What is A Care Perm And Why It's a Must-Try for Perm Beginners

Published on Sep 06, 2019

Don't have time to style your hair every day with styling tongs? Perm is the secret many busy ladies discover can make them look effortlessly stylish without you putting in so much maintenance. The problem? Process Time.

If you're familiar with perms, you'll know that it's a long process that takes at least 4 hours... whether you go for cold perms, hot perms, Japanese perms or Korean perms. 

For those who are unfamiliar, here's a quick rundown of the process:

  1. Shampoo to cleanse the hair 
  2. Trim the hair to create the eventual perm style
  3. Application of Perm solution to break existing hair bonds
  4. Processing Time for perm lotion to penetrate the hair
  5. Curl Hair with rollers
  6. Application of heat to create the desired shape
  7. Application of Neutralizer solution to set the new hair shape
  8. Final wait and wash

Now you understand why some of us dread heading to the salon even though the end result can be so satisfying... you have to spend the better part of the day there! Fortunately, technology have been improving and innovative stylists like Daisuke from HaLu Hair Design @ River Valley has been experimenting with perm lotions to see how he can reduce the time and still create gorgeous perms. 

The result? Care Perm in just 2 hours.

What is Care Perm?

The usual perm process requires the stylist to apply perm lotion, wait for the perm lotion to penetrate then curl the hair with rollers and apply heat. 

During Care Perm, the stylist applies perm lotion and curls the hair immediately with rollers to apply heat, cutting the time required for processing in between. Not all salons are able to use this process as directly perming wet hair applied with perm lotion is actually pretty damaging for the hair. HaLu has however been using the low-damage Tokio Sinka perm that can reduce the damage to the minimum. Still, applying heat directly to the perm lotion can still wreak some damage so it is best recommended for ladies with healthy hair, perfect for those who want to try perms for the first time without spending too much time in the salon.

If you want to understand how the process is like, read on for Student QY's experience at HaLu Hair Design @ River Valley

Student QY Shares Her First Experience with Care Perm

I'm Student QY, currently studying entrepreneurship at Singapore Polytechnic. I aspire to have my own business one day and am currently in the process of founding a few ventures of my own. 

Just because I want to be a successful businesswoman doesn't mean I don't make time for self-care. I don't consider myself very vain but I do enjoy learning about makeup and making sure that I look at least presentable in front of my potential clients and investors. 

My Hair Before Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

Given that hair makes up such a big part of my external appearance, I did quite a bit of research before finding my go-to stylist. I used to go to salons close to my neighbourhood for cuts and colours previously but never found someone who made me want to go back to them a second time. When I stumbled upon Daisuke, however, things changed. 

My Hair Before Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

I still remembered the first time he cut hair for me. He was nice, sincere but not over-talkative like some local stylists were. He made sure I was comfortable all the time and most importantly, the cut! The way he cut and styled for my hair was exactly what I wanted. I came back a second and third time for cut and colour and he just GETS me each time. Perhaps its because I lean towards the Japanese casual style of dressing and makeup?

During my last visit, Daisuke mentioned to me that he was looking for a model for his new service care perm. 

I was intrigued but a little concerned. Some part of me always wanted to try perms. My hair is really flat and a perm will be good to give it some volume. However, the other part of me am worried that the perm will make my messy hair more damaged and therefore more frizzy. I'm also kinda scared that it will make me look too old. 

Damaged and Frizzy Hair Before Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

Daisuke assured me that this is a new low-damage perm that creates loose waves and natural volume in just 2 hours, perfect for perm beginners like me. Given that Daisuke had been spot on with regards to my cuts and colours previously, I am really excited to give it a go. 

Can't wait to see if Daisuke would be able to give me the loose waves of my dreams!

First Impression

When I first went to Daisuke, he was at Bump Holland Village. He recently moved to HaLu Hair Design so this was the first time I'm here as well. Although I loved the decor at Holland Village, River Valley felt even more exclusive.

