Best Hair Salons for Vibrant Hair Colours in Singapore 2016

Published on Dec 17, 2016

It’s that time again, where we unveil the top salon choices for the Beauty Undercover Hair Awards 2016! The winning hair salons are selected based on the tabulated votes casted from 1 July 2016 – 30 September and also taking into consideration the editor’s opinion of Chief Agent G (she’s pretty much a whiz when it comes to local salons).

If you are still on the search for the best hair salon that can give you the vibrant hair colour you are thinking about, look no further. These salons might be the one for you depending on which vibrant trend you are going for.

*Drum roll please.....*

1. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

Type of Hair Colours We Love Here

  • Balayage Hair Colours
  • Rainbow Hair Colours
  • Sand Art Hair Colours
  • Pixelated Hair Colours
  • Grey Hair Colours
Rainbow Hair Colours

Rainbow Hair Colours

99 Percent Hair Studio is the type of hair salon Beauty Undercover will readily recommend for a hair colour that is uniquely yours! The stylists here are extremely good with creating fashion-forward hair colour designs that are not yet seen elsewhere. In fact, they often lead the industry in challenging hair colouring techniques such as colour gradation. and they are also one of the first to bring in granny hair colours.

Pixelated Hair Colours

Pixelated Hair Colours

The immensely talented stylists set aside time to try new techniques and new designs to make sure that they are at the top of their craft, which has led to 99 Percent Hair Studio being the only salon to nail the pixelated hair trend in Singapore so far.

2. Picasso Hair Studio @ North Bridge Rd

Type of Hair Colours We Love Here

  • Ombre / Balayage
  • Peek a boo Hair Colours
  • Blue / Purple Hair Colours
Denim Hair Trend by Picasso Hair Studio

Featured on Sunday Times, Picasso Hair Studio is definitely a hair salon worth trying out! A mere peek at their immensely creative hair designs and it's easy to see why this artsy salon located at North Bridge Road has patrons lusting over their skills. The team here at Picasso doesn't just create beautiful hair colour designs, they try to make it as work-friendly as possible, making this one of our top choices for vibrant hair colours for the office lady!

Galaxy Hair Colour by Picasso

They may not be the first to bring the latest colour styles but once they design something, rest assured that it is a design worth getting! Did we also mention that one of their hairstylists has also won a recent hair competition in Singapore? 

Other than their really natural gradation, we love it that the pricing is very transparent and the hair packages covers the cost of multiple bleaches and olaplex (an essential ingredient to minimize damage during bleach)!

3. Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines

Type of Hair Colours We Love Here

  • Cotton Candy Colour Blocking
  • Blue Hair Colours
  • Balayage
Color Bar by Full House

Located right behind Tampines One, Color Bar by Full House Salon looks like a normal neighbourhood hair salon from the outside. However, once you step inside, you'll find some of the most knowledgeable and talented hairstylists for hair colouring! The hair colours here don't just look trendy, we hear that they last very long and don't make your hair dry as well. In fact, they are so good that various bloggers (who have been sponsored at other hair salons) actually come to Full House to colour their hair and yes, we've personally verified their pictures! :)

Co-Founder Samantha credits their popularity to the use of high quality hair colour product Joico, which has been voted the World's Best Hair Colour for years. Especially with the latest low-damage hair repair, Vero K Pak Reconstructor, Samantha finds that the hair colours they do for customers can last beyond 6 months while repairing customers' existing damaged hair and achieving excellent grey coverage. 

4. Hair Inc @ Serangoon Garden

Type of Hair Colours We Love Here

  • Vibrant Colour Highlights
  • Blue Hair Colours
  • Rainbow hair colours
Vibrant Colour by Hair Inc

Don't go down without a promotion because Hair Inc is one of those which CONSTANTLY puts out Facebook promotions for their crazy hair colours. 

Their team has been boosted especially after @jameson_coiffure moved from Artica Hair Studio to Hair Inc. Check out his Instagram page and you'll know what we mean. 

5. The Bund

Type of Hair Colours We Love Here

  • Peek a boo highlights
  • Grey Hair Colours
Grey Hair Colour by The Bund

Although best known for their bob haircuts, we like how the stylists here use top-quality bleach and other high quality hair products to minimize damage to the hair. Unlike other salons which may require 3 bleaches or more, The Bund may be able to achieve your desired colour within 2 bleaches. 

Vibrant Purple Hair Colour by The Bund

The colours here may not be the most crazy but it will definitely make you look good when you leave the salon!

6. Hair Inn

Type of Hair Colours We Love Here

  • Full head vibrant hair colours

Their service may not be the best but we've heard many of our friends quoting Hair Inn as the cheap and good place for hair colours. Although the colour results not the most consistent but hey, you can sometimes get vibrant hair colours below $200! 

Great value for money especially if you manage to find a good hairstylist within!

P.S. we hear that their treatments may not be as effective so it may be better to go elsewhere for it!

Up and Coming Hair Salons

1. LeeKaJa Korean Hair and Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Vibrant Ash Pink and Grey Hair Colour by Leekaja

What we love:

  • Preston's skill in Vibrant Hair Colour
  • Great service and ambience
  • Attentive service with wine and even homemade dried pineapples and banana available! 

Korean salons are not traditionally known for vibrant hair colour but we're recommending LeeKaJa purely because of the Preston, a local hairstylist! An absolute genius in haircut and colour, Preston is the hairstylist that many good-looking people including blogger Charlotte Lum tend to go to. He doesn't just recommend crazy colours but prefers to tailor the colour according to what you need and what you want. You will also find him recommending you to delay bleaching ie. one bleach at at a time to achieve different colours to minimize damage to your hair. Furthermore, the newest additions, Caley and Jerry, bring their exceptional colouring skills to the team, giving you two more reasons to visit LeekaJa.

Did we also mention that the colours here include pre and post treatment? 

Read more about our review on LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery !

  • Colour: From $120
  • Bleaching: From $120
  • Balayage: From $140
  • Full Head Highlights: From $180

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