Best Korean Stylists in Singapore (Updated 2021)

Published on Jul 22, 2021

We love Korean salons for their quality products, service and ambience. But of course, the one thing to trump them all when it comes to picking a haven for your hair is pure stylist skill. Here, we share our favourite Korean hairstylists in Singapore - whether based in fancy salons or frill-free ones, every single one of these gurus can transform your tresses into those befitting a Hallyu star.

1. Joel Park from Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Ngee Ann City

Best Known For: Low-Damage Korean Digital Setting Perms

Joel Park from Pro Trim Korean Salon

Joel's one of the most sought-after stylists in Singapore thanks to his expertise in haircuts and perms. Having worked in top salons in Korea and Singapore, he knows how to best flatter your features.

Soft Natural Curl Perm by Joel Park at Pro Trim

After experiencing Joel's perm for herself, Agent G can confidently assure you that Joel's skill is top-notch; he knows just where to cut and add the curls to give you the soft natural look you're looking for. 

Perm by Joel Park at Pro Trim

Perm by Joel Park

Don't take our word for it either -  this master of the mane has serious qualifications, having finished among the top 3 in a nationwide haircut competition organized by the Korean KCBA Association for Hair and Beauty.

Perm by Joel Park at Pro Trim

Perm by Joel Park

But perhaps what we love best about Joel is how his cuts complement not just your face, but your lifestyle. Always creating new perm styles with newer perm lotions, Joel will definitely be able to find the right perm to suit your needs. 

Do however note that Joel's schedule is usually very full. It is not surprising for customers who have had an appointment to wait for quite a bit as he may be attending to a few customers at one time. Hence, be prepared to empty your schedule to get your hair done by this hair maestro. 

2. Jun Park from LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Best Known For: Bob Haircuts

Jun Park from Leekaja Korean Hair Salon

Jun may be young but this highly talented stylist is the ONLY young hairstylist we know that has a Vidal Sassoon instructor qualification. This means he has cut the hair of over 1500 models and passed 8 stringent tests, proving not just his dedication, but his pure prowess with hair. Also, having worked in Canada, Korea and now Singapore, he is more than comfortable with handling various different hair types and textures.

Shoulder Length Lob Haircut by Jun Park at Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Natural lob by Jun

People who have gotten their hair cut by Jun almost never cheat on him with another stylist, because he is so precise. Your cut won't just be customised for your face shape, bone structure and lifestyle, but also your neck and collarbones so that your do won't miss out on highlighting any off your fabulous features. So much thought goes into each snip that you're bound to see and feel the difference.

Digital Perm by Soobin at MODE Studio

Choppy bob by Jun

Although his precision haircuts are what Jun is best known for, he is also skilled in providing perms and colours, having worked in top salons in Gangnam and Suwon to perfect this craft.

Balayage at Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Balayage Colour by Jun

3. Rina from  LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Best Known For: Volume Rebonding, Magic Perms

Rina from Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Another stylist that perm pundits swear by is top stylist Rina Kil. A sorceress when it comes to volume rebonding and creating curls, Rina has a collection of signature rebonding perms that are venerated even among fellow hairstylists.

Natural Perm at Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

_Volume Rebonding by Rina_

With over 2 decades of providing what we feel are the most beautiful and durable hair-texturing treatments in the scene, she's accumulated an impressive base of fiercely loyal clients, notably in the male and Caucasian demographics in Singapore. You don't have to tell her what to do; just let her know your preference and she is very likely going to be able to EXACTLY what you want at the end of the service. 

Shoulder Length Perm at Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

_Perm by Rina_

What you'll love about Rina isn't just her incredible skill but also a vibe that tells you that she is someone larger-than-life. Smart, well-travelled and insightful, Rina is one stylist with many stories to share. Every visit is therefore a fun experience as you get to hear about her adventures in life. 

Natural Perm at Leekaja Korean Hair Salon

_Perm by Rina_

Definitely one of our most recommended Korean stylists, especially if you don't want to do the brainwork to think about what hairstyle best suits you!

