Best Hair Salons for Haircuts in Singapore (2021)

Published on Sep 08, 2021

The Chinese have a saying: With three thousand stress strands on your head, a single snip will ease a thousand worries. Okay, it sounds better in Mandarin, but basically 2020 has been a difficult year for most of us, and now that we're about to see the back of it, many of us want to chop off our locks and reboot on a clean slate.

Except of course, if you get a lousy cut, the slate isn't always that clean. You'll be spending extra minutes to hours each day trying to style or tie or hide your locks so that they don't look so bad. You'll feel like avoiding photos during the festive season, and during those Christmas/ New Year family get-togethers, you'll have to endure endless exclaimations of 'Girl, why you cut your hair' from relatives who never known when you've had enough.

To make sure you look your best while ushering in a brighter, better 2021, we've listed some of the top places to get high-quality haircuts in Singapore. These aren't just salons we say are good. We've listed salons that have the highest number of reviews according to Beauty Undercover Agents in the first section and underrated hair salons according to our editors here on Beauty Undercover. Read on to find out which salons made the list!

Top-Reviewed Salons for Haircuts in Singapore, Based on Customer Reviews

1. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon Interior

Price: $50-$70 for men, $60-$80 for women

One of Korea's most extensive and established salon chains - frequented by top celebrities such as Big Bang, Lee Seung Ki, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Song Hye Kyo and international artistes - has an outlet right here in Singapore! Customers get the star treatment from the moment they step in, with vintage sofas to lounge on while waiting, and a dedicated beverage bar with an impressive menu of fashionable drinks to choose from. The service is impeccable -within seconds of your arrival, there will be someone attending to you, offering you refreshments, while the salon manager comes over for a quick consultation. And the entire locale is supremely instagrammable, with its stunning forest-themed decor, open spaces and warm lighting.

But of course, the hairstylists here the main attraction. Staffed by both top Korean hairstylists and leading local hairstylists, they just about guarantee hair satisfaction.

There are so many skillful hairstylists here from Sean Kim, Jun Park, Von Seah and Issac who are amazing with haircuts that you will literally be spoiled for choice. While prices are higher than normal here, our Agents will tell you that the experience here is definitely well worth it - for both guys and ladies.

Read more about Agent GS' experience with Men's Perm as well as Agent R's experience with the new 1 Hour Mowan Hair Colour to find out more. As this beauty destination is in high demand, remember to make an appointment before turning up!

2. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

chez vous hair salon interior

Price: $55-$75 for men, $70-$90 for women

Chez Vous Hair Salon is completely staffed by star stylists - other than having been in the industry for more than 15 years, all the hairdressers in Chez Vous were previously directors or owners of their own salons. Trust that they absolutely know how to make you runway-ready even for Zoom since they have extensive experience helping customers attain low-maintenance haircuts that lasts for MONTHS.

We're especially in love with their layered lobs that make us look so effortlessly stylish. It is no wonder why Chez Vous is the chosen hair home for the cream of society. Whether they be socialites, artistes, high-flying lawyers, doctors and bankers, managing directors etc, 90% of the salon's first time clients choose to come back to Chez Vous for their regular hair visits. 

Review of Chez Vous Salon

If you're here though, don't forget to check out their amazing new Advanced Hair Lamination. Agent S gave it a go and loved how it gave her silky smooth hair without requiring her to straighten her natural curls.

Smooth Advanced Hair Lamination by Chez Vous Hair Salon

3. No. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East

No. 8 Hair Studio

Price: $38-$48

Beautifully serene and urban, this leading local salon is especially known for its stylists Jimmy and Kent Chung. Kent is fantastic with lasting, lovely hair colour in a range of shades from delicate to daring, serving as his palette from which he creates complex, charming combinations. 

Meanwhile, Jimmy, is especially celebrated for his clean-lined face-contouring haircuts that highlight your finest features and project your personality. 

Review of No. 8 Hair Studio

Jimmy and Kent aren't the only ones you should take note of. Shim, Wenny and Lvan have accumulated a following of their own thanks to their awesome cuts and colours!

4. Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya / Jurong East JEM / Causeway Point

Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon Ngee Ann

Price: $40-$45 for men, $45-$50 for women

This flagship store of Korean salon chain Pro Trim is home to one of our Chief Editor's favourite hairdressers, Joel Park, as well as the chain's very finest Singapore-based stylists. And that's saying a lot, considering Pro Trim is already known to be an industry leader for perms.

Of course, curls are not the establishment's only speciality - It's called Pro-Trim for a reason, and the chain's founder Tino has invested considerable resources fusing Korean perm expertise with Vidal Sassoon cutting techniques to achieve the best of both worlds. 

