Best Hair Salons For Hair Colours Under $100 in Singapore (Updated 2021)

Published on Jul 01, 2021

Hair colouring is something we ladies do on a frequent basis. Whether it's to cover up our grey hair, refreshing our dye job or to simply sport a new look, it's safe to say we spend quite a fair bit of money on just colouring our hair alone.

Hence, if you are looking for an alternative to getting your tresses coloured but not have spend a fortune, check out these hair salons that will get you the best possible hair colour experience (colours that don't require bleaching) for less than $100 for all hair lengths!

P.S. Many of these salons are Japanese hair salons so be ready to be pampered with top-class Japanese service!

Hair Salons Offering Hair Colours Under $100

Bump Hair Design Interior

1. HaLu Hair Design @ River Valley

Price: $95 for all hair lengths

We used to think that trendy hair colours and impeccable Japanese service come with a hefty price tag. Cue HaLu Hair Design who's making waves in the hairdressing industry with their beautiful hair colours at affordable prices. 

Cheap Purple Hair Colour at Bump Hair Design

HaLu Hair Design @ RIver Valley

You won't experience your stylists two-timing or even three-timing you as each stylist is allocated to each customer on a one-to-one basis.

Affordable Dark Brown Hair Colour at Bump Hair Design

Ash grey from HaLu Hair Design

From hair wash to haircut and colour, your hairstylist will be the only one handling your hair and you don't have to fork out a lump sum to enjoy this wonderful hair experience!

Did we mention that HaLu Hair Design is also well known for their non-bleach hair colours?

No Bleach Brown Hair Colour at Bump Hair Design

HaLu Hair Design @ River Valley

AUBE Japanese Hair Salon Interior

2. AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place / Cineleisure / Marina Link

Price: From $95

With more than 200 salons in Japan and 12 overseas, AUBE has cemented its position as Japan's TOP hair salon chain offering top-quality hair services at value-for-money prices. Customers can not only enjoy the comfortable Yume chair at most of its outlets, they can also enjoy the premium Wella Illumina or Hoyu hair colours at prices below $100. 

Brown Hair Colour by Aya at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Warm brown by Aya @ Wheelock Place

It's a pretty amazing price given that many of their stylists are actually established veterans in the industry such as Kouhei Hamada from Wheelock Place who is really talented with colour, having practiced his craft in one of Japan's top salons!

And yes, they also provide omotenashi Japanese service with each stylist attending to each customer one-on-one. 

Affordable Brown Hair Colour by Benjawan at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Rich brown by Benjawan @ Wheelock Place

With their quality hairdressing skill, comfortable ambience and quality service at convenient locations in town and in Clementi, AUBE has become one of our favourite salons to recommend to friends and family who are looking for value-for-money and easy-to-maintain hair colours and cut. 

Threes Japanese Hair Salon

3. Threes Japanese Hair Salon @ The Central Clarke Quay

Price: $90 for all hair lengths

A collaboration between 3 hair salon chains in Japan, Threes Japanese Hair Salon aims to introduce top-notch Japanese service and quality hair products at affordable prices. Their Top Stylists, most of whom speak English fluently and worked in Australia before, were handpicked by the company, making the Japanese hair experience here particularly comfortable. We're especially enamored with the hair colours done by salon manager Ken, who has coloured hair for top celebrities before!

Ash Highlights by Ken @ Threes Japanese Hair Salon

They've also been keeping up with the trends with their new series of milk tea hair colour lately

Affordable Milk Tea Brown Hair Colour at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Milk Tea Hair Colour by Ryo @ Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Definitely a bargain you MUST TRY given their skill, service, quality of product and location!

Medium Length Brown Hair Colour at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Brown Hair Colour by Chie @ Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Geranium Hair Salon Interior

4. Geranium Hair Salon @ Kallang CT Hub

Price: $98 for hair colour + hair serum for all hair lengths

You wouldn't expect a salon located industrial building like CT Hub to offer great hair services but that's exactly where we found hair colours below $100 for both hair colour + serum!

