Best Non-Korean Stylists To Try For Perms in Singapore

Published on Oct 04, 2020

It seems everywhere you turn these days, more and more brands and styles inspired by the K-pop, K-drama, K-culture keeps on popping up.

The Korean Wave (also know as Hallyu) is commonly used to describe the global rise in popularity of South Korean culture, including their uber successful K-pop bands (BTS anyone?), K-Dramas and Movies (Still traumatised by Parasite). So it would only be natural that Korean-influenced fashion, makeup, and hair trends would dominate the fashion and entertainment industry, especially here in Singapore.

Yet sometimes riding that Korean Wave can get a little (ahem) repetitive and for some, feel overhyped. If you're looking for alternative styles or if Korean stylists are not really your cup of tea, here are some fantastic stylists from beyond Korean shores who are just as capable of delivering fantastic perms.

1. Daisuke from Bump Japanese Hair Salon @ River Valley

Daisuke from Bump Japanese Hair Design

Looking for more of a Japanese vibe in your perms? Don't miss Daisuke, one of our favourite Japanese stylists for natural, fuss-free perms.

Natural Japanese Perm by Daisuke at Bump Hair Design

HIs perms give you those loose waves that add volume and personality without making you look mature.

Care Perm by Daisuke from Bump Hair Design

Care Perm by Daisuke

And guess what, the entire process takes only 2 hours.. with very low damage to your hair.

Low Damage Japanese Perm by Daisuke from Bump Hair Design

The price is also among the lowest! 

Care Perm for Shoulder Length Hair by Daisuke from Bump Hair Design

Care Perm at Bump River Valley

For anyone looking to do a perm for the first time, Daisuke comes highly recommended. 

2. Elin from Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

Elin from Koinonia Salon

Hailing from Taiwan, hairstylist Elin from Koinonia Salon is another fantastic option for ladies looking to be ahead in perm trends.

Korean Hippie Perm by Elin from Koinonia Salon

Among the first to experiment with perm styles in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, Elin is not a stylist afraid of adding curls to your hair.

Chic Short Hair Perm by Elin from Koinonia Salon

In fact, she use the curls abundantly to make you look younger, fresher and more kawaii.

Cute Short Hair Perm by Elin from Koinonia Salon

Images above courtesy of Koinonia Salon

Although there are similarities with that of Ayako, we find Elin's style leaning towards the feminine and romantic while Ayako towards the avant garde.

3. Emiko from Room Japanese Hair Salon @ Amoy St

Emiko from Room Japanese Salon

Want a more work-friendly Japanese perm, consider Emiko. Having been in Singapore for the past 5 years, she has mastered the art of creating perms that makes one look feminine and professional at the same time. 

Low Damage Advante Perm by Emiko from Room Japanese Hair Salon

Advante Perm at Room Japanese Hair Salon

Very importantly, her hairstyles are flattering and very easy to manage on a day to day basis. 

Low Maintenance Perm by Emiko from Room Japanese Hair Salon

Images above courtesy of Room Japanese Hair Salon

For those looking for a hairstyle you're confident will help you take off at work,  Emiko should definitely be on your consideration list. 

4. Jeremy from Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Tanjong Pagar

Jeremy (Master Trainer) from Picasso Hair Studio

Don't dismiss Jeremy because of his youthful looks.

This is a stylist who has over 11 years of experience and is often known as the  "Perm Master”.

HairPerm-S Curls (Jeremy) at Picasso Hair Studio

In fact, the number of ladies he has permed for tops 600 ladies in a year!

S Curl Perm by Jeremy from Picasso Hair Studio

Mentored directly under Jesly, a veteran Perm Extraordinaire, Jeremy specializes in the Singapore Perm.

Volume Perm (Jeremy) from Picasso Hair Studio

Images above courtesy of Picasso Hair Studio

The Singapore Perm is neither Korean nor Japanese in style, but is instead formulated to withstand local humidity, provide volume and reduce frizz.

Give it a shot if you are keen to try out something new!

5. Bro from Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Bro (Salon Manager) from Act Point Salon

A go-to stylist for Agent G, Bro knows exactly how we Singaporean girls love our hair and therefore, spends all his free time thinking about how to cut and where to curl hair to achieve the perfect perm. 

Singapore Perm by Bro from Act Point Salon

He doesn't make the curls too tight but obsesses over all the small details to make sure you get the loose waves you want.. for MONTHS. 

Shoulder Length Perm by Bro from Act Point Salon

That's possibly the reason why so many (beautiful) women look for the honest and down-to-earth Bro for their annual / semi-annual perms!

Long Hair Perm by Bro from Act Point Salon

6. Danson from 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok

Danson (Leading Stylist and Makeup Artist) from 99 Percent

Another favourite of ours is Danson from 99 Percent Hair Studio. While he has consistently delivered gorgeous hair colours and styling, his underrated perming skills are not to be overlooked.

Colour-Dark mocha brown _Perm (Danson)

Thanks to consistent training in Korea and Taiwan, Danson is able to deliver curls with new skills and techniques on your next perm sesh.

Perm_Colour_Cut (Danson)

Images above courtesy of 99 Percent Hair Studio

More than requiring the perms to be curly, he places the curls at just the right places to boost your volume and your style.

He'll even design the hairstyle to help you look younger, slimmer, fairer (whatever you wish), so talk to him and you'll find him extremely helpful in achieving your desired hairstyle with a combination of services.

7. Darren from Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Darren from Be Salon

When you're talking about perms, there is one salon you absolutely cannot miss out... and it's Be Salon!

Perm (Darren)

Always pushing the boundaries of change, Be Salon is one of the first to combine the use of different perm lotions and at times, even keratin treatments to give even customers with damaged hair a new lease of life. 

Perm-AirWAve (Darren)

Who should you look for in Be Salon then? Truth be told, there're lots of perm masters in Be but we had to choose, we'd go for Darren.

Perm by Darren from Be Salon

Images above courtesy of Be Salon

His perms strike a good balance between professionalism, femininity and easy manageability, allowing you to transit between work and play effortlessly!

8. Maggie from Jeric Salon @ Ion Orchard

Maggie from Jeric Salon

Image courtesy of Jeric Salon

Growing up watching her father transform wood into beautiful sculptures, it clearly comes through in Maggie’s work that she has understood how to carve out the beauty in the potential all her life. Having an extensive background working in a Taiwanese salon over the years, she has in her time there worked on many top tier Taiwanese celebrities such as Aaron Kwok, Jolin Tsai, and even JJLin! 

She specializes in natural #iwokeuplikethis curls that work especially well on women who naturally have straight hair.

Voluminous Perm_Style by Maggie from Jeric Salon
Natural Long Hair Perm by Maggie from Jeric Salon

Images above courtesy of Jeric Salon

9. Sito from Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza

Sito (Senior Stylist) from Focus Hairdressing

Sito may be soft-spoken but this is one stylist who can give you your dream curls.. without breaking the bank!

Perm_Treatment by Sito from Focus Hairdressing

Having permed hair for over 1,000 ladies in Singapore, she's so familiar with creating curls that she can almost do it with her eyes closed.

Perm by Sito from Focus Hairdressing

Images above courtesy of Focus Hairdressing

Even for ladies with bleached hair, she'll know how to perm it to give it that extra sass!

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