What is Brazilian Blowout and 5 Things You Should Know About It

Published on Sep 10, 2019

Besides Keratin Treatments, Brazilian Blowouts are the next biggest softening and smoothening treatment. The latter originated from Brazil and uses indigenous ingredients like camu camu, annatto seed and the yummy acai berry!

Keratin is also in the ingredients to help protect each strand of hair, making it look hydrated, glossy, strong and less frizzy. Sounds amazing? It is! If you're interested, keep reading to find out 5 things you should know about Brazilian Blowouts. There's also a recount from real-life experience below!

What You Need to Know About Brazilian Blowouts

1. Good for straight or curly hair 

Brazilian Blowouts are a smoothening treatment that doesn't have to be straightening - unless you want it to. The treatment is sealed with a flat iron and your hair only becomes straight if the stylist goes over your hair with the straightening iron multiple times.

Customers love that this is customisable and they don't have to hide their natural hair texture to have frizz-free hair.

If you do want your hair super straight, you can let the stylist know and they'll adjust the ironing accordingly. A caveat though, if your hair is really curly, you might not be able to get it pin-straight without additional brushing and blow-drying after your shower.

2. Low in formaldehyde

As everyone is moving more towards natural or at least less damaging products, many salons have been reducing the number of strong chemicals used. One such substance is formaldehyde which has been found to cause a variety of health problems when used in large amounts. 

With Brazilian Blowouts, formaldehyde is not used within the treatment at all. A tiny amount may however be produced when the stylist flat irons the hair but the concentration is too low to cause any effects on humans. 

3. Fast and effective

The Brazilian Blowout is a fast treatment. It takes only about 2 hours. But it is as effective as long-drawn-out affairs. Your stylist washes your hair to create a base, applies the treatment, dries your hair, flat irons it, washes it for the last time, and conditions it. That's all! No more sitting in the salon for hours in order to achieve smooth and shiny locks.

4. Lasts 3-4 months

While some treatments last for only a month or two (or even just weeks), Brazilian Blowout is a more long-lasting option - provided you take good care of it.

You should avoid harsh shampoos that contain sulfates and chlorine as they strip the hair of natural oils and, in this case, the goodness from the hair treatment. Foreign beauty websites recommend that you only wash your hair once or twice a week, but we know that it can be difficult to do this in Singapore's humid weather. Instead, you can just shampoo your hair every 1-3 days and rinse it between washes.

Possibly the best part about Brazilian Blowout is that it doesn't create an obvious line when your hair grows. There won't be any bumps left in your hair when the treatment wears off because your hair will return to its normal texture.

5. Works on damaged or coloured hair 

Like most hair treatments, Brazilian Blowout will restore the health of your hair to a certain extent. However, what's special about it is you can also use it on dyed hair.

Some treatments are only recommended a month after you dye your hair as they might make the colour fade, but Brazilian Blowout is totally safe for coloured hair. In fact, it might help to make your hair colour brighter and last longer. This is because your hair cuticle is open when you dye it and better able to absorb the treatment.

We advise you to check with your stylist if you want to get your hair dyed and treated on the same day so they can adjust the colour accordingly.

Keen to see how Brazilian Blowouts work? We follow Agent C along her brazilian blowout experience at Singapore's only luxury garden hair salon The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio.

Agent C at The Bund Ang Mo Kio

Hi, I am Agent C, a part-time Chinese language tutor for primary school students. I left the teaching profession many years ago and went into tutoring because I wanted to strike a balance between working and looking after my child.Frankly, I do miss my teaching days even though it was a school ‘known’ for boys who disliked the Chinese language. Being bilingual, I felt particularly proud whenever I could get them to master Chinese and pull up their grades. I think I even succeeded in getting them to look past the stereotype that not all Chinese language teachers are old-fashioned and stern-looking!

I have coarse and naturally wavy hair, and have been told many times that my hair is thick and strong but dry. It needs to be blow-dried and ‘ironed flat’ after every wash if I want it to look slick. However, it will get frizzy again once there is a high level of humidity, like on rainy days.  

I have visited quite a few salons before, mostly located in Orchard Road. I used to have long permed or rebonded hair which required minimal maintenance. But there was once a hairstylist convinced me to do BOTH - Rebond the top part of my hair and perm the ends for those Korean soft curls. 

It was a complete disaster! The stylist didn't expect my hair to react to the treatments that way. Clearly, two types of hairstyles had no business being on my head. I was so upset that I immediately told the hairstylist to chop off the tight, ‘Aunty’ curls. I have since learnt that I really need someone who can understand my hair and shape my thick mane into a manageable bob.

When I chanced upon Ricky Wang on Beauty Undercover in 2015, I decided to go to him. I was delighted by the bob hairstyle he gave me and have since been going back to him for all of my hair needs. 

In the past couple of years, he founded a new hair salon in the middle of Bishan Park in Ang Mo Kio, The Bund. Honestly, the place isn't all that convenient for me as I do not stay close by. However, I still made the effort because Ricky is THAT good. 

The Bund AMK

Plus, its tranquil surroundings is simply out of this world. 

The Bund AMK

So, I don't really have anything to complain about. 

Coming here each is an experience I look forward to. 

As much as Ricky's skill is good, however, there is a limit that haircuts can go to tame my coarse and naturally wavy hair. 

Before Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK
Before Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

When I asked Ricky what I can do to make it easier and faster for me to get out of the house pronto, Ricky recommended me to try Brazilian Blowout (BBO) I've never tried Keratin Treatment prior to BBO but Ricky reassured me that this is a service that would actually smooth the curls without making my hair too flat and won't cause the ugly kink in the hair when my hair grows out. In fact, his colleague Alvin is an expert in BBO, having done this for many locals and expats in Singapore.

Having followed Ricky for so long, I have complete trust in his hair recommendations, so I agreed to give it a go!

Step 1: Consultation

My stylist of the day is not my usual stylist Ricky but Alvin, the expert in BBO, keratin treatments Ricky was talking about. Although Ricky is the latest addition to The Bund, he is no novice. A veteran stylist at one of Singapore's top hair salons, Alvin is an expert in micro highlights as well as all treatments keratin including Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout. Hence, I was very excited to see what he had to offer.

True to his reputation, Alvin was very very knowledgeable, He began by inspecting my hair to check its shape, condition and texture before explaining in detail how the treatment would make my life easier. He walked me through the process and shared about he would be giving me additional protein treatments within the Brazilian Blowout so that the treatment would not just tame my hair, it would repair it as well and make it shine. 

I couldn't wait!

Step 2: Wash 

We started with a wash so that my scalp and hair would be clean and ready to absorb all the keratin goodness. This was especially important because I use dry shampoos so there was a lot of product build-up on my scalp.

Hair Wash at The Bund AMK

I enjoyed the hair wash here a lot because the assistants gave a darn good scalp massage along with the wash!

Hair Wash at The Bund AMK

This wash was meant to clarify the hair though and so they did not condition it afterwards to allow my hair to better absorb the keratin later.

Step 3: Application of Brazilian Blowout 

Back at the seat, Alvin dried my hair so the treatment application could begin. 

Blow Dry at The Bund AMK

Mist was sprayed onto my hair to add a layer of moisture and protection.

Blow Dry at The Bund AMK

Then, the Brazilian Blowout application began.

Getting Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

It was applied in small sections so every strand of my hair would be thoroughly coated.

Getting Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

Unlike normal treatments where the product is just applied to the hair, Brazilian Blowouts require a more unique method of application:

Getting Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

The stylist applied the product to my hair and rubbed it until bubbles appeared. This was to allow the keratin within the Brazilian Blowout solution to penetrate deeper into the hair so it would last for a longer period of time.

Getting Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

Then, I just had to sit and wait for about 20 minutes.

Getting Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

The only thing I didn't like about the Brazilian Blowout was the faint smell it emitted. Thankfully, that disappeared once they washed it off.

Hair Wash After Hair Treatment at The Bund AMK

Step 5: Blowdrying

It was then time to dry and style my hair.

Blow Dry and Styling After Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

Here's the stylist combing my hair straight.

Blow Dry and Styling After Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

To get my hair sleeker, Alvin also used a flat iron.

Blow Dry and Styling After Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

In just 30 minutes, my hair was transformed. 

The heat sealed in the treatment while straightening my hair.

Blow Dry and Styling After Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

Once that was done, I was ready to go. It was that easy!

Blow Dry and Styling After Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

Here's how my hair has been transformed:

Before Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK
Neat and Manageable Hair After Getting Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK
Neat and Manageable Hair After Getting Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

I like how straight yet natural my hair looks. The ends can even be styled to curl in slightly, unlike when it was rebonded which made my hair straight but stiff.

Neat and Manageable Hair After Getting Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

Amazing, right?

Like Alvin promised, the Brazilian Blowout has cut down the time needed to blow-dry my hair by A LOT. Now I only have to blow dry the entire head while combing through my hair with my fingers before adding a final touch to the top layer with a brush to give it some sheen. And I don't really need to flat-iron my hair every day any more. I only do it for special occasions. Besides, flat-ironing too often may strip the keratin coating off much more quickly.  

Neat and Manageable Hair After Getting Brazilian Blowout at The Bund AMK

Even without much additional styling, my hair still looks neater than before.

I'm so happy I can go out with a sleeker and shinier bob now!

Overall thoughts

Right now, I'm just very happy with how easy it is to maintain my bob. Thank you Alvin for the amazing job and Ricky for the recommendation.

It's truly life-changing and I can't believe I didn't try it sooner!

For anyone with wavy, frizzy or messy hair, you need to try Brazilian Blowout, particularly at The Bund!

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