This Celebrity Stylist Cut Years Off Agent VN's Face with a Short Bob Cut

Published on Jun 23, 2017

Feeling that your years are catching up with you?

Consider getting a short haircut to refresh your overall look!

Hi, I'm Agent VN, a mother of one and co-founder of bespoke wedding planning firm, Our Fairytale Wedding.

It is not an easy job balancing both motherhood and entrepreneurship. I am however very blessed to have a great business partner, help from my parents and parents-in-law and a very supportive husband who was there with me every step of the way. Thanks to everyone's help and our brides' trust in us, our weddings have been frequently featured on Singapore Tatler and other magazines. 

The desire to be there for both my son and my business, however, does mean that my schedule is often packed with weddings, meetings and spending time with my son. There is scarcely any time left for grooming, be it hair colour, haircut or even a manicure. 

Months of neglect eventually resulted in me looking like this:

Before Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon
Before Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon

A little tired... and basically a hairstyle that screams that I'm a Mom. 

Not the best of impression I wanted to give to my prospective brides.

With my birthday coming round the corner, I decided to take some time to refresh my overall look. Guess who I looked for? Yes, Agent G!

When Agent G asked if I was keen to be the hair model for a local hair maestro from Evolve Salon, I was super excited.

Could it be THE famous Ken Hong who was on 女人我最大... and whom I've seen creating beautiful hairstyles for my brides?

I couldn't wait to find out!

April 2017    

The salon is located on the second level of Liang Court. 

Liang Court is not the most convenient of places but I love Meidi-ya at the basement and the many ramen shops here. The place is also a little more up-class and exclusive than most. 

Evolve Salon

It's clear that this is no ordinary hair salon; its concrete floors, clean lines and spacious work areas gives off a modern, minimalistic vibe that looks particularly inviting to me. The receptionist escorted me to my seat before a familiar face peeped in.

It's Ken! 

To be honest, this isn't the first time I've met him. I first met Ken when he styled the hair for one of my brides in September 2016. He did such a fabulous job that EVERYONE asked who her stylist was, even months after the wedding when prospective brides saw her photos in our posts. 

Really glad to have him taking care of my hair today!

Hair Consultation at Evolve Salon

Just like how I remembered him, Ken is warm, easy-to-talk to and has an artistic vibe, making him stand out from other stylists I've met. 

We chatted a little before he broached the topic of hair. Ken asked a few questions to understand what I wanted, my lifestyle and job profile.

The moment you walked in today, I was inspired to cut your hair short and give it assertive feel that is more fitting for your job as an entrepreneur. Do you trust me?

Yes, trust him, I do! Although I was slightly worried that a short haircut will make my big face look bigger, he assured me that he will design a haircut that will contour my face and make it look slimmer. 

Having seen his work before and heard about his reputation as Singapore's only hairstylist to win an International Hairdressing Competition and a Global Ambassador for a major haircare brand, I knew I was in good hands. 

I threw all my reservations away and decided to let Ken do his magic. 

So here we go!

Hair Wash

Celebrity Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

He sent me off for a hair wash, which felt pretty good!

There was ample head massage and they use really nice-smelling Goldwell shampoos.

Very comfortable!


Back at the seat, Ken started on my haircut.

With no hesitation at all, he snipped off inches of my hair. 

Celebrity Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

Yes, this is the point of no return!

Celebrity Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

Maybe because we were chatting, time seemed to fly by really fast.

Celebrity Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

It was just a few snips and I could already see the beautiful bob shape created. 

Celebrity Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

He isn't satisfied though. 

To make it easily manageable, every layer of hair has to be well cut. 

Therefore, he took the effort to create the shape layer by layer.

Celebrity Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

Even using some special cutting techniques to make my hair tamer!

In 30 minutes or so, my hair is already perfectly cut. 

Hair Colour

As I wanted an easily manageable hairstyle that looks professional, he suggested a darker richer brown that is closer to my natural hair colour. It is more ashy and does not turn brassy easily.

The darker brown will also make my new haircut look a lot more sleek.

Celebrity Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

He shared his colour formulation with his assistant and instructed her to colour the hair, taking into consideration colour correction for the retouched areas.

Evolve uses Goldwell hair colour, which turns out really well because it has no pungent ammonia smell!

Celebrity Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

After applying the colour, a plastic wrap was put around my head to accelerate the process.

Celebrity Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

Soon, it was time for a hair wash.

At the basin, the assistant applied a Goldwell express treatment to minimize any damage from the colour and prolong the colour itself.

Celebrity Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

Back at the seat, she applied an additional treatment, the Neoprocess 3.1 Hair Treatment.

My hair was eventually blown dry.

Celebrity Getting Hair Makeover at Evolve Hair Salon

Before I show you the final result, here's how my hair looked like before:

Before Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon
Before Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon

And how it looks like now!

How I Look After Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon
How I Look After Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon
How I Look After Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon
How I Look After Hair Makeover at Evolve Salon

What do you think?

The makeover cut took a lot of weight off my hair and made me look and feel fresher immediately! 

Overall Thoughts

I was elated when Agent G told me that I was going to get my hair done by Ken as I've been eyeing his work for a long time. I thought that perhaps he would cut my hair a little shorter (perhaps 2-3 inches) and coloured it brighter... who knew that he would suggest something this short!

The biggest surprise for me... is how much I actually LOVED this new hairstyle! I toyed with the idea of getting a bob cut but never thought I could pull off something this short. Ken definitely brought me out of the comfort zone and gave me a hairstyle that exceeded my expectations. The cut was assertive yet demure while the colour suited my hairstyle and image well. 

All my friends complimented me on my new hairstyle and how it looks perfect on me! I also like the fact that the hair colour is holding up very well and still looks the same as it is today vs the first day. 

While service here is good, it isn't exactly the most pampering hair salon I've been to. There's no special massages and also, some of the chemical services are handled by the hair assistants. Still, the quality of stylists I see here are among the best! The haircut and colour itself was very good (lasting, low-maintenance and looks fabulous). I shouldn't be surprised since they have been winning Goldwell Colour Competitions for years!

The hair services were also very efficient; I was in and out of the salon in about 1.5 hours from the moment I walk in. That's great news for busy working professionals or working moms like myself! 

Given the quality of hair service they're offering and the price they are charging, I think that Evolve Salon is so seriously underrated. I'm sort of glad that they don't do much advertising so that I can keep Ken as my own best kept secret!

He's definitely THE Hairstylist I'll recommend for both my brides' big day and for a haircut because he takes the effort to think one step ahead for you, planning your future hairstyles according to what you need.

It's a bonus that he's a big name celebrity stylist and I love how he is so humble and easy to talk to, despite his many achievements. 

Already looking forward to my next appointment with him!

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