Purple Hair Colour at Geranium Salon

Purple Hair Colour by Geranium Hair Salon

Whether loud or work-friendly, the team anchored by top stylist Linus is likely to deliver hair colours that exceed your expectations without breaking the bank.

Blue Highlights at Geranium Hair Salon

Blue highlights by Geranium Hair Salon

In fact, we recently sent Agent S to her first hair colour at a salon and she had only compliments for Linus after he managed to give her the ash highlights she's always dreamed about.

Amazingly, this colour has stayed on for 4 weeks and is still going strong, something that has impressed us greatly.

The Fluxus House Interior

5. The Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Price: $120-$180 ($96-$144 after 20% discount for first-timers by quoting Beauty Undercover)

Special Promo: $168 for Haircut and Colour by Eling and Seiji

We're cheating a little here as the normal prices are actually above $100 but we think that this new salon at Outram Park is definitely worth a mention with its top-notch stylist team at pocket-friendly prices. For the very first time, Top Stylists from AVENTA, HaLu Hair Design and S.A.D's Hair Design are collaborating to open a fresh new hair concept incorporating art gallery into a salon. 

The Fluxus House Interior

The first thing you encounter when you walk in is not the sound of noisy hairdryers or pungent hair chemical smell but an art appreciation experience that incorporates many of your senses: viewing colourful art pieces that change quarterly, smelling the faint flowery smell in the air and appreicating the calm music designed to help you chillax. 

Short Hair Ash Grey Hair Colour at Fluxus House

Ash Highlights by Chiho @ The Fluxus House

As much as we enjoy doing some reading on the big spacious table here at The Fluxus House, we're ultimately still here to get our hair done. That's where this salon truly shines. One of Beauty Undercover's favourite Japanese stylists Chiho anchors this salon. Strong in both hair colours and cut, Chiho impressed many readers with her ability to give customers that instagrammable hair makeover that is still super easy to manage. 

Brown Hair Colour at Fluxus House

Hair Colour by Shota @ The Fluxus House

And then there's Shota, a fun-loving Japanese stylist who is really interesting to talk to while you're getting that makeover. With experience across Australia, Japan and Singapore, he has lots of stories to share, be it travel, food or hair. So sit back, relax and let him pamper you as he gives you that timelessly gorgeous makeover you've been dreaming of. 

Hair Colour and Cut by Koichi @ The Fluxus House

You can't leave out Eling, a local stylist directly mentored by Chiho who is great with tailoring the cut and colour to your skin tone.

We love that they're all fluent in English, making it much easier to communicate what we would like for our hair. Even though their level of experience are enough to see them through their consultations without a hitch, we think it's nice to feel extra assured that they understand you a hundred percent.

6. Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza

Price: $99 for hair colour above bra length (additional $30 below bra length)

Focus Hairdressing would definitely not win any prizes for the most luxurious with its humble decor but hair services here have always been one of the most competitive in Orchard - be it perms, rebonding and now hair colour.

We're most impressed with their Original & Minerals organic hair colour which is perfect for those with sensitive scalp - or need to retouch their hair colour regularly. O&M Hair colour is known for their great grey coverage as well as organic ingredients while still being able to attain multiple tones!

Special Mention

Prices for these salons may be higher than $100 but we feel that they deserve a special mention given that the hair colours are still very value-for-money given their wonderful service. 

COVO Japanese Hair Salon

1. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Keong Saik / Katong 

Price: $130 ($104 after 20% for first-timers by quoting Beauty Undercover)

This popular chain of salons from Japan now has 3 stores in Singapore. COVO means hidden place in Japanese and the salons have emulated it perfectly to give you a quaint escape from the hustle and bustle of Singapore city.

Caramel Beige Hair Colour at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Caramel brown by Kiyo at COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd

Even though they are a top tier salon, your stylist usually won't employ the help of other technicians, assistants or stylists because it's all about that 1-to-1 attentive care here.

