Best Hair Treatments in Singapore (Updated 2021)

Published on Sep 04, 2021

With the hair industry continuously introducing revolutionary treatments to solve hair issues, it goes without saying that hair treatments are vital for #goodhairdays and #haironfleek. 

Hair treatments can prolong the results of chemical services (rebonding, perming or colour) when done as a pre-treatment or a post-treatment. It can make your colour last longer and more vibrant, perm more bouncy as the hair's cortex is plumped up, and improve your hair texture, making it feel smooth.

If you feel that your hair needs some perk-me-up, do check out our list of the Best Hair Treatments in Singapore to see what suits you best.

Note: The treatments listed do not change your hair texture permanently and depending on the treatment, can last from 2 to 6 weeks. 

UPDATE: We've just updated this list with all the new treatments we've heard about in 2021. Read on to find out more!

1. Advante Water Treatment

The newest hair treatment to launch in 2021, Advante Water Treatment is unlike any other. 

As its name suggests, the Advante Water Treatment is mostly made from water - not water as we know it but electrolyzed water that ionizes the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in such a way that the water molecule becomes highly reactive. 

In this state, the electrolyzed water has the properties of delivering amino acids and cuticle CMC deep within the hair cortex to repair hair damage and restore it to its almost-virgin state before any upcoming chemical treatments. 

Microscopic Image of Advante Water Treatment

This treatment isn't just effective in labs, the stylists at Chez Vous Hair Salon did extensive testing before deciding whether to introduce the treatments to their clients and this is what they found. 

They took two hair specimens, one with no protection applied and the other with Advante applied. Then, they subjected both hair specimens to different chemical services.

Bleached Hair with Advante Water Treatment
Bleached Hair with Advante Water Treatment

As you can see, the results blew them away. 

The treatment is also impressive as it adds only 20 minutes to your usual hair service if you do it as a pre-treatment. We recently followed Agent N to get her hair coloured at Chez Vous Hair Salon and were amazed by how her hair actually felt smoother and healthier after the falling star highlights than before (even though her hair was bleached!) - all thanks to the 20 extra minutes of Advante Water Treatment.

No damage hair after Advante Water Treatment on Coloured Hair

As much as Advante Treatment works best as a pre-treatment, it works well as a standalone treatment to strengthen your hair and repair hair damage as Agent C can tell you. Her hair was so tangled, she couldn't run her hand through her hair before the treatment. 

Tangled and Frizzy Hair

But after her treatment at Room Japanese Hair Salon, look at what happened afterwards?

Tangled and Frizzy Hair Becomes Soft After Advante Water Treatment at Room Japanese Salon

To test it for ourselves, Agent G also went for the Advante Water Treatment at The Beauty Emporium at Urban Aesthetics. Her hair had quite a bit of tangles before the treatment but all went away after Advante... and her curls were restored as well!

Before and After Advante Treatment at The Beauty Emporium

With electrolyzed water as the key active ingredient, we're also excited to hear that the Advante Water Treatment is perfectly safe even for pregnant women as 96% of its ingredients are made from natural origins!

Available at: Chez Vous Hair Salon, Room 49A Japanese Hair Salon, Picasso Hair Studio, The Beauty Emporium by Urban Aesthetics, Branche Japanese Hair Salon

Price varies according to salon.

2. Mochi Mochi Treatment

Mochi Mochi Treatment at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon
Mochi Mochi Treatment at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Before vs After Mochi Mochi Treatment

Mocho Mochi Treatment was formulated with the power of science behind acid, heat and hydrogen. Damaged hair usually has weak cysteine bonds and holes that causes amino acids to leak out. This treatment will replenish the amino acids within your hair and eventually restore the strength of the cysteine bonds within your damaged hair.

Mochi Mochi Treatment utilises Malic Acid to neutralises the pH levels of your hair follicles and removes dirt deposits that are stuck on your hair to improve your hair texture while eliminating the bacteria. During the treatment, treatment foam contains malic acid will be used to infiltrate the hair cortex with a help of an ultrasonic machine to remove moisture absorbed from the air, the caused for your poofy frizzy hair.

Michaela Japanese Hair Salon has made Mochi Mochi Treatment available for customisation so the hairstylists can adjust the acidity and duration of the treatment exactly according to your hair requirements. Check out Agent G's experience with Mochi Mochi Treatment here.

Price: $250 (Promotional Price, with 20% off for first-time customers!)

3. Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination

Before and After Advanced Sugar Lamination at Chez Vous Hair Salon for Frizzy Curly Hair
Before and After Advanced Sugar Lamination at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Before vs After Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination

Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination was created by the founders of Chez Vous Hair Salon after discovering the benefits of sugar's derivates in strengthening and restoring damaged hair.

Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination uses oil from Bixa Orellana Seed and Camu Camu Fruit to repair the bonds within your hair. For this treatment, Chez Vous Hair Salon also utilises Oribe 2% Vitamin C complex booster during this treatment to create a protective layer on your hair to guard it against further damage.

Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination produces healthier, shiny, silky smooth and easy to manage hair without affecting either prior or future hair services. We sent Agent SK to try the Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination. Read about her experience here.

Price: From $251.45

  • 15% Off this treatment for first time customers at the Main Outlet

4. Mucota Infinia Hair Treatment

Before and After Mucota Infinia Hair Treatment at Focus Hairdressing

Before vs After Mucota Infinia Hair Treatment

Most hair treatments do not remain long for damaged hair due to the already opened cuticles. Focus Hairdressing has made Mucota Infinia Hair Treatment available as a suitable hair treatment for highly damaged bleached hair.

The products use for Mucota Infinia Hair Treatment contain ingredients that are powerful in repairing the hair cuticle layers so they can hold the treatment molecules for a long time while supplying the much-needed moisture to the hair. On top of that, the content of amino acids such as CMC and PPT in the products help to replenish proteins within the hair to strengthen the hair from within.

Mucota Infinia Hair Treatment is also suitable for those who are battling against frizzy and fine hair. We sent Agent L to try the Mucota Infinia Hair Treatment. Read about her experience here.

MUCOTA Infinia Hair Treatment Before and After at Focus Hairdressing
MUCOTA Infinia Hair Treatment Before and After at Focus Hairdressing

Price: $168

  • Valid only if you quote Beauty Undercover
  • Valid only with an advance appointment
  • Additional $20 is chargeable for hair length beyond bra length

5. Apple Stem Cells Treatment *NEW*

Before and After Apple Stem Cells Treatment at Finder by COVO
Before and After Apple Stem Cells Treatment at Finder by COVO

Before vs After Apple Stem Cells Treatment

Apple Stem Cells Treatment was formulated using Uttwiler Spatlauber, a rare species of apple from Switzerland that is rich in phytonutrients, proteins and long-living cells. It was found that the Malus Domestica fruit stem cells within have the special properties of awakening dormant cells, stimulating healthy cell renewal and delay ageing in essential cells and skin.

Frequent application of Malus Domestica stem cells on one's hair will reverse the ageing process by stimulating the scalp cells to renew more actively and awaken dormant cells that slow the hair thinning process. These stem cells were also proven to be effective in repairing hair cuticles and delaying greying hair.

Apple Stem Cells Treatment will result in longer life for hair colours, frizz-free and thicker hair. We sent Agent M to try the Apple Stem Cells Treatment at Finder by COVO. Read about her experience here.

Price: $160

  • Going for only this treatment will incur an additional $20 in wash and blow charge
  • Top up $40 for X Treatment Plus (5 cycle treatment) 

6. Enzyme Pro Hair Treatment

Believing that rough and dull hair is a result of product buildup, Enzyme Pro Hair Treatment makes use of fruit acids proteolytic enzymes bromelain and papain to dissolve the product buildup and deliver important amino acids to the hair cortex.

The bromelain present in pineapple is rich in vital nutrients that help to enrich hair follicles, which helps to improve the elasticity and thickness of your hair.

Enzyme Pro Hair Treatment

To further strengthen the hair, Japanese scientists have even added feather keratin and amino acids which adheres to the surface of the hair. The feather keratin thickens the hair even more through a proprietary bubbling process, allowing for stronger thicker hair. 

If you don't already know, the high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants also help to boost hair growth and scalp immunity. In fact, Vitamin C is especially helpful as it gives our hair that extra boost and layer of silkiness!

All these protective effects are consolidated into one single treatment: Enzyme Pro that is available only at Branche Japanese Hair Salon. We followed Agent B to get her Enzyme Pro Hair Treatment here.

Exclusively available at Branche Japanese Hair Salon

7. Fukugen Hair Treatment

Fukugen Hair Treatment Before and After at Rubik Hair Salon

Before vs After Fukugen Hair Treatment

Of all the new treatments we previewed in 2018, Fukugen was the one that wowed us the most. Manufactured mostly from water, this no-chemical hair treatment is gentle enough to be applied on extremely damaged hair (ie. hair that has been bleached multiple times) and yet is very effective in controlling frizz. The science of Fukugen Hair Treatment works this way: water is ionized and charged to be alkaline. When it touches the hair, this alkaline water opens the cuticles momentarily. The amino acids within the water can then penetrate the cuticle and fill the cortex to make the hair appear more healthy. As the cortex is filled up without opening the cuticles, the cuticle is not damaged. Instead, the cuticle will close again, "trapping" and keeping the amino acid within the cortex effectively. Interestingly, the more often you do the treatment, the better the hair gets.

