10 Best Japanese Hairstylists in Singapore (Updated 2021)

Published on May 06, 2021

Now that we have covered 10 Best Korean Stylists in Singapore, it's about time we moved on to the next group of fervently sought-after hair gurus: Japanese stylists. These mane-maestros from Japan have made a name for themselves thanks to their high-quality cuts, above-and-beyond customer service and surprising value for money.

Here's are our recommendations for the best Japanese hairstylists to exceed your expectations, divided into those most celebrated for:

  1. Cuts and general hair-shaping services , and
  2. Colours - Statement ones. Japanese stylists tend to focus on a natural aesthetic that incorporates subtler shades (if any) with the main purpose of complementing your cut.  However, the stylists on this second list have specifically dedicated themselves to mastering all the ways of transforming your hair into the most amazing hues while bringing out texture and shine.


1. Kazuki Tamura from Aube Japanese Hair Salon

Best Known For Haircut, Digital Perm

Price: $70 (Haircut), Digital Perm ($170)

Want a professional and stylish haircut that looks good from ALL angles?

You can't go wrong with Kazuki Tamura. 

Tokio Inkarami at Aube Japanese Hair Salon

Having been endorsed as a top stylist back in Japan and spent years in London training within Vidal Sassoon, it comes as no surprise to find that Kazuki's technical skill is among the best we've seen in Singapore.  Almost everyone who has gotten a haircut by him comes back for more because his haircuts look good from every angle, and are easily maintainable. He attentively listens to your hair preferences to compose a hairstyle design that best suits your needs, even if your hair has previously been called 'challenging' to cut.

Best Japanese haircut technique for short hair by Kazuki at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

With his skill widely recognized in the industry, Kazuki has been invited to a number of hair seminars and hair shows. Despite his numerous achievements and rising popularity, he hasn't yet increased prices for his super sought-after haircut and perm services. 

Long Haircut and Perm by Kazuki at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Want to know what you can expect when you visit Tamura? Click here to find out!

2. Teru from Rubik Salon

Best Known For Haircut, Volume Rebonding

Price: $120 (Haircut), $350 (Rebonding) *Rubik has promotions occasionally

While we can't say that Teru is the most loquacious of Japanese stylists, he lets his fingers do the talking...and they speak volumes. 

Teru from Rubik Salon

With over 15 years of experience, a keen eye for detail and gentle, skilful hands, Teru cuts hair like no other. Does your hair stick out at sporadic angles, or get so overly-voluminous that it becomes unmanageable? Go to him for a haircut and watch these problems disappear. This man understands hair types, and knows how to shape your unique crown so that it is effortless to maintain. 

Layered Long Haircut by Teru from Rubik Salon

His makeover cuts are so good that he is the top choice among celebrities who pay full price to get their hair done by him - no influencer discounts needed. Customers also rave about his Tokio de Sinka Volume Rebonding that makes your hair sleek but full, perfect for a wash and wear lifestyle. 

Skill aside, what we love about Teru is his patience and humility. Whether you are a celebrity, blogger or a regular customer, he treats everyone with sincerity and delivers classic omotenashi (Japanese for from-the-heart) service together with real results, making him one of our top recommended Japanese hairstylists in Singapore!

3. Shun Sakurai from Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty

Best Known For Haircut, Perms

Price: $90 (Haircut), $280 (Perm)

Shunsuke Sakurai's achievements have been nothing short of astounding. He has won numerous hair competitions in Japan, styled for top brands such as Chanel and in Singapore, paraded his prowess in various hair shows and seminars, and advanced to the position of Top Stylist in Kizuki+LIM quickly. Haircare manufacturers from all over scrabble to secure him as their ambassador.

Shun Sakurai

Shun Sakurai (middle)

And it's not just high-profile hair projects that get Shun's full attention - Every client can expect Shun listen patiently to their hair woes and expectations to create a hairstyle tailored to their needs.  No matter what hair type you have or how bad your previous haircut was, Shun will design a new style for you that is a pure compliment magnet. 

