This Hair Treatment from Chez Vous Hair uses Ultrasonic Waves to Penetrate Your Hair with Skincare Ingredients

Published on Jul 11, 2016

Chez Vous Hair Salon may not be a haircare manufacturer but its commitment to giving its customers the best has resulted in its own search for the Best Hair Treatments in Japan, US and all over the world!

After putting the hair treatments through X-ray machines to test out its efficacy (which other salon out there actually does that??!), it has customized its own cocktail of treatments under its Trilogy series. 

This time, we sent Agent R to check out Express Revitalizing Supreme Treatment, the third and last phase in the Trilogy. 

Read more about her experience below!

June 2016

agent r

Hi, I'm Agent R! 

I’m a foodie and beauty addict. 

I love shopping, eating, photography, and trying out new beauty products, getting manicures, and reading. 

before back view

I’m something of a perfectionist, so having good hair, and the perfect makeup and nails and #ootd is super important to me!   

As I don’t really like the colour of my natural hair colour, I usually dye my hair quite frequently! I will probably get my hair done at a salon every few months.

A few salons I’ve been to in the past include Shunji Matsuo, NEXT, Salon Vim.


As a result of the continuous hair colours, my hair has this unhealthy, straw-like appearance. It looks especially bad in Singapore because it detests the hot and humid Singapore weather and frizzes very easily! 

I’m also admittedly, not that great at waiting for my hair mask to kick in when I’m in the shower washing my hair. As a result, I have pretty dry, bleached out looking hair.   

The kind of hair I aspire to have is kind of beachy bronde (brunette + blonde) waves, while being smooth and silky, and not damaged looking! (It’s quite hard to achieve being Asian, I know) … but that’s the kind of hair I like.

That's why I was rather intrigued when Agent G invited me to give Chez Vous Hair Salon's newest Express Revitalizing Supreme Hair Treatment a go. The Express Revitalizing Supreme Hair Treatment is the last phase of their revolutionary Trilogy System that aims to take care of all women's hair via a simple 3 step treatment you can do all year!

The Express Revitalizing Supreme Treatment was especially interesting for me because its the first ever hair treatment I've heard to include SO MANY skincare active ingreidents such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and amino acid. 

So here we go!

The Consultation

chez vous

I made the appointment at Chez Vous on a weekday morning. 

The reception looks just like this, modern yet exclusive. 


The stylist who attended to me is Readen, a tall charming hairstylist who is very conscientious at what he does.

During the consultation, Readen analysed my hair to see if it is healthy, and the extent to which my hair is damaged! He also asked when I last went to a hair salon, when I last dyed my hair.

I liked how by asking me these questions, he could get a more accurate assessment of my hair’s condition!

applying shampoo

Then the proceeded to washing my hair. The head massage was luxurious and my hair smelled great after shampooing.

However, after shampooing, my hair obviously still needed the hair treatment…

express ultrasonic delivery system

As part of the Treatment, Chez Vous used this express ultrasonic delivery system to ensure proper penetration of the hair products used! It’s really efficient.

Meaning instantaneous results, and not sitting at the hair salon for too long. I could get along with the rest of my appointments and errands that day! I was probably only at the salon for an hour or so.


The Treatment was very nourishing and the hair stylists explained to me how and what was used. Hyaluronic acid is used to ensure moisture in the hair. 1 gram of it can hold up to 6 litres of water, and so it’s used as a base to hold the hair treatment together.


Peptides, lactic acid, elastin are used to strengthen and firm up the hair. You’ll find peptides also in cosmetic products, and likewise, it strengthens the hair and makes it less porous and susceptible.    Lactic acid is used to exfoliate our skin, and it’s clinically proven to boost elasticity, meaning hair will be less prone to breakage!  

Amino oil is used because it will close up the cuticles. This means a smoother surface, and better light reflection. Hair will be less coarse, and smoother to prevent further hair damage from occurring.        

Tamanu oil and marula oil are used instead of argan oil to achieve that super brilliant, shiny, glossy hair. Marula Oil has 60% more antioxidants than argan oil, and tamanu oil has the highest reflective index! It’s less well known as it isn’t marketed as much as argan oil, but clinically, marula oil and tamanu oil are pretty up there in terms of effective oils!          

Silk proteins are used to shield the hair against any nasty pollution, they conceal the cracks and damage done to the hair. This will promote smooth and silky hair!        

