Best Perm Style for Every Face Shape

Published on Sep 14, 2020

Since their invention in the late 1800s, perms have fascinated the straight-haired set with their ability to produce screen siren curls. The only problem - even up to the 1990s, the resulting ringlets were far from subtle, and the results were not always predictable. Meaning that you could end up channeling Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman:

...And a worst case scenario of the auntie next door.

But with leaps and bounds in hair technology and techniques, there are countless new perm possibilities providing everything from subtle beachy waves...

Beach Waves on Short Hair

...To Hollywood spirals...

Perm by Be Salon

....and even straightening perms to tame less manageable mops. Basically, they're just a fantastic way to add volume and movement, simplify styling by fixing tresses in an outing-ready shape, and serve as a fantastic transformation that is often much more office/school friendly than a dye job.

In fact, perms today are so versatile that there might just be a perfect one for every individual out there, based on our unique features. To help you find yours, we spoke to Be Salon @ Millenia Walk to compile an easy starter guide, on what popular perm styles are most suitable for each face shape.

Round face shape: Outward-facing mid-length perm

Perm For Round Face

If the sides of your face curve slightly outward, your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and your chin is rounded, you have this face shape. People in this category often look younger than their age - think of Ginnifer Goodwin, or the eternal teen Selena Gomez. 

If you want to look lean though, one possible consideration you might have is downplaying the fullness of this silhouette. An easy method would be adding subtle elongation to your face with the gentle height of a volumising perm, further enhanced with the contouring effect of a long fringe. The long locks draped across your cheek suggest length and conceal any mass and cast flattering shadows on the chubbiest parts of our features.

Outward Spiral Curl For Round Face

Curls that spiral outwards rather than inwards also add perceived volume to your coiff, making your face look smaller in comparison. Meanwhile, a mid-length cut means the eye is drawn downwards to the hair detail below your chin, again creating an elongating effect.

Perm on Medium Length Hair

Oblong face shape: Permed Long Hair with Bangs

Perm Style for Oblong Face

If you have this face shape, congratulations - it may not be easy to carry off as an oval but it's among the most neutral for carrying off a wide range of styles. You can lay claim to this shape if you find that your face is longer than it is wide and that the lower half of your face seem longer than the top. Also, the forehead will typically be the widest part of the face while other features remain rounded and soft. Other famous oblong faces belong to Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler. 

For some with this feature though, lengthy straight locks can occasionally make you look long-faced (both literally and figuratively). If you have this issue, curls are great for adding pep and movement to what might otherwise seem a sombre appearance.

Curly Perm with Bangs For Oblong Face

Meanwhile, bangs are great for tapering down length and amplifying youthfulness.

Perm with Bangs

Diamond face shape: Short hair perm

Perm Style For Diamond Face

If you have strong, high cheekbones and a pointed chin, be proud - you could be the envy of many a model! If you feel you want to soften the angles for a softer and more approachable vibe, though, think about a flowing curved fringe to balance out the edges with gentle lines that fall across your cheekbones.

Perm For Diamond Face

Also, since your chin and jawline would be another angular feature, curls in that strategic area also help to add swirling softness.

Medium Length Perm For Diamond Face

Heart face shape: C-curl or S-curl perm

Perm Style For Heart Shaped Face

This can sometimes be confused with a diamond-shaped face, but if your forehead is the widest part of your face and that your chin looks relatively sharp and pointy, you probably have a heart-shaped one. SKII Spokesperson Chloe Grace Moretz would be your celebrity companion in this respect, and also, numerous lovelies in literature, since authors have spent much time waxing lyrical about this type of girlish facial silhouette.

If you don't like the top-heaviness of this look though, Be Salon recommends you balance it out with face-framing front layers that curl inwards. This immediately plays down the width of the forehead area.

Medium Length Perm for Heart Face

Meanwhile, big voluminous curls at the bottom half of your locks draw the eye downward and move the emphasis to the lush detailing there.

Long Hair Perm For Heart Shaped Face

Square face shape: Soft perm with fringe

Perm Style For Square Face

If your face is nearly as wide as it is long, it means you probably have an enviably distinct jawline, and what people would describe as a square shaped face. This is a great shape that oozes character and attitude. It's also often beloved by models, and shown off with pride by your square-faced sisters Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz. 

Some people do associate a strong jawline with masculinity, and if this is not the vibe you are going for, the softness of layers and S-curls will counterbalance the angles of the jaw.

Perm Style for Square Face

Have trouble identifying your face shape? Perm specialists over at Be Salon are offering complimentary consultations to help you better decide what perm styles best suit you. Feel free to book an appointment with them by calling 68993667 and they'll schedule a time for you to get down and speak to their stylists - free of charge!

For those keen to go ahead with a perm at Be Salon, they are having a special promotion for Beauty Undercover readers visiting the salon for the first time!

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