How to Cheat on Your Hairstylist

Published on Feb 25, 2021

The guilt hits low in your gut. As you sneak over the threshold of the salon you keep your head low, worried you might accidentally get recognized by someone you know. Your eyes dart around surreptitiously, trying to sus out who exactly your mystery rendezvous appointment is with. You take some comfort in knowing that the majority of women before you have been in your position before.

You’ve agonized over this decision for weeks now. Would your betrayal be found out? Or maybe – you just might get away with this indiscretion. Your thoughts race as you settle into your chair: “How on Earth am I going to come up with a good excuse if I get caught cheating on my hairstylist?”

Sometimes the stars align and you find the perfect soulmate of a hairstylist/beauty professional. Your solid, dependable, good ole’ Stylist you’ve been with for ages now. You love them. They know what you need and what you want. But sometimes, just every so often, temptation comes sneaking round the corner.

Perhaps it’s this new highly raved hair colour or style they are not familiar executing. Or some irresistible promotion on for a limited time. Or maybe it’s even the curiosity of visiting a swanky new salon you’ve been ogling on Instagram. Or worse, the motivation for your cheating is nothing more than that you’ve read rave reviews of the new hottie hairstylist on the block. (Is it really that awful that we just want a little eye candy during our pampering sesh?!)

So you’ve gone ahead and done it; you’ve made your appointment with the enemy and you’re all set to try this new flavour of the month. Now, if you’re lucky everything will go smoothly, and you’ll return to your regular haunt with your hair-mate none the wiser. But… there’s always the slim chance things won’t go the way you’ve expected, and now you’re racking your mind for a good enough excuse to justify your behaviour.

With that in mind, here are some ready-to-go excuses you could probably whip out when you are in need:

1. I was trying to be COVID-19 conscious and play safe.

Being forced to stay in your immediate neighbourhood for safety and health reasons have never been more useful. If your usual salon is located somewhere in town, as most of the more popular spots are, COVID-19 may provide you with the perfect excuse to try a salon located closer to home.

Of course, you could try doing your own hair at home if you want to stay faithful to your stylist… but more times than not it does not always end up the way you hoped it would. But hey, at least there’s a built-in lie in the off-chance that your experimental visit turns out to be a complete dud; just blame it on half-hearted attempts at hacking away at your own hair.

Here are some of our favourite neighbourhood salons to check out: 

no. 8 hair studio

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East Vision Exchange

ravissant hair salon

Ravissant Hair Salon @ Clementi 321


Hairlux Salon @ Katong

Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

mane made

Mane Made @ The Midtown Hougang

2. I tried to make an appointment but, alas, you weren’t free!

This one works best during festive periods like Chinese New Year, or if you’re extremely sneaky, on your usual stylist’s off day. If you make sure to plan your hair day just so, you will have the perfect excuse that it was truly a matter of circumstance as it was their off-day, and thus spare anyone’s egos and feelings getting hurt.

If you go during Chinese New Year or a festive period, there is an added layer of credibility as it is widely known that festive periods are crazy-town time for salons. With the mad rush to squeeze in multiple clients, no one can fault you for lamenting that you “simply had no choice but to visit a secondary location” to prep your hair!

hair colour consultation at the beauty emporium

Pink hair transformation at The Urban Aesthetics

3. My friends treated me to a free hair service! 

Even better, make it a situation that is completely out of your control! If friends surprise you with a gift, it is unlikely they would magically have known which particular stylist/salon you go to, and would not draw any suspicion from your current stylist.

hair makeover at be salon

Birthday Makeover at Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelorette Parties, Graduation gifts, the list is endless! Tons of legitimate excuses available per year to get that “complimentary gift voucher” to the newest hipster salon in town, no?

Best of all, depending on how the service goes, you could even legitimately use this guise to share the goss with your stylist on your experience at the new salon, be it bad or good. Who knows, this might even help them buck up some of their pre-existing services, making it a win-win situation for all.

4. I'm sorry, this promotion cannot be missed!

Ok this one works by appealing to everyone’s human nature. No one can say that they haven’t been tempted by a promotion or deal that seems almost too-good-to-be-true. This ruse requires you to boldly go for the deal of your choice, an then beg forgiveness from your stylist by reassuring them that the only reason was that the shopaholic in you simply couldn’t pass this deal up.

Just make sure to lay it on a little thick about how the experience was… different, but not a good different, and that it isn’t as good as how they do it… and hope you’ve managed to placate them sufficiently.

Haven't found a salon with a good deal? Check out our promotion page and monthly promotions!

5. Be honest!

Or look, if all this sneaking around makes your palms sweat and your heart race, then just go for the best policy: Honesty.

If you want to feel zero guilt or fear of getting caught, just have a chat with your stylist. Tell them how you just wanted to try exploring other salons just to compare, how other stylists work, and what other hairstyles they might suggest for you. Especially if it’s a style or technique that isn’t in your current stylist’s expertise, I’m sure they would understand.

If your stylist is truly the professional that they are, they wouldn’t feel threatened by this, instead encouraging you to expand your horizons and do market research and compare. If they were confident in their own skill set and professionalism, chances are that they would know that despite whatever you find out there, you’ll probably return to them when you realize that only they can truly understand how to draw out the best hair style for your look and personality.

hair colour consultation at threes japanese hair salon

Coffee Airtouch Highlights at Threes Japanese Salon

colour hair fix at chez vous hair salon

Colour hair fix at Chez Vous

But what if you do manage to find another stylist you prefer, or does your hair in a way that suits your better? Well, things change, people change, and if your current stylist is as awesome as we know they are, they will understand. Part amicably and make sure not to burn any bridges, and you end up with the best of both worlds: TWO Hairstylists in your phonebook that you can call up on a whim and trust your hair makeovers with. Who wouldn’t want that!

So go out there, armed with this handy guide, and be bold and explore your options!

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