Survive Circuit Breaker: DIY At-Home Family Facial with Kids

Published on Apr 29, 2020

It's now 23 days into Singapore's Circuit Breaker.

This means 23 days of boyfriends not seeing girlfriends, adult children not seeing parents and friends not seeing their buddies in person. 

But even for families who are staying together, Circuit Breaker can be hard. 

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Most parents of young children would probably agree that's it's difficult hanging onto sanity when you're facing your children 24/7 with nary a moment to yourself to just read, relax and perform your beauty rituals.

If you're feeling the same way, why not kill two birds with one stone by making your beauty routine a family activity?

This idea came to me while applying pimple cream onto some annoying acne bumps: 

Could we have a facial for everyone at home: my husband, myself and even my son?

Preparing for the Family Facial

You can't just go ahead and slap the same exfoliator and mask on everyone. If you're involving the tots in the facial experience, it's important to use products that are mild enough for children, as well as ideally being natural and organic. 

That got me thinking about Shizuka from Organics Beauty, a Japanese therapist who mixes natural herbs and uses them for facials. 

Herbal Brightening Facial at Organics Beauty

Having experienced several facials at Organics Beauty herself, I can personally attest to the effectiveness of Shizuka's herbs in brightening both my face and my spirits. That's why I was elated when Shizuka launched her exclusive homecare brand THÉRA late 2019.

If you don't have time (or can't) head down to the salon, THÉRA is the next best alternative. Shizuka lovingly makes every one of the Vacuum-packed sachets herself with herbs that are 100% natural and certified organic from France. This however makes THÉRA very exclusive; her first orders for Christmas were all sold out! 

One fortunate thing about the Circuit Breaker was that Shizuka had more time to create higher quantities of these quality facial packs, and I managed to score some samples. There are 3 types of exfoliators / masks available

  1. Brightening
  2. Anti-Aging
  3. Anti-Acne

While Shizuka means 'quiet' in Japanese, she was happy to have a conversation - specifically a Whatsapp Video Consultation - to assess my family's dermatological needs, and recommended the Brightening exfoliators and masks for me and my husband. 

The Brightening Mask contains Elderflower, Heather, Yarrow, Lavender essential oil and (yada, yada, yada... oops I forgot. That day had especially many exhausting video calls) that promote blood circulation and are packed with Vitamins A, B, C and E that help make skin firmer, improve your complexion and even out skin tone!~ Shizuka

THÉRA arrives

About 3 days after we placed the order, we received the samples in the mailbox.

DIY Thera Organic Herbal Facial Kit by Organics Beauty

What a pretty, personalised package!

DIY Thera Organic Herbal Facial Kit by Organics Beauty

Even the instruction sheets were so delicately designed. 

DIY Thera Organic Herbal Facial Kit by Organics Beauty

With all the ingredients in hand, we were ready to go!

(But if you are planning to order in bulk and don't intend to use all exfoliators/masks immediately, do place them in the fridge or the freezer to preserve their freshness!)


The exfoliation process CAN be serene and tranquil if you're all alone.

But expect a slightly different experience if you're involving your kids.

If you don't mind the ruckus, though, it can be great fun getting them to prep the ingredients with you. 

Step 1: Cut the Exfoliation Sachet and Empty the Contents into a Mixing Bowl

Mixing Thera Organic Exfoliation Mixture at Home

While sniffing the concoction doesn't have visible facial effects, the scent of the herbs in the sachets immediately conjured up an image of the Provence countryside in my mind. Since I don't foresee myself being able to fly to France in the near future, I'll take what I can get.

Lavender Field

 Ideally, the mixing bowl should have been taller, and with a smaller exposed surface area.

Other than preventing heat from escaping, having a taller mixing bowl would have helped lessen the mess.

Step 2: Add 5ml of Hot Water and Stir

Mixing Thera Organic Exfoliation Mixture at Home

The instructions said boiling water but I tried water at 70-80 degrees, and it seemed to work alright? Less scary for the kids, too!

Step 3: Apply on your face

Once the paste is complete, apply on your face.

Thera Facial Kit Safe for Kids

You may have to control your kids during the application, just like how I didn't manage to.

Do NOT apply on the eyes or the mouth! 

DIY Organic Facial at Home During Circuit Breaker

Massage your face with this herbal gommage for 3-5 minutes to get rid of your blackheads and whiteheads naturally. 

DIY Organic Facial at Home During Circuit Breaker

Congrats to your first no-extraction exfoliation gommage


The process of applying mask is similar to that of exfoliation.

Step 1: Empty the Contents of the Mask Sachet into a Mixing Bowl, Add 25ml of Hot Water and Stir

Mixing DIY Thera Facial Herbal Mask by Organics Beauty

Be careful when pouring the mask into the mixing bowl.. or you may end up spilling some of the precious mixture, like we did.

Do also take note that more hot water is required than for the exfoliation pack - 25ml this time!

Step 2: Apply on your face

Once the paste is complete, apply it on your face.

Applying Thera Herbal Mask at Home

Oops, we belatedly realized that we applied too little mask.

According to Shizuka, you should be generous with applying the mask and it should look like this for best results:

Application of DIY Thera Facial Mask by Organics Beauty

Step 3: Cut holes in a piece of Cling Wrap and Place it over the mask

Once you've got your mask up, the next thing to do is to cut out a cling wrap and place over the mask. 

This keeps the mask nice and warm and prevents it from drying out your face!

Applying Thera Herbal Mask at Home

Let the mask stay on your face for 20 minutes to an hour...

And our first all-natural organic family CB facial is complete!

Watch the full video below for our full experience.

Other than emerging with brighter and clearer complexions, all of us had great fun. Agent E and Agent A enjoyed this facial more than I expected, with Agent A asking for another "boing-boing" sometime soon. 

Time for a new order with Thera! 

For those of you who are interested, Organics Beauty / Shizuka is having a promotion for the following:

3 x Exfoliation + 3 x Mask + Free Shipping + Free Video Consultation NOW $48 (UP: $58)

Exclusive to Beauty Undercover readers, Shizuka will also be giving a complimentary video consultation (anytime except 2pm to 5pm) so she can help diagnose your skin condition and help you better decide on the exfoliation / mask that is best customized to your skin!

Whatsapp her at 9822 7060 to find out more!

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