4. Lee Han from The Space Korean Hair Salon @ The Cathay

Best Known For: Rebonding Perms

Lee Han from The Space Korean Hair Salon

If you know anything about Korean perms in Singapore, you might've heard of Lee Han, aka the perm perfectionist. After he's worked on your crown, expect every loop to come out flawless because he mixes and matches curl-types and even perm lotions based on each customer's particular locks.

Perm by Lee Han at The Space Korean Hair Salon

_Perm by Lee Han_

If you want to go for a romantic look, he'll suggest a perm with slightly more curls to bring out your inner princess.

Rebonding Perm at The Space Korean Hair Salon

Rebonding perm by Lee Han

If not, he may combine straightening with perm to give you the soft sleekness that is so often seen on Korean dramas and idols.

His mixologist-level of skill in combining different lotions allows him to even curl extremely fine or coarse tresses, providing both style and hair protection!

Digital Perm by Lee Han at The Space Korean Hair Salon

Digital perm by Lee Han

His many years of experience crafting hair for ladies in Singapore have also given him a strong understanding of what we Singapore ladies are looking for, making him a popular choice for many of us perm connoisseurs.

5. Soobin from MODE Studio @ Wheelock Place

Best Known For: Digital Perms, Haircut

Soobin from MODE Studio

While many stylists can prescribe attractive looks for healthy hair, few can detect and diagnose hair issues and prescribe the perfect style that works with those concerns. Thankfully, with over twenty years in the hairdressing industry and a great command of English, Soobin is one coiffeur who can.

She credits her continuous training for helping her keep ahead of trends in the industry. Before COVID-19, Soobin makes sure to attend hairdressing courses in the the UK at Vidal Sassoon to make sure that she remains the best. 

Digital Perm by Soobin at MODE Studio

Digital perm by Soobin

Thanks to her incredible skill, Soobin is able to craft customised dos based on each client's particular peeves and preferences, which might explain why she has a customer retention rate of at least 90 percent. 

Digital Perm by Soobin at MODE Studio

Digital perm by Soobin

We're not just talking about Singapore society either - customers from as far as Indonesia, Australia and America have been known to intentionally plan stopovers here to get their shot of Soobin-styling. For us who are just an MRT ride away, there really aren't many good reasons not to sample her skill.

An amazing stylist who is truly passionate about what she does, this is one gem of a Korean stylist we'd travel to the ends of Singapore for. 

6. Catherine from LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Best Known For: Romantic Perms

Catherine from Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

If you want romantic curls worthy of a K-Drama heroine, Catherine may be your best bet.

Korean Perm at Leekaja Korean Hair Salon

Korean Perm by Catherine

After all, she was one of the highly sought-after stylists in O-Rang - a salon in Korea that is famed for their celeb-worthy digital perms -and has continued proving herself to perm-pundits in Singapore, with over two decades of experience perfecting her signature long, layered swirls.

C Curl Perm by Catherine at Leekaja Korean Hair Salon

C Curl Perm by Catherine

We're particularly in love with her big wave perms that brilliantly adds Romance with a capital R. 

7. Lala Han from Style NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Parkway Parade

Best Known For: Perms, Colouring, Contouring Haircuts

Lala Han from Style NA Korean Hair Salon

Fun, friendly and highly skillful, Lala is a stylist Joel Park waited for years to bring to Singapore. 

Take a look at her works and you'll understand why; beyond her award-winning haircuts and perms, Lala is amazing with creative colours inspired from latest Kpop trends that is sure to get you that heart on IG. 

Galaxy Hair Colour at Style NA Korean Hair Salon

Colour by Lala Han

She doesn't just do perms and colour well individually but is able to combine both colour and perm to give you the #wokeuplikethis look that you see on Korean dramas. 

Her raw talent and sense of aesthetics make her almost unparalleled among younger Korean stylists in Singapore. Skill aside though, it is easy to fall in love with Lala; as her command of English is very good, Lala feels like our new best friend as we talk to her about Korean dramas, food, travel... anything under the sun. 

A Korean stylist you absolutely must try in the East!