This is the revolutionary new technology that has been sweeping Japan lately. Rubik Salon is the first to bring it to Singapore. We were so excited, we sent Agent R to try Fukugen Hair Treatment and she has only good things to say about it!  

Before and After Fukugen Hair Treatment at Rubik Hair Salon
Before and After Fukugen Hair Treatment at Rubik Hair Salon

Before vs After Fukugen Hair Treatment

Price: From $230

  • Additional $20 is chargeable for hair length beyond shoulder length

8. NOV Hair Treatment

Before and After NOV Hair Treatment at COVO Salon
Before and After NOV Hair Treatment at COVO Salon

Before vs After NOV Hair Treatment

A milder form of Keratin Treatment, NOV is created by two legendary Japanese stylists Mr Sammy NYC and Mr Hata, owner stylist of Max Blonde in Aoyama hoping to help customers achieve beautifully sleek hair effortlessly.

Hair is said to be made of water, oil, CMC and protein. Whenever we perform any hair service, the alkali within the chemicals will cause the CMC to collapse and leak out, causing the cuticle to peel off and hair to get dry and stiff.  The NOV Treatment helps to correctly adjust hair intercell lipid, neutralize the damaged alkaline hair to the original acidic PH and reforms hair’s microstructure to its original shape. It also contains keratin to seal the treatments in and reduce waviness, giving hair the gloss and soft texture 

NOV treatment is currently exclusively available at COVO Japanese Hair Salon. Check out Agent RL's experience with NOV Treatment here.

Price: $230

9. Eclasta Hair Treatment

Eclasta Hair Treatment by COVO Salon

Looking for something cheaper but still effective in making your hair look glossy and shiny? You should absolutely check out Eclasta Treatment.  

Eclasta treatment is the newest treatment brought in by COVO Japanese Hair Salon  that has the benefit of improving hair strength by 127% and supplement it with the right nutrition to keep it glossy and shiny.

Eclasta treatment is created from exclusive technology that blends non-crystallized ceramide and cholesterol together. This allows hair to absorb it more easily and at higher concentrations, allowing for intensive hair repair.  

Hair has 3 layers with the cuticle being the outermost layer. It protects the surface of the hair and it plays a role in protecting the interior of the hair with a scaly film. What the Eclasta Treatment does is to prevent the outflow of nutrients of the hair by coating the hair cuticle evenly. This increases makes the uneven surfaces flat and eventually allowing light to be reflected more easily, eventually giving it a healthier and more glossy look. 

There are two types of Eclasta Treatments. 

  • Eclasta Treatment ($55): It is a 4 Step Process starting from the Pre-Shampoo to Application of Treatment 1, Treatment 2 then Treatment 3
  • Eclasta Silky Treatment ($90): To enhance the silky effect, Eclasta Silky Treatment starts from Pre-Shampoo to Application of Treatment 1 and the usage of Steamer after Treatment 1, Application of Treatment 2 then steamer, finally Application of Treatment 3.  

Here are the effects of the treatment on actual customers in COVO:

Eclasta Hair Treatment at COVO Hair Salon
Eclasta Hair Treatment at COVO Hair Salon

Available at: COVO Japanese Hair Salon 

Price: $55 / $90

10. Tokio Inkarami

Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment Before and After

Before vs After Tokio Inkarami 

Tokio Inkarami may not be new but it remains the Gold Standard of hair treatments and the most popular on Beauty Undercover thus far. Known as the “Ferrari” of hair treatments, Tokio Inkarami contains 8 varieties of natural and hydrolyzed keratin of different weights that improves the resistance of hair by 140% (compared to 110% for typical hair treatments) and repairs hair from within. The wow factor of this treatment, though, can be attributed to the ingredient, Fullerene, a Nobel Prize-winning chemical that is probably the best antioxidant in the world. Fullerene is 175x stronger than Vitamin C in removing active oxygen and therefore, protecting the hair against excessive UV damage. That may be why ladies who try Tokio Inkarami find that the effect is visible and tangible even weeks after, especially with proper home care that will replenish the fullerene and keratin amino acids lost by daily shampooing, allowing the soft bouncy feeling to last longer. If you are looking for a miracle to revive your dry, damaged and brittle tresses, Tokio Inkarami might just be your saving grace!

