11 Ways to Celebrate Singapore National Day Without Stepping Out of Your House

Published on Aug 06, 2017

National Day is coming!

Did you manage to get tickets to this year's NDP? The #1 way to spend National Day is most definitely at the extravagant parade. Fireworks, dances, aerial flypast, and more, there's nothing quite like soaking up the National Day spirit in a sea of red and white and celebrating together as one nation. But if you didn't manage to score tickets to the parade and don't feel like squeezing with the crowds, here are some things you can do to commemorate Singapore's 52nd Birthday at home!

1. Watch the Live Telecast of National Day Parade in Virtual Reality

The National Day Parade is at the heart of every National Day Celebration.

The state flag flypast, the signature bomb burst from the F-15SG Fighter Aircrafts, the fireworks and the performances put together by Singaporeans from all walks of life... even if you can't be physically there, just watching it together with millions of other Singaporeans in Singapore and around the world just makes us all feel connected somehow. 

This year, we hear that they are making the experience even more immersive for those of us at home with Virtual Reality. 

Doesn't it sound cool?

2. Make Some Singapore-Style Snacks and Organize an NDP Themed Part

Source: Bento Monsters

Virtual Reality may sound cool but we think that nothing beats watching the National Day Parade with your closest group of family and friends! 

So why not get your family and friends together, and make a party out of it with Singapore themed snacks and deco items. Or even better, make it a block party and get residents to bring their own dishes.

This way, you'll have a celebration and food that represents all the different flavours of Singapore. A block potluck party embodies the kampung spirit, don't you think?

National Day Sugar Cookies

Source: Fong's Kitchen Journal

3. Wear Red and White

It doesn't matter whether you're at home or you're out... wearing red and white definitely gets you in the MOOD to celebrate!

Beyond the typical I Love Singapore Red Shirts, why not consider getting your hair coloured red as well to make a statement?

Red Hair Colour for National Day

Or get a red and starry themed manicure?

Red Nail Art for National Day

LeeKaJa Korean Beauty Salon

Need more inspiration? Here are 25 shades of red hair and nail styles to celebrate Singapore's 52nd birthday)

4. Put up your flag

Besides attending NDP celebrations, hanging up the Singapore flag is one way you can do your part to show your pride and decorate the city. From face paints to temporary tattoos and decals, you are not just limited to hanging the flag outside your flat.

Wear your pride or showcase it through car decals or wall stickers, but whatever way you decide on, just remember to treat the Singapore flag with respect.

5. Sing with pride 

Any and every National Day celebration in Singapore is going to include singing. Music brings people together and when you sing together as a nation, it's just that more special and you truly feel at home.

So whether you will be at home watching the parade, sing your heart out and sing with pride!

The benefit of singing at home is that you don't have to be shy about singing off-pitch since your closest family and friends have long accepted your musical limitations.

Evolution of NDP Songs by MICapella

If you're as musically talented as these young Singaporeans, however, do share your songs on social media so we can sing along with you as well :)

6. Show Your Love for Singapore on Social Media

Feel the well of emotions when the entire nation engulfs itself in celebration? 

Why not share a story about the people who makes Singapore home to you, places where you grew up and fell in love or just a simple wish for Singapore on your Facebook or Instagram?

Individually, it may not mean a lot but when you see your Facebook feed filled with expressions of love for Singapore, it feels really heart-warming and reminds everyone what it means to be a Singaporean.

FYI, your photos, well-wishes, reflections or stories will be compiled and published on the official NDP website if you add the following hashtags to your posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter: 





OneNationTogether Frame for National Day

Adding the #OneNationTogether Frame

You can also go one step further by updating your profile photo with the #OneNationTogether frame by NDPeeps on Facebook. 

All you've got to do is to hover over your profile photo and click "Update Profile Photo". Add a Frame and search for #OneNationTogether. 

7. Swap your Best, Worst and Most Entertaining Army Stories and more

Don't just do everything online.

If you're getting friends together, why not relive some of your shared experiences in Army, in School and even overseas that reminds you why Singapore is home, truly?

Singapore Army

Source: Todayonline

Even if your girlfriend/wife isn't the most enthusiastic about listening about your army life for about the 100th time, you have the special license to say it all over again. It's double special this year as it's NS50 after all!

8. Prepare a Slew of Singapore Dramas to Commemorate Singapore National Day

If your kids haven't watched Army Daze before... or if you feel like indulging in the wave of nostalgia, why not take the chance to catch Army Daze 

or Jack Neo's locally produced movies such as Ah Boys to Men, I Not Stupid and Money not Enough? 

We hear that Recruit Diaries is not too bad too if you haven't caught it yet. 

9. Create a Time Capsule or Photobook

Into arts and crafts? Consider taking this time to create a time capsule with the entire family. You can put together photos from school, office and even places you've dated into a scrapbook to be opened and savoured for years to come! 

Even if you're not artistically inclined, you can still put together those photos online and create a printable photo-book!

10. Donate Money or Volunteer Your Time to Those Who Matter

Source: AceSeniors.org

While many of us are thinking of what to do to fill up our National Day holiday, there is a less advantaged group of Singaporeans who are unable to join in the festivities. By giving your time, talking to them and even decorating their homes and beds with icons of Singapore, you remind them that they are not forgotten and that they are loved!

If family and work commitments make it difficult for you to come down, donating a little bit of what we have can go a long way to improving the lives of these Singaporeans and make this National Day more meaningful for you and for them. 

11. Make Babies!

Source: Pinterest, Ashley Low Photography

Making babies is possibly one of the biggest contributions we can make to Singapore. So why not sleep early and embark on your most important duty as a Singaporean? ;) (Try to get married first, if possible!)

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