8. Rany from Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk

Best Known For: Long Lasting Rebonding Perms

Rani from Zinc Korean Hair Salon

The first unni to introduce us to perms, Rany is one of our favourite Korean stylists to go to. Back in the times when we could go to Zinc Salon without mask, you would have seen her smile and experienced her characteristic Korean hospitality welcoming you to the salon.

As Rany has been in Singapore for a long time, this hospitality is peppered with lots of Singlish and local flavours that somehow still feel like home. Beyond the fact that miscommunication is never a problem, Rany knows exactly what we are looking for in a hairstyle to give you that va-va-voom while making it easy for you to manage.

Layered perm by Rany

This is a reason why she is amazing with straightening perms that helps to straighten the top, giving you curls that look amazing the moment you wake up in the morning. Most importantly, they can last for more than 6 months!

C Curl perm by Rany

She isn't just great with perms though. Her time in Singapore has also seen her push the boundaries of colour to give customers gorgeous colours. 

Can you see why we're so in love with her now?

9. Vicky from MODE Studio @ Wheelock Place

Best Known For: Volume Rebonding

Vicky from MODE Studio

Humble Vicky personally likes to keep a low profile, but this is one stylist who have coiffured for Korean and local celebrities alike. 

Whether you're thinking of a layered cut to better contour your face

or volume rebonding to add sophistication and easy manageability, this is one hairdresser that helps you achieve your dream hair with style. 

Her skill may be the reason why you go to her first but her genuine care for you and willingness to go the extra mile are reasons why so many of us stick to her for years. 

10. Yuna from Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Best Known For: Haircuts, Glamorous Perms

Yuna from Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Yuna may not be working in Orchard but raving reviews for her gorgeous perms, colours and haircuts have reached our ears all the way from Jurong! 

C Curl Perm at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

C Curl Perm by Yuna

Thanks to her training back in Park Jun Beauty Lab, Yuna is very strong in haircuts. This sets the foundation for perms that contour the face and create curls that doesn't require much maintenance at all!

Balayage Hair Colour at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Balayage hair colour by Yuna

Not satisfied with what she learned in Korea, Yuna makes the effort to keep ahead of Hollywood trends and has even picked up balayage hair colouring from her Singapore counterparts to achieve the glamorous colour and curls we clamour for in Singapore.

Her strong sense of aesthetics and ability to grasp what customers want has thus far made her a highly popular Korean stylist in the West!

11. Jenny from Style NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Compass One

Best Known For: Haircuts, Perms

Jenny from Style NA Korean Hair Salon

Another outstanding stylist we found hiding along the purple line is Jenny from Style NA Korean Salon. We've followed her around Singapore now - previously from a Korean Salon in Jurong, we tracked her to town and now to Compass One, Jenny is a Korean stylist we've heard many many raving reviews about. 

No, she doesn't appear in magazines or anything like that but truly gives her heart to every single one of her customers, making each and every experience a memorable one. More importantly, this is one stylist who has styled many contestants from Miss Korea - having worked at top salons such as Shely Hair Salon back in the land of perms. So you can be sure that your hair will turn out gorgeous, like this. 

Affordable Korean Perm at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

We're still most in love with her perms but if you don't have the budget (or the hair condition) to go for a perm, you'll be glad to know that a simple layered cut and colour by her can transform your hair a great deal. 

If you haven't been to a Korean stylist, Jenny is definitely someone we'd highly recommend for a great first visit. 

12. Mari from Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Causeway Point

Best Known For: Trending Korean Colours, Perms

Mari from Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

You might have heard people say "What's there to look forward to in the North? It's so far anyway..." Well, we'll give you something!

Mari is your guidebook for everything about Korean hair. If you want to follow the hottest styles or having matching hairstyles as your favourite idols, trust her to know what's up and trending. She's also great at hair treatment, so rest assured that you'll be able to look stunning without doing too much damage to your hair. Even if you have a sensitive scalp, she'll be able to solve your problems.

Want to look like IU from her "Palette" era? 

Two-toned Red Hair Colour at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Or were you a bigger fan of Blue-ming? 

Blue Hair Colour at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Either way, if trendy is your thing, Mari's got you and your hair covered!

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