Korean Cinderella Hair Treatment, Hair Botox and 5 Other Keratin Treatments You Should Know About

Published on Mar 15, 2017

Keratin Treatments can be a life-saver, especially for those whose hair has been irreversibly damaged by bleach or other chemicals. As it coats the hair cuticle with Keratin and gives it its shape, it transforms thick, curly, frizzy or coarse and damaged hair into a style that is more manageable and healthy-looking. Though the effects of keratin treatments fade over time as the Keratin that was ironed onto the washes off, A good keratin treatment should last you at least 2 months or 5 months, with proper home care.

For those wanting to rescue their damaged and frizzy tresses with a Keratin Treatment, we've compiled list of Best Keratin Hair Treatments in Singapore so that you have a better idea of where you can head to for your next Keratin Treatment!

1. Hair Botox by Chez Vous

Before and After Hair Botox by Chez Vous

Before vs After Hair Botox by Chez Vous

The Hair Botox by Chez Vous is quite unlike the usual keratin treatments out there as it doesn't result in a very straight look. Your natural waves tend to set in each time as the keratin is washed off, making for a naturally straight wavy look. Moreover, the proprietary blend of hard keratin and amino-oil complex oils, jojoba oils, and avocado oils in Hair Botox are miniaturised for better penetration so as to smoothen even the most stubborn of curls and repel humidity for long-lasting frizz control.

Price: $375 (short hair), $405 for (medium length hair), $455 (mid-long hair) and $505 (long hair)

Read more about Hair Botox by Chez Vous here.

2. Cinderella Treatment by LeekaJa

Before and After Cinderella Treatment by Leekaja

Before vs After Cinderella Treatment by LeeKaJa

Korea's leading hair salon, LeeKaJa has created its proprietary Cinderella Treatment and fortunately for us locals, they have introduced it here in Singapore as well! On top of the usual keratin ironing expected of a keratin treatment, the Cinderella Treatment contains a solution of organic aloe vera and onion, which is made up of moisturising ingredients to repair the hair before the keratin is sealed in. It's even suitable for bleached hair! We love the Cinderella treatment at LeeKaJa as it doesn't result in stick straight hair. Instead, it looks a little like volume rebonding.

Price: $250 onwards

3. Goldwell Keratin Treatment

Before and After Goldwell Treatment by Flamingo

Before vs After Goldwell Keratin Treatment at Flamingo Hair Studio

Goldwell Keratin Treatment is the most popular keratin treatment available and for good reason! It's suitable for bleached hair, is effective in straightening stubborn curls (if done correctly) with long-lasting results and it isn't too costly. As Goldwell is a reputable brand, you can find Goldwell Keratin Treatment at most salons such as Kenaris SalonCOVO Japanese Salon, Flamingo Hair Studio and Full House Salon.

Price: Depending on salon

Before and After Goldwell Keratin Treatment by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Before vs After Goldwell Keratin Treatment at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

4. Keratherapy

Keratin Treatment by Ken from Kenaris Hair Salon

Before vs After Keratherapy at Kenaris Salon

Formulated with Amazon fruit extracts, pure keratin, essential oils, vitamins, amino acids, elastin and collagen, Keratherapy products are also 100 percent free of formaldehyde, methylene glycol, aldehydes, thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide, which is why stylists find the smell to be less pungent and more comfortable for customers. The unique formulation delivers rich nutrients, increases elasticity and shine, and improves manageability while leaving hair straighter and smoother. Protective antioxidants also guard hair against harmful effects of UV rays and leave locks with a smooth gloss that can last up to 12 weeks.

Keratherapy also allows the keratin to go beyond the cuticle and penetrate deeper into the hair shaft where it bonds to the most damaged parts of the hair, making it suitable for bleached hair. It's available at Kenaris Salon and Gene by Ginrich.

Price: From $288 onwards

5. Tibolli Trioxxy Keratin Treatment

Before and After Trioxxy Keratin Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio

Before vs Tibolli Trioxxy Keratin Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio

Aside from Goldwell Keratin Treatment, Tibolli is one of the benchmark Keratin Treatments used in the market because as it is formaldehyde-free. This is important as typical Keratin Treatments release formaldehyde which is carcinogenic and therefore bad for health. Tibolli contains Trioxxy®, a patented mix of keratin treatments that nourishes the hair even as it coats it, repairing the hair further! It also offers a deeper infusion of keratin while sealing the cuticle. Tibolli Trioxxy Keratin Treatment is suitable for bleached hair too and is available at Picasso Hair Studio, Pro Trim Korean Salon @ JEM, Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade.

Price: Depending on salon

6. Absolut Keratin Treatment

Infused with nano-molecules of 22-karat gold, and formulated with 100% formaldehyde-free ingredients, Absolut Keratin infuses the hair with natural extracts of amino acids, keratin and fruit acids to improve smoothing before rebuilding each hair strand with pure keratin to protect it from harsh environmental damage. It helps to enhance coloured or rebonded hair and is great for all hair types - whether dry, brittle, coloured or bleached. Absolut Keratin Treatment is also a great alternative to rebonding as it infuses straightness without permanently altering your hair texture. 

Before after back

Balayage Hair Colour and Keratin Treatment

We highly recommend getting it done at 99 Percent Hair Studio as Absolut Keratin treatment requires precise grasp of timing and technique for ironing. Since the stylists at 99 Percent Hair Studio deal with bleached hair all the time, they are very experienced in doing keratin treatment on the most damaged of hair. 

Price: From $299 onwards

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