9 Young Singaporean Stylists Your Friends are Raving About

Published on Jul 27, 2019

With National Day falling on Friday 9 August and Hari Raya Haji on Sunday 11 August, we're gonna have a long 4-day weekend this August.

Have you already thought about what to do?

Why not #supportlocal and get your hair done by Singaporean hairstylists all at the same time?

If you need some suggestions on who to go to, here are 10 of the most positively reviewed Young Singaporean Hairstylists that Beauty Undercover Agents are raving about. 

Don't say we didn't warn you though... make your appointments early as many of their appointment books are filling up really quickly!

1. Tiffany from Picasso Hair Studio @ Haji Lane

Hair is 100% about honesty. I will never tell my customer to do something I cannot achieve, something they do not need, or something they do not want.

Tiffany may be one of the prettiest stylists we know, but that isn't the only reason why so many of us love to go to her. More than just a pretty face, Tiffany is technically very strong with hair colours and perms! 

Mermaid Rainbow Hair by Talented Singaporean Stylist Tiffany at Picasso Hair Studio

Mermaid rainbow hair by Tiffany from Picasso Hair Studio

With 8 years of experience as a hairstylist, she is fabulous with colours, be it bright rainbow mermaid hair, peekaboo, dark or even professional work-friendly colours!

Doesn't this balayage freehand highlights look superbly stylish?

Balayage Freehand Highlights (Tiffany)

Balayage Freehand Highlights by Tiffany from Picasso Hair Studio

It is no wonder why her customers often call her "Magic Hands", she performs magic with whatever hair she touches. A key reason for her magic is her ability to understand exactly what you want during the consultation. She doesn't steamroll over what you say but take the time to REALLY listen and get what you want before effectively communicating what she will do to your hair. 

If your hair can't achieve a certain result, she will let you know immediately and take on hair requests she knows she can achieve: no miscommunication and hence very few instances of error!

Glamorous Perm by Tiffany from Picasso Hair Studio

Perm by Tiffany from Picasso Hair Studio

It is this instinct to quickly grasp what customers really want and her sisterly personality that made her one of the most popular hairstylists in Picasso Hair Studio and a reason why she's one of the fastest to be promoted to Creative Director.

Talented Singapore Stylist Sham from Be Salon

2. Sham from Be Salon

There are no shortcuts in life, just as there are no shortcuts in treating each and every individual.I believe every client deserves the best hair service under my care.

OK we cheated a bit as Sham isn't born Singaporean. However, his immense popularity and the fact that he got Singaporean citizenship not too long ago makes him a Singaporean stylist you cannot miss. 

He's so good at what he does that almost 100% of the customers we recommend to him come back with glowing reviews! 

Grey Colour Lob by Sham from Be Salon

Ash Grey by Sham from Be Salon

It doesn't matter what hair service you go for, whether its hair colour, perm, rebonding or keratin treatment, Sham has such a strong knowledge of each of these hair services that the end result always look perfect. 

Short Hair Pastel Pink Purple by Sham from Be Salon

Coral Pink by Sham from Be Salon

This is a result of Sham's hard work accumulated over the years as he consistently upgrades himself via courses such as Vidal Sassoon and Debut Academy to make sure that he is always at the top of his craft. That was why he was one of the youngest stylists to rise up the ranks in his first salon Kimage! 

Silver Peekaboo on Long Black Hair by Sham from Be Salon

Silver Peekaboo by Sham from Be Salon

Despite his colourful hairstyling history, Sham is still one of the most humble stylists we can think of. He doesn't act like a diva and instead listens carefully to your hair concerns and incorporates them into the hairstyle. Outside of hair, it is also a joy to converse with him as he remembers what your last conversation was, the places you travelled previously and the last boss you complained about.

Incredibly relatable and among the most skilled stylists we've met, Sham is THE Singaporean Stylist you'll be proud to show off to your colleagues and friends!

Talented Singapore Stylist Samantha from Full House

3. Samantha Poh from Full House Salon

It's never about how much the customer pays.For each customer who put their trust in me, I just want to give them the very best!

Some stylists get celebrity and influencer endorsements by sponsoring their hair. Samantha, on the other hand, is the stylist influencers willingly PAY to visit for her stunning hair colours.

Purple Pink Half and Half Hair Colour by Samantha at Full House Salon

Half and Half Hair Colour by Samantha

Yep, that's how good her skill is! It is not uncommon to hear stylists out there claiming that a particular shade of colour cannot be achieved because of this reason and that. Well, that doesn't really happen with Samantha. 

A colour genius, Samantha is simply awesome with mixing primary colours to achieve the EXACT SHADE you're looking for! This is a result of her many years of R&D as she specifically takes the time to identify exactly how much of each colour is necessary to achieve a certain formulation. When the Guy Tang #mydentity hair colours was introduced, Samantha was also one of the first to experiment with the series to bring out its best. 

