Coffee Airtouch Highlights is the Perfect Autumn Hair Trend to Celebrate 2020

Published on Nov 06, 2020

Fall is upon us! I bet all of us would wish nothing more than to bury ourselves neck-deep into mounds of pumpkin spice, toffee apple, hot cinnamon spiced drinks and all the usual fall/winter paraphernalia. I, myself would give my right arm for a chance to hop on a plane and jet off to Europe and enjoy some crisp, cold weather. Unfortunately, we’re all too familiar with how 2020 has essentially locked us down in our forever-hot-and-humid country, but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore some of the latest hair trends in the meantime!

One of the new trends headed our way is a fabulous coffee-inspired colour scheme hair colour. These include your Cool Mocha, Beige, Greige, Chrome Brown, and even the yummy sounding Caramel Mocha Hair colours.

These are just such fun, new hair colours to explore for the fall/winter season! Although, as most of us aren’t likely taking an extended holiday anytime soon and probably still working through the holiday period, you’re probably gonna want to try and keep the colours work-appropriate still, and maybe a completely drastic bleaching of the hair isn’t what you’re keen to try out so close to Christmas and the important picture-taking holiday period. If so, consider having highlights in the above hair colours!

1. Airtouch Highlights Are Work-Appropriate

The perfect balance for you if you want to shake up your look and yet make sure you aren’t too outstanding at the workplace. The subtlety of the method of hair colour means it both works when you are trying to draw attention to the beautiful balayage, but also means that when you put it up in a tight bun or such it wouldn’t immediately be noticeable, which makes it super adaptable for the busy Office Lady powering through the last quarter of the year. It still adds beautiful dimension to your hair though, which means your Christmas Cards this year are gonna look bomb!

Work Friendly Coffee Airtouch Highlights by Threes

2. Airtouch Highlights Reduce Bleached Areas

Less Bleach Damage During Coffee Airtouch Highlights

The Airtouch method works on tiny sections of your hair, reducing bleaching damage to the whole head overall. Hair closer to the scalp/crown would be subtler highlights, whereas the hair ends would receive the full bleaching effect as per the usual balayage style.

Also because the colours we mentioned above are deeper colours, it wouldn’t be necessary to completely strip the hair of its colour, and so the bleach would only need to be applied for a short amount of time.

One of the more unique parts of the Airttouch method is that during application of the colour and bleach, a hairdryer is used gently on the hair, so that thinner strands of hair disperse and only the thicker strands get the full impact of the bleach. On top of all that, Olaplex is often used to further reduce any damage.

3. Chrome Airtouch Highlights Are Low-Maintenance

Low Maintenance Airtouch Highlights

As we mentioned before, the hair closer to the crown receives a less dramatic colour change, which means that during re-growth, you wouldn’t have to fret too much about maintenance. As with any good balayage, it’s designed to be easy to maintain and require minimal touch up after the dye job. Even as the colours start to fade, the bleached parts of the hair, being mostly towards the hair ends, won’t be obvious and can be styled to hide the colour fade. If anything, it can be snipped off at your next trim even! Airtouch definitely is worth the money in the long run; not having to come back for regular dye jobs to hide the roots can save you a lot of money better spent going to some lavish Christmas presents for friends and family!

Read on to see Agent N's experience with Airtouch Highlights:

Hi, my name is Agent N, and a Sales Executive.

Before Airtouch Highlights at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

I started experimenting with hair colours since back in my upper Secondary School days, and even got my locks bleached and dyed ash green for my wedding.

Before Airtouch Highlights at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Unfortunately, my dream bridal 'do was not to be. The ash-green wasn't able to last till the ceremony, instead dwindling to a sickly, muddled hue. I had to colour my hair brown to be presentable for my own nuptials. Since that less-than-enchanting experience two years ago, I haven't dyed my hair at all. 

Then recently, I had a chat with Agent G, the chief editor of Beauty Undercover. I was telling her that I would actually love to add some hue to my hair again and that's when she recommended Threes Japanese Hair Salon.

The Salon

Threes Japanese Hair Salon Interior

Getting to Threes was simple enough, since it was right above Clarke Quay MRT station, and in a wing of the eclectic Central shopping mall.

Threes Japanese Hair Salon Interior

Upon entering the salon, I was charmed by its distinctive Japanese vibe - lots of lovely natural lighting, wood furnishings, and a sense of space instead of clutter. Each salon seat was a comfortable distance from the others, providing customers with a sense of privacy.

Step 1: Consultation

Hair Consultation at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

I was then introduced to my stylist for the day, Ken - a top stylist from one of Japan's trendiest hair salons... who also happens to colour and style hair for celebrities such as Ayumi Hamasaki back in Japan! He listened as I explained my concerns about premature colour-fading, and also about the range of hues I was keen on. After examining my hair quality and texture and providing me the awaited assurance that he could deliver colour that would last, he suggested dyeing my hair coffee. Sounds bland?