The Treatment created by Chez Vous involves a few brands because each has a different purpose. Some European brands used are focused on strengthening, while other Asian brands used focus on the needs of Asian hair. I agreed with Readen that Singaporeans and Asians generally like to have more manageable, softer, shinier hair! We like to have less frizzy hair.

I totally know the pains, as someone with thin hair!

To ensure that the treatment lasts longer, the Express Revitalizing Supreme Treatment contains duo sealing to increase the resistance of water in your hair!

Express Revitalizing Supreme Treatmen
Express Revitalizing Supreme Treatmen
Express Revitalizing Supreme Treatmen

After the sealing process, ceramide products are used. These are any kind of ceramide (type of lipids). When these ceramide products touch water, they swell and cover the hair to minimize the cleansing agent from removing the treatment. This ensures the treatment lasts long upon returning home and washing the hair daily.       

To sum up, these are the steps involved in the Express Revitalizing Supreme Treatment!    

Step 1: Sealing the hair with oil       

Step 2: Duo Sealing         

Step 3: Ceramide products are used

The Aftermath

Here’s what my hair looked like straight after the Treatment! Can you see how shiny and glossy and smooth my hair is? It was love at first sight!

after treatment
after treatment
after treatment back view
after treatment

How long will the Express Revitalizing Treatment last at home?

I kept a diary of my hair after doing the treatment at Chez Vous!

Here’s what went down:

Day 2 (7 June): My hair felt extremely luscious and healthy! Despite the humidity and sweatiness, my hair remained frizz-free after the wonderful treatment.

Day 3 (8 June): When I ran my hair through my hair, there weren’t any tangles. My hair still felt silky smooth! It was great knowing that this wasn’t just what I felt, but that fundamentally, the smoothness of my hair meant less breakage and damage to my hair.

3 days after treatment
3 days after treatment

Day 4 (9 June): I got a proper look at my hair to see the difference. Even though it’s been four days, I can still see the effects of the hair treatment! It works, most definitely!

Day 5 (10 June): My hair’s still smooth and shiny on the 5th day. It isn’t threatening to explode into a frizzy mess. Thank goodness for Chez Vous!

Day 6 (11 June): If my hair had a personality, it would be very calm and zen right now.

6 days after treatment

Day 7 (12 June): I note that my hair still feels incredibly light and not weighed down by grease or gross, nasty chemicals!! Hurrah. I’m so glad I did the treatment, and grateful to Chez Vous for taking care of my hair

Day 8 (13 June): Even though my hair isn’t as dry anymore, it surprisingly isn’t oily at all!

I’m kinda amazed the treatment has lasted this long! Which means it really is effective. This is great.       

Day 9 (14 June): Wow! My hair still feels and looks brilliant. Still no tangles!

Day 10 (15 June): My hair feels so voluminous and bouncy. There’s also.. this beachy waves look going on. I love it!     

Day 11 (16 June): My hair’s still frizz free and tangle free, I think I would definitely return to Chez Vous in the future to get my hair done!       

Day 12 (17 June): It’s really unreal and amazing how my hair can achieve this silky smooth standard of awesomeness despite previously bleaching, dyeing, perming, and basically destroying my hair for the sake of beauty.

I kid you not, this is the perfect kind of hair you would imagine people in shampoo ads to have!

Overall Impressions

If you have hair problems, I would recommend visiting Chez Vous!

If you’re in a hurry, I would also recommend Chez Vous.

They totally didn’t keep me waiting for long and were really kind and I liked how I could see the results even after leaving the hair salon! :)

6 days after treatment

The salon has been around since 1995. The hair experts at Chez Vous were very knowledgeable, and eloquent, and also very humble and dedicated to the art of hair care.

This Hair Treatment from Chez Vous Hair uses Ultrasonic Waves to Penetrate Your Hair with Skincare Ingredients

It’s a great hair salon to visit.

It isn’t too noisy, and there isn’t a strong smell normally associated with hair salons in the air!        

The hair stylists were very patient and lovely, and they’ve been in the hair industry for very long.

Chez Vous Hair Salon comes across as a very honest, down to earth, and experienced local hair salon. While the downside is that it isn’t super cheap, I like that they’re good at what they do – that’s what matters to me, not how much money I save when I visit a hair salon. I want results that I can see!

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