Whether you are looking for affordable Korean hairstylists or experienced local stylists with training on latest Korean trends you will definitely be able to get an easy-to-manage Korean-style haircut you'll love.

5. Chez Vous Hideaway @ Ngee Ann City

Chez Vous Hideaway

Price: $199 for Cut + 1 other service, $299 for Cut + 2 other services, $399 for Cut + 3 other services, to a maximum of $499 for Cut + 4 other services

There are a number of highly photogenic places on this list, but the media has crowned this one the champion, with Her WorldFemale MagazineWomen's Weekly and even Channelnewsasia calling Chez Vous Hideaway Singapore's most Instagrammable hair salon.

Of course, this virgin concept salon created by the founders of Chez Vous Hair Salon isn't just a pretty place: This tress destination is regularly ranked among the top 5 salons when it comes to haircuts, keratin treatments and hair colours by its Director-Only team. Regular customers from Chez Vous should note that Shawn, Oscar, Eddy and Dion - previously the most popular stylists from Chez Vous Hair Salon, highly rated for their skill and service - are now stationed here. But you'll get exclusive attention no matter who takes care of you, since the stylists cap their appointments at 5 a day so they don't have to shuttle between customers.

Agent G recently got her hair cut and permed at Chez Vous Hideaway and loved the results! Read on for her experience at Chez Vous HideAway!

6. Style NA by Joel Park @ Parkway Parade / Compass One

Style NA Korean Hair Salon

Price: $40-$45 for men, $45-$50 for women

There are numerous so-called Korean hair salons in Singapore, but only a few are frequented by actual Korean customers. Style NA Korean Salon is one of this elite selection. It's home to an impressive team of Korean stylists, most who boast exemplary credits from back in South Korea! 

Style NA @ Parkway Parade, for example, is fully staffed by talented Korean stylists Viki, Jina, Lala and Bella, all of whom are simply amazing with haircuts.

In Style NA @ Compass One, we highly recommend Asha whose perms and cuts are so gorgeous, they simply take our breath away.

Stylish Haircut at Style NA Korean Hair Salon

Follow Agent YQ to Style NA @ Compass One for a Digital Perm and you'll know why we're so in love.

Compared to many Korean salons in town, Style NA has lower prices yet equal quality, making for a truly value-for-money option especially for those living in the East.

7. The Space Korean Hair Salon @ The Cathay Dhoby Ghaut

The Space Korean Hair Salon

Price: From $48

With decor that strikes a beautiful balance between playful and peaceful, The Space Korean Hair Salon is also where you'll find Korean stylists Lee Han, Jenny, Shasha, Joy as well as a highly experienced Singaporean master stylist, . Having being in Singapore for more than 6 years, sharp-eyed perfectionist Lee Han has amassed acolytes in droves on our island, transforming stubborn frizz to cooperative, classy coiffs.

Meanwhile, Shasha and Joy have been in Singapore for more than 5 years, providing defined yet glamorous waves and perfecting them with flawless cuts for Singaporean ladies!

If you're looking for a Korean-style cut by skillful authentic Korean stylists at an affordable price, The Space should definitely be on the top of your consideration list. 

P.S. Mia, a new Korean stylist just joined The Space Korean Hair Salon and she's pretty good with Korean style haircuts and perms as well. Read about Agent J's first Korean Perm at The Space Korean Hair Salon here.

8. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tiong Bahru / Tanjong Pagar

Flamingo Japanese Hair Studio

Price: $70 for men. $85 for women

Flamingo Hair Studio is a magic oasis in the middle of the CBD, with relaxing, minimalist Japanese decor enhanced with its own distinctive touches  in various areas like a Japanese manga collection, hairstyle illustrations, pretty potted plants and quirky jewellery. The space is ample, with more than enough room by your seat to comfortably fit in a stroller or your pet carrier. The service is excellent - espect an in-depth consultation and close attention to customer comfort. Finally, the stylists are extremely skilled, providing an beautiful, fuss-free, easy-to-maintain 'do that will last you for a good long time.

Review of Flamingo Hair Studio

9. The Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Price: From $90

Three of Singapore's favourite Japanese hair stylists came together to create a fresh new concept - Fluxus House. The hairdressing team is anchored by the legendary Chiho, a maestra at both colours and cuts who always takes into account considers trends, personality and lifestyle for a sophisticated yet easy to manage hairstyle that will take you from work to play.

She is amazing across all hair services but is MOST POPULAR for her awesome short and medium cuts that toe the line between style and personality.

