These are the 5 Types of Colour Shampoos That Can Prolong Your Hair Colour

Published on Mar 08, 2018

When you first walk out of the salon, your hair looks absolutely gorgeous with its fresh coat of colour, especially after it is styled in a way that best brings out the colour. Everyone tells you how beautiful your hair colour is and you wholeheartedly agree with the compliment. But give it a month and your fresh coat of colour has turned lackluster. Well, that's not surprising because hair colour fades over time. 

Salon trips are often time-consuming and can put a hefty dent in your wallet, especially if you are heading down frequently for a colour refresh. Luckily, there is a solution and it comes in the form of something as basic as a shampoo - colour shampoo to be exact. Just in case you didn't know, colour shampoo is basically shampoo that contains pigments of specific hair colours. They are not as strong as hair dyes at the salon but it does replenish some colour lost during your hair wash. They can, therefore, solve your brassy and dull colour woes in the comfort of your own home. Better still, these bottled lifesavers are affordable and can last you for quite awhile as you don't have to use it daily to see a difference.

Play hairstylist and give your locks a boost of colour with the right type of colour shampoo. Read on to find out which you should use ...

1. Purple Shampoo

Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair Colour

Purple shampoos are suited for blondes, both natural and those with a dye job. As purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel, the violet pigments in the purple shampoo will cool down the golden tones and neutralize the brassy, yellow tones on your hair. However, purple shampoos only work on light coloured hair, which means it won't do anything if you are trying to get rid of brassy tones on dark coloured hair. But if you are flaunting an ombre style, you can simply shampoo the light coloured ends with a purple shampoo to hide brassy tones and cool down yellow shades. Having a purple shampoo and using it in place of your regular shampoo or 2-3 times a week can save you loads of money from having to visit the salon frequently for a colour touch-up, and keep your colour looking vibrant.

2. Silver Shampoo

Silver Shampoo for Anti-Yellowing Effect

Winter Hair by at Picasso Hair Studio

Did you know purple shampoo is also known as silver shampoo? The purple pigment acts as an anti-yellowing agent to counteract brassiness on not only blonde hair but grey or silver hair as well, including natural grey hair that develops a yellow tinge from environmental elements. When applying silver shampoo, take into consideration how long you intend to leave it on your hair as a silver shampoo can help you achieve anything from a honey blonde to a cool white shade.

3. Blue Shampoo

Blue Shampoo for Dark and Brassy Hair Colour

Ombre by Bump Holland Village

If you have dark hair and your hair has more orange and brassy tones, blue shampoo is the one for you. Joico's Colour Balance Blue Shampoo, for example, banishes overly warm, orange tones that turn up in graduated dark hair that’s been chemically lightened. It gently cleanses while neutralizing brassy/orange tones to maintain lightened or highlighted brown hair, and it preserves 89 percent of your hair color for nearly eight full weeks by bonding the tone-correcting pigments to the hair fibers. You don't have to use your blue shampoo on a daily basis but as and when you notice your colour treated hair is starting to look dull and orangey. Using it twice a week should be sufficient.

4. Colour-Depositing Shampoo

Colour Depositing Shampoo for Long Lasting Hair Colour

Spectrum Colour (Pink) Shampoo

Colour-depositing shampoos can go a long way in ensuring the longevity of your colour. They pretty much do the same thing regular shampoos do but deposit colour pigments into your hair, giving your colour treated hair a boost of colour and vibrancy. In fact, our very own agents here at Beauty Undercover put  PAIMORE's first and only "Made-in-Japan" color treatment shampoo to the test and loved the results!

It's gentle enough for daily use and toning, promotes colour longevity and contains moisturizing benefits for soft hair. The Spectrum Colour Shampoo comes in 3 different colours (ash, brown and pink). To find out which you should use and how each colour faired, read our review here.

(Spoiler: We totally LOVED the PINK and Brown Shampoo. Agent G is using the brown shampoo once a week to keep her hair from looking brassy while Agent CW is alternating the pink and purple shampoo to keep her hair slightly pinkish!)

5. Sulfate-Free Shampoo

There has been a lot of debate whether sulfate is bad for your hair or not as it is associated with health risks. However, since it is a commonly found detergent in household items, it's understandable why many prefer using sulfate-free body wash, shampoos and conditioners. While sulfate doesn't necessarily strip colour off your hair, using a sulfate-free shampoo, especially after a dye job is the wiser choice.

Sulfate can strip your hair of essentials oils! This is something you would definitely want to avoid as colouring your hair is a chemical process, which itself is damaging, and continuing to use a shampoo which strips essential oils is only going to leave you with tresses that are damaged, dry, and unhealthy. 

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