Read more about Tokio Inkarami here and here.

Available at: Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon, Aube Japanese Hair SalonMichaela Japanese Hair SalonBranche Hair SalonZinc Korean Hair SalonBump Hair DesignAVENTA Hair SalonAct Point SalonFull House SalonChez Vous Hair Salon, Room 49A Japanese Hair Salon, Picasso Hair Studio, The Beauty Emporium by Urban Aesthetics, Branche Japanese Hair Salon

Price: From $150 to $400 depending on the salon

We hear that Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon is offering Tokio Inkarami at an unbeatable price of $140 for Hair Colour + Tokio Inkarami!

11. Express Revitalizing Supreme by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Express Revitalizing Supreme by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Before vs After Chez Vous Express Revitalizing Supreme

Chez Vous Express Revitalizing Supreme infuses hair with 8 of the best superstar skincare concentrates to de-age, hydrate, strengthen and transform dull and dry hair into soft, lustrous, head-turning tresses.

All done within an hour, it makes for the perfect beauty pick-me-up for busy working professionals.

We sent Agent R to try the Express Revitalizing Supreme. Read about her experience here.

Price: From $176.55

12. BH4 Treatment

BH4 Treatment Before and After by Rubik Salon

Before vs After BH4 Treatment

BH4 Treatment is one of the few treatments that is exceptionally good as it miniaturizes the treatment molecules to enable it to enter the hair and expands when heat is applied, in a technology named as AMOIZ. This is an awesome property as it prevents the nutrients from leaking out too fast.

The infused ingredients include high concentrations of hydrolyzed collagen argan oil, soy proteins, complex amino acids and 11 types of Keratin amino acids which enter the hair cortex and fills it out. It also contains Platinum Fullerene, Raw Ceramide, Meadowfoam Lactone, Grapeseed Oil to improve the penetration rate of the treatment and finally, 18 MEA and ceramide to seal in the treatment and give it a smooth finish. 

Fuss free and fast, BH4 Treatment keeps your hair nourished your hair for a month or so, and works really well as a pre-treatment too. 

Read more about BH4 Treatment here.

Available at: Rubik Salon

Price: $150 - $200

13. Olaplex or Cureplex Restoration Treatment

Olaplex or Cureplex Restoration Treatment at Bump by Aventa

After Olaplex Treatment at Bump by AVENTA @ River Valley

Olaplex / Cureplex solutions are essential additives during the bleaching process to minimize damage. But do you know they also offer salon and home care treatments to repair hair damaged by bleach? Using the same technology, new bonds are built to strengthen hair. However, though Olaplex / Cureplex are most effective when used during the bleaching stage, the treatments act as "top up" on the bonds created.    

Olaplex treatments work by reforming the disulfide bonds in your hair that get broken through either treatments or daily wear. They are made to work on all types of hair, and heal damage from hairdryers, chemical treatments, and even mechanical and UV damage!

Available at many hair salons in Singapore

Price: Varies according to the salons

14. Kerastase Hair Treatment

Before and After Kerastase Hair Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio
Before and After Kerastase Hair Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio

Before vs After the Kerastase Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio

One of the best known brands in the hair industry, Kerastase offers a wide range of treatments for different hair types and a wide range of homecare products as well, to maintain the results afterwards. Though a little on the pricey end, you won't be sorry for spending on a Kerastase Treatment as extensive research goes into coming up with the best treatments and products.

We would recommend getting the treatment done at Picasso Hair Studio as the stylists here are very very knowledgeable about each treatment and they do a wonderful job of explaining which hair treatment is best for you. Here's what Agent SX had to say about the experience! 

Along the same lines, if you are looking for a treatment that lasts longer without changing your hair texture permanently, you can consider going for these Keratin Treatments.

Price: $305 onwards

15. Bikami Head Spa + Express Treatment

Don't need a full-fledged hair treatment?

WHITETREE Hair Salon is the newest Japanese hair salon in Singapore and has made Bikami Head Spa available for their returning customers. This special head spa includes hair trimming, scalp cleanse or quick treatment and shoulder massage for only $70. Bikami Head Spa is recommended for customers who wish to maintain the health of their hair and are in need of a relaxing head massage. We sent Agent R to try the Bikami Head Spa. Read about her experience here.

Before and After Bikami Head Spa at Whitetree Hair Salon
Before and After Bikami Head Spa at Whitetree Hair Salon

Before vs After Bikami Head Spa

Price: $70 

  • Applicable for returning customers within 1 month from last visit

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