Student BW Sees an Improvement in Acne After Going for Clarifying Facial Here.

Published on Aug 03, 2018

Hey, I'm Agent BW, a JC student taking my A Levels this year. If all goes well, I aim to study law in University after doing my NS. 

You may be wondering, why am I wasting my time on facials then when I have such an important exam coming up in a few months? 

This is the reason why. 

My face has been breaking out nonstop, maybe because of the stress perhaps?

Even when I wasn't suffering from an outbreak, my skin is very sensitive. There are spots on my face (some under the surface of my skin) and my skin texture is therefore very bumpy.

While A Levels is important, I figured that I'd better do something now before my face gets irreparably worse.

So I googled about what I can do to manage my pimples and came across Apple Queen BeautyApple seems to be rather effective at helping people manage their pimple condition as seen from Agent S and Student ZP's experience with her. 

The price is also very affordable. Hence, I decided to give her a try. 

Apple Queen Beauty is conveniently located near Tanjong Pagar MRT at International Plaza but the decor is in no way premium. But I don't care about that as long as she can do something about my pimples. 

My first impression of Apple was very good though. Always smiling, Apple looks so friendly and helpful. She's a little talkative but is genuinely very nice. Most importantly, her facial works!

This is how my skin looks, 4 days after my first facial with her.

A note of caution though, her facial is not painless. It's my first time doing facial so I don't know how the pain is normally like. I can only say that yes it is painful, painful enough for me to clench my fist to distract myself from the pain. 

Still, I'm very grateful to Apple as she managed to help me overcome my spotty skin and even taught me what ingredients I should stay away from so that my skin can retain its smooth complexion. 

Hence, when Apple asked if I would mind sharing my experience with Beauty Undercover readers, I was more than happy to do so.

This is a therapist I have personally tried and one I know will bless her customers with good skin.

If you are keen to find out what my usual experience here entails, read on below.

Here I am again, on a weekday evening after school.

This has got to be one of my most unglam moments but what the heck.

I obviously don't put makeup so you can tell that actually my skin has recovered significantly after coming to Apple for about 3-4 times now. 

After taking the before photos, Apple will escort me into the room and requests for me to lie down on the bed. The bed is really comfortable and even provides me with a comfy blanket to keep me warm. That makes the whole expeirence very relaxing (except when it's painful). 

Double Cleansing

The first step upon lying down is cleansing and exfolation. 

This step is always nice, cooling and comfortable. 

She cleanses my skin with the first cleanser, wiping it off after that with tissue wrapped around her fingers. She mentions that the slight friction generated will help to exfoliate the dead skin rather gently as well. 

Next, she follows up with a second Vitamin B5 cleanser to make sure that my face is absolutely clean. This is no ordinary cleanser though; Vitamin B5 helps to keep skin soft, smooth and healthy as it helps to hydrate the skin while cleansing at the same time.


Extraction is the process that I hate about the most but is the one that seems to be most beneficial for my skin condition. 

Apple doesn't just go straight into the extraction. She puts on cotton wool over my eyes and nose area so that I won't feel uncomfortable with the light over me. 

She uses this tool to tests for how ready the pus is to be extracted

Before actually extracting them.

My face may look expressionless but its actually really hurts. However, I feel that this is a pain that I must endure because it works so well in treating my spotty skin.

Right after extraction was done after each area, she will put a wet cotton wool over it to soothe the pain and reduce the redness afterwards. 

This is how it looks like when all the cotton wool has been removed.

Even though my face looks okay at the beginning, there were a lot of hidden bumps waiting to break out of my skin.

Glad that Apple could eliminate them all! 

Application of Purifying Serum

Look at how much my skin swelled up after the extraction! Yep, that is how sensitive my skin is.

With all the dead skin and pus removed, Apple shared that now is the best time for my skin to absorb important nutrients. 

That is why she applies the purifying serum afterwards. As its name suggests, this Blue Purifying serum contains ingredients that help to control breakouts, clear blemishes, and refine skin texture. 

I'm just happy that the extraction is over, lah!

The pain isn't exactly over though.

Apple used this Electroporation machine to lightly touch my face. Small electrical pulses are then emitted, killing the bacteria on the skin and disinfecting it. Areas which are more sensitive will also feel a little painful, especially the areas where a lot of extraction was done.

But this pain is momentary and not as intense as extraction imho.

Application of Masks

That's the end of the painful parts... yay!

I love it when she applies the different masks because it signals the start of the relaxing part of the facials.

This particular one is the calming gel mask that will reduce inflammation after the extractions.

During application, she will also give me facial massages that feels SO GOOD.

Unfortunately, she couldn't give as long a facial as she would like for me because it may actually aggravate my acne!

Instead, she follows up with yet another mask.

This time, the Black Clay Mask. The black clay contains ingredients that penetrate deep within the skin to clear up whatever dirt, oils or clogs that may not have been removed during the extraction while at the same time replenishing it with necessary hydrating ingredients. 

The black clay mask is applied on top of the gauze so that the mask can be removed more easily when it dries up. 

Apple dimmed the room light while the mask is left to dry for about 10 minutes.

The calming music that followed put me in a good and relaxed mood.

I was slightly groggy when Apple returned to remove the mask. 

My skin certainly looked a lot calmer than right after the extraction. 

And that's it for my facial.

My face actually look spottier after the facial than before, due to the extraction. 

But I'm not worried about it, since I know that it will make me look better afterwards!

Update 4 Days Later

As expected, the redness all went away, leaving smooth flawless skin once more. 

Thank you Apple for getting rid of the annoying pimples and spots!

Overall Thoughts

Apple is the first facial therapist I've gone to and I'm really glad to have found her on Beauty Undercover. I've heard about horror stories in other facial salons where facial therapists force you to sign huge packages without seeing results. However, that was not the case with Apple Queen Beauty

I could see clear improvement within the first visit and am positively surprised to have Apple follow up on my facial condition via Whatsapp even days after the facial. There is also no hardselling; she will give her advice on what products to use and how frequently you need to come back but she doesn't push you to do things that you don't want to. Instead, she understands your concerns and even gives students like me a promotional student rate so that we can take care of our skin without taxing our parents too much. I would therefore highly recommend Apple Queen Beauty to anyone with a facial condition because I know that Apple will do her best to help!

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