Clean Short Bob by Shun Sakurai

Although best known for his haircuts, his continued varacious research on latest hair technologies has also made him an expert on various types of perms and hair-straightening procedures. Having experimented with most brands available in the market, Shun knows the strengths and weaknesses of just about every perm product out there and is able to capitalise on their strengths to customise the curling process for each customer. Combine that with his strength in haircuts, and you can be sure of a divine do. 

Trendy Japanese Perm by Shun Sakurai

4. Marco from Hair Studio Flamingo

Best Known For Haircut, Straightening

Price: $90 (Haircut), $230 (Digital Perm)

One of the first Japanese hairstylists to establish himself in Singapore, Marco is one of a kind. 

Marco from Flamingo Hair Studio

Having worked at top salons in Tokyo and Vancouver handling a variety of international hair types, you can trust that he will be able to offer you the perfect hair options to manage your particular tresses.

Natural Shoulder Length Haircut by Marco from Flamingo Hair Studio

Although haircuts are his specialisation, Ryu is also a font of knowledge in the use of straightening creams and keratin treatments to subdue even the most rebellious locks. 

Perm with Bangs by Marco from Flamingo Hair Studio

Plus, consultation is a breeze with Ryu due to his excellent command of English. Expect him to proactively recommend the best hairstyle based on your preferences, lifestyl and face shape; and for him to engage you in a thorough, informative discussion before proceeding with the hair service. 

He doesn't chat frivolously though, so if you love your quiet time at the salon, he's your guy. 

5. Kenta from Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela

Best Known For Haircut, Perms

Price: $90 (Haircut), $230 (Design Perm)

Numbering among the most hardworking and proactive hairstylists we've seen, the charismatic Kenta almost always leaves an overwhelmingly positive impression on his clients, which range from working professionals to CEOs and beauty queens.

Kento from Michaela Tokyo Hair Salon

He is confident, friendly and a master of the mane, especially when providing haircuts and perms to ensure both va-va-voom volume and marvelous manageability.

Digital Perm by Kenta from Michaela Tokyo Hair Salon

Digital Perm by Kenta

His loyal customers know they're getting quality styling from Kenta, who after all boasts 10 years of experience at top hair salon Minx in Japan. 

Digital Perm by Kenta from Michaela Tokyo Hair Salon

6. Koichi from WhiteTree Japanese Hair Salon

Best Known For Haircut, Colours

Price: $90 (Director Haircut), $130 (Colour), $70 (Bikami Menu: Trim + Head spa + Tea)

Koichi from Whitetree Hair Salon

Ever wished that your hair could be more voluminous but balk at damaging your hair through perms? Koichi established a reputation for his proprietary lather + New York hybrid dry cut that somehow manages to volumize hair without needing a perm. Customers rave about how his haircut looks as good at home as at the salon as the dry cut creates a style that lets you #wakeuplikethis.

Pair it with WhiteTree's signature low-damage floral hair colours and you'll be amazed at how much of a transformation Koichi is able to create for you.

#moneysavingtip: WhiteTree Japanese Hair Salon has introduced a new Bikami menu where you can get your hair trimmed, an express head spa and afternoon tea at just $70 - a relatively low price to start off your Japanese hair experience!

7. Shuhei Suzuki from Twist Hair Salon

Best Known For Haircut, Colour and Perm

Price: $85 (Haircut), $135 (Cut and colour)

You may not see Shuhei in magazines but this underrated Japanese stylist has earned a huge following thanks to his great skill in haircuts and colour. Look at the shape of the cut, placement of highlights or choice of colour tone and you’ll know why so many customers go to him. Whether it is the first time or the 20th time you’ve gone to him, Shuhei is able to consistently give customers the effortlessly stylish hair they’re looking for – something he attributes to his systematic hairdressing philosophy. He places a lot of emphasis on sectioning and angles to achieve a foundational cut and will doublecheck, triplecheck the desired length and thickness to ensure that he gives customers exactly what they like. The result? A low-maintenance refined hairstyle that will last you for months. We’re particularly in love with his ladies’ bob cuts and layered cuts that look amazing.