Aki from S.A.D's Hair Design is known for distinctive, quirky colours and soft cuts, while Shota's  signature Lather cut adds volume to flat, limp hair even without a perm. All the stylists here have also been in Singapore for several years, meaning they are fluent in English and understand our local needs and preferences well.

Review of Fluxus Hair Salon Haircut

Want to know how an experience here is like? Follow Agent A's experience at Fluxus House here.

Haircut and Two-Toned Hair Colour at Fluxus House

10. 99 Percent Hair Studio

Price: $59

99 Percent Hair Studio may be best known for their hair colours but reviewers will tell you that their haircuts are nothing to be sniffed at. They are after all one of the first to pioneer the Wella Luxe Illuminage, a technique that incorporates both cut and hair colour for a unique face contouring style that have been highly raved recently.

One of the major reasons why 99 Percent Hair Studio is so strong in haircuts is because of their robust training regime; the stylists here set aside time every month to check on latest haircut trends and hone their cutting techniques to deliver the flow and natural styles that we demand.

As a bonus, haircuts here are at $59 for all hair length, which is already a shade cheaper than many of the salons here. Add their $50 off promotion for new customers and the haircuts here become truly irresistible .

Best Underrated Hair Salons for Haircuts Based on BU Editors' Personal Recommendations

1. S.A.D's Hair Design @ River Valley

Price: $90 (Special promo: Add $99 for a hair colour!)

Hoping to get a top-notch haircut by a Japanese stylist in absolute privacy? You must check out Mayu, Aki and Shuji from S.A.D's Hair Design. Well known for short hairstyles, Mayu utilizes the Size Balance Control philosophy to help ladies determine the optimal length to best flatter not just your facial features and even your body shape!

Shor Hairstyle and Purple Hair Colour at SAD Japanese Hair Design

Shuji, on the other hand, is preferred for long layered cuts that adds much femininity and romance to your usual hairstyle.

If you have the budget though, we'd highly recommend you to try founder Aki. Whether you're thinking of haircuts or colour, Aki is able to infuse much personality without making your hair any harder to maintain.

As quirky as he may be, many customers rave about how his cuts and colours stay in shape for MONTHS.

Did we forget to mention how there are only 3 seats in the salon - 1 in a VIP room and 2 in the main salon area? Perfect for those of you who love that extra privacy.

2. Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard

Jeric Hair Salon

Price: From $59 for men, from $70 for women

It's no wonder the media is always asking Jeric for quotes - he's a celebrity stylist with a client list that includes Coco Lee, Jolin Cai, Elva Siao, Wang Lee Hom and even Jay Chou. The man's intuition and understanding of tresses means he can envision your dream 'do even without you having to go into detail.

Having tried Jeric for ourselves, we know exactly why SO MANY customers choose to go to Jeric. Our inhouse Agent E got a taste of that when he volunteered to do a cut for her during one of our visits and look what she ended up with?

Gorgeous air bangs and trendy layered cuts that got her looking like a Korean idol in no time.

As if that wasn't enough, Jeric believes red carpet-worthy coiffs should be accessible to all, and has populated his salon with stylists he believes to be just as skilled in cuts, colours, perms and rebonding, whose welcoming, relaxed attitudes will put you right at ease.

If Jeric is out of your reach, we highly recommend Nardo as well as Milcah for amazing cuts and colours!

Ash Purple Highlights and Haircut by Jeric Salon

We recently followed yoga instructor Agent M to Jeric Salon and loved the haircut and colour Nardo did for her!

3. Yann Beyrie Salon

Yann Beyrie Hair Salon

Price: From $79

When it comes to cuts replete with high-fashion sophistication and street-style edge, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more reputable hair artist than Yann Beyrie. His establishment is done up to look like a New York art gallery, a testament to how this former creative director at Toni & Guy Singapore and his entire team treat your coiff as a masterpiece. Yann has cut hair for celebrities such as Justin TImberlake, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Vivien Westwood, in the fashion capitals of the world including Paris, London, and New York, but the hair designers under him are no slouch either, specialising in precision cutting and refined colour works.

French stylist Anthony especially makes an impression as a Master of French balayage as he impresses with his montage that blends and fades beautifully.

Having been personally mentored by Yann Beyrie himself, local hairstylists Nich, Zeff and Timen are all able to hold their own and tame even the most unruly of hair.

Want to know how a quintessential French hair experience should be like?

Follow Agent R to Yann Beyrie for her first haircut and colour at a French Salon.

