Blue Balayage Ombre: The Perfect Hair Colour to Start School With

Published on Oct 06, 2017

Having your school holidays and want to try a new hair colour before school reopens?

You're not alone!

Agent NG got her hair bleached and coloured blue just before school starts at one of the most chill hair salons we've seen in Jurong, No. 8 Hair Studio.

Read on to find out more about her experience here.

Hello, I'm Agent NG. I'm an accounting student who just completed my internship.

I still have a couple more weeks before school reopens so I was hoping to do something with my hair before heading back to school.

As you can see, my hair is not the most interesting now because it is coloured black previously. 

Hoping to go for a makeover, I asked Agent G for recommendations on where to go. As I am staying in the West, Agent G asked if I would be keen to be the hair model of a new hair salon in Chinese Garden, No. 8 Hair Studio. I've never been a hair model before so I'm keen to try. 

We finally made an appointment on a weekday morning!

It was drizzling slightly when I arrived at No. 8 Hair Studio. It's pretty hard to find because the entrance is at a carpark. 

However, I was positively surprised when I enter the salon. 

With soft music playing in the air and wide open space, No. 8 Hair Studio looks to be one of the most chill and cool hair salons I've been. 

The stylist in charge of my hair is Jimmy, Director stylist for No. 8 Hair Studio. I'm really glad I got him because I read many reviews about him online about how good he is with hair and his patient service. 

In person, Jimmy did not disappoint. On top of looking suave, he was really nice.

As someone who can be troublesome when it comes to my hair, Jimmy’s patience made me feel a lot less anxious about the process. His positive attitude extended even during the consultation, taking the time to answer all the questions I had and discussing all the different colour options before going ahead with the process. 

Initially I wanted a hair colour that looks like this.

Jimmy shared this hair colour would probably require 2-3 times of bleach. Other than requiring me to stay at the salon for at least 8 hours, the bleaching would result in coarse damaged hair. In fact, I had previously coloured my hair black before. Hence, an additional bleach may be required to reach this level of colour. 

To minimize the damage, Jimmy suggested a darker ash blue since this is the first few times I've bleached my hair. 


He started off by cutting off my damaged hair ends.

As you may realize, my hair was so long that it was starting to weigh my entire face down. 

To give my hair a bit more movement, he added a bit of layers into the hair. 

Not too much as I requested for the hair to still be easily manageable afterwards.


Next, he began to apply bleach to the hair. 

He made sure to add Cureplex into the bleach to minimize the damage!

Next, he wrapped it up in foil to make sure that only specific sections are bleached.

The usual bleach takes quite a long time. Knowing that I'm a slight bit impatient, he sped up the process by applying a little bit of heat during the bleaching. 

As previously mentioned, I had coloured my hair black previously. Hence, the bleach actually takes longer than usual to be removed. He, therefore, had to apply one more time of bleach to make sure that my hair is suitably lightened. 

TIP: Don't ever colour your hair black if you want to lighten your hair in the future! Black and Dark hair colours are notoriously hard to remove and will necessitate more bleaches (= money and time!)

Hair Wash and Treatment

After about 30 to 45 minutes since the bleaching started, it was time to wash off the bleach!

The very attentive Jimmy applied treatment immediately after washing off the bleach to make sure that my hair is still silky smooth after.

Hair Colour

Back at the seat, I'm fortunate to have both Jimmy and Kent, another director stylist, here to help colour my hair!

The application of colour turned out really quick as the bleaching was done well. 

I do however still have to wait about 15 to 20 minutes for the colour to sit.

And its back to the basin for yet another hair wash!

Jimmy added yet another treatment at this step!


I was a little worried at first because the colour wasn't obvious when wet.

However, the colour shows up when the hair begins to dry!

Loving it!

Want to see how it looks like when dry?

Look how much my drab brown hair has transformed. 

From long and weighed down to lighter and fresher with the ash blue!

This is how it looks like without any styling... which means this is the colour I'll wake up with in the morning!

To complete the look, Jimmy styled my hair for me.

Wondering how it looks like with curls?

It doesn't only have blue... it also has hints of grey / ash that makes the blue look almost metallic.

Here's how it looks from the side and from the back!

And how it looks like under sunlight. 

Final Thoughts

You know the feeling when you think you want something but turns out not to be the case... because you don't want the collateral damage that comes with it? Well, that's what happened for me.

I had bright turquoise blue in mind when I first walked into No. 8 Hair Studio. However, I didn't realize what it really meant: damage to my hair, long hours at the salon and frequent hair treatments after. Who knew that my choice to colour my hair black in the past would affect my hair colour now?

Still, I'm glad to have someone as patient as Jimmy to walk me through the process, suggesting a toned down blue colour as I wasn't sure I could deal with the aftermath of multiple bleaches. Although the eventual colour wasn't as bright as I envisioned, Jimmy assured me that I could bleach more in the future to reach there; just not in one day because my hair may become overly damaged and untenable afterwards. I'm glad that he thought of my needs instead of just bleaching all the way and ruining my hair in the process. This attentiveness of his is very much appreciated...

Thank you, Jimmy for making my drab brown hair beautiful again with this beautiful coat of ash blue! 

It may not be as bright as initially hoped but I love the ashy blue peek-a-boo look that still makes my hair looks chic. 

I received lots of compliments about how beautiful the colour looks... and it is still acceptable for school. 

And you know what, it fades beautifully!

The beautiful sandy blonde colour after fading is testament to their good bleaching techniques which ensures that it still looks natural afterwards. 

I just hoped that the blue had stayed on a little longer although Jimmy did warn that I probably need to come back in a week or two for some colour toning. 

Overall, I enjoyed my time at No. 8 Hair Studio. The stylist is friendly; he doesn't push his customers to do what they don't like to do and often thinks ahead to make sure that our hair still turns out looking good and healthy!

His bleaching and hair colour techniques are very good as well. Even though I coloured my hair black, I'm glad that the blue hair colour still turned out well. So remember, do not colour your hair black if you want to achieve bright hair colours!

If you have any doubts, just go for a consultation with Jimmy and I'm sure he can answer your queries to achieve your ideal colour. 

This is my first time at No. 8 Hair Studio but it will certainly not be the last. 

I'm looking forward to coming back with my friends for a colour toning...

Since my hair is already bleached, should I go for purple next? :)

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