10 Break Up Hairstyles to Show That You're Really Over Your Ex

Published on Jul 21, 2021

This is not a drill. We repeat, this is not a drill.

Graph of Annual Breakup Rate

Source: Washington Post

For all of you with a good sixth sense, we are sorry to say this but it's time you start preparing yourselves.

60% of relationships in their first 2 months end in a breakup with the numbers with the numbers falling more dramatically after a year. 

So if it happens to you, don't feel bad.

Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together ~ Marilyn Monroe

Just because you know that letting him go is the right decision, however, doesn't make it any less painful.

Not to worry though, there're lots of things you can do to get over a breakup. Beyond reconnecting with friends and family, you can now binge-watch the k-dramas you didn't manage to see and even catch heartbreaking movies that get you bawling your heart out - cue You Are the Apple of My Eye (那些年,我們一起追的女孩)

But if you're feeling helpless and adrift and feel like you need to take control over a part of your life, we think there is no better way than to... get a new hairstyle!

Trust us, a good hairstyle goes NOWHERE. It won't betray you or leave you alone just to play his games. 

In fact, a good breakup makeover or "break-over" often gets you looking better, prettier, cooler than ever, Changing your look is akin to putting on a costume, you give yourself a permission to be a different person and that can feel pretty liberating. 

Don't take our word for it, look at these celebrity post-breakup hairdos and you'll know why break-overs are so popular!

1. Bleach away the toxicity with Blonde

Kim Kardashian may be the first to establish the celebrity Blonde Breakover tradition back in 2009 (after her split from Reggie Bush) but she certainly isn't the only one to bleach her ex out of her memory.

Blonde Kim Kardashian

Source: Getty Images

Taylor Swift, who would normally don her signature sandy blonde hair was spotted with platinum blonde hair after her split with Calvin Harris in 2015.

Blonde Taylor Swift

Source: REX Shutterstock

Going blonde is probably the most common, and also the loudest way to tell the world that a new me has arrived, thanks to our originally darker hair. And who's complaining? If it makes you look good, feel good, why not?

Fair warning, you will have to bleach your hair quite a lot to get a nice and even blonde and truth is, not everyone can reach the shade you see on the above blonde hair by Full House Salon

Just remember, it doesn't have to be like Taylor's. There's so many shades of blonde to choose from, you can find one that best suits your hair texture and personality depending on what you decide with your stylist.  

Platinum Blonde Hair Colour at SAD Hair Design

For those of you trying to strike a balance between a dramatic change but not too much dramatic damage to your hair, the luxe illuminage by 99 Percent Hair Studio is also a good option.

With tailored highlights that contours your face, the luxe illuminage allows you to switch to blonde in a way that is sophisticated, dynamic and elegant. Your ex wouldn't even know what hit him when he sees you walking past with blonde hair.

Hair Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination

Just know that this process can be quite damaging, so remember to add on a treatment such as the new Mochi Mochi Treatment from Michaela Japanese Hair Salon, Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination from Chez Vous Hair Salon or the amazing Fukugen Treatment from Rubik Salon to make sure you're only getting the best for your hair to prevent any breakage, and keeping it as healthy as possible with treatments.

2. Go Blue to flaunt your inner peace

Pink Hair Colour and Blue Hair Colour Katy Perry

We all know how crazy Katy Perry is when it comes to dyeing her hair. She's tried black, brown, blonde, purple, pink, green, and even red hair. In 2011, her then-husband Russell Brand asked her for a divorce via text – really? A text message? Ugh!

Her reaction? A bright blue new hairdo, because there was no stopping this professional pop queen! 

Blue Hair Colour at Salon 5

The closest shade we can find is this electric blue by Salon 5. If you're more of a wild child who loves to have fun, this bright and vibrant electric blue is sure to change up your style and get everyone's attention. 

Thinking of something darker? What about this Blue Galaxy Hair? You'll love this to the moon and back when you have the entire galaxy on your head!

Two-Toned Ocean Blue Hair Colour at Color Bar Full House Salon

You may think blue represents a rather depressing colour, but pick the right shade and you’ll be able to give off a more stable, calming vibe like this blue ocean hair colour by Full House Salon. You may not be able to get to Maldives or Bali anytime soon but this ocean blue may just be what you need to get you back to the beach.

3. Chop off any remaining bad vibes and get a Long Bob

If you feel like you've been cut off by your boyfriend, why not take "revenge" by doing the same thing to your long hair?

It's pretty common for ladies to go for the big chop after a traumatic break up; the same goes for celebrities. 