French Long Haircut by Yenn Beyrie

4. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon Interior

Price: $80

Established in Japan's Ikebukuro more than 12 years ago, Art-Noise quickly rose to become the most popular salon there - not an easy feat considring that's the site of most of Tokyo’s top hair salons. Founder Shoichi Ishiyama then brought his winning formula to Melbourne, and now Singapore. Clients will enjoy premium hair products exclusively innovated by Art-Noise, a fantastically calming ambience, and top-notch service - Ishiyama-san has authorised his stylist team to do everything they deem suitable to exceed customer expectations.

And of course, a single stylist stays with you from start to end, focusing his/her total expert energies on beautifying and pampering you.

Review of Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon Haircut

All 3 stylists here - Daisuke, Yuka and Yusaku are very popular for their cut and colour so you can be sure that the results will definitely fit what you're looking for!

5. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park / Katong

COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Price: $68-$88 for men, $78-$98 for women

One of the first few Japanese Hair Salons to open in Singapore, COVO has assembled a strong team of Japanese stylists who are not just strong with haircuts and colour, they speak English fluently as well. 

That is always important with non-local stylists as communication of your preferences is a critical factor in deciding how good the haircut is afterwards. Beyond that, the stylists have been in Singapore for a number of years and so understand our preferred styles. 

The stylists here are pretty well-rounded though so you can look forward to a whole suite of services here. 

We would highly recommend you to add on a treatment here because the variety of treatments is extensive and prices are actually lower than most.

Silky and Smooth Hair Treatment by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Exclusive NOV Treatment from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Add the semi-private spaces and cool vibes and you've got the perfect salon to relax and rewind in.  Did we mention that you can even get yourself styled in a Kimono if you wish here.

Kimono Styling by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

6. Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

Price: $58 for men, $80 for women

While a good number of stylists in Singapore are flummoxed by natural waves and recommend eradicating them with straightening treatments, local guru Annie celebrates curls and loves bringing out their bouncy, beautiful best, not least because she has sassy spirals herself.

Annie credits her ability to tame various hair types and textures to considerable training and work experience in Toni & Guy UK and Singapore, as well as many top salons where she was the undisputed curl queen. 

We followed Agent C to transform her onigiri hair to something more manageable and Annie just manages to perform her magic time and time again - with just a haircut.

Curly Medium Haircut by Ann's Studio

Even if you're not that fond of your curls, Annie will still have a solution for you - in the form of Keratin Treatment.

Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair at Ann's Studio

Read on for Agent A's Keratin Treatment at Ann's Studio.

7. Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk

Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Price: From $45 for men, $55 for women

Zinc Korean Hair Salon tops Chief Editor Agent G's must-try list, not least because their Millenia Walk outlet is anchored by popular Korean stylists Rany, Rena and Nicky, the latter who gave Agent G her dream perm.  

Other than the Korean stylists who have been in Singapore for some time, we're especially fond of Elin whose amazing skill in haircuts and perms impressed us all. Her commitment to skill and quality has earned her lots of fans, making her the most popular stylist in Zinc thus far.

Aside from amazing skill, $55 here will give you one of the most gorgeous yet trendy Korean-style haircuts you can find in Singapore, making them one of our favourite value-for-money Korean salons in Singapore.

Value For Money Haircut and Perm by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Can you see why Chief Editor Agent G love Zinc Korean Hair Salon so much now?

9. Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Hoping to find stylists that toe the balance between style, edginess and femininity? You'll love the haircuts here from Be Salon. Though best known for their anti-frizz treatments, Be Salon is really really strong with easy maintainable haircuts with a twist.

It is impossible to find hairstyles here boring as the stylists make the effort to infuse style and personality with elements such as short bangs, balayage and colour - all while helping you tame your unruly hair.

Their ability to do so stems from strong haircutting skill as well as consistent training and upgrading to make sure that they keep ahead of the trends.

More importantly, they do things with heart and passion, so you know that they're truly recommending what they think is best for you - a rare quality in salons these days!

Haircut and Hidden Blue Peekaboo Hair Colour by Be Salon

Want to know what an experience here is like? Following Marketing Manager V to Be Salon @ Millenia Walk.

9. The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

Bund AMK Hair Salon

Price: $80 for men, $100 for women

Despite its enchanting all-glass exterior looking out to the gorgeous greenery of Bishan Park, architecture is not the main reason why The Bund stands out. Exclusivity and VIP treatment is key at this salon, where everything is done by the stylist from start to finish, without help from assistants.

Stylist Ricky also accepts a maximum of 7 customers a day to make sure every client gets his complete focus. That's one reason why Ricky ranks among Beauty Undercover's favourite hairstylists for precision bobs, and we personally adore his Vidal Sassoon trained A-line cuts which look perfect from every angle, and stay that way with minimal maintenance.

