Jeric Salon is the Celebrity Salon where we love to go celebrity-watching. Here're 10 reasons why.

Published on May 13, 2021

Have you ever dreamed of doing your hair at the salon and seeing your favourite celebrity there at the same time? This is no longer just a dream if you patronize Jeric Salon... particularly when you realize that services here aren't as expensive as you may think.

Interested to find out more? Here're 10 reasons why we absolutely love going Jeric Salon to check out our favourite celebrities.

1. Jeric counts JJ Lin, Jay Chou, Coco Lee, Jolin Tsai and many international and local artistes as his customers

Yes, we know that there is another celebrity hairstylist who is chummy with local celebrities but what most of you may not know is that Jeric is THE stylist most international artistes look for when they come to Singapore. We're talking about JJ Lin, Jay Chou, Coco Lee, Jolin Tsai and countless more that we haven't yet named.

So if you're hoping to spot your favourite celebrity, Jeric Salon is possibly the best place to start.

2. Experience what it means to have your hair done by a celebrity stylist

Even if you didn't manage to see a celebrity, you can tell yourself that you've gotten your hair done by someone who actually did JJ Lin's hair. I mean, how many people can actually say that?

You're not just paying for the moniker though. Beyond celebrities, Jeric has a huge following of customers who would only go to him. The reason? Amazingly easy to manage haircuts that looks like you #wakeuplikethis even weeks and months after. Just look at the amazing haircut that he did for our very inhouse photographer Agent EC and you'll understand why we're so in love with him.

Jeric attributes this to his early training in Vidal Sassoon London and years of experience styling for celebrities and people in the top echelon of society afterwards.

What we love is that he continually surprises with new techniques such as this scalp cap. How interesting, don't you think?

3. Home to a group of passionate and highly skilled hairstylists

Even if you find that Jeric's price range is out of your reach, you can opt to try any other stylist in his salon and you can be sure that you'll get at least 70-80% of the celebrity experience. After all, many of them have been under his tutelage for years.

Nardo, for example, is a winner of AVEDA Hair colour competitions whereas Winnie is now the preferred stylist for many local celebrities and CNA broadcasters. Milcah has also done styling for MTV, Channel V, magazines such as Expat Living, Her World, Men's Folio and Women's Weekly!

So for those looking to save some bucks while doing your hair, consider going for the highly capable team here at Jeric Salon!

4. Get wearable hairstyles that are easily manageable

Haircut and Grey Colour by Jeric Salon

Agent M's cut and colour at Jeric Salon

While you're waiting for your fave celebrities to come by, why not get a stunning hair makeover of your own? If you haven't already, check out Agent M's experience at Jeric Salon as Nardo managed to make her look younger, slimmer and more trendy with his signature highlights.

5. They use AVEDA Hair Products

Fans of AVEDA would be glad to know that they are an AVEDA salon.

In fact, Jeric Salon recently won the Her World Best Hair Treatment with its Aveda Nutriplenish treatment. Here, you can not just expect the AVEDA tea to be served to you; they use AVEDA shampoos, scalp treatments, hair treatments and even hair colours throughout your experience!

In fact, Jeric Salon recently won the Her World Best Hair Treatment with its Aveda Nutriplenish treatment. Here, you can not just expect the AVEDA tea to be served to you; they use AVEDA shampoos, scalp treatments, hair treatments and even hair colours throughout your experience!

6. The Stylists here feel like family

There are other celebrity salons in Singapore but many of them feel so cold and atas that we find it intimidating just to enter. Jeric Salon is NOT like that. Coming here feels like catching up with a friend who has only your best interests at heart.

There is no upselling here, least of all hardselling so every visit just feels so comfortable and familial - a BIG reason why we love to come here!

7. The salon feels like home

Jeric Salon isn't the most luxurious in its decor but the inclusion of greenery makes this entire place feel a lot more like home... making it that much easier for us to stay a long time at the salon to chit chat with our stylists while celebrity watching.

8. Easily accessible at ION Orchard

Another bonus? Jeric Salon is located at ION Orchard.

ION Orchard isn't just one of Singapore's most exclusive addresses; it is easily accessible via Orchard MRT. In fact, Jeric Salon is just beside Daiso - so your partner can shop and pass his/her time in Daiso while you're getting your hair done.

9. #SupportLocal

If you don't already know, Jeric is a true blue Singaporean, born and bred here. Visiting Jeric Salon means you are not only supporting the legendary Jeric See but also all the local hair stylists who are working here. Showing support for your talented local stylists will foster more interest in your local hair and beauty scene which means more good hair stylists that can attend to you right in Singapore.

10. Prices are NOT out of this world

With a team of highly trained stylists who've done hair for celebrities and the creme de la creme in Singapore, you would assume that services at Jeric Salon would cost a fortune.

If so, be prepared for a surprise! While Jeric's haircut cost $135 and up, a haircut by a senior lead stylist here start from $80. Prices here are still higher than the average salon but it includes premium services such as head oil massage and even a hot towel.

Of course, going for their promotions e.g. $118 for haircut with scalp treatment will definitely make the hair service that much more value-for-money.

Keen to try Jeric Salon ? Check out which stylist best suits you as well as prices and reviews about their hair services here.

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