Anne Hathaway Post Breakup Haircut

Source: Getty Images

Known for her beautiful smile and luscious long hair, Anne Hathaway went short when the relationship with her shady business boyfriend Raffaello Follieri ended in 2008,. Cathartic for her perhaps, as if she was leaving all his fraud and money laundering behind.

Trendy Short Haircut at Fluxus House

The Fluxus House Japanese Hair Salon

This is the perfect way to chop off all those bad vibes. Going from long to short is a dramatic makeover, especially if you're hardly ever seen donning short hair. More importantly, it takes all the weight off your shoulders since there's less hair weighing it down, and probably all the weight you had to put up with thanks to your ex too. Now that you're saying goodbye to all of that, your scalp will be in a much healthier state too! 

Lob by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Going short doesn't mean that you have to look any less feminine. As we shared in this article, you can go for these 7 short hairstyles above the shoulder that still looks classy and feminine. These hairstyles have been making a recent comeback with many women are ditching their long locks for lobs, regardless if they're experiencing a breakup or not.

Medium Hair Length Haircut at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Pro Trim Salon @ Causeway Point

4. Do a homage to your choppy r/s with Choppy Chin-length Bob

After her relationship with the famous Ben Affleck ended, Ana de Armas debuted her new bob on Instagram. Ana's own spin of her new bob was coupled with some choppy bangs. We all knew how gorgeous she was, but damn! This look really showed us a new, much more adorable side of her. 

Chin Length Short Haircut

Source: Ana de Armas

If you're willing to taking the chance (or if you feel like chopping off that much hair couldn't be as bad as your ex), then try a bob!

Bob Haircut at Be Salon

Long lob by Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

It'll eventually grow out into a lob, so it's also a great way to try out two trendy styles with a single haircut.

Short Lob Haircut at Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Causeway Point

If you want to add a lil more of the wow factor into your bob, pair it with a colour to get this effortlessly chic look by AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Chic Short Bob Haircut at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

5. Go big or go home with a Pixie Haircut

Since you’re already gonna cut your hair, might as well go all the way and make it BOOMZ right? If you love being the at the centre of attention, you're sure to be turning heads with this massive transformation. 

Back in 2010, Halle Berry was rockin’ long, luscious locks with her then-boo Gabriel Aubry. Then, two months after their split, she debuted her soon-to-be signature hairstyle: the edgy pixie cut. 

Halle Berry Long Hair
Halle Berry Short Hair

When queen Riri broke up with Drake, her hair went from big and beautiful to bold and badass. Pixie cuts totally give off a girl boss vibe, the best way to tell your future suitors that you’re not someone who’s easy to mess with if that’s what they were looking for. 

Rihanna Blonde Medium Hair
Rihanna Short Hairstyle

So if you’re thinking “nothing can be as challenging as dealing with my ex”, then you’re probably game enough to don a pixie cut to flaunt your other side.

Pixie Short Haircut at SAD Hair Design

But if that previous relationship taught you to be more careful in life, you could start off with a lob then graduate to a bob and finally to a pixie cut.

Pixie Cut at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Michaela Japanese Hair Salon @ Clarke Quay

This way, the change won't be as dramatic and you'll have time to get used to your short hair before going any shorter.

PIxie Cut Short Hair at Finder by COVO

Pixie cut by Finder by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Note that this hairstyle is best for you with textured hair as your wavy curls will give your pixie the texture and personality it needs. 

Curly Short Haircut at Ann's Studio

Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

6. Choppy Fringe

After her kinda rocky, on-and-off relationship with Biebs officially ended, Selena didn't immediately introduce a new look. However, maybe once she got over him, she became experimental with her hair. Leaving her typical long brunette locks behind, she went for fun highlights and chic bangs. Who knows? Maybe it was to "commemorate" the choppy relationship too but she just preferred her hair long so, bangs it was. 

Selena Gomez Hairstyle with Fringe

Similar to the airy bangs, choppy ones let your forehead do a little peakaboo.

Trendy Japanese Choppy Bang at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Choppy bangs are meant to look slightly messy with varying lengths. Your forehead is meant to peek through, similar to that of the airy fringe trend.

They may seem slightly messier, but it does a great job at giving off a natural and effortlessly gorgeous look like this one from WHITETREE Salon.

If you're looking for something that's easy to style, try out this look at Pro Trim Salon @ Ngee Ann City

Korean Fringe Cut at Pro Trim Salon

If it is a little harder to achieve the choppy bangs look coz of your thick hair, you can always ask your stylist to thin your fringe out slightly or just rock your thick bangs!