Not at all! Understanding how crazy colours isn't really my style, Ken showed me some photos of colours with buttery accents that richly set off the standard Asian black. When he outlined the proposed two-tone black and beige combo, I was sold.

Step 2: Trim

Hair Consultation at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Before we began, Ken politely commented that my hair length was unbalanced and would look neater with a quick trim.  I was slightly shocked - Firstly, I had my hair cut just about a month ago, and it should still have been in shape, or if it wasn't, I would expect any unevenness to be imperceptible. Secondly, I liked my hair length and was certainly not in the market for another chop today! Thankfully, my sharp-eyed stylist quickly recognized my anxiety and explained that it was just a subtle trim to create symmetry. And once he was done, I had to admit that my coiff did already look better.

Haircut at Threes

Step 3: Bleaching

Ken explained that while only one dye colour was involved, he would be breaking down the bleaching process into multiple steps. This was because my hair closer to the crown would have subtler beige highlights, while the hair ends would be going full beige and thus require more bleaching.

Applying Bleach Solution Mixed with Olaplex

Accordingly, Ken portioned out two different bleach mixtures which you can see sitting in the two purple bowls in the background. The first portion is with a weaker formula for the highlights, while the second had a higher bleach concentration, but with the addition of Olaplex - a special elixir to repair the disulfide bonds broken in the bleaching process - to help reduce damage and maintain smoothness. Because this magic ingredient essentially helps re-seal hair after bleach has opened your cuticles, it also helps to lock in new hues.

He began working on the highlights. To select which strands got the bulk of the bleach mixture, he used the Airttouch method: Ken picked up sections of my hair and trained a gentle hairdryer on them, so that the thinner and lighter and therefore weaker strands were dispersed and only the thicker, more robust strands remained to receive the bleach, thus minimising the chemical impact on my coiff.

Applying Bleach Solution Mixed with Olaplex

He left the top quarter of my tresses unbleached, to create a more nuanced colour gradient from dark to light. 

Applying Bleach Solution Mixed with Olaplex

To make the bleaching extra precise, Ken placed aluminum foil underneath the bleached sections to separate them from the other locks. He explained that this would help create a detailed diffusion of colour, instead of my 'do only boasting one tone all the way through.

Applying Bleach Solution Mixed with Olaplex

He also used a special paper to create a blended effect where my hair transits from its natural black to a lightened shade.

Applying Bleach Solution Mixed with Olaplex

To speed up the bleaching process, a hairdryer was used to apply gentle heat to the aluminium wrapped, bleach-coated locks. After heating, the foil was left on my hair for another 10 minutes to fully remove the hair pigment.

Step 4: Rinse Off

Once 10 minutes was up, Ken washed off the bleach thoroughly to avoid overprocessing and unnecessary damage to my crowning glory.

Hairwash at Threes japanese hair salon

And now that the light base had been created for the dye to make its new home on, the final step of my transmogrification began!

Getting Coffee Airtouch Highlights at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Ken swiftly and expertly coated my hair with hair dye, while making sure not a splatter landed where it wasn't needed. It was a surprisingly neat and quick job.

Getting Coffee Airtouch Highlights at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

He made sure there wasn't too high a concentration of dye anywhere, using the tail of his comb to gently scrape off excess. He mentioned that he preferred to add on a second round dye only if any was needed after an initial lookover, rather than piling on the mixture from the get go.

Getting Coffee Airtouch Highlights at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

You can start to see the gradient here!

Step 5: Wash

Then it was time for one final wash. Ken is unfailingly gentle during this process, and you never get the sense he is trying to hurry through it.

Thorough Hair Wash at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

In fact, he gave me a quick scalp massage to end the session. His technique was amazing, and I almost wished my hair would require another round of dye so we could repeat the wash and massage again.

Thorough Hair Wash at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Step 6: Blowdry

Then all that was left was to thoroughly blow-dry my tresses.

Blow Dry and Styling by Ken at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

And my transformation was complete!


How I Look After Getting Coffee Airtouch Highlights at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

I love my new hair!

How I Look After Getting Coffee Airtouch Highlights at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

The beige subtle enough to be completely work-safe, but the masterful layering of colours gives it gorgeous complexity and dimension.

How I Look After Getting Coffee Airtouch Highlights at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

And look how bouncy and shiny my hair is! With Ken separating the bleaching process, using the Airtouch method and in general ensuring at every step that no part of my locks would be bleached more than necessary, hair damage was reduced to a minimum. The addition of Olaplex to the mixtures also gave my crowning glory additional repair, while helping to seal the colour deep in each strand. He assured me that my new hair hue would remain for a good 3-4 months before fading to a soft gold that had been colour-designed to blend into the rest of my coiff as part of a colour gradation, so that no follow-up appointments would be required! This saves me time, money, and most importantly, heartache.

How I Look After Getting Coffee Airtouch Highlights at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

If you are looking for a stylist who can give you nuanced hair colour that lasts, I'll put my head, or rather hair, on the line to say: Look for Ken from Threes Japanese Hair Salon!

Ever had a dye job that lasted you a good few months? Share your experience at!

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