Hair. 

Even if you can't afford the director prices, the up and coming colouring talents Sandy and Yuujin, both of which have won national competitions in Singapore for colours have accumulated many positive reviews for their colours and cut. 

Whether you are thinking of daring colour gradation or classy colour blocking, you are guaranteed to receive a colour you will love. 

After all, this is the place that magazine editors, celebrities, managing directors and lawyers choose to come for their unique cut and colour styles! 

With such skilful stylists, sincere service and prices that are still within reach, we think that Evolve Salon is one of the most underrated hair gems that is still relatively undiscovered! 

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