That is why you’ll see many reviews (on Google and elsewhere) talking about Shuhei’s amazing cuts. He builds on his cuts with placement of highlights that brings out the best of your features. Not satisfied with his progress, he is always researching on new techniques, making him one of the first to use airtouch balayage for natural hair colours in Singapore.

8. Hidero from Beauty Emporium from The Urban Aesthetics

Best Known For Haircut, Colours

Price: $79 (Director Haircut), $149 (Colour)

Having trained hairstylists around the world on the latest hair techniques and working on the legendary locks of Hollywood A-listers (including Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City) Hidero is far from your average hairstylist.

Hidero at Beauty Emporium from the Urban Aesthetic

His previous experiences in Japan, New York and Taiwan - as both an educator and stylist working at famed salons such as Gil Ferrer and Peter Cooper - have more than equipped him with the skills to serve the spectrum of hair types and textures; ranging from flatter, limper Asian hair to exuberant African-textured locks.

It's no wonder this master's techniques are envied and emulated by stylists from all over Asia. 

Customers especially rave about how his cuts balance providing bounce and movement with supreme manageability.

He is also an expert on placing highlights in just the right areas to best flatter your face shape. Click here to read how Hidero accentuated Agent PL's natural curls with a cut and colour for a true transformation.

P.S. Hidero is also SUPER SUPER nice, so ask him anything and he will be more than happy to share his knowledge. 

9. Ryo from Branche Hair Salon

Best Known For Haircuts, Hair Colours

Price: $120 (Haircut), $250 (Colour)

Best Japanese Stylist Ryo from Branche Salon

Ryo hasn't just got solid styling technique, but also those rare soft skills that help him quickly catch on to whether clients need him to be a conversation partner (he's a fantastic listening ear) or prefer a peaceful pampering experience. He radiates attentiveness and amiability without ever crossing into invasiveness.

Colour and Cut by Ryo from Branche Hair Salon

Although super-skilled in various hair services, we are most impressed with his haircuts and digital perms. He has the unique ability to make customers’ faces appear instantly more slender with carefully designed fringe cuts and seamless hairstyle designs. It's no surprise that his customers almost always go from first-time to faithful. 

Long Hair Perm by Ryo from Branche Hair Salon

10. Natsumi from COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Keong Saik

Best Known For Haircut, Colour, Styling

Price: $220 (Haircut and Argan Hair Colour)

Natsumi from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Natsumi spans a spectrum of beauty services - not only does she style hair, she is also the salon's makeup artist. As someone who adores travel and adventure, she has traversed hair salons in countires like Japan, Canada, Australia and Singapore. This means she's got tips and tricks for almost all hair textures and types, ranging from fine light strands to dense dark locks. Even girls with intense curls rave about her haircuts - something quite rare in predominantly flat-haired Singapore.

Shoulder Length Haircut by Natsumi from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

This is a stylist that is well-beloved for creating easy-to-maintain hairstyles that play up your youthfulness. 

Haircut and Treatment by Natsumi from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

11. Sara from COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

Best Known For Haircut, Colour, Kimono Styling

Price: $220 (Haircut and Argan Hair Colour)

Best Stylist Sara from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

With extensive training in Vidal Sassoon, we think that ther specialty is in haircuts - easily manageable ones that can last for months. But if you ever feel like dressing up in kimono for a day, you'd also be glad to know that Sara also has professional certification styling for Kimonos back in Japan!

