2020 Horoscope Forecast for Cancer Women and 6 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles to Bring Out Your Best in 2020-2021

Published on Jun 24, 2020

Happy birthday, dear Cancerians!

As one who rules the home and family, you're very likely the Domestic Goddess many lean on during this crisis. Still, it's been a tough 3 months staying home so go ahead, give yourself a pat as you take a breather in your birthday month. 

While the chaos will probably stay for a while, the rest of 2020 is looking up with Jupiter blessing your sign with wellness. Don't be surprised if you find yourself getting a major energy boost throughout the second half of 2020 and possibly even in 2021 as you build a stronger body and even stronger immune system. 

Outside of wellness, 2020 is a great year to build strong bonds with those you care about.  With Jupiter and Pluto blessing the sector of committed relationships from April to November, you will likely find your romantic, business and even platonic relationships flourishing with Jupiter and Pluto aiding in your relationship sector from April to November 2020. Those who are running businesses may just find a new demographic for which you can expand in your business during this time. 

Nevertheless, there may be some obstacles that come your way so do consider looking for a middleman when you run into trouble. Confide your feelings of uncertainty and figure out what’s the best next step. Cancerians are known to be full of tenacity and imagination, so we are sure you'll be able to figure out how to pull through 2020 in style and grace.

If you need some suggestions on style, we have a list of fellow Cancerian celebrities and we can see what beautiful hairstyles are they sporting.

1. S Curl Body Wave

Often known for your heart shaped faces and brilliant smiles, Cancerian women are often spotted in body wave hair that seem to perfectly bring out their femininity. There's probably no better example of the archetypal Cancerian than Arwen Undómiel from Lord of The Rings, played by the very lovely Liv Taylor.

Whether in person or in the movies, Liv looks so pretty and serene with her big eyes and feminine body wave hair that accentuates her womanhood and her kindness.

Korean Flow Perm at Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio

You too can look as ethereal as Liv with a perm that gets you balancing elegance with style. 

S Curl Perm from The Space Korean Hair Salon

The Space Korean Hair Salon

Typically, you have to grow your hair really long and go for an S-curl perm for best results. 

S Curl Perm by Leekaja

LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

2. Glamorous Victoria Secrets Curls

One of the highest profile Cancerian we know of is Gisele Bundchen, supermodel, environment activist, author, actress and businesswoman who successfully balance her career with 2 children in tow!

Guess what hairstyle she is spotted in most of the time? 

Yep, the Victoria Secret curls that gets you looking all glamorous no matter what you're wearing. 

This also fits the beauty ideal most of us have of Cancer women - who are unattainably pretty and sexy. 

Ariana Grande may not have the height associated with Gisele but she looks just as good when she actually chooses to let her hair down. 

Glamorous S Curl Perm by Pro Trim

Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City

For those of you looking to turn up your female power this year, the Glamour Curls is a MUST-TRY!

Glamorous Curl Inspired by Crash Landing on You by Pro Trim

#CLOY Perm by Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City

3. Understated Waves

Don't feel that the archetype of Female Goddess suit your personality as much? According to renowned astrologer Taina Ketola, there are 3 stages in every sign. As Cancerians in their 2nd stage tend to explore their individual personality a little more, you may find yourself gravitating towards more edgy styles the way Kyungri from Nine Muses does so effortlessly. 

Even then, you don't go all out funk but instead balances this individuality and attitude with femininity. That's why these understated waves work really well to soften the edges for that balance. 

More than glamour, the extra volume brings out your femininity while preserving your composure and serenity, a trademark vibe we see on Seohyun from Girls Generation.

Wave Perm (Jimmy) by Kemistry

Kemistry @ Scotts Square

While we see many celebrity Cancerian wearing this hairstyle beautifully, you don't have to be a celeb Cancerian to pull it off.

Wave Perm and Hair Cut by Chez Vous

Chez Vous Hair Salon

Go for the right stylist and you'll be able to attain the feminine "coolness" that is so you. 

4. Barely There Waves

Don't need so much volume? The subtle Barely There Waves gives you the personality without making you look too female.

Adding a blonde highlight to these waves can also brighten up your skin tone, giving Cancerian celebs like Khloe Kardashian a healthy sunkissed look.

Most of these models achieve this look via styling but if you're hoping to get something more low-maintenance, you can always go for the Barely There perm

Low Maintenance Barely There Perm by Kenaris Salon

Barely There Perm by Kenaris Salon

The price is relatively affordable and you can wake up with hair like this!

5. Curly Lobs

Tired of your long flowing locks?

Selena Gomez got so many of us talking when she snipped her hair off in favour of the lighter, more energetic lob. 

No matter the length though, some waves / curls are essential to go with that self-confidence and slightly rebellious pout. 

Short Lob Curly Perm (Ryo) by Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Threes Japanese Hair Salon

What do you think about the above celebrity-inspired hairstyles for you in 2020? 

We can't wait to see what makeovers you have in store, Cancerians

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