Mermaid Pink Hair by Samantha from Full House

#mydentity Bubblegum Rose Hair 

Combine her skill with creativity and you've got an Instagrammable hair colour you'll be proud to show off to your friends! 

Rose Gold Ombre by Samantha From Full House

Rose Gold Ombre by Samantha from Full House Salon

You won't just go to her once though. Her hair colour is really addictive as it isn't just beautiful; her hair colour lasts longer than others and isn't as dry thanks to the range of products she uses. 

On top of her awesome skill, we really enjoy conversing with her! She's genuine, down-to-earth yet fun-loving and has a wide variety of interests, so we find ourselves chatting the whole way through. 

If you don't mind travelling all the way to Tampines for her hair colour, Samantha is definitely a stylist we guarantee satisfaction from!

Talented Singaporean Stylist Preston from Walking on Sunshine

4. Preston from Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

I don't think I'm anybody special. I just do my best for every customer and I hope they can feel it. 

Preston doesn't chat much during the hair service but that's part of his charm. He doesn't ramble like most stylists do but asks you only the most relevant questions during the consultation to get a feel of what you want. Preston will then advise you on the essential hair services you need to get what you want - no lies, no upselling, no bullshit, just honest straightforward opinion.

He won't bother you with small talk afterwards but let him do his magic afterwards and be prepared for him to deliver that hairstyle that is certain to earn you a doubletap on your IG. 

Blonde Highlights by Preston from Walking on Sunshine

Balayage Highlights by Preston from Walking on Sunshine

His colours is not the lightest nor the most attention grabbing. However, there is something special about Preston's haircuts, colours and perms that give off that romantic, stylish vibe. He attributes it to his focus on volume, movement and looking natural that makes the hair looks effortlessly pretty. 

Elegant Haircut by Preston from Walking on Sunshine

Haircut by Preston from Walking on Sunshine

Unsurprisingly, ladies who like this style naturally gravitate towards him, a reason why SO MANY of his customers are superbly chio... or is it that he knows how to make them look chio? 


Brown Highlights by Preston from Walking on Sunshine

Highlights by Preston from Walking on Sunshine

While he may not be the stylist you're the most chummy with, Preston is the one you can definitely count on for a relaxing hair experience along with a haircut or colour you'll love at the end of the day!  

Two Toned Grey Purple Hair Colour by Preston from Walking on Sunshine

Hair Colour by Preston from Walking on Sunshine

Talented Singaporean Stylist Zen from mane made

5. Zen from Mane Made Hair Salon @ Hougang

Life is already so stressful in Singapore. I want to light up the lives of those I touch with beautiful hairstyles and perhaps, a joke or two. 

Zen may look rather cool on the outside but get to know him and you'll find him to be one of the most humorous stylists around. He will not disturb your serenity if he sees that you prefer peace and quiet but if you're a little more chatty, Zen has an arsenal of jokes (some uniquely Singaporean) that he will dish out during the hair service. 

His witty (and sometimes lame) jokes make it easy to establish rapport with customers. However, it is ultimately his stunning hair colours and cut that gets customers coming back and raving to their friends. 

Grey Hair Colour by Mane Made

Blue Highlights by Zen from Mane Made Hair Studio

We'll let his photos speak for his skill but we must say that we're really in love with his choice of colours that simply matches our style. 

Red Highlights by Zen from Mane Made

Red Highlights by Zen from Mane Made Hair Studio

Although many of his hair colours on IG are pretty light, a lot of working professionals also go to him for work-friendly hair colours that are naturally elegant without being boring nor garish.

Matte Ash Brown by Mane Made

Matte Ash Brown by Zen from Mane Made Hair Studio

Having worked with some of the top stylists in Singapore, Zen's haircuts are also highly recommended for his level of detail that makes the hair particularly easy to manage. 

Lob Haircut by Zen from Mane Made

Haircut by Zen from Mane Made Hair Studio

A Singaporean stylist who will surprise you with his ingenuity and stunning hair works!

Talented Singapore Stylist Annie from Ann's Studio

6. Annie Tay

It takes time for each of us to love ourselves as we are... and that includes your gorgeous God-given curls.If you're having difficulty managing it, come over and I'll show you how!

Is your hair naturally curly? If so, this Singaporean female stylist is a MUST-TRY! 

Being Peranakan, Annie has natural curls herself. She went through stages of hating her curly hair to embracing it and hence have tried all sorts of hair services on her hair, including rebonding, keratin treatment and haircut. Together with her many years of experience and training in Singapore and London, Annie is able to offer many different solutions for curly haired ladies to manage their hair. 

Before Keratin Treatment at Ann's Studio
After Keratin Treatment at Ann's Studio

Keratin Treatment with Annie

You won't find her pushing you to straighten your hair or encouraging you to keep your natural curls because she is just not like that. Instead, Annie would listen and analyze what services best work for you based on your preferences, personality and lifestyle and proceed only afterwards. Those of you who embrace your curls will love that Annie is exceptional with haircuts for curly haired ladies because she knows how to manage all the quirks of different curly hair types.

