Best Hair Salons for Work-Friendly Hair Colours in Singapore 2019 / 2020

Published on Nov 22, 2019

As we enter the last few months of the year, it is time to unveil what our Beauty Undercover community thinks is the BEST hair salon for each service. We've recently unveiled our Top Hair Salons for haircuts and naturally, the next most popular hair service on the list is HAIR COLOUR. 

Not just any hair colour though but professional, work-friendly hair colours that will not break your wallet (or your hair).  

In order to give you a more unbiased view of what other Beauty Undercover agents think is a good salon, we're once again separating the reviews into two: 

  1. Best Salon by Number of Reviews
  2. Best Salon by Editor's Choice

There is some subjectivity there as we decide which salon is best for work-friendly hair colours and which is better for outstanding vibrant colours but that's about it. 

Are you excited to find out which hair salon stood out 

Read on to find out!

Work Friendly Hair Colour at chez vous

1. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

Price: From $135

Chez Vous Hair Salon has always been a popular pick among Beauty Undercover readers. Just take a look at our top 10 salons for colours from previous years as well as the sheer amount of positive reviews and you'll understand why. 

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Chez Vous

This salon doesn't rest on its laurels just because it's so popular though.

Work Friendly Brown Hair Colour at Chez Vous

Chocolate Cake Brown

This year, they launched a series of food-inspired brown hair colours that take brown to the next level. 

Work Friendly Brown Hair Colour at Chez Vous

Tiramisu brown

From chocolate cake to tiramisu and cold brew coffee, they have experimented with so many designs of brown that we dare say that Chez Vous Hair Salon is possibly the BEST hair salon to go to for work-friendly brown hair colours. 

Work Friendly Brown Hair Colour at Chez Vous

Cold Brew 

The colours don't just look good, they are also fun conversation starter during lunch!

Work Friendly Hair Colour at Pro Trim

2. Pro Trim Salon @ Ngee Ann City / Jurong East JEM / Causeway Point

Price: From $120 for Ngee Ann City, from $105 for JEM and Causeway Point

An established local salon with outlets in Orchard, Jurong East and Woodlands, Pro Trim has established its reputation as a reliable hair salon with skillful local and Korean stylists.

Light Brown Hair Colour at Pro Trim

Cool ash brown

The salon may not have the most luxurious interior but their strong team of stylists, including Tino and Joel from Ngee Ann City, Tony and Teddy from Jurong East as well as Mari and Min from Causeway Point are able to craft IG-worthy hairstyles thanks to their extensiv experience at top salons in Seoul and in Singapore.

Dark Brown Hair Colour for Professionals at Pro Trim

Dark ash grey

Even though they are best known for perms, their hair colours has a tinge of the natural and understated Korean style that have been really popular lately!

Reddish Brown Hair Colour Suitable for Work at Pro Trim

Warm reddish brown

Although it feels very much like a local salon still, we're happy to note that there isn't much hardselling and that prices are made clear!

Customer Review of Colour by Pro Trim

3. LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Price: From $120

When thinking about classic, work-friendly hair colours, LeeKaJa is one massive salon you shouldn't forget. It isn't just the gorgeous decor or the free-flow alcohol bar that gets us excited about doing a colour here. 

We're enthralled with LeeKaJa as the salon manages to gather in one place some of the very best hairstylists we've met. We've raved enough about Ted but there is another recent new find that got us exceptionally excited: Jun Park. 

This young and good-looking stylist is thus far the only stylist who has graduated from and worked as an Instructor in Vidal Sassoon. Aside from his awesome haircut that takes into consideration not just your head shape but your body shape and nape, Jun is fantastic at tailoring the right colour for your skin tone. Check out this beautiful golden brown colour he did!

Two Tone Hair Colour and Cut (Jun Park) by Leekaja

Jun isn't the only talent in LeeKaJa though. You can't miss colour veterans Caely and Jerry who make sure that the colours look good and are easily manageable!

Office Friendly Grey Hair Colour by Leekaja

Honestly though, there are talents in LeeKaJa everywhere so do your research, pick the right one and you're set to get gorgeous hair for the festive season!

Blonde Highlights Suitable for Work by Leekaja
Work Friendly Hair Colour at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

4. Threes Japanese Hair Salon @ The Central

Price: $90

Most people have the impression that Japanese hair salons are expensive but in reality, that is not the case... especially for hair colours!

Threes Japanese Hair Salon is one brilliant example: they offer Hoyu hair colours starting from $90 for ALL HAIR LENGTHS. 

Brown Highlights by Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Slight top ups of $10/$20 is applicable if you choose special colour brands like Wella illumina, but really, that is still a steal. 

And you know what, the stylists are not just anybody. The stylist team includes well known stylist Ken, who had previously coloured hair for famous artistes before! 

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

The entire salon is FULLY staffed by Japanese stylists. Aside from Ken, a number of them have worked in Australia and are hence very fluent in English. As expected from a Japanese salon, their service is extraordinary.