Though prices are definitely higher than your usual neighbourhood salon, the quality could more than rival the best of those in Orchard.

Haircut Review of Bund AMK

 10. Rubik Salon @ Outram Park

Price: $100-$120

You may not find Rubik on many top 10 rankings of hair salons but this low-profile Japanese Hair Salon is one of our favourite hidden gems to recommend friends and family, Other than its gorgeous instagrammable furnishings, the largest attraction here is the founder Teru.

While we can't say that Teru is the most loquacious of Japanese stylists, he lets his fingers do the talking...and they speak volumes. 

Ladies Haircut by Teru at Rubik Hair Salon

With over 15 years of experience, a keen eye for detail and gentle, skilful hands, Teru cuts hair like no other. Does your hair stick out at sporadic angles, or get so overly-voluminous that it becomes unmanageable? Go to him for a haircut and watch these problems disappear. This man understands hair types, and knows how to shape your unique crown so that it is effortless to maintain. 

Layered Japanese Haircut by Rubik Salon

His makeover cuts are so good that he is the top choice among fcelebrities who pay full price to get their hair done by him - no influencer discounts needed. Customers also rave about his Tokio de Sinka Volume Rebonding that makes your hair sleek but full, perfect for a wash and wear lifestyle. 

Skill aside, what we love about Teru is his patience and humility. Whether you are a celebrity, blogger or a regular customer, he treats everyone with sincerity and delivers classic omotenashi (Japanese for from-the-heart) service together with real results, making him one of our top recommended Japanese hairstylists in Singapore!

Affordable Cuts Below $50

1. Be U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

Price: $38 (Men), $48 (Ladies)

Looking for more than just a cookie-cutter haircut? Stylists at Be U Hair Design is able to completely makeover your vibe with a few tweaks to your haircut.

How do they do that? Via their Personality Hairstyles developed inhouse.

Stylish Haircut by Be U Hair Salon

Those hoping to look more authoritative at work, for example, will find the stylists recommending a shorter haircut and a darker colour to make you look more credible.

Stylish Haircut by Be U Hair Salon

Desire a bit more femininity in your style? Stylist shere recommend giving your hair a bit of a wave via haircut and shorter bangs for a sweeter youthful vibe.

If you want to turn up the sex appeal though, longer hair length along with a perm is highly recommended.

Love their systematic and logical approach towards sculpting your vibe? Don't miss their transformational haircuts that start from $48 for ladies! Agent C and her family love haircuts at Be U Hair Design so much that her whole family comes here for haircuts - and pay a premium for founder Sherlin's superior cutting technique!

Premium Haircut by Be U Hair Design

Read about Agent C's experience at Be U Hair Design here.

2. Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

Price: From $35 for men, from $40 for women

This brand new kid on the block just opened its doors in the atmospheric Chinatown Point this October, but it's helmed by two extremely respected old-hands: Director Gary Lee - previously voted among the top hairstylists in Singapore and regular judge at hair competitions - as well as Ken Chang, previously a super sought-after star stylist at Focus Hairdressing. Customers can count on skilful, stylish cuts in a Scandinavian-industrial styled salon, at an extremely value-for-money price point.

Aside from haircut though, Kudos is well known for its affordable straightening and perming treatments, such as the one Ken did for Agent K.

Long Haircut and Argan Oil Treatment by Kudos Headlines Hairdressing

If you're hoping to get hair as manageable as hers, check out her Rinka Argan Oil Treatment Perm at Kudos Hairdressing.

2. Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Price: $26 for men, $35 for women

Prices at Act Point Salon are always kept supremely reasonable: They're home to probably the cheapest high quality perm salon in town!

Despite that, expect an emphasis on customer comfort, with a policy to never hardsell, or even upsell unnecessary services. They pretty much set the industry standard for being one of the most transparent and trustworthy hair salons in Singapore. So don’t be surprised if a hairstylist at Act Point refuses to perform a specific hair service you asked for - Even if you're willing to pay top dollar, they won't do anything that will be excessively damaging to your locks, and they should know, since this establishment is known for delivering solid chemical treatments and of course, beautiful haircuts.

Haircut review at Act Point Salon

Where else can you get such affordable haircuts at below $35 in Orchard? If you have a little more budget though, we'd highly recommend you to get a cut by Master Hairstylists Bro, Ivy and Sophie as their skill is really impressive given its $45 price tag for ladies!

For more of our articles on where to go, read the following for Best Hair Colours, Best Perms and Best Hair Treatments and Best Hair Salons for Volume Rebonding as well as Best Haircuts Under $50 in Singapore.

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