7 Bollywood Curls Perfect for Diwali

Published on Oct 12, 2017

Curls, curls, curls! Curls can accentuate your beauty and take a look from blah to wow. Whether you are going for an ultra glamorous look, casual chic or romantic and gorgeous, a curly hairstyle can do much more than just add volume to your hair. From daily hairstyles to red carpet looks, celebrities are flaunting their curls and leaving the rest of us in envy.

With Diwali drawing near, we bring you our favourite Bollywood inspired curls that you can wear for the festivities. We even included tips on how to recreate the look with the help of professionals or on your own.

Time to let your curls shine!

1. Corkscrew Curls

Kangana Ranaut gives us serious corkscrew curls envy. Whether she's wearing her hair short or long, she pulls of these tight ringlets with an effortless style. This 80s hair trend has been gaining popularity lately and is not too hard to recreate on your own.

Digital Perm by Evolve

Digital Perm by Evolve Salon

Of course if you are looking for a more semi-permanent result, you'll have to head to the salon for a spiral perm.

Corkscrew Perm at Style NA

Corkscrew Perm by Style NA Korean Salon @ Compass One

Otherwise, all you need is a skinny curling wand and curl-defining cream to create fluffy and tight spiral curls similar to Kangana Ranaut's.

If you are intending to wear corkscew curls for Diwali, remember to hydrate your hair well to prevent the heat from frizzing up your hair and leave you looking like a hot mess.

2. Loose Wavy Curls

The wavy curl hairstyle is an extremely low maintainance hairstyle as you don't have to do much to preserve the bounciness or the definition of the curls. The loose waves allows for a natural looking hairstyle and is favoured by many celebrities even for red carpet events. Although more of an everyday look, don't underestimate the glam factor of this hairstyle. With the right outfit and makeup, loose wavy curls are just as glamorous as bombshell curls.

Take a leaf out Deepika Padukone's style book and complement your wavy curls with an elegant red oufit and a bold red lip to match. Throw on some gold accessories and you are now dressed to the nines without going over the top.

Loose Korean Wave Perm by Leekaja

Korean Wave Perm by LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

That's the beauty of loose curls, they can either be used to dress up or dress down a look, and especially if you will be wearing a glamorous outfit, you'll want a hairstyle that complements rather than over powers your whole look.

To achieve loose wavy curls, simply gather your locks in a high ponytail and use a curling iron to create big waves on 1-inch sections of your hair. Once done, let down your hair and run your fingers through to loosen the waves. Alternatively, a Korean Wave Perm will work just as well and this way, you can have loose natural waves every day without the need of a curling iron.

3. S Curls

S curls are similar to loose waves in shape but have more definition. As its name suggests, the shape of the curls form the shape of the letter S. This hairstyle is popular among curly-haired ladies who have natural curls but which to achieve curls that are neater looking and limited to the lower half of their hair.

If you have naturally curly hair and desire S curls, you would need to rebond the top part of your hair while the remaining will be permed. Generally, S curls start from the middle or the lower half of the hair.

There's also the S Curve Perm, in which the curves are more pronounced. Hence, making the curls look tighter and curlier.

S Curl Perm by Focus Hairdressing

S Curl Perm by Focus Hairdressing @ Chinatown Point

This hairstyle is very much alike the curls you would see on Indian hair and one that is a frequent favourite for grand events or special occasions. That said, which type of S curl you should go for is entirely up to your preference.

S Curl Perm by Focus Hairdressing

S Curve Perm by Focus Hairdressing

Besides recreating the look with an S curl perm, you can also use your straightener to create similar curls. You can control how tight you want the curls and which direction you want it to curl towards. If your hair is naturally curly, the curls will last longer as you are simply enhancing the shape of the curls.

4. Lob Waves

Give your short hair an edge with big curls. Priyanka Chopra has been rocking her lob with curls and we love how trendy and effortless it looks. It's definitely a step up from the pin straight lob style and more party chic when compared to the ever popular beach waves. The lob haircut and big loose waves is a romantic hairstyle that will elevate your look without trying too hard.

Freestyle Perm by picasso

Freestyle Perm by Picasso Hair Studio

Currently sporting a lob and want to jazz it up for Diwali? While a freestyle perm can help you with that, perms are not recommended for those with rebonded hair. Fret not, you can still look curlicious by just grabbing your round brush and blow dryer, and following the tutorial below.

5. Beachy Bombshell Curls

Beachy bombshell curls are a cross between bombshell curls and beachy waves. They are just as volumunious and sexy as bomshell curls but still retain the casual allure of beacy waves. For this look we recommend the Chiffon Perm at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon. Art Noise has incorporated the latest Japanese hair treatment, Tokio Inkarami, as part of the perming process, which leaves your tresses wonderfully smooth. The perm is also suitable for fine hair as it's able to last longer than most perms (fine hair typically don't hold curls well).

Glamorous Chiffon Perm (Toshie) by Art Noise

Chiffon Perm by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Picasso's Volume Perm works just as well, especially if you find your hair texture a little fine.

volume perm by Picasso

Volume Perm by Picasso Hair Studio

Alternatively, you can transform your hair with a curling wand and some rollers. This hairstyle looks best on long locks and adding in layers will help to make your hair look more voluminous as well. Watch this tutorial and give it a go!

6. Beachy Waves

Not just for a day out at the beach, beachy waves is a a universally loved look for all occassions. Depending on how you like to wear it, you can go for a messy beachy waves style or a more dolled up wavy look. Long or short, bob or lob, beachy waves look good on any hair length.

Beach Wave Perm

Beach Wave Perm by Aqua Hair Korean Salon

Though frequently seen on lobs, we think it looks just as pretty on waist length tresses!

Digital Perm on Long Hair by Leekaja

Digital Perm by LeeKaJa Korean Salon

If you noticed with beachy waves, the ends of the hair are not curled, the waves are limited to the middle sections of the hair. Keeping the ends straight is key when trying to achieve beachy waves.

7. Natural Waves

Add texture and movement to your hair with slight waves. These waves are subtle, they look almost natural and will also accentuate your highlights. Throw in some layers as well for a vouluminious bed head look.

Keep in mind you will have to rebond the top part of your hair if you have curls that start high up.

Volume Rebonding by Style NA

Volume Rebonding by Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

This can be achieved with a rebond perm or otheriwse, a digital perm will work just fine.

Before and After Digital Perm by Du Sol

Digital Perm by Du Sol Korean Salon

When trying to create natural looking subtle waves, the curls have to be big and loose. It's best to use a round brush and a blow dryer to recreate the look on your own as curling wands tend to result in more defined curls. If you are using a curling wand, just be sure to run your fingers through the curls several times to loosen them up.

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