5 COVID-Proof Hairstyles Trending in 2021

Published on Jan 26, 2021

With the start of Phase 3 towards the end of last year, most Singaporeans feel like they can finally let loose that breath they’ve been holding in since we went into Circuit Breaker the first time. But is it truly time to relax just yet?

We exist right now in a little bubble. If you look at the cases worldwide, most countries are hitting their second wave – or maybe still even riding out the first one. With Chinese New Year on the horizon, we’ve been subjected to tighter restrictions, as community case numbers have risen slightly too in the past weeks.

The last thing any of us wants is to go through another lockdown in 2021! But given how the worldwide situation is, it is truly unpredictable what the future holds for us in 2021. However, one thing that can and should remain within your control is how you are going to prep for such an occasion.

With the festivities around the corner, you might be gunning for a hair reboot to freshen up your look. It might be wise to include considerations on the best ways to pandemic-proof your hairstyle/haircut for the coming year juuuuust in case… *touch wood*

We talk to stylists from The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics who recommend for us some lockdown-lasting styles for your locks:

1. Balayage Curls, Emily in Paris Style

One of the trendiest hairstyles right now luckily fits this bill perfectly! It’s super low-maintenance and low-damage (read: no need for extra trips back to the salon for conditioning treatments!), and absolutely gorgeous on most people to boot.

Emily in Paris Makeover with Loose Curl Perm and Brown Balayage at The Urban Aesthetics

Yep, we're thinking loose curls along with stunning balayage highlights, Emily in Paris style. 

Imagine waking up with these curls in the morning? 

Emily in Paris Makeover with Loose Curl Perm and Brown Balayage at The Urban Aesthetics

That's no longer a dream with the combination of Advante Perm with Balayage highlights by none other than veteran stylist Leslie. Not only is he a popular choice with celebrity customers, the highly experienced yet humble artist from The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics creates magic with hair. During his consult he will probably also advise you with a suitable haircut that will flatter your face shape even as it grows out, definitely a plus if you’re not going to be able to revisit again soon.

Did we also mention that you don't have to worry about hair regrowth as the balayage highlights will make the hair regrowth look absolutely natural?

2. Short Kawaii Perms

Of course, a simple answer to the question “how do I make my style last longer”, would be to start off with a shorter style. Right now with all the new hair technology and shorter styles cropping up (geddit?), it’s the best time to experiment with a style maybe a bit shorter than you’ve ever tried before! Furthermore, if it truly isn’t to your liking, what better excuse than a lockdown/work-from-home excuse to let it grow back out again!

COVID Proof Medium Length Perm at The Urban Aesthetics

If it's your first time going short in a long time, we'd recommend you to go for someone experienced like Annie. A long-time colleague of Leslie, Annie has a wealth of experience designing shorter, bouncier hairstyles that helps you look younger and fresher. 

COVID Proof Medium Length Perm at The Urban Aesthetics

Given how much stress we've all been through in 2020, a shorter and more kawaii Advante Perm and cut sounds exactly like what we need to give ourselves the much-needed perk-me-up in 2021. 

3. Suave Ash Pink Pixie

Has 2020 scarred you so much that a mid-length perm is not big enough of a makeover for you? 

Before Hair Colour at The Urban Aesthetics

If so, Creative Director Leong from The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics advises for us to go all out and opt for the ash pink pixie. 

Short Pixie Cut with Pink Ash Hair Colour at The Urban Aesthetics

Without that extra weight dragging you down, your hair gets that extra bounce as you amp up that style and personality. 

Short Pixie Cut with Pink Ash Hair Colour at The Urban Aesthetics

Is it conformist and conventional? No. Is it siren-loud? No.

This shade is complex and cool, and demonstrates to the world that you're not afraid to inhabit who you are and what you like. A funky, personality-charged 'do like this could lend you extra confidence to be unapologetically you.

And of course, the best person to go for this is Creative Director Leong. With his extensive portfolio of celebrity customers such as Gong Li, Vicky Zhao Wei, and Michelle Yeoh, you know that this man knows hair. His experience and brilliant intuition speaks for himself. He has been known to create beautiful cuts that can last up to SIX months without a retouch! That’s how long the shape of the hair can last and still look glamourous! (Sounds like if you were lucky enough to have visited him just before Circuit Breaker in 2020 you were one of the lucky ones not running desperately back to salons in Phase 2)

This is your chance to try out a more stylish and unique look, if you’ve been feeling that itch to try something more out of the box. You can be sure that Leong will deliver. His cuts might take up to 2 hours sometimes, but that just shows how much dedication he puts in to making sure the final look is just right for the customer.

4. Fade-Friendly Dusty Lavender

I know. 2020 has been a year of BROWNS... because no one else is there to see our beautiful coloured hair. 

With 2021 opening up quite a bit, we're seeing more and more people opting for something different.. but still work-friendly. After all, we won't know when the lockdown may return and render our salons shut again right? 

If you're one of them, Jacqueline suggests for you to try Dusty Lavender. 

Work Friendly Lavender Hair Colour by The Urban Aesthetics

That's because the colour maintenance for Dusty Lavender is relatively easier. All you need to do is to wash your hair with Purple shampoo once in a while and the colour can retain its dusty lavender hue for MONTHS. 

Given that she's the Queen of Colour Artistry at The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics, you can definitely trust what she says. She's after all an expert in colour chemistry; customers rave about how her hair colours look even more beautiful as it fades thanks to her expert formulae that has already taken into consideration molecular sizes and what colour shows up at each point in time!

As someone who is sadly used to her hair returning to the same bleached tone just weeks after every colouring session, Jacqueline is definitely high on our list of stylists to visit next!

5. Galaxy Earloop Highlights

We have come to possibly the most versatile and trendiest hair colouring style at the moment: The Earloop Highlight.

Dubbed the most work-friendly, this style works to give you a pop of colour, and freshening up and revitalising your whole look, but only changing up a small portion of your hair. Not only does that mean that it’s definitely easy to maintain, it means that if you do end up stuck at home at Circuit Breaker 2.0, you’ll definitely be able to maybe do some home-touch ups on the earloops by yourself without much stress.

A very recommended style for those still needing to look professional but wanting to showcase a little flair!

Low Maintenance Earloop Rainbow Highlights by The Urban Aesthetics

As trendy as earloop highlight is right now, we love how Alex from The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics didn't just give Agent XP an ordinary earloop highlight but spiced it up with this year's Pantone Colour of the Year: Yellow along with Blue and Green. 

Low Maintenance Earloop Rainbow Highlights by The Urban Aesthetics

The combination might at first seem not so flattering but the versatile Alex is so skillful that the end result turned out to be a lot more haute-couture than expected. Definitely a unique hairstyle to remember 2021 by. 

Read more about Agent XP's Rainbow Earloop Highlights here.

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