7 Hairstyles to Clinch that Job Interview

Published on Mar 23, 2017

Gunning for a promotion or thinking of changing jobs?

A new haircut can go a long way in helping you secure the job you have been eyeing!

First impressions count and they count even more so in a professional setting, so make sure your hair is not getting in the way of your career with these hairstyles that will help you make a superb first impression!

1. Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts though trendy, mean business! 

Professional Short Pixie Haircut for Job Interview

Short Pixie Cut by AVENTA Hair Salon

Maybe because of its short length, it makes the wearer look more assertive and confident. 

Professional Short Pixie Haircut for Job Interview

Short Pixie Cut by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Pixie haircuts, however, may not be suitable for everyone as it really depends on your face shape and personality. 

We think its a great choice if you are interviewing for a position in a male-favoured industry or if you feel the need to show your authority as a boss or a manager at the interview.

Before and After Pixie Haircut at Flamingo

Haircut + Colour + Treatment by Flamingo Hair Studio

Aside from getting a pixie haircut, it is important to tone down your colour at the same time as it can go a long way to help you look professional. 

Don't be too adventurous though... an undercut + pixie haircut may detract from your resume and amazing personality!

2. Bob Haircut

If you're gunning for a front-facing role that requires you to look more approachable than assertive, a soft bob haircut with ash brown hair colour may be just what you need to nail the interview. 

A well-maintained and well-cut bob haircut exudes an aura of class and trustworthiness. 

Short Bob Hairstyle at COVO

Bob Haircut and Colour by COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

If your face shape allows, you can even add bangs to make yourself look a little younger. 

Bob Haircut with Bangs

Bob Haircut with Bangs by CLEO Hair & Make

For a more voluminous look, complement your bob haircut with a digital perm! 

Short Hair Perm at Art Noise

Digital Perm by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Remember not to make it too curly as straight hair is more often than not seen as professional. 

3. A-Line Lob

The edges of the A-line lob gives a good balance between assertiveness and approachability. 

Professional Short Haircut at Kenaris

A-line bob haircut by Kenaris Salon

While the shape is overall rounded, the distinct sides of the A-line bob give the impression that one is sharp, alert and not to be easily trifled with. 

Long Bob by Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis North Bridge Rd

A-line Haircut by Picasso Hair Studio

For ladies interviewing for management positions, the A-line haircut could work with your tone of voice to fully demonstrate the authority and knowledge you've gained in your past working experiences. 

A Line Haircut at Kobayashi

A-Line Haircut by Kobayashi Hair Design

The lob is also a comforting first step towards shorter hair!

Long Bob by Gene by Ginrich @ Wisma Atria

Lob Haircut by Gene by Ginrich

4. Graduated Bob

Assertive without compromising on style, the graduated bob is a shorter version of a lob. 

graduated Bob at Branche Hair Salon

Graduated Bob Cut by Branche Hair Salon

There is much greater volume and lift as the hair is cut shorter. 

Graduated Bob Cut

Graduated Bob Cut by Evolve Salon

The shorter haircut also makes one look more stylish as greater confidence is required to carry this style!

In fact, we think that this hairstyle suits our mental image of magazine editors, advertising gurus and female entrepreneurs.

Don't you think so?

A graduated bob cut, however, requires a lot of skill. So do choose your hairstylist wisely!

5. Sharp Edgy Precision Cuts

We don't often see people wearing sharp edgy geometric bobs. 

Short Edgy Precision Cut for Job Interview

Bump by AVENTA @ River Valley

But, this hairstyle can be a great cut to stand out from other applicants, particularly if you're interviewing for jobs that are a little more artistic in nature, e.g. in design!

Short Edgy Precision Cut for Job Interview

Precision Haircut by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Your need for perfection will show through with this hairstyle if the precision cut is done well. 

Short Edgy Precision Cut for Job Interview

Precision Haircut by Ricky from The Bund

6. Pixelated Hair Colour

Typically, we wouldn't recommend vibrant or crazy colours for an interview. 

Professional Pixelated Hair Colour

If executed well, though, we think that the pixelated hair colour can be a great candidate for showing off sophistication and creativity!

The precision of the pixels gives a unique feel like no other.

7. Long Dark Straight Hair

If you want to leave your hair long, go for a sleek, straight look rather than leaving it curly. 

Call it stereotyping but straight hair usually gives the impression that you're more organised, professional and successful. 

Long Sleek Hair Suitable for Job Interview

Styling by Evolve Salon for Yoyo Cao, Arissa Cheo and Kim Lim

Don't believe what we say?

Rebonding Before and After at kobayashi

Rebonding by Kobayashi Hair Design @ Far East Plaza

Just look at the before and after transformations of rebonding for ladies with curly hair. 

Don't you somehow feel that she looks more professional and put together?

Professional Perm and Haircut by Chez Vous for Job Interview

C Curl Rebonding by Chez Vous Hair Salon

You may want to add a C-curl perm at the end if you don't like your hair too straight.

Before after balayage hair colour and treatment for damaged bleached hair

Balayage Hair Colour and Keratin Treatment

For those who've bleached your hair multiple times, you can also consider going for a Keratin Treatment, a darker colour and a trim. It can go a long way to taming your tresses and prevent your hair from sabotaging your interview!

For more ideas, read this article, and for interview tips that aren't hair related, click here.

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