6 Coffee-Inspired Hair Colours Without Bleaching

Published on May 17, 2018

Clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula conducted a study of 1,000 coffee drinkers and found that people who drink certain types of coffee share common attributes. Why not Espresso yourself by trying these coffee-inspired formulas that are making a latte noise on Instagram lately?

There's a whole range from espresso to white coffee, so keep reading to find out the colour that matches your favourite coffee and personality!

1. Iced Americano

Starbucks Coffee

Iced Americanos are basically espresso shots topped with water to produce a light layer of cream served over ice.

The result is a wonderfully rich cup of coffee with depth and nuance...

just like this beautiful mix of chocolate brown hair colour that is not too dark nor too warm

Iced Americano Hair Colour
Iced Americano Hair Colour

Your personality which may seem orindary on the outside but is full of substance and emotions on the inside. 

It might seem plain for those that have ventured into different colours, but you know who you really are and it's enough for you.

You like to keep things simple and classy. 

A purist at heart. 

Sounds like you? 

Then, this ash brown hair colour is Ice Americano Hair Colour is for you!

2. Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato

No ordinary coffee drinker, you are a sophisticated individual. 

Your sense of style is very polished and put together. Unlike some of your friends, you aren’t the type of person to make crass jokes. You prefer to keep things a little classier. You also have a very creative mind, and your sociable nature makes you a very good friend to others.

Caramel Machiatto Inspired Hair Colour

That is why an Ecaille Balayage that can bring out the Caramel Macchiato suits you to the tee. 

It requires 1-2 rounds of bleaching, which can be reduced if you opt for the more muted version. 

Caramel Machiatto Inspired Hair Colour
Caramel Machiatto Inspired Hair Colour

As Caramel Macchiato looks a little warmer, it is ideal if you too have warm skin tone to bring out your warm undertones.

3. Taro Espresso

Taro Espresso

Crave for a sugar rush in the form of Taro Espresso? You're much more adventurous than your friends.

Purple Highlights by Picasso

You prefer to be spontaneous and live in the moment rather than plan every detail of the day, which is why you should get a hair colour that highlights your positive energy with violet undertones within the Taro.

Brown with Purple Undertone

Even if you are not keen to bleach your hair, you can opt for a richer and more refined brown that still packs a punch in a tiny package. While the colour is darker, its clean seamless colouring and violet undertones still goes a long way in complementing your natural skin colour. 

4. Strawberry and Cream Mocha

Strawberry and Cream Mocha

Possibly the trendiest of the lot, this raspberry brown incorporates the #pinkhairtrend that you can see almost everywhere. Mixing in brighter colours with ash is a fun way of experimenting without going too crazy although you will still need to bleach quite a bit. 

Pinkish Brown Hair colour

Not prepared to bleach so much, there's always burgundy brown with pink undertones that are still  sleek enough for formal events or interviews.

Pinkish Brown Hair colour

As Strawberry and Cream leans towards looking warmer, it may work better if you're trying to make your overall look warmer. Ladies with warm skin tones will appear more radiant!

5. Green Tea Latte

Iced Green Tea Latte

If you don't like coffee but still need your caffeine fix, you might be part of the huge group of tea fans. Now, you can really be what you eat (or drink) with olive hair colours!

Dark Green Hair Colour by Picasso

It may not sound like an attractive colour at the beginning but is actually really flattering to make your existing skin colour look cooler.

Olive Brown Hair Colour
Olive Brown Hair Colour

Olive brown is also incredibly intriguing as it is not a common colour while still looking brown and professional.

6. Charcoal Latte

Charcoal Latte

Charcoal latte is the latest trendy coffee made with activated charcoal and milk for a healthier coffee alternative.

If you're one of the first to jump onto the instagrammable charcoal latte bandwagon, don't forget to match it with Charcoal Latte hair colour! 

Ash Brown Hair Colour
Ash Brown Hair Colour

This gorgeous ash brown hair colour doesn't require bleaching and is particular suited for ladies with cooler skin tones!

Barely can wait to go brown?

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