Bump by AVENTA Interior

No cacophony of chatter like what I usually experience in normal neighbourhood salons but a bright and quiet salon located on the second level of the shophouse along River Valley. The peace and calm, along with the generous space in between seats, made my heart feel happy and at ease immediately. 

Step 1: Hair Wash and Consultation

Daisuke started the service with a hair wash.  

Hair Wash at Bump by AVENTA

I always enjoyed his wash because he would not only cover my eyes with a cloth but also do his best to give a relaxing massage to die for!

Haircut at Bump by AVENTA

Back at the seat, Daisuke started to explain what we were about to do today: a low-damage perm that will give me some loose waves. 

He combed my hair to remove any knots and also asked me where I would like my parting to be, before he embarked on the next step of the process: trim. 

Step 2: Trimming

First, he snipped off dry ends to minimise any frizz.

Haircut at Bump by AVENTA

Layers were also added to my hair. This determined where the curls would be created.

Haircut at Bump by AVENTA

Step 3: Care Perm

Then, it was time to perm my hair!

The perm lotion was directly applied to my hair.

Application of Perm Lotion at Bump by AVENTA

Without needing to wait, that section of the hair was sandwiched between two pieces of hair perm paper.

Curling Process of Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

My hair was then wrapped around a hair roller. No waiting in between.

Curling Process of Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

It was rolled halfway since I wanted a more natural looking perm, then clipped to secure it in place.

Getting Care Perm For The First Time at Bump by AVENTA

The process was then repeated on the rest of my hair.

Curling Process of Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA
Curling Process of Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

Once all my hair was rolled and clipped up,

Curling Process of Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

a heating machine was connected to all the rollers.

Step 4: Applying perm setting solution

After about 20 minutes, the machine was disconnected from the rollers. My hair was then unrolled slightly to remove the perm paper.

Curling Process of Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

Rubber bands were used to hold the rollers in place so my hair could be exposed to absorb the perm setting lotion.

Curling Process of Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

I was brought to the washing area where the setting lotion was poured over the rollers.

Curling Process of Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

This step is the most important because it helps to lock the bonds in place and set my perm!

Curling Process of Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

Step 5: Final wait and wash

I only had to wait for another 20 minutes for the setting lotion to be absorbed into my hair. Then, it was time for the last wash.

Curling Process of Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

It was first washed with the rollers on, then washed again when the rollers were removed to ensure that all the chemicals were rinsed off. 

Final Hair Wash at Bump by AVENTA

And that was it!

My hair just had to be dried and styled.

Blow Dry at Bump by AVENTA

No fancy tools were needed. Daisuke showed me how I could just use my fingers to twirl my hair as I blow-dried it.

Blow Dry at Bump by AVENTA

I was so pleased that it was such an easy style to manage. Here's how my hair turned out!

My Hair Before Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA
How I Look After Getting Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA
Natural Looking Curl with Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA
How I Look After Getting Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

Look at how natural the waves are!

How I Look After Getting Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA
How I Look After Getting Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

Love how it adds a bit more sensuality and character without making me look or feel old. 

How I Look After Getting Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

It almost feels like I'm born with this hair!

How I Look After Getting Care Perm at Bump by AVENTA

Thank you Daisuke, for giving me the loose waves I've always dreamed of having!

Overall thoughts

As usual, I enjoyed my time with Daisuke. He walked me out and bade me farewell as I left the salon. It may be a small gesture but is just one of the examples of how the staff in HaLu are always so polite and courteous. 

Update: I looked and felt beautiful as i walked out of the salon but more importantly, I still felt the same way months later! It's been almost 2 months since the perm and I can say that waves are still visible and as easy to style as ever. All I do now is to apply hair mousse after I wash my hair and let my hair air-dry! When I want it to look more formal, I would then twirl and blow my hair dry like how Daisuke taught me. 

I have only compliments for Daisuke's Care Perm and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for loose waves without spending too much time at the salon!

Keen to try Care Perm by HaLu Hair Design?

You'd be glad to know that the price for care perm is under $200! Read more about HaLu and who to look for in the page!

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