How Now Brown Wow: 6 Reasons Why Brown Might Be the Best CB-Friendly Hair Colour to See You Through the Pandemic

Published on Jun 07, 2020

The Circuit Breaker is finally over, and you want to re-enter the big world with a bang. Should you literally go green, you think, or maybe some pretty pastel shades? While those are all great, we want to remind you that you don't need crazy colours to have heartbreaker hair, and that beautiful brown might in fact be a great shade to take you through Phase 3, and beyond.

1. It radiates health

We think the best way to emerge from this period of disease-avoidance is looking like you're glowing with health, especially when your colleagues, family and friends are still hyper-aware of sickness. Brown catches more light than Asian black, and since good dyes can also add shine to your hair, the overall effect is textured, voluminous, and super shimmery and extremely healthy...even if your locks were previously looking sub-optimal after two months with no professional attention. One quibble with brighter colours is that attention is all focused on the shade itself - You'll hear, 'Wow, you have blue hair!' As opposed to 'Wow, you have such silky/shiny hair!' Brown dye on the other hand, is subtle enough to accentuate the style, shape and smoothness of your hair after that long-awaited salon visit, without hogging the limelight. 

2. Traumatised from not being able to touch-up your roots during CB? Brown requires much fewer touch-ups

If you are emotionally scarred from not being able to touch up your roots during circuit breaker, and are worried about going through that again, then brown is a really good colour bet. Since browns and blacks aren't that far apart on the family tree, Asians can expect their natural hair colour to blend in with the dyed parts of their hair almost seamlessly. Yes, your grown out roots will still be visible, but will take much longer to become obvious, and you can to go for touch-ups every few months instead of weeks.

3. It's cheaper, quicker and better for your hair than other colours

Unless you're going for a really light ash brown, the stylist won't have to break out the bleach. This means your colouring job will be cheaper and quicker, which is fantastic for those of us who expect more expeditures of time and money when re-integrating into the big world. And of course, no bleach plus the fact that the colour isn't that drastically distant from your natural one, also means a lower risk of damaging your locks. This is perfect for the many of us whose manes are suffering a little because they've been deprived of regular salon hair and scalp care over CB. The best part: this holy trinity of cheaper-faster-healthier doesn't just apply to just the dye-job either - since you'll also require fewer touchups, you'll continue to incur less damage and expenditures of time and money throughout the period you maintain this hair colour. 

4. It's great for transitioning back from lighter shades that you might be tired of maintaning after CB

Those who had to try to maintain their lighter-hued dye-jobs through this CB period....we feel your pain. We're guessing you didn't manage to get the bi-weekly bleaching and touchups that these shades usually require, unless you tried DIY,  which can have catastrophic effects. Well, if you want to ditch that current shade but don't yet want to dye it back basic-black? Ask your stylist for a suitable brown to effectively cover your old shade and still give you an understated, freshly-dyed makeover. Just note that depending on the lightness of your previous colour, you might have to dye your hair a second time just to make sure it doesn't fade back to your pre-lightened base hue.

5. It won't be too heart-stopping to those seeing you in person for the first time in awhile

You probably haven't seen your elderly relatives in awhile, and might be surprised how much you miss them. Well, now that you'll be able to visit, you might want to be kind to their aged hearts by not going too vivid with your hair colour. Also, if you haven't been to the office in a bit and want to remind your boss of your continued value as an employee now that you're back there, brown is a fresh hue to bring out your understated stylishness and professionalism, rather than a hue your more conventional employers might goggle at.

6. There's a buffet of browns to choose from

Unlike grey, we can't verify that there are exactly 50 shades of brown, but trust us when we say there is a spectacular spectrum of shades to select from, whether you want to look like Beyonce, Bella Hadid, or Victoria Beckham.

But don't take our word for it. Check out Agent J's experience as she gives her already cocoa-coloured hair a new brown hue.

Turning Brown at No. 8 Hair Studio

Hi! I'm Agent J, a student at NTU.

Before Hair Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio
Before Hair Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio

I don't know whether it's life in the wild west (of SIngapore, anyway), but my hair has gotten pretty dry. I could chop most of it off, but I like my locks long. Plus, my personal weather station recently started recording increased hairfall, so I'd really prefer to preserve whatever strands I have left.

Before Hair Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio

I previously permed my hair and dyed it light brown, but with both chemical treatments reaching the end of their lifespan, my tresses are looking sort of bedraggled. I decided an intervention was necessary, and when my friends recommended No. 8 Hair Studio, I went to see if they could make my hair a perfect 10.

