Caviar & O'Way Scalp Treatment: The Ultimate Hair and Scalp Treatment We Can Afford to Try

Published on Apr 19, 2021

Hello, I'm Chief Editor of Beauty Undercover, Agent G.

Like many Singaporeans, I am an ardent fan of massages. Before Circuit Breaker, I'll try to sneak in a massage once every 2-3 months in Johor to give my body the pampering it deserves. COVID-19 has however made it impossible for me to do the same in Singapore. 

This got me wondering, what could be an alternative option that is more time and value effective? The service that came to mind is HEAD SPAS and SCALP TREATMENTS

(Read here if you want to know the difference between scalp treatments and head spas)

Everyone is different but I like the scalp and shoulder massage the most in a full body massage. Maybe because I sit at the desk for long hours and frequently feel stressed, massage of the head and shoulders relieves the deepest aches that plague me. More importantly, I know that I've been facing hair thinning in recent years. Head spas are very helpful as they are very much like facials for the scalp: they wash and clarify the scalp during the massage, then apply hair tonic that is readily absorbed. This process helps to unclog pores at the scalp, slow down thinning hair and even promote hair growth. 

Relaxation and effectively slowing down hair thinning all in one? Why not? 

That got me writing about the 10 Reasons Why Head Spa is The Newest Hair Service We Can't Live Without. Since then, I've been around different salons to see which gives the best head spa in Singapore. 

I've previously tried Room Japanese Hair Salon, COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong, Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central, Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela @ Riverside Point and the unique Dry Head Spa by Branche Japanese Hair Salon

This time though, I'm hoping to go for more than just a scalp spa. You see, I've been quite naughty. 

As there wasn't much of a CNY celebration this year (COVID was a factor but the passing of a family member is another), I didn't spend nearly as much time as I should on haircare. In fact, the last time I did something was months ago when I permed my hair at Picasso Hair Studio and later coloured it at MODE Studio.

That is why my hair has become like this:

My Hair Before Caviar & OWay Scalp Treatment at Ravissant Hair

To say that my hair is frizzy is possibly an understatement. I know some TLC for both my hair and scalp was way overdue, so when I heard about Ravissant Hair Salon's treatment combo that combined both scalp and hair treatment in one sitting, I knew I had to give it a go. I mean, which hair treatment out there actually uses CAVIAR on your hair?

Why Caviar

If you don't already know, caviar refers to eggs of sturgeon (a specific species of fish that are over 300 million years old). Found mainly in Eurasia and North America, they are tiny, glazed and appear as shiny black pearls.


Beyond its rarity, caviar is prized because it is packed with proteins such as lysine, arginine, methionine and histidine amino acids - buliding blocks to strengthen your hair. It also contains lipids such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are useful in nourishing your hair and scalp. 

Caviar and OWay Scap Treatment at Ravissant Hair Salon

Apparently, Ravissant Hair Salon uses that along with the O'way rebalancing scalp treatment

Caviar and OWay Scap Treatment at Ravissant Hair Salon

as well as a number of machines e.g. high-frequency and steaming all in one session. 

High Frequency Machine at Ravissant Hair Salon

I haven't seen such a power-packed hair and scalp treatment in a long time. With some time on my hands after CNY, I decided to schedule this much-needed treatment for myself. 

Are you also wondering how it is like? 

Read on to find out.

March 2021

Ravissant Hair Salon
Hair Consultation at Ravissant Hair Salon

I chose to go to their Clementi outlet, a charming mix of rounded mirrors, hanging bulbs and ceiling to floor windows that overlook Clementi Central. 

The outlet itself was located in Clementi 321, a neighbourhood mall convenient to reach via MRT or for those who drive, with ample parking space and low parking rates. Take the lift up and you'll find that the outlet itself is right outside that of the movie theatre. 

As I was early, my assigned stylist Stephy was still attending to another customer. So upon arrival, Thomas first escorted me to my seat and even provided me with a robe to change into.

Soon after, my assigned stylist Stephy came over to start the experience.

Step 1: Scalp Treatment

I may be here for my hair and scalp but really, my focus has always been on the scalp. Troubles of a woman entering her mid-thirties.. haha! I'm glad to have Stephy attend to me as she is one of the few stylists who has had extensive experience doing scalp treatments in her previous salon. Not selfish with her knowledge, Stephy took the effort to explain to me what my problems were and what I needed to take note of. 

Hair Consultation at Ravissant Hair Salon

But first, a scalp scan.

Hair Consultation at Ravissant Hair Salon

As the scan showed, my follicles at the top were all severely clogged. 

Due to exposure to the sun, the area at the top tends to be the most susceptible to UV damage. Your body will naturally want to protect itself by produce more oil to moisturize the scalp.You'll therefore often find that scalp at the top is the most oily particularly if you go into the sun often and don't bring along shade. ~ Stephy
Hair Consultation at Ravissant Hair Salon

The point of doing scalp treatments is therefore to clear the clogs so that I can have more hairs growing out from each follicle. 

Most follicles should have 2-3 hairs growing out but the clogs are impeding their growth, making my hair look less voluminous than before. 

Hair Consultation at Ravissant Hair Salon
High Frequency Wand to Clear Clogs and Kill Bacteria at Ravissant Hair Salon
High Frequency Wand to Clear Clogs and Kill Bacteria at Ravissant Hair Salon

After the consultation process, a high-frequency wand was used on my scalp to clear the clogs, kill any bacteria that may negatively impact hair growth and soften the scalp.

