Survive the Circuit Breaker: Home-based Remedies to Unsightly Roots Growth, White Hair, Hair Loss and other Burning Questions by Hairstylists in Singapore

Published on Apr 20, 2020

While these are tough times all over the world, girls are somehow still expected to maintain certain standards of grooming while we literally 'show face' via webcam or smartphone. Missing our regular professional maintenance at now-shuttered spas and salons, that can lead to all kinds of stress.

Thankfully, our stylist friends stepped in to answer some of our burning beauty questions to help us get through the home-based stretch. 

Thinning Hair Treatment

Want a quick solution? We've got 3 fast and creative ideas from our stylists!

1. White Hair Regrowth

They say that in isolation your true colours show. Apparently, my true colour is white... I have never seen as much white hair as during this period when I can't go to the salon for a dye job! 

Why not style it up with a cute beret or bucket hat? A cloth hairband also works very well to take the focus off your roots~ Zen from Mane Made @ Hougang

What is the best way to keep myself in the black before my online Tinder date asks me some sensitive age questions?

Still see them peeking out? Here's another pro tip!

If those obvious roots are in the centre of your scalp, you can just change your parting to one where the roots are less obvious.~ Kent from No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East
For a temporary, fast fix, use L’Oreal Professionnel Hair touch up concealer. It comes with different shades like mahogany brown, light brown etc to match up with your existing hair colour. If you need assistance on which to get, you can always contact us for a complimentary video consultation!~ Jesly from Picasso Hair Studio

While the above can make you look more presentable on Zoom / Houseparty Video Meeting, you might feel these are only temporary solutions. Though we think we can all afford to cut ourselves some slack during this period, here is some advice about DIY colouring for those who do want to resort to that. 

There are lots of people who face hair disasters after DIY colouring. Hence, we'd recommend you to colour your hair at home ONLY IF you're colouring your hair black AND are not intending to go for a brown / lighter colour in the future. One application of colour can lead to different tones on different sections of hair if left for differing amounts of time. It is also almost impossible to adjust for different colour tones between your natural hair regrowth and your coloured hair using drugstore dye. To save yourself some hair correction troubles, either wait for your stylist or colour your hair black!FYI - if you colour your hair black, you won't be able to change your hair colour unless you bleach your hair in the future!Ken from Focus Hairdressing

2. Ugly Dark Roots against Coloured Hair

I wasn't able to touch up my roots before the circuit-breaker began, and now to quote the song, I see my twoooo coooollours shining through. The contrast is still very visible via webcam,and I have a big presentation coming up and I don't think people would be impressed by rock chick roots. What do I do?

New Dark Hair Roots
Instead of fretting over white why, why not experiment with your style and try out some scarves and headbands as new adornments!~ Natsumi from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

3. Concealing Coloured Hair for Class

I coloured my hair right before the circuit breaker and nobody has said anything yet but I will soon have an online lesson with a notoriously strict teacher. How can I show my face on the webcam without letting her know I have coloured my hair?

Rainbow Hidden Hair Colour

With quite a bit of experience concealing their coloured hair while they were still students, here's what our stylist friends have to say:

Bun it up and wear a thick black hairband to cover your roots - you can still get them from Daiso or certain NTUC supermarkets! Also, avoid going for the video lessons in a place with lots of sunlight. Hair colour shows very obviously under sunlight - draw the curtain maybe?~ Zen from Mane Made @ Hougang
Bandana to Conceal Darken Hair Roots
Did you know that your hair looks darker when it's wet? Can you find an excuse to wet your hair just before class?Kei from COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong
Insist that it’s the camera that is making your hair colour look different. If it seems like you’re about to get caught, use various apps to disrupt Zoom on your computer and escape!~ Yushi From Risel Japanese Hair Salon

4. Hair Loss

I’m starting to lose more and more hair as I can’t go for my usual scalp treatments.


I'm worried that my scalp will soon be as bare as my current social schedule. What can I do?

Scalp Massage at Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Just because you're WFH, doesn't mean that you should skip the hair washing. In Singapore's climate, this should ideally be done twice a day as clogged pores and poor blood circulation are very common causes for hair loss. A free way to get your hair loss under control is to do a firm massage of your scalp when you are shampooing your head.~ Yushi from Risel Japanese Hair Salon
Scalp Treatment for Hair Loss at Picasso Hair Studio

Scalp Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio

For more efficient and effective scalp cleansing, you can power up your scalp massage with the right scalp scrub, shampoo and tonic. If you need some suggestions, we recommend a scalp cleanse using Kerastase Bain Prevention, followed by Kerastase Mask Density to hydrate the scalp and plump up the hair. (This mask can be applied on the scalp and hair. Massage on the scalp for 5 minutes). Rinse out, towel dry the hair and use a scalp tonic such as the Kerastase Stimuliste Spray.Remember to Massage for 5 minutes afterwards!~ Fernnel from Picasso Hair Studio
It's not just the outside that you should take care of. A lot of us are sleeping later due to the Circuit Breaker but don't let that become a habit. Fewer hours of quality sleep can take a toll on your scalp health, just as a malnutritious diet does. Consider also eating more whole foods and specifically black beans / black sesame seeds to strengthen your hair. If you don't have time, you can also consider Viviscal Hair Growth supplements or even apply Minoxidil to the scalp. Lee Han from The Space Korean Hair Salon

5. Split Ends

While worrying that not being able to meet my boyfriend might make us split up, I am also fearing that split ends would start to develop!

Any tips to help my tresses keep it together?

To prevent the split ends from happening in the future, we suggest using home-care treatment or hair masks to improve your hair health.Leave treatments on for 5-10 min before rinsing off. Also, after shampooing but before blow drying, apply hair serum or hair oil. Then when drying the hair with a hair dryer, dry your hair thoroughly from the root till the tip . By doing so, the cuticle is better protected, preventing split ends from happening!Kei from COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

Have any other burning questions you want to ask your stylist?

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