Round Curly Haircut by Annie from Ann's Studio

Haircut by Annie

Annie isn't just good with cuts and keratin treatments though. Annie's experience in London also makes her especially adept at dealing with blonde hair colouring whether your hair is straight 

Caucasian Blonde Hair Colouring by Ann's Studio

Blonde Hair Colouring by Annie

or curly! 

Triangle Haircut for Curly Hair by Ann's Studio

Blonde Hair Colouring by Annie 

Her innate talent for dealing with all types of curls and creating a customized look with a natural flair for both Singaporean and expat ladies makes her our go-to stylist for curly haired ladies! Beyond skill though, we really enjoy talking to Annie because she's just so interesting. It's not just about curly hair that you can talk about; Annie has travelled to many countries around the world and is actively living up her life (she loves yoga too!), so you'll easily find topics you can connect with her about. This genuine and down-to-earth personality of hers makes Annie someone who can definitely be more than just your hairstylist but also a friend you can count on!

You can message her on Instagram here or find her at Ann's Studio.

Talented Singaporean Stylist Shan from 99 Percent

7. Shan from 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Orchard Central

If you use your heart to talk to people, I believe they can feel it.

Shan may appear dao at the beginning but chat with her and you'll find that she's one of the warmest and most thoughtful stylists you'll meet. Before you even request for it, she's the type of stylist who'll get the drinks and snacks ready and even arrange for the complimentary hand mask to get you comfortable before the hair service begins. Conversation flows easily with her wide variety of interests and strong knowledge particularly of hair and scalp. Her solid grounding in this area isn't just evident in conversation though.

Brown Balayage by Shan

Balayage Hair Colour by Shan from 99 Percent Hair Studio

Look at the detail in her balayage highlights or the haircuts that accompany your hair colours and you'll know that this is a stylist with solid skill. 

Pastel Pink Hair Colour by Shan from 99 Percent

Pastel Pink by Shan from 99 Percent Hair Studio

It is precisely this skill, together with a sincere heart that has helped build a strong following among locals and expats over the years. In fact, she counts a lot of air stewardesses among her customers because she actually bothers to find out what the requirements of the airlines are and then customize the hairstyle to the individual while keeping in line with those requirements. Her interest in scalp therapy also means that she is a treasure trove of tips and knowledge on how best you can prevent or slow thinning hair!

A sincere stylist you can rely on for stunning hairstyles and a wonderful hair experience. 

Talented Singapore Stylist Kelvin from The Urban Aesthetics

8. The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City

Art has to resonate with its wearer for it to look awesome!

Kelvin may have kept a low profile over the past 10 years but we recently uncovered this gem of a stylist with some serious skill that makes us sit up and notice!

Red Ombre by Kelvin from The Urban Aesthetics

Red Ombre by Kelvin from The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

It was his fiery red ombre that first caught our attention but even balayage grey-blue hair is no challenge for this talented stylist who spent years at a top hair colour salon in Singapore. 

Grey Balayage by Kelvin from The Urban Aesthetics
Grey Balayage by Kelvin from The Urban Aesthetics

Grey-blue Balayage by Kelvin from The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

It isn't just light hair colours he is good at; we love how Kelvin is able to add something special to work-friendly colours with his Icy Blonde ensemble. 

Brown Balayage by Kelvin from The Urban Aesthetics

Icy Blonde by Kelvin from The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

As his hair works show, there is a certain aesthetic that he has honed over his 10 years of experience at top salons in Singapore. It is this very aesthetic that got him winning the Top 8 position for Creative hairstyles at Golden Scissors Award last year and got him picked for styling Mediacorp artistes... the very same skill his customers appreciate as he customizes a hairstyle for each of them with a special twist. 


Talented Singapore Stylist Aron from 99 Percent Hair Studio

9. Aron @ 99 Percent Hair Studio

To be able to make a difference in my customers' lives, making them feel happier and more confident in themselves... is the reason why I wake up every morning!

It was our first time meeting Aron but there is something about him that made it feel like we've known him forever. Is it the compassion, his earnest personality perhaps? This old soul doesn't just delve into superficial topics but gets you in depth, which is why he can connect with almost anyone, young and old, local or expat. And it is this connection that sets him apart from others as he truly understands what you want and give you the hairstyle you're hoping for. 

Ash Red Peekaboo Hair Colour by Aron from 99 Percent

Ash red peekaboo by Aron from 99 Percent Hair Studio

While light hair colours are not an issue at all, more often than not, you'll find him recommending hairstyles that veer towards classic elegance: sleek sophisticated haircuts and colours that are easy to maintain. 

Lowlights and Perm by Aron from 99 Percent

Perm + highlights/lowlights by Aron from 99 Percent Hair Studio

He puts himself in the shoes of customers and thinks beyond the IG photo for a hairstyle that lasts. This extra mile is the reason why many of the customers stick with him years after trying his hair services for the first time!

Thinking of booking an appointment with any of these stylists? Share your experience on BU.sg!

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