This Chiffon Perm can Finally Give Your Fine Hair Lasting Curls

Published on Nov 03, 2016

Have hairstylists told you that your hair is too fine for a perm?

Well, that's because they haven't yet learned the special techniques used by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon in their new perm: Chiffon Perm - created just for ladies with fine hair!

Read below to see how the process is like

Hi I'm Agent AL! 

before perm

Watching the animes always makes me wonder about how life in Japan is like. Knowing that I'm very into Japanese culture, a friend introduced me to Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon.

Art noise Japanese salon

The first time I was here, I was amazed. The ambience was wonderful. The decor itself was very homely in a luxurious sort of way and the staff were very courteous and smiley. I also really like it that the hair salon is very clean and hygienic and did not smell of the usual hair chemicals common on most other salons. 

This first experience left a strong impression with me and that's why I've been going back to Art Noise every few months to get my hair done. 

Recently, Shuji san shared with me about their latest Chiffon Perm. This is their second iteration of Chiffon Perm incorporating the latest Japanese hair treatment Tokio Inkarami.

Chiffon Perm

I've tried the first generation Chiffon Perm which lasted me 2-3 months! You must understand that my hair is naturally straight and fine! So when it could last 2-3 months, I'm already very thankful since a lot of people have told me that my fine hair can't be permed. 

Therefore, when Shuji san asked if I mind becoming the hair model for Chiffon Perm 2.0, I was only too glad to oblige. 

October 2016

I arranged the appointment on a precious day off and arrived on time. 


Shuji san was already waiting for me with his signature smile. 

He appeared to have grown a little bigger since 4-5 months ago but is still as jovial as ever. 

  1. fine

After checking my hair, Shuji san verified that my hair would be perfect for Chiffon Perm 2.0 as it is

  1. not very damaged

He also suggested that I change my parting as the hair along my parting was starting to lose hair. 


Soon, Shuji san embarked on his haircut. 


His usual self turned serious as he focused on cutting the hair to achieve his desired style. 


Though fast, he was very thorough, ensuring that all parts of the hair was well cut. 


And that includes the fringe as well. 

He mentions that he will be perming it as well so I'm really looking forward to it!


After the haircut, Shuji gave me a thorough wash with their inhouse SHA shampoo and the clarifying carbonated water!

This was no ordinary hair wash as he also applied the Tokio 1 and Tokio 2 as a pre-treatment to protect my hair from the chemical damage later on. 

Application of Perming Lotion

applying perming lotion

Next, the perming lotion is applied from the ear length onwards. 

Did you notice that Shuji san was the one who personally washed my hair and applied the perming lotion for me?

That's one thing I like about Japanese hair salons - the hairstylist attends to me exclusively from start to finish at every step! If this was done at a local salon, I bet that the hair assistant would be the one in charge of this step.

applying perming lotion

After applying the hair lengths with perming lotion, he also applied the perming lotion on my fringe to prepare it for the perm.

applying perming lotion

The lotion is then left on the hair for about 15 -20 minutes.

Shuji san mentioned that the hair will turn slightly brighter brown simply because of the application of perm lotion! 


After checking that my hair is ready, I went for a second hair wash!

hair wash

Creating the Curls


Back at the seat, Shuji san curled my fringe first before curling the rest of my hair. 


As the rods will be connected to a digital perm machine and heated, Shuji san applied a Arimino treatment prior to that to protect my hair further!

Arimino treatment

Soon, it's time to heat it up!

Perm machine

Guess what temperature Shuji san is going to heat up the curls until?

Perm machine

Yes ONLY 65 degrees celsius for 12 minutes!

Agent G was surprised as perms at most local salons require heat of 120-180 degrees celsius! In comparison, 65 degrees celsius is not hot at all!

According to Shuji, the objective of this perm is to create curls while reducing hair damage to the minimum. This will ensure that the hair does not dry out and also sustain the curls longer! 

applying neutraliser

Application of Neutralizer

12 minutes later, Shuji san came back to apply the neutralizer on the newly heated curls to fix the curly shape!

"Wait a minute, please"

After applying the neutralizer, he went away for a while to... prepare a hot towel for me! 

He wrapped the hot towel around my head. 

It was warm and felt so good!

hot towel wrap

Can you see the heat emanating from the towel? 

Shuji san mentioned that the hot towel will ensure that the neutralizer is absorbed more thoroughly. 

applying neutraliser

After removing the towel, he applied whatever is left of the neutralizer.

removing curlers

And eventually removed the curlers.


He brought me to the sink for the final hair wash and treatment.

At this step, he applied Tokio 3 and Tokio 4 to repair any damage on the hair. To accelerate absorption, the Nanomist is used at this step! 

Blow Dry

After wash

Back at the seat, this is how my hair looks like when it is wet!

Doesn't it look super curly now?

Shuji san assured me that it will be much less curly once my hair is dry!

And of course, he was right!

blow dry
after blow dry

Before we go on to the final photos, here's how I looked 3 hours before: 

before perm

This is how my hair eventually looked AFTER!

After Perm
After Chiffon Perm
After Chiffon Perm

Sorry for spamming the selfies!

Here's how I look with wind in my hair!

Chiffon Perm by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Even when compared to my first Chiffon perm, this one is softer and somehow gave me a more sensual feel with its side parting instead of the middle. 

I also like how my bangs now curl ever so naturally to the side!

I declare Chiffon Perm 2.0 a success for me!

Overall Thoughts

I've been in love with perms since the first time I got the Chiffon Perm at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon. A lot of people have told me that I can't perm my hair so I was glad that Art Noise manage to perform a miracle for me!

I thought that the first Chiffon Perm was really lovely but this new Chiffon Perm 2.0 really topped it off! My hair was softer than before I permed and was still as moisturized as ever. 

Interestingly, the perm was also really easily maintainable for me as I just have to slap on some hair serum and lotion and blow my hair dry! 

Perm aside, I am still awed at the service here at Art Noise. Shuji san was not only friendly, he takes care of me a lot. As I was down with sore throat and cough, he took care to serve me hot drinks and throat soothing sweets. Although there was a slight language barrier, he also took the initiative to understand and converse with me, allowing me to learn quite a few stuff about Japanese language and culture. 

I am thankful for this chance to be their hair model... can't wait to come back again as a paying customer for Chiffon Perm 3.0 perhaps? haha!

Update 3 weeks later

What do you think?

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