Office Friendly Blonde Highlights by Threes Japanese Hair Salon

You can therefore expect trendy colours (such as Milk Tea brown) along with omotenashi service that gets you coming back. 

5. Risel Japanese Hair Salon @ Tanjong Pagar

Price: From $90

Threes isn't the only one that is popular among Beauty Undercover readers. Anchored by Yushi, a Japanese stylist who has won several prizes for hairdressing in Tokyo and have been in Singapore for a couple of years now, Risel is yet another affordable Japanese hair salon that has made it to this list. 

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Risel Japanese Hair Salon

As usual, a full head of colour here costs only $90

Cheap Brown Hair Colour at Risel Japanese Hair Salon

and we're talking about beautifully done dye jobs like these!

Affordable Ash Grey Hair Colour at Risel Japanese Hair Salon

If you want to brighten up your hair a little, you'd be glad to know that they recently added a new Japanese stylist Ina to the team. Previously from top Japanese salon CLEO, Ina is very strong with highlights and bleaching to bring out the best of the hairstyle. 

Brown Highlights at Risel Japanese Hair Salon

The only downside is however that one stylist may attend to multiple customers at the same time. So you may find the local assistant by your side a little longer than your Japanese stylist. 

Still, the collaboration between the Japanese stylist and the local assistant makes the hairstyle stand out a little more!

Work Friendly Hair Colour at Do My Hair

6. Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

Price: $85-$200

New to Orchard Central, Do My Hair is founded by a trio of superwomen, Celia, Ivy and Renee. More than just a hairstylist, these 3 women strive to make you feel at home on top of giving you beautiful hair. 

Short Brown Hair Colour for Office Ladies at Do My Hair

Chocolate brown

The stylists will feel more like your sisters than your stylists because they genuinely care about you, listen to you and recommend you a suitable style without ever pressuring you to spend more.

Ash Brown Balayage for Professional Ladies at Do My Hair

Ash brown balayage

They may be best known for their rebonding and haircuts but Beauty Undercover agents also love how they manage to add a twist to each hair colour to make it stand out while still remaining work-friendly!

Work Friendly Natural Blonde Balayage at Do My Hair

Natural bronde balayage

Work Friendly Hair Colour at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

7. Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela @ Clarke Quay

Price: $130

Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela may have escaped your attention due to its exclusive location at Riverside Point but this hidden gem of a salon is definitely worth a check out! 

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Those who've tried Japanese salons will know that somehow Tokyo Michaela is something special. The stylists here speak English very well and take the effort to find out what the latest trends SINGAPOREANS are interested in (not just in Japan). They then try to customize their styles according to our taste. The entire staff team is also very strong as Kenta, the good-looking and extremely skillful salon manager, takes the effort to train every single staff from assistant to stylist. This has led to a tremendous improvement in terms of both skill and service for Tokyo Michaela, eventually leading them to win awards for both their treatments and perms as well.

Work Friendly Brown Hair Colour at Michaela

Brown Hair Colour

They don't just do typical brown hair colours well, we love how they have experimented to bring out different colour tones that are still as work-friendly.

Ash Grey Hair Colour at Michaela

Ash Grey

If you're heading down for a colour, don't forget to try their signature treatment though. Michaela has its own range of hair treatments that are pretty affordable as they are owned by a Japanese cosmetics company that produces their own hair treatments! This is why Michaela can offer revolutionary treatments and premium haircare without an absurdly high price tag.

Work Friendly Ash Green Ombre Colour and Treatment (Kenta) at Michaela

Ash green ombre

8. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar & Tiong Bahru

Price: $140

Looking for stunning hair colours along with a magical salon experience? You absolutely CANNOT miss Flamingo Hair Studio. 

Hidden away in a quiet corner of Tanjong Pagar and Tiong Bahru, Flamingo offers an oasis amidst our busy city life with its abundance of light, greenery and.. just space. 

Work Friendly Hair Colour at Flamingo

It isn't the ambience that we fell in love with though.

The stylists here have real skill.

Flamingo Brown

Golden Brown Balayage

They are able to achieve stunning hair colours that you don't often get to see elsewhere... and best of all, they are work-friendly and easily manageable too!

Work Friendly Highlights and Cut at Flamingo Hair Studio

With omotenashi service, beautiful decor as well as skillful stylists who can speak English fluently, it is understandable why Flamingo Hair Studio is one of Beauty Undercover's favourite Japanese hair salons!

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Flamingo
Work Friendly Hair Colour at AUBE

9. AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place / Cineleisure / Marina Link / Clementi

Price: $95

With more than 200 salons worldwide, AUBE has taken Singapore's hair salon industry by storm as it opens its 4th outlet in just two years.

The salons aren't just pretty, they are staffed by experienced Japanese stylists who are really good with haircuts and colour. 

Ash Brown Hair Colour at AUBE

Ash brown

Can you imagine getting these hair colours for just $95 before exclusive Beauty Undercover discounts? 