Ash Brown Hair Colour at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Argan Oil Ash Hair Colour at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

As your stylist stays with you from start to finish, it definitely makes the experience feel more special and personalised. The detailed approach, patience and skill from every stylist here will make your hair turn our exactly how you want it, or even exceeds your expectations!

This was the reason why both Agent SC and Agent E were so in love with COVO after colouring their hair before their respective weddings here. 

Wedding Hair Styling and Makeover at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Agent E Wedding Hair Makeover at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Best part is that prices are actually not through the roof. Their argan oil ash colour, which includes both argan oil treatment within the hair colour, cost $130, just a shade higher than the usual Japanese salons! 

Brown Hair Colour

Feel free to unwind and let go of all your stress while you get your hair done here, making it a truly wonderful escape.

Art Noise Japanese hair Salon

2. Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Price: $130 

Established well over a decade ago in Ikebukuro, Art Noise has blossomed and is now one of the most popular hair salons in Tokyo - to say it was a challenging feat is an understatement. Now, they've expanded their winning formula to Singapore and more recently Australia.

Short Hair Colour Highlights at Art Noise

Subtle highlights by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Beyond awesome haircuts and amazing head spas, Art Noise encapsultates exceptional Japanese service, a peaceful ambience and high-quality hair products exclusively innovated by Art Noise.

Colour Balayage by Yuka at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Highlights by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Given that the stylists here give you their utmost attention and care to ensure you have the most comfortable experience possible. you can be sure that both you and your hair will be well taken care of right here at Art Noise. 

Dark Brown Hair Colour at Art Noise

Rich brown by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Finder by COVO Interior

3. Finder by COVO @ Tanjong Pagar

Price: $130 ($104 after 20% first-timer discount by quoting Beauty Undercover on weekdays)

Opened in collaboration with COVO, Finder offers the same semi-private space and good service in Tanjong Pagar at the same value-for-money pricing. 

Here, Finder houses two colour experts Kazz and Hajime. While Kazz's colours are more work-friendly, Hajime can bring your dreams into reality with his expert skill in bleaching. 

Colour-AshBrown (Kazz)

Ash brown at FiNDER by COVO @ Duxton Tanjong Pagar

Prices are of course higher if bleach is required but with the 20% discount for first-timers, you can save quite a bit and still get awesome service from the stylists!

Whitehair Japanese Hair Salon Interior

4. WhiteTree Japanese Hair Salon @ Raffles Place Circular Rd

Price: $130 ($104 after 20% first-timer discount by quoting Beauty Undercover)

Hoping to get a full Japanese experience with wellness tea and complimentary 5-min scalp spa thrown in? You must absolutely check out this new Japanese salon within walking distance to Raffles Place MRT and Clarke Quay MRT.

Blonde Highlights at Whitetree Japanese Hair Salon
Brown with Purple Highlights at Whitetree Japanese Hair Salon

Whether you're looking for a natural hair colour or something brighter, anchor stylist Koichi will definitely make sure you leave the salon with lots of compliments (and instagrammable photos too!)

Blonde Short Hair at Whitetree Hair Salon

The colours here are really gorgeous too as they work towards getting you a work-friendly hair colour with a zing.

Flamingo Hair Studio

5. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar / Tiong Bahru

Price: $140 for Hair colour ($112 after 20% discount with Zackey)

Whenever someone asks us where to refresh our hair colour AND get a magical salon experience, the first salon that pops into our heads is Flamingo Hair Studio.

Here, you can look forward not just to a gorgeous hair colour but also a uniquely Japanese experience in the middle of the CBD district with its collection of Japanese comics, hairstyle illustrations and quaint jewellery AND tip-top Japanese omotenashi with amazing service from every single one of the stylists.

Most of the staff here are Japanese but thanks to extensive training in English within the salon, they can understand and speak English pretyt well. Still, there is an inhouse Japanese translator, minimizing any miscommunication. So while prices is a shade higher than other salons, the service and quality of hair colours here definitely makes it more than worth it.

Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon Interior

6. Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon @ Somerset

Price: $160 for Hair colour + Davines Treatment ($112 after 30% discount)

Conveniently located within 5 minutes walking distance from Somerset MRT, Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon is known to deliver noteworthy hair transformations at pocket-friendly prices in the highly instagrammable Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon.

Ash Purple by Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon

There is however no haircut or hair colour only services here - all of them include a Davines treatment. Yes, you read that right. No matter your hair length, you'll only be dishing out $112 for a non-bleach dye job AND a premium hair treatment from Davines.

How amazing is that?

In their recent promotion, they are charging only $140 for Full Head Colour + Treatment with a gift of Hoyu Colour Shampoo & Conditioner y (Additional $120 for one bleach).

Dark Brown Hair Colour at Devonshire Salon

Ash Mahogany by Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon

More importantly, the stylist team comprise 3 Japanese stylists and 1 local stylist who are all amazing with colours - so you'll still be able to get omotenashi Japanese service along with gorgeous hairstyles at the end of your time here.

Definitely one of our most recommended Japanese salons for value-for-money hair colours and treatment!

Value For Money Blonde Highlights at Devonshire Hair Salon

We recently sent Agent K here to get her hair colour done, so read more about her experience at Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon here

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing Interior

7. Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing @ Hong Lim Complex

Promotion: $150 for MUCOTA Colour + Cut + Scalp Treatment

The pricing isn't exactly below $100 but they're running a special promotion that gets you a Colour and Cut + Scalp Treatment at $150 - all by experienced stylists Gary and Ken. 

Previously voted to be one of Singapore's Top 50 Stylists by Her World, Gary's skill was endorsed internationally time and again as he was invited to hair seminars, hair shows and even as a judge for hair competitions for stylists all over Asia. Thanks to his rigorous training in Vidal Sassoon London and a continuous drive to keep learning and improving, Gary has achieved a technical excellence in haircuts, perms and colours that have gotten customers travelling all the way from Paris Ris to town... for the past 2 decades.

While Ken may not have picked up as many accolades, frequent readers will tell you that he's a stylist we love to recommend here at Beauty Undercover thanks to his good skill in both haircuts, colour and straightening.

Customers who give them a try are often positively surprised by their skill and service.

8. Be U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

Price: $216 for Haircut + Colour (Promo: $168 for Haircut + Colour)

Looking for both a makeover colour and cut? Stylists at Be U Hair Design follow a Personality Hairstyle Philosophy that design the hairstyle according to the vibe you desire to achieve.

Cheap Hair Colour by Be U Hair Salon

Those hoping to look more authoritative at work can consider hairstyles that are shorter and colours that are darker to make you look more serious.

Cheap Hair Colour by Be U Hair Salon

Stylists here may recommend bangs and softer browns for those who desire a bit more femininity in your style.

If you like how they recommend hairstyles according to vibe, you should definitely consider going for their makeover cut and colour promo at just $168!

9. Twist Hair Salon @ Tanjong Pagar

Price: $250-$290 for Haircut + Hair Colour + Treatment (Promo - $189 for Cut + Colour + Treatment for all lengths)

Looking for more than just hair colour? This combo from Japanese salon Twist has it all with its Cut+Colour+Treatment combo at just $189.

Those looking to lighten their hair can even add on $100 for bleaching!

Beyond the affordable price tag, we really love Twist Hair Salon as the hairstyles here really hit the spot. Each of the two stylists here have differing strengths; Japanese stylist Shuhei Suzuki is very strong with work-friendly balayage that looks so gorgeous with simple styling.

Singaporean stylist Glen, on the other hand, knows just how to lift up your colour without overpowering your entire style.

10. Hairlux Hair Salon @ Katong

Promo - $288 for Colour + Unlimited Bleaching + Treatment for all lengths

Fancy unlimited bleaching? This hair salon in Katong is offering $288 for hair colour + unlimited Bleach + Treatment at a fixed price of $288.

Whether you're thinking of pink or ash colours, you can safely get there with the help of the stylists here.

The salon also offers a semi-private setting, making the experience all the more exclusive for you.

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