10 Stylist-Tested Hairstyles That Will Have you Prepped to Impress on Your Next Houseparty or Zoom Video Meeting

Published on Apr 21, 2020

Let's face it: Most of us aren't exactly glamming up to attend WFH meetings, where the dress code is Upperwear -  which according to the Urban Dictionary is an outfit you create when working online and you're only seen from the waist up.

Here is an example, modelled by Agent JT:

Upper Half Smart Clothing During Zoom Meeting Call

But if people only see half of you, why not try to make twice the impact? Whether you are having a big online presentation or that first tinder date, there are already video app filters to give you beautiful backgrounds and even my-face-but-better makeup. Singapore stylists show us some easy and classy coiffs to match. 

1. Wavy Lob

In between cuts during this circuit breaker and not sure what to do with your mid-length hair? Armed with just a curling wand or a straightening iron,  Cheyra from 99 Percent Hair Studio  shows us how you can play around with your tools and hair-parting to creata looks that go from romantic, to slick, to retro fun.

Self Hair Styling for Zoom Meeting

Cheyra experimented with over 8 different looks in the past 2 weeks. And if she can do it, so can you!

If you don't have curling or flat irons, try blowdrying your hair straight for an effortless look.

Blow Drying Hair Styling at Home for Zoom Meeting

Cheyra from 99 Percent Hair Studio

This style works very well with bangs, to give that innocent ingenue impression.

Blow Dry with Bangs for Zoom Meeting

Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Want to make a statement? Go all out with the curling tongs to make a lasting impression. And if you have dyed your hair, those generous swirls really highlight the subtleties of each hue.

Curling Hair Styling and Pink Hair Colour for Zoom Meeting

Chiho from Fluxus House @ Outram Park

The best thing about doing it yourself is you get to try different curl types, styles and sizes so you know what you like best.Once the Circuit Breaker is over, you'll be able to go to a salon of choice and know exactly what perm you want!

5-Minute Hair Styling for Zoom Meeting with Permed Hair from The Urban Aesthetics

Agent JT got her hair permed at The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics right before the Circuit Breaker period, and everything is going swimmingly.

2. Top Knot

Top Knot Hair Styling for Zoom Meeting

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Haven't washed your hair but still want your 'do to look done, without seeming like you're trying too hard for home? Learn how to toss those locks into a quick topknot! You can find countless video tutorials on YouTube taching you how get that effortless cool girl chic that requires nothing more than a hair tie and under 15 minutes to achieve lots of style mileage. 

It's also perfect for secondary school students who aren't allowed to dye their hair (but have anyway, because YOLO) as it hides most of the offending streaks from the camera and your teachers' watchful eyes.

In general, this also helps keep the hair out of your face - bonus points for both style and function.

3. Low bun

Low Bun Hair Styling for Video Call

Jenny from The Space Korean Hair Salon

If your hair is too short for a top knot, opt for a sassy low bun instead. It's even simpler to do, and looks sleeker and more mature - perfect for professional video conferences.

4. Bandana

Want something extra simple? This is for you.

Bandana Hair Styling for Video Call

Elin from Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

You literally just pull all your hair out of the way in a simple ponytail, then add instant colour and style to your face with a hairband or bandana, which you can easy get online, or from stores that remain open including Daiso, pharmacies, and even NTUC. So easy and you look professional in an instant. To push up the careless chic level, pull a few of the front locks out of the hair tie to frame your face.

To look even more put-together, you can even curl your those locks so they fall in cute waves. It will be extra easy to do since there are only two small sections to curl!

5. Hollywood Swirls

Hollywood Swirl for Zoom Video Call

Threes Japanese Hair Salon

This is a feminine hairstyle that is simple, cute and suitable for all hair lengths.

If you have previously permed your hair, all you need to do is to gently comb it and use a hairdryer to blow your hair dry. 

Hollywood Perm by 99 Percent

Celia from Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

If not, give yourself an at-home blowout with more defined curls, with a hairdryer or and a curling iron!

Blowout Hair Styling at Do My Hair

Ivy from Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

There's something about having curls that makes it look like you're super styled-up when really, you just need a few quick curls on the front sections of your hair while hiding the rest out of sight of the camera.

See Through Air Fringe with Curls for Zoom Video Call

Tiffany from Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis @ Tanjong Pagar

Feel that curls make you look a little too mature? This is the best time to try an Air Fringe since you have more time at home to do the prep.

Achieving an air fringe requires you to blowdry your bangs often and put them in curlers, for a prettily puffed-up effect. 

6. Long Straight Hair with C Curl Ends

Straight Hair with C Curl Ends and Bangs for Zoom Video Call

Elaine from Act Point Salon

Another solution for those with mid-length hair in between cuts: Blowdry it all straight after you shower to look chic and sleek, letting the ends fall in a subtle C-wave.

The clean-cut shoulder-length hair always looks so professional and put-together without making you look old. And in case you're bemoaning the lack of layers in your hair to give it more movement, this look is best achieved with medium-length hair that is the same length all over.

7. Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Hair for Busy Woman Video Call

Sophie from Act Point Salon

Are you a busy working woman who has no time to wash and style your hair every day? Get a chic chop at those many salons which remain open for haircuts!

While pixie cuts aren't maintenance-free hairstyles as they require monthly trims, their benefits include how idiot-proof they are when it comes to washing and styling. They take you almost immediately from bedroom to boardroom, and their no-nonsense nature will give you a sassy boss-lady vibe.

8. Low-Maintenance Bob

Low Maintenance Bob for Busy Woman on Zoom Meeting

Ivy from Act Point Salon

Here's another option that you can get at the hairdressers if you want to focus on working from home instead of spending time styling at home. Bobs are a classic for a reason! Anyone can pull them off and there are so many styles to choose from. The basic bob (above) makes you look both business and brunch ready.

A choppy, layered look will make you look fashionable and edgy.

Japanese Style Graduated Bob with Bangs by Fluxus House

Graduated Bob with Bangs by Fluxus House Japanese Hair Salon

If you want to switch things up at home, try using curling irons to add outward C-curls at the end of your bob for a fashion-forward hairstyle.

Short Hair with Outward C Curl Hair Styling for Zoom Call

Sherlin from Be U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

You can also go for a tapered bob that smooths down for a quintessentially Japanese look that is cute and classy.

Neat and Tidy Tapered Bob for Zoom Meeting

Asako from Flamingo Hair Studio

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