Step 1: Consultation

The salon was conveniently located just 6 minutes walk from Jurong East MRT station - a piddling three train stations from my school, which was excellent. What else I liked was how bright, airy and modern the salon was, and how the hairstylists looked - true to their titles - very stylish. I felt assured that noone would give me a frumpy do.

My stylist for the day was Wenny. She was friendly and chatty, but also knew how to listen closely to my hair concerns: namely that I wanted my hair to regain its lost health, but also didn't want it to leave it looking as despondent as it did.

Hair Consultation at No. 8 Hair Studio

Then she recommended I re-dye my hair brown. Hmm. Not quite a thrilling transformation, I thought...until she pulled out an entire extended palette of browns to choose from, while explaining how these colours would not only help my hair look good, but were gentler and thus better for my long run hair-health.

This was one of the most in-depth consultations I'd ever had with a hairstylist, making me confident to leave my troubled tresses literally in her hands.

Hair Consultation at No. 8 Hair Studio

So I picked out a rich, dark brown, and we began.

Step 2: Trim

Wenny started by brushing out my hair to see how it naturally falls. This is a very important step if you want a hairstyle that lasts beyond its next wash!

Hair Consultation at No. 8 Hair Studio

Since she was quite aware that I liked my current hair length, she left this relatively untouched, only hunting down the dry and damaged hair ends and doing a minimal trim for freshness. 

Haircut at No. 8 Hair Studio

Step 3: Dye

Then, she commenced colouring.

Brown Hair Dyeing at No. 8 Hair Studio

With the help of an assistant, Wenny took small sections of my hair, to which she generously applied the dye. She then wrapped these sections in aluminium foil to reduce processing time.

Brown Hair Dyeing at No. 8 Hair Studio

Many hands make light work, especially when those hands are as skillful as the four that worked on my head.

Brown Hair Dyeing at No. 8 Hair Studio

Soon, all my hair was deliciously drenched in dye.

Brown Hair Dyeing at No. 8 Hair Studio

And my head was covered with alumium foil. But wait, there's more!

Brown Hair Dyeing at No. 8 Hair Studio

A plastic sheet was wrapped over everything to trap heat, speed up the chemical reactions and thus further reduce my marinating time. What's not to love?

Brown Hair Dyeing at No. 8 Hair Studio

Step 4: Wash

Then, Wenny personally washed my hair. Now that's service!

Hair Wash at No. 8 Hair Studio

Now that the dye had done its job, it was flushed out of my locks with a comprehensive scrub.

Hair Wash at No. 8 Hair Studio

I also got treated to a nice head massage during the shampoo and rinse. And as you can see, Wenny gave my face its own personal screen to make sure my eyebrows stayed on fleek.

Hair Wash at No. 8 Hair Studio

Step 5: Final Touches

Back at my seat, Wenny gave my nicely-browned locks some final shaping snips to make sure everything looked perfect.

Final Haircut at No. 8 Hair Studio
Final Haircut at No. 8 Hair Studio

For maximum effect, she then styled my hair with a low-damage 2-in-1 Dyson drying and styling tool.

Hair Dry and Styling with Dyson at No. 8 Hair Studio

Ready to see the final results?

Before Hair Makeover at No. 8 Hair Studio
How I Look After Getting Dark Brown Hair Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio
How I Look After Getting Dark Brown Hair Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio

I'm pretty happy.

How I Look After Getting Dark Brown Hair Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio

I did not go from brown to a crazy bright type of pink and purple.

How I Look After Getting Dark Brown Hair Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio

The difference is subtle but the shine and the bounce, made me look just that closer to who I was or rather, who I wanted to be. 

How I Look After Getting Dark Brown Hair Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio

My roots are no longer visible, and the dryness is less obvious. The dye has given it some serious shine.

As you could tell, I did this before the Circuit Breaker and am really glad she chose this for me, as my hair still looked amazing throughout the CB period. Not much maintenance required... it's just so easy to keep it looking glam even at home, especially with the tricks Wenny shared with me. 

How I Look After Getting Dark Brown Hair Colour at No. 8 Hair Studio

I'm convinced anew that brown is beautiful, and would definitely recommend No. 8 Hair Studio.

For her foresight in choosing a beautiful hair colour, friendliness and skill, I'm giving Wenny a Ten out of Ten-ny.

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