Step 2: Pre-treatment Massage

With the clogs partially cleared by high-frequency, the very experienced Stephy proceeds to prepare the O'Way rebalancing scalp treatment.

O'Way Rebalancing Scalp Treatment Mixed With Amazonian Clay

She mixed the White Amazonian Clay as well as Sage and Bugbane - all of which function to gently remove excess sebum while replenishing necessary moisture and vitamins. 

O'Way Rebalancing Scalp Treatment Mixed With Amazonian Clay

She then directly brushed it onto the scalp. 

O'Way Rebalancing Scalp Treatment Mixed With Amazonian Clay

It may look like herbs but fortunately, does not have a pungent smell - just one that's pleasantly refreshing. 

O'Way Rebalancing Scalp Treatment Mixed With Amazonian Clay

Stephy made sure that the concoction is thoroughly brushed throughout the scalp before she began the next step in the process: scalp massage!

Good Scalp Massage by Stephy at Ravissant

All stylists in Ravissant has had many years of training but Stephy in particular was very good at applying just the right pressure to each acupoint.

Pressure Scalp Massage by Stephy at Ravissant Hair Salon

I couldn't help but feel lethargic.

As much as the massage feels good, the point of it is really to help the herbs penetrate deeper into the scalp.  

Hair Steaming at Ravissant Hair Salon

So the next thing she did was to use the steaming machine.

It warms up the hair with steam so that the scalp cuticles can open for the herbs to work more deeply into the scalp. 

Hair Steaming at Ravissant Hair Salon

I know I look kinda angry but trust me, its all the machine.

Step 3: Wash

Next, Stephy proceeds to escort me to the washbasin to give my hair a thorough rinse.

Treated to yet another pampering massage!

Hair Wash and Massage at Ravissant Hair Salon

Step 4: Application of Caviar Hair Treatment

Application of Caviar Hair Treatment

My scalp is pretty much moisturized by now but I can't say the same for my hair. 

Don't worry Agent G, I've got something really interesting for your hair.Have you heard of Caviar?~ Stephy

Apparently, Ravissant Hair Salon has just brought in a new hair treatment that uses the super expensive caviar as a hair treatment.

Application of Caviar Hair Treatment

The first step of the treatment is not the caviar but the Plasm. Containing black pearl powder (a rich source of Vitamin B5 and E) as well as diamond powder, the Plasm stimulates cell growth to produce collagen while promoting repair and reguvenation of the scalp for radiant hair. 

Application of Caviar Hair Treatment

To activate the plasm though, Stephy has to rub the Plasm in between her fingers and create a sticky web before applying it to the hair. 

Application of Caviar Hair Treatment

Interesting isn't it?

Hair Wash at Ravissant Hair Salon

The next part of the treatment is where the Caviar comes in. Contained in a small glass bottle with concentrated cosmetic grade collagen and caviar oil, the Signature Caviar Treatment is a waterless concentrate of highly active cosmetic substances that are hydro-nutritive and helps restore the hair's shine, softness and silkiness.

To preserve it at its highest effectiveness the bottle is kept cold. The first step is therefore to melt it by putting it in warm water. 

Once done, a needle is used to extract the precious caviar into a bowl. 

Caviar Extract at Ravissant Hair Salon

As we say, it is hydro-nutritive so it doesn't dissolve directly in water.

Caviar Extract at Ravissant Hair Salon

Stephy had to mix quite a bit before applying it to my hair.

Caviar Mixture Application at Ravissant Hair Salon

To further improve penetration, she used an infrared machine to run the treatment through the hair.

Infrared Machine For Better Absorption at Ravissant Hair Salon

Just in case you're wondering how the infrared machine works, it vaporises the ingredients to make it smaller and easier for the hair to absorb. 

Infrared Machine For Better Absorption at Ravissant Hair Salon

Once she ran through everything, she brought me for a final wash at the sink. 

Hot Towel Massage at Ravissant Hair Salon

One last hot towel later, I'm almost done!

Blow Dry and Styling at Ravissant Hair Salon
Soft and Manageable Hair After Caviar & O'Way Hair Treatment at Ravissant Hair Salon

My hair is a lot softer and more well-behaved than before. 

Soft and Manageable Hair After Caviar & O'Way Hair Treatment at Ravissant Hair Salon

Looks like the caviar really did its job!

Soft and Manageable Hair After Caviar & O'Way Hair Treatment at Ravissant Hair Salon

As for my scalp, the situation also seemed to have improved as the layer of dead skin and oils are cleared. Stephy however cautioned that there are still some pores that are clogged, so I'll probably have to come back again to cleanse the scalp and keep it clear... a little bit like going for facials.

Clean and Healthy Scalp After Caviar and O'Way Treatment at Ravissant Hair Salon

Thank you Stephy and Ravissant Hair Salon for the power-packed hair and scalp treatment! Stephy was very busy all the way, sharing with me whats going on while applying treatments after treatments to my scalp and then my hair. The caviar treatment was particularly memorable with the sticky plasm forming the web-like substance that is moisturized deep into the hair. While my hair isn't perfectly frizz-free after that, I'm glad to see that the softness persisted for about 2 weeks. The O'way scalp treatment also kept my scalp clean and clear for about a week or so. 

Want to try this new scalp and hair treatment by Ravissant Hair Salon?

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Don't say we bojio!

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