Kimono Styling by Sara from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Kimono Styling by Sara

12. Daisuke from Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Best Known For Perm, Colours

Price: $80 (Haircut), $130 (One Colour wo Bleach)

Best Japanese Stylist Daisuke from Art Noise Hair Salon

Daisuke may radiate playful beach boy vibes, but this seriously superior stylist has won high-profile hair competitions such as Ra Shisa, and served as the hair genius behind various prominent fashion shoots. He firmly believes in the power of pure haircutting, and is able to create volume using his scissors alone instead of topping up chemical treatments, while also ensuring that your locks remain manageable.

Bob Haircut and Brown Hair Colour by Daisuke from Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Cut and colour by Daisuke

Daisuke is also a great conversation partner, with fluent English and fun stories from his stints in Auckland and Sydney. You can also talk to him about his culinary adventures because he's a dedicated foodie.

13. Shobu from Finder by COVO

Best Known For Haircuts, Colours, Perm

Price: $98 (Haircut), $130 (One Colour wo Bleach)

Shobu from Finder by COVO

Shobu is one of the few stylists in Singapore who have been to Vidal Sassoon UK to complete their intensive 2-year training course. He's also put that illustrious learning to good use, working in salons as far as France, the UK and the US. 

Cool Short Haircut by Shobu from Finder by COVO

All this is testament to his intense dedication to the craft. Even for the most seemingly basic haircut, Shobu always ensures his work looks good from every angle and in every stage of movement, often assisted by his careful colouring techniques.

Trendy Shoulder Length Haircut by Shobu from Finder by COVO

With such rare passion and talent, customers are never disappointed.


1. So-ne from ROOM Japanese Hair Salon

Best Known For Colours, Haircut

Price: $75 (Haircut), $120 (One Colour wo Bleach)

Sone from Room Japanese Hair Salon

While the above stylists use colour to accentuate cuts, the highly talented So-ne is happy to make the shade the unabashed focus. Of course, this unconventional master - inspired by latest Caucasian hair trends - is also a guru at applying western haircut techniques to give Asian hair serious style, all of which scored him a Gold award in a haircut competition (where he was among the top 5 of over 10,000 stylists in the Kanto region). But that's not what we're highlighting today.

Hair Colour Gradation by Sone from Room Japanese Hair Salon

Instead, we want to specifically showcase his brilliance in the most vibrant hair hues, with smooth-as-butter colour gradations that so many Singaporeans have fallen in love with. But it isn't just bright hair colours he's good at; for those looking for work-friendly colours, his grey ash ombre and unique lavender browns are simply gorgeous.

Brown Lavender by Shobu from Room Japanese Hair Salon

Take a quick peek at So-ne's hair works, and you will agree that his colour creations are gallery-worthy, or at least, extremely insta-worthy.

2. Chiho from FLUXUS Japanese Hair Salon

Best Known For Colours, Haircut

Price: $170 (Haircut), $95 (One Colour wo Bleach)

This girl walks the talk. Modeling a different look every day, Chiho is the fashionista among the stylists at AVENTA.

Best Japanese Stylist Chiho from Fluxus House

And as she is versatile in her own style, so is she in her skills. Other than mastering multiple hair services, Chiho was also one of the first Japanese stylists in Singapore to experiment with vibrant hair colours.

Straight and Long Red Hair Colour by Chiho from Fluxus House

This results in looks that are consistently on trend as she continually introduces new, exciting ideas to customers. And she's not only good with psychedelic colours either. 

Subtle Purple Colour by Chiho from Fluxus House

Due to her experience in previous hair salons in Ginza, Aoyama and Kamakura, customizing colours based on a customer’s daily requirements- plus their face and body shapes - comes very naturally to Chiho. She knows to bring out the best of each customer’s features even with more subtle hues or highlights.

Brown Highlights by Chiho from Fluxus House

And yes, her haircuts are very popular as well. With her training in Vidal Sassoon London, it's no wonder customers find her cuts the perfect balance of flattering and fuss-free.