Short Brown Hair Colour (Kazuki) by AUBE

Yes, this is how value-for-money a hair service at AUBE is. 

Customer Review of Hair Colour by AUBE

With such affordable pricing accompanying the hair colours here, it is no wonder why customers keep coming back for more!

Work Friendly Hair Colour at Picasso Hair Studio

10. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Tanjong Pagar

Price: $105-$170

Picasso Hair Studio may be more well known for their awesome rebonding perms but they also have a strong team of stylists who are very strong in hair colours as well. In fact, some of their stylists have even won prizes in national competitions involving hair colour, the most recent being Jeremy Ng winning the Bronze Award in the Goldwell Color Zoom Competiton Creative Category! 

It doesn't mean that they are good only in bright hair colours though. With their expertise in perms, the stylists are actually very strong with work-friendly hair colours that doesn't require too many rounds of bleaching. 

Golden Brown Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

Golden brown

We especially love how they can incorporate bleach with perm to create innovative services like the following balayage perm!

Natural Brown Hair Colour Suitable For Work by Picasso Hair Studio

 Prices may be higher than usual but the thing about Picasso is that they will DEFINITELY deliver the hairstyle beyond your expectation. This is all thanks to their very strong stylist skill, training as well as in depth consultation that furrets out what looks good to you. 

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Picasso Hair Studio

Overall, a hair salon we can fully entrust our hair to. 

Editor's Choice

Work Friendly Hair Colour at COVO

1. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd / Katong

Price: Argan oil colour $130

There may not be a lot of reviews on COVO but those who've tried the salon can vouch for their amazing experience there. 

Customer Review of Hair Colour at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Aside from its semi-private spaces and convenient locations, what sets COVO apart from other Japanese salons is their strong team of Japanese stylists who go the extra mile to make the experience a good one for you. If you're having an upcoming wedding, these stylists will discuss with you about the styling you're intending to do and co-create the colour with you, which is exactly what Agent E did. 

Brown Hair Colour for Wedding Day at COVO

If all you want is an outstanding colour with minimal damage to the hair, they may suggest a highlight on selected sections to bring out the best of the colour without causing too much damage. 

Work Friendly Highlights at COVO

Natural highlights by Natsumi

Design aside, the stylists here add argan oil into the colour to make your hair shiny, smooth and moistuirised! It's like having a free hair treatment within the hair dyeing process!

Shine and Smooth Subtle Balayage at COVO

Subtle balayage

With one stylist attending to you from start to finish, you're sure to receive personalised service that'll make your appointment very memorable here at COVO!

Work Friendly Hair Colour at Bump by AVENTA

2. Bump at Holland Village

Price: From $95

Don't mind travelling out of a shopping mall for a hair colour? Try Bump at River Valley or Holland Village! 

These Japanese salons offer stellar Japanese service along with beautiful hair colours at affordable prices.

Blonde Balayage at Bump by AVENTA

If you need recommendations, we're particularly in love with Misaki's grey highlights and babylights that just adds that much style to the overall look. 

Short Hair Blonde Highlights at Bump By AVENTA


Minimal bleach is required so you don't have to worry about your hair becoming overly damaged and thus unmanageable. 

Brown Hair Colour for Work at Bump by AVENTA

Hazel beige

Skill aside, the stylists actually attend to you one-on-one; they'll wash your hair, cut your hair and colour your hair without the help of hair assistants.

With this level of exclusivity, you'd expect a higher price but Bump keeps them low so that Japanese hairstyles and service is accessible to everyone!

Customer Review of Hair Colour at Bump by AVENTA
Work Friendly Hair Colour at Focus Hairdressing at Chinatown Point

3. Focus Hairdressing @ Chinatown Point / Cuppage Plaza

Price: $110-$150

You might walk past Focus if you're looking for a salon with stunning interior design. But if you take a closer look, you'll find that it is a hidden gem.

Customer Review of Colour and Treatment at Focus Hairdressing

Hairstylists here are honest, experienced and humble, making you feel comfortable as you get your hair done at an affordable price.

Work Friendly Ash Brown Hair Colour at Focus Hairdressing

Ash brown

They are one of the few that offers the organic O'Way hair colours at a low price; Agent P even managed to dye her roots here even when her scalp is super sensitive.

Work Friendly Hair Colour at Focus Hairdressing

So don't miss it particularly if you want to go for a reliable salon you can go back to for frequent root touch ups!

Work Friendly Hair Colour at art noise

4. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Price: From $130

Art Noise started more than 12 years ago in Ikebukuro, Japan. Now, it has become one of Tokyo's top hair salons and it has brought the salon's ideals to Australia and Singapore! Their exceptional service, relaxing ambience and quality hair products are one thing, but it's the helpful hairstylists that caught our eye.

Customer Review of Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Their translucent greyish brown hair colour is our favourite!

Short Haircut and Brown Highlight at Art Noise
Long Straight Ash Gray (Seiya) by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon
Dark Ash Grey Hair Colour by Art Noise

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