Best Hairstylists In Singapore for Curly Hair

Published on Nov 21, 2020

While perms are all the rage among straight-haired Singaporeans, there are fewer salons with expertise in celebrating natural curls. Those of us born with them are often recommended straightening for our locks, but why should that be the go-to option when there's no better time to ride our God-given waves?

Consider visiting these salons in Singapore that stand out for their work with natural curls, according to Beauty Undercover customer reviews as well as our editor assessments.

Best Hair Salons For Natural Curls In Singapore

1. Ann from Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

Ann's Studio (Previously Curly Ann)

Price: $$

Having ringlets herself, star Singaporean stylist Annie is one of those rare homegrown hairdressers who inherently understand the joys and challenges of having natural curls. Plus, her decades of experience studying and working in Toni & Guy UK, Toni&Guy Singapore as well as leading local hair establishments have given her an arsenal of cutting and treatment techniques to optimise various hair types. You can trust that she'll take all the time you need to discuss your dream hair and lifestyle, before crafting your perfect curly coiff (or straightened one, if that's what you decide you desire after the consultation).

Curly Haircut by Ann from Ann's Studio
Short Haircut for Natural Curly Hair at Ann's Studio

2. Yann and Anthony from Yann Beyrie @ Wisma Atria

Yann Beyrie

Price: $$$

This swanky salon brings the French beauty experience right to the heart of Orchard Road. Following the French philosophy of enhancing each person's unique natural features rather than following cookie-cutter trends, celebrity stylist Yann Beyrie uses his experience from top salons in Paris and London to create signature styles for every hair type and texture... especially those of you with 3C curls. 

Not many stylists in Singapore have had experience hairdressing for customers with natural curls. Hence, many are not equipped with the skills and knowledge to even start cutting or colouring. 

This is where Yann and fellow Frenchman Anthony's experiences stands out. As the majority of customers who go to them in Europe (ie. Paris, London, Spain) have natural curls, cutting and colouring hair for such customers is second nature to them. 

As Yann will share, the key in hairdressing for curls is in its shaping and sectioning. These ladies already have the benefit of gorgeous natural volume so sculpting the shape and sectioning it right will then allow the stylist to form an outline to accentuate the wearer's best features. While they are undoubtedly the most familiar with curls, both Yann and Anthony have been training the rest of the team to do the same!

3. Sham from Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Price: $$

While all the stylists at this salon are pretty stellar, for this article we want to highlight Sham Adam: One of Singapore's most beloved stylists of all time, with an insane customer retention rate of around 99%. He has a wide range of skills, but his speciality is texture control - a passion born from having to manage his own insubordinate curls as a young man. Since then, he's developed a range of techniques tailored for natural waves, from frizz control, to subtle hybrid straightening and treatment solutions for those who love their spirals but want them to be a touch more manageable and even. And of course, his cuts compliment curly hair like few others in the market.

Curly Haircut by Sham from Be Salon
Cut-Short Pixie Bob (Sham) from Be Salon

4. Takumi from Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

art noise

Price: $$$

This Singapore branch of the rave-reviewed Ikebukuro salon is also home to the incredible Takumi, with 12 years of experience in top Japanese hair establishment Neolive under his belt, and numerous Japanese actresses and models on his client list. Classifying his own hair as coarse and curly, he's spent the past decades understanding how to create minimal-maintenance 'dos from similar hair textures, using skilful cuts, or extremely natural looking rebonding services for those who prefer hair-straightening.

Hair Service For Natural Curly Hair at Art Noise
Before and After Rebonding Treatment at Art Noise

5. Stylists from Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza & Chinatown Point

Focus Hairdressing

Price: $

Focus Hairdressing is the frills-free home to some of the most honest, experienced and dedicated hairstylists on our island, who also charge among the lowest prices in Orchard and Chinatown. Founder/ stylist Marcus Kee is especially adept at cutting and - if desired - straightening curly hair, producing 'dos that are sleek, sexy and fuss-free. His entire team is also fantastic at using chemical treatments on hair that has been dyed with henna, one of the few salons that do. In addition, they use the highest quality treatment products for long lasting, hair-protecting results. 

Brown Hair Colour by Focus Hairdressing
Hair Treatment for Curly Hair by Focus Hairdressing

6. Tomo from Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

Flamingo Hair Studio

Price: $$$

The delightfully decorated Flamingo Hair Studio is the hair destination for many curly-haired girls and guys, not least because of Tomo, who has over 15 years of experience in the industry and a fantastic instinct as to how to work with waves. Never foisting her own ideas on clients, she always takes time to understand each person's ultimate hair needs and goals during the consultation session, and offers a range of options including sculpted cuts, keratin treatment to subtly smoothen curls, and of course, rebonding. We love how she understands that a coiff needs to highlight the customer's unique personality, and makes it a point to add trademark features to each 'do to really showcase you. 

Hair Treatment for Curly Hair by Tomo at Flamingo hair Studio
Haircut and Keratin Treatment For Frizzy Curly Hair by Tomo at Flamingo Hair Studio

7. Stylists from Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Novena

Picasso Hair Studio

Price: $$$

Who says those of us with natural curls can't enjoy perms? Picasso Hair Studio are fabled for being able to transform hair textures, and in fact won an award from Singapore Women’s Weekly in 2019, for developing what they call the Singapore Perm. Designed with Singapore humidity in mind, this style rebonds hair close to the crown to reduce frizz, but maintains or creates curls closer to layered hair ends, and thus maximise both movement and manageability. This is a delectable 'do for girls who are fond of their curls, but want to tone down on their puffiness or rebelliousness. Picasso stylists are also great at offering treatments which smoothen and reduce frizz, without eliminating your spirals.

 It doesn't hurt either that customers are properly pampered here with a wide drink selection, hot hand towels and even hand creams.

Perm Suitable for Singapore Humid Weather by Picasso Hair Studio
Hair Treatment For Curly Hair by Picasso Hair Studio

8. Ken and Aris from Kenaris Salon

Curly hair doesn't just plague ladies; having curls can be difficult to manage for our male counterparts as well. Fortunately, we have skilled hairstylists like Ken from Kenaris Salon who are just fabulous at keeping those damn curls in place with their fabulous men's cuts. 

Men Haircut for Curly Hair by Kenaris Salon

But if you happen to find the cuts here a little too short for your liking, don't panic.

The stylists here have an alternative option to tame your curls that is sure to keep your curls in place: keratin treatment.

Men Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair by Ken from Kenaris Hair Salon

Of course, these options don't just work for men. Aris has, through her soft cutting techniques, made it easier for ladies to manage their curls!

Short Haircut for Frizzy Hair by Kenaris Salon

9. Shun from AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link

aube salon at Marina Link

Price: $$

Like the other AUBE Japanese Hair Salon branches around the world, the one at Marina Link is also known for skilled stylists, high-quality hair products, cutting-edge equipment and affordable prices. However, this particular outlet is also beloved for its star stylist Shun. He's honed to perfection his cutting-styles for curls to best bring out their softness and bounce, and can help them approach the texture of the red-carpet ringlets worn by superstars.

Haircut For Curly Hair by Shun at AUBE Marina Link
Short Curly Haircut by Shun from AUBE Marina Link

10. Gary from Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing @ Chinatown Point

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

Price: $$

This new salon was founded by none other than Gary Lee, which media outlets previously ranked among Singapore's top stylists. With over thirty years experience in the industry, he's developed true finesse with cutting various hair types, and his Mucota Dyna treatments for gentle smoothening and relaxing of curly hair have scored him rave reviews and faithful followers.

Curly Haircut and Styling by Gary from Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

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