Fuss Free Short Haircut by Chiho from Fluxus House

Add her cool personality to the mix and you have the first Japanese stylist to attain the Top Stylist title in AVENTA. Interested? A word to the wise: Her appointment book continues to be the first in the salon to fill up, so make sure you book well in advance!

3. Ken from Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Ken from Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Best Known For Colours

Price: $80 (Haircut), $90 (One Colour)

Want your hair done by the same stylist who coloured famous artists' crowning glory?

Ken is your guy! Previously the Top Stylist from Ism Hair in Tokyo, he was the top choice for numerous Japanese stars who love how he adds instant class and style to tresses.

Red Brown Hair Colour by Ken from Threes Japanese Hair Salon
Lavender Hair Colour by Ken from Threes Japanese Hair Salon
Brown Hair Colour by Ken from Threes Japanese Hair Salon

With his understanding of various colouring techniques to create combinations that toe the line between natural and high-impact, rest assured that he can make you look like a star. He has just recently arrived from Japan (and his English is still slightly raw), so he's still not as popular as we believe he will soon be, so book quickly, for fresh, funky Japanese celebrity style straight from the source.

4. Kouhei Hamada from AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Best Known For Colours

Price: $95-$120 (colour), $70 (cut)

Kouhei Hamada from AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Kouhei is one of the few Japanese stylists we'd recommend for truly bold, bright colours. He worked as a hair colourist for half a decade in a top salon in Japan and is skilled with Hollywood-style Balayage, gradation, pixelated hair colour, colour blocking and 3D hair colour....just to name a few of the colouring techniques he has mastered.

Lavender Hair Colour by Kouhei from AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Just feast your eyes on this effortlessly beautiful Balayage by Kouhei

Balayage Brown by Kouhei from AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

5. Daisuke from HaLu Hair Design @ River Valley

Best Known For Colours, Haircut

Price: From $95 (colour), $65 (cut)

Daisuke from Bump by AVENTA

The 2nd prize winner for Nagano Hair Design competition 2 years in a row, Daisuke also scores big on customer rankings and was the most popular stylist at his previous salon in Singapore. Whether it comes to haircuts or hair colours, customers are usually so satisfied with Daisuke's prowess that they recommend everyone from their mates to their moms to this guy for makeovers!

Purple Hair Colour by Daisuke from Bump by AVENTA

After all, he is a colourist in a class of his own - see how his techniques add fascinating dimension to even a classic ash-brown.

Brown Hair Colour by Daisuke from Bump by AVENTA

6. Erika from Risel Japanese Hair Salon

Best Known For Colours, Haircut

Price: $65 (Haircut), $95 (One Colour wo Bleach)

Erika from Risel Japanese Hair Salon
Work Friendly Hair Colour by Erika from Risel Japanese Hair Salon

Preferring to make her clients' hair colour stand out while minimizing damage, Erika came up with a technique to lighten only hair ends to create contrast - graduation bleach.

Work Friendly Hair Colour by Erika from Risel Japanese Hair Salon

If you crave stylish yet work-friendly shades like the above you'll be hard pressed to find anyone better than Erika... at a price starting from $95.

Work Friendly Hair Colour by Erika from Risel Japanese Hair Salon

8. Hajime from Finder by COVO

Best Known For Colours, Haircut

Price: From $98 (cut), From $130 (colour)

Hajime's love for anime was the perfect motivation for him to hone his skills in adventurous hair hues.

Who needs cosplay wigs when this savant can recreate the exact shades of Nanami's plush pink hair, Ichigo's orange mane and Naruto's creamy strawberry mop?

Of course, he is also popular for unique haircuts that don't require additional styling. So it's really no surprise to us that he was awarded the Excellence award in a hairdressing competition in Japan's Kanto area. For precise and perfect colour, he's one of the best in the business.

Ready to enter the world of Japanese hairdressing yet? Let the above stylists be the ones to say 'Yokoso' as you embark on this new journey.

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