Brown Hair Colour and Haircut at Be Salon

Colour and Cut by Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Add some colour and it can look pretty amazing!

Blue Highlight and Chic Short Haircut at Room Japanese Hair Salon

Room Japanese Hair Salon @ Amoy St

7. Step up your Edgy game with Wolf Cut

It’s pretty similar to the choppy bob, but this hush cut works for longer hair lengths as well. So for all of you who aren’t as ready to part with your hair as much as you were with your ex, this one’s for you. 

Edgy Haircut at Koinonia Salon

Koinonia Salon

You’ve probably seen this raving hairstyle on TikTok already. Also known as the wolf cut, this fusion of a layered and mullet style gives off a wilder, rougher look. I don't mean rough in the "I haven't showered for a week from being heartbroken". Rather, this style is the golden ticket to helping you exude the confidence you never knew you had.

It’s pretty similar to the choppy bob, but this hush cut works for longer hair lengths as well.

Edgy Long Haircut at Fluxus House

The Fluxus House Japanese Hair Salon

As the trendsetter she is, top model Irene (better known as Ireneisgood), had to try this style out as well. No, this isn’t her post-breakup hairdo, but this hairstyle is too much of an issue to not include in the list. If you aren’t normally the adventurous kind, might as well make use of this opportunity to show a new side of you right? 

Fun fact: she was also Red Velvet's hairstylist's inspiration for their Happiness debut! So, if she tried this hairstyle, it's definitely worth a shot.

Embrace your inner baddie at 99 Percent Hair Studio 

8. Remind yourself to be Curl-ful about who you meet with a Curly Bob

When Jennifer Love Hewitt and boyfriend Jamie Kennedy split, she went shorter, bolder, and curlier. The Ghost Whisperer star looks way more chic and youthful now

Jennifer Love Hewitt Curly Bob

Source: Getty Images

If you know how to style your hair, you'd realize that some sea salt spray may just help you do the trick.

Trendy Short Curly Bob at Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela

Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela

Curly Bob at Koinonia Hair Salon

Koinonia Salon

But if you're not a fan of styling, perms are always an option.

Short Hair Curly Perm at The Space Korean Hair Salon

The Space Korean Hair Salon

Even if your hair isn't naturally wavy, perms can help you achieve that airy, wind blown look.

It's important to get the right stylist though, so check out the styles each stylist is capable of doing before going ahead with the appointment. 

None of us want to end up looking like an auntie for a post-breakup look. We still need to find, not scare, the right one! 

Short Hair Bob with Curl at Pro Trim Salon

Pro Trim Jurong East JEM

For some women, their hair tends to curl when short. Use this to your advantage and speak to your stylist about creating a bob that flaunts your curls and highlights your best facial features.

9. Get a Princess (Hime) Cut if you never felt like one while dating

The hime cut, also known as princess cut is a hairstyle that leaves your long locks in the back, while cutting the front half of your hair into a blunt bob. It’s also a great choice for those of you who are still sitting on the fence about parting with your precious long hair.

Here's Hyuna looking gorgeous in her hime cut + microbangs. Fortunately for her, she’s definitely living her life happily as a princess – or should I say queen – now that she’s able to openly date her boyfriend, DAWN. But for those of you who weren’t able to, now’s the chance to be treated as a princess, as you should! 

Long Hair Hime Cut at the Fluxus House

The Fluxus House Japanese Hair Salon

It's a very versatile style that works with any hair length, depending on how dramatic you'd want the difference to be.

Medium Length Hime Cut at Fluxus House

The Fluxus House Japanese Hair Salon

You can even get creative and add highlights, like this style by Room Japanese Hair Salon

Hime Cut and Blue Highlights and Room Japanese Hair Salon

10. Sprinkle some happiness with Pink hair 

And that was exactly what the ex-Bachelorette star Clare Crawley did after she broke up with her partner Dale Moss just months after they got engaged. Nothing shouts innocent and cheerful better than this shade of pink

Wanna hear something even more shocking? A month after the breakup, the two stars got back together! Is pink hair the secret to getting back with your ex…? If that's the plan, you can get this beautiful rose colour at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Pink Hair Colour at 99 Percent

If anyone is trying this out, don’t be afraid to let us know! We’ll keep your identity a secret, of course. 

Pink Hair Colour at Color Bar Full House Salon

Full House Salon

Hopefully you won't have to resort to this list of hairstyles. But what can we say, sometimes life just doesn't turn out the way we want it to. But your hair can! Don't make any bad decisions and end up with a bad partner, no wait, I meant hairstyle. Remember, investing